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Better not touch
This feat requires killing Yakamaru whilst all players but one remain poisoned.. This is best done on the fourth pool, in which all the players will stand in one spot as Yakamaru approaches 100,000 lifepoints, including the base tank. Be wary of special attacks, especially on shark and tendril pool. All players will then run onto the poison spot, resulting in the whole team becoming poisoned. Only one player will then clear, usually being the north tank. The team must then complete mirage and kill Yakamaru without anyone in the raid having died, whilst everyone is still poisoned. All players should simply keep their healthpoints maxed out at all times to ensure nothing can kill them quickly. For this feat a jellyfish wrangler is recommended to keep Jellyfish away from other players. Some teams will restart until stun pool is last, as it allows them to easily re-kill the pool if the poison is missed, and has no mechanics which will harm the players for grouping together near the poison spawn.
Day at the aquarium
To obtain this feat, Yakamaru must die whilst a reflecting jelly and durable are still alive. This means that the players must also leave an additional combat jellyfish alive with the reflecting in order to keep it alive. The first two spawns of jellyfish should be ignored, as they will not be needed for the feat. On the third phase, after the third pool, a designated player should provoke the durable jellyfish or reflecting/combat jellyfish, depending on which spawns then, and take them to the south-west corner of the arena. From there they must tank them until the end of the kill, making sure to not accidentally rewind Yakamaru. This player should be on normal prayers to prevent death via reflect, and should have a weapon that deals no damage (bolas), or have a negative accuracy. The most ideal situation defensively is to have someone in magic armor tank all three jellyfish, with a meleefish and range/melee weapon switch of any tier. Be careful with the reflect ability, but attacking the reflecting for adrenaline is also an option with any weapon, as it will never die, assuming the player does not use AoE abilities..
How to make friends and influence people
This feat involves asphyxiating stun pool and having the entire raid survive. This feat is rather easy, due to the fact that only four total asphyxiates must hit. This means a player can main stun with asphyxiate and stun only one time with asphyxiate, four times total. An alternative to this would be having the entire team run to the southern shore, so as to be out of range of the pool and take no stun damage. Then a player in high accuracy gear asphyxiates, while another player (the base tank, or any other player) barricades and intercepts them. If neither of these methods work, have all players barricade at the same time, intercept the player asphyxiating, and ensure asphyxiate hits four times.
All together now
Considered the hardest of the raid feats, the team must take down all four mirages of Yakamaru within 10 seconds of each other. The timer for this feat starts when the first pool is filled completely, and as a result, those planking should put off planking for a few ticks. There are many strategies for completing this feat, but many of them involve four tanks, one for each pool. This includes a Stun10 tank, who will solo stun pool and close it on their own. Additionally, a jelly wrangler should keep all of the jellyfish off the DPS and tanks, to make the mirages easy to manage. Many teams may opt to use regular prayers, as reflect damage could potentially kill the mirages. One of the most common methods is to have all the DPSers start on sand pool, with the exception of potentially one at tendril to assist the base tank in breaking out of the special. Three dpsers are dedicated to the "prefilling" role, in which they are the only ones who will fill the pool when it is defeated. The maximum amount that can be filled per player per pool is three, so ideally nine out of ten of the "buckets" of sand to defeat the pool are set. The pool will then be allowed to respawn, and the DPSers will once again lower the lifepoints of the pool to around half. They will then go to the shark mirage, lower it to about 50,000 lifepoints, and proceed to the tendril pool. This is where some strategies may differ, as some teams prefer to prefill tendril pool as well, while others prefer to just fill it while all the DPSers are attacking it. Due to the nature of the tendril special attack, which can prevent players from physical damage to Yakamaru, many teams will opt to keep all of the DPS on tendril and lower it to around 10,000-20,000 lifepoints. At this point all the lifepoint values for every pool should be checked, to insure they are all almost under 5,000. The signal for filling the pools should be when the Stun10 stuns their mirage. At this point, the North Tank, Stun Tank, and Shark Tank should all kill their pools with thresholds, and the DPS at tendril should fill tendril completely. Alternatives to this method may include having two DPS at one pool and three at another, and prefilling both tendril and sand using this method. This has its perks, as it frees up DPS more quickly should they need to help at other pools. The tanks during this feat should keep in mind that the reflect ability has the potential to kill their pools, as does debilitate. Low tier wands or opposite-style weapons may be recommended to allow the tanks to continue building adrenaline on their pools when they are low on health.
The rewind feat entails killing Yakamaru twice in the same instance. This is accomplished with a durable jellyfish, which Yakamaru can consume after all of the mirages are defeated. When the durable is lured near Yakamaru after the mirages are defeated, Yakamaru will heal back to maximum lifepoints, and the kill will start over. Players should make sure they do not kill the second durable jellyfish that spawns, and a player should tank this at the south-west corner so it does not die. Normal prayers should be used, alongside opposite-style equipment to obtain zero hit chance. The regular DPS should be mindful of AoE abilities, as they can deal significant damage to the Durable jellyfish. It may prove beneficial for several players to bring a melee weapon, as this gives them access to the Balanced Strike ability to heal the durable jellyfish should the need arise. Although a six-dose overload may be enough, it is advised players double the amount of supplies they normally take, bringing more food than they intend to use.