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Global Smack Logs

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Stealing Creation Tool Calculator[edit | edit source]

I created a spreadsheet to help calculate the number of tools and points one would need for a goal. Please click the link and let me know what you think.

Daily Tasks Guide[edit | edit source]


There are many shops that sell items for much less than their value in the Grand Exchange. One can easily buy a shops inventory of stock for a quick and easy profit. Shop quantities take around 24 hours to refill.
Shop Name Location Earths Waters Deaths Bstaffs Broad Bolts (u)
Lundail Mage Arena 1000 1000 300 -- --
Daca Ape Atoll 1000 1000 -- -- --
Magic Guild Yanille 1000 1000 1000 -- --
Betty Port Sarim 300 300 10 -- --
Void Knight Knight Outpost 1000 1000 100 -- --
Aubury East Varrock 300 300 10 -- --
Zamorak Mage Edgeville 1000 1000 100 -- --
Baba Yaga Lunar Isle 1000 1000 300 15* --
Slayer Master Varries -- -- -- -- 3000
Zaff Varrock Center -- -- -- 64 --
TOTALS 6600 6600 1820 79 3000

*Baba Yaga's staves sell for higher than GE price after so many are bought. Buying amounts over 15 staffs isn't suggested.

*Some items' profitability may change due to GE price changes

These buyouts can net an easy 500-600k profit depending on market prices. The above items can be bought for a total of around 1660000 coins. The GE value of the items is 1,247,327 coins, creating a profit of -412,673 coins.
Some other shops can offer profitable items include the Culinaromancer's Chest (several items give profit, but can't be noted; Chest Calculator) and Arhein's Store in Cathbury (Sells Noted Seaweed and Pineapples for 2gp each once a day),



  • Bork - Chaos Tunnles: Gives a large number of crimson/blue charms as well as some nice gems
  • Phoenix - Piscatoris: Gives Firemaking, Fletching, Crafting, and Slayer xp. Also gives 5 Phoenix quills (77,720 coins worth)
  • Jade vine - Ardougne: Gives a small amount of slayer and farming xp

Weekly Tasks Guide[edit | edit source]