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                          == Sup Everybody ==

I am giganto111. I do a lot of moneymaking and am always looking for a way to incorporate a in leveling. If you have any good ideas or need some add me and message me. I am on quite a lot so if you catch me on just let me know you looked at my page. I will put out a few of my ideas.

                          == Money Making ==

The first idea is Pearl Bolts (e). Requires 41 fletching and and 24 magic. Starting with about 110k, buy 2,000 Iron Bolts (unf), 2,000 Feathers, and 84 Oyster Pearls. Make sure you buy Oyster Pearls not Oyster Pearl. First attach all of the feathers to the bolts and cut the pearls. Next, attach all of the pearls to the bolts. Now you have your Pearl Bolts. The next thing you do is buy a water staff if you don't have one and buy 200 cosmic runes. Enchant all of the bolts. It is good training for both fletching and magic and gives decent profit.

Pearl Bolts (e)

Another way to make good profit is making oak planks. Buy oak logs off of the Grand Exchange and go to the East Varrok Bank. Make sure you still have plenty of money, 6,750 gold for each 27 logs. In the first inventory space but as much gold as you need and grab 27 logs. Travel outside the wall and go north. You will get to the sawmill. Trade the operater for oak planks automaticly making you logs into planks. Travel back to the bank and switch out. Once through your logs sell your planks on the GE.

Saw Mill Operator

Happy Runing