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Hello there, Gilded God here (new player name, will give out username to trusted players)

As of late March, I have been a Runescape member, this is actually a lv 87 account my friend had gave me, but he left me with no gold or armour so I had to start from scratch >_<

(As i get more familiar with how to work a wiki page, i'll edit this profile).


Combat lv 88

Attack 70

Constitution 71

Mining 52

Strength 72

Agility 21

Smithing 59

Defence 70

Herblore 13

Fishing 51

Ranged 55

Thieving 29

Cooking 75

Prayer 48

Crafting 49

Firemaking 66

Magic 66

Fletching 30

Woodcutting 81

Runecrafting 28

Slayer 26

Farming 1

Construction 1

Hunter 1

Summoning 10

Dungeoneering 5

Divination ----

Invention ----


  • Are you a Member? Yes, as you can see in the above picture, I'm wearing Gilded Armour, which is members only.

  • How do you make money? I cut yews at the Clan Camp site. There are 2 yew trees there and is almost always empty, with bank right nearby to the north.
  • Are you in a clan? Yes, I am one of the founders but mainly just joined for the cape, lol. Some users have actually mistaken me to have a 99 Dungeneering lv because of it, haha.
  • Have you ever been scammed or lured? Yes, actually. I've been scammed only out of about 700k though but lured twice and lost saradomin once. :/ no worries i got it back though.