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I used to play RuneScape. This wiki is absolutely the most detailed and hardworking wiki I have seen. I'm fairly new to this site with editing, but make edits to things that need it as much as I can. I don't do much in RuneScape, though I love quests and some activities such as Stealing Creation, Barbarian Assault, trolling around in Pest Control(repeatedly shutting and opeening's hilarious and a guaranteed loss to your team!), and Dungeoneering to an extent (usually not liking it anymore because of the Neanderthals I have to deal with such as ones who don't teleport to you when you need them while you key and barely make it alive.)

Again, a noob to this site. Have no clue on how to bring up any image or those cool signatures or those charts that say "This person doesn't like to PK", etc, lol. So not the most prettiest page on this site either D:

I really only edit my page when I feel bored...and this is something to look back to for some memories.

I finished all quests excluding the yet to be released and must be awesome and very very long "Branches of Darkmeyer"."

I'm level 112 as I type this.

As of February 5th, 2012, I have quit RuneScape since last September due to first year in high school. I get such an extreme amount of homework while being in honor classes, I simply don't understand how most of you have time to play on RuneScape without seeing two hours go by like a minute. I have enjoyed the time I had with RuneScape, and even though not all my goals were achieved, I loved the game. The only negative thing I can say is it really used up a huge sum of my time.

I can't imagine going back, not even during summer break, as I would be too far from the current updates and it wouldn't be worth it, along with taking another 10 month break from RS again, it simply isn't worth my time.

I would like to assure anybody if they read this to NEVER give away your account after you quit, not even to a relative. You simply put too much time and dedication and giving it all away signifies all that work to the dumps. I certainly won't do that. And of course if you botted your skills and cheated, I hope you live a miserable life to the pain and struggle the legitimate players like I have gone through, from the beginning of the game to the end.

I can only imagine going back to this game when I am retired of age; whether this would danger my health or it would happily retire me to old days of fun, I am not sure as that is a real long time to think about.

I seriously urge in the end to never play RuneScape after the first day of high school. The most unique and painful thing about the game is the addiction and devotion one puts, and no one should put a game like this over real life. I hope you all understand.

Why am I typing this? For one, I am bored and I found this page of mine again. I have learnt alot from playing this game, and met great friends, but after last years reintroduction of the wildy and free trade, it seriously damaged the amount of fun and happiness I orginally felt playing this game. The final flame went out when I entered high school. Maybe it is just that I am in honor classes, with the teachers I hope are injured to the point they can't teach with the excessive amount of homework they give us. It is always different with other schools.

Please take my word strongly, it hasn't ruined me like other people, and I certainly don't want it to ruin anybody else's.

As of August 30th, 2012, I haven't returned to RuneScape, which is now from what I heard overrrun by a large investment company IVP or something like that. This locks the door of me returning to RuneScape. The botting issue was out of control, the rapid introduction of vanity and premium items which the players have been strongly against. And now, they advance towards RuneCoins and other rwt methods. Well, every game needs to make money, so I can only agree with Jagex on that. But botting was really my personal issue to deal with. I could not skill anymore nor make money. I just played mini games or activities as they called it and just milked my account dry of whatever fun was left. This may as well be my final note on this wiki page, so goodbye.