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Scheduled Tasks[edit | edit source]

Every Thing to do
Monthly Premier Club Vault
Monthly Troll Invasion
Monthly Giant Oyster
Monthly God Statues
Weekly Penguin Hide and Seek
Weekly Agoroth
Weekly Skeletal Horror
Weekly Dimension of Disaster
Weekly Broken Home
Weekly Meg
Daily Rune Goldberg Machine
Daily Jack of Trades
Daily Aquarium
Daily Wicked Hood
Daily Bork
Daily Divine Locations - Runite
Daily Sandstone (Both Types)

2 in Prif, 1 in Oo'glog, 1 in Sophanem

Daily Waiko Resources
Daily Potato Cacti (Weird Old Man)
Daily Motherlode Maw
Miscellaneous Farming Runs - Herbs, Fruit
Miscellaneous Kingdom

Comp Cape (Now defunct as of new Comp cape update)[edit | edit source]

Reaper Crew - Kill every boss at least once.

  • Telos
  • Raids bosses - Durzag/Yaka
  • Solak
  • ED3

Music Maestro (1259/1264)

  • Raids
  • Solak