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Hello. My username in runescape is Genius 16. I have been playing runescape since August 2006. I first heard about Runescape from school classmates, cuz they were talking about Runescape every single second of the day. I'm a F2P player B). My combat level at the moment is 85. The highest skill I have is Firemaking. My Firemaking level is 81. I prefer burning maple logs because they give more xp than willows. Someday, I hope to get 99 firemaking (which is impossible atm). My 2nd highest skill is Strength. Its level 75 and I can hit 23 damage with Rune 2h, 21 with Rune Baxe, 15 with rune scimmy and so on. My current weapon is Rune Scimmy cuz I'm broke (only got like 300k in cash). When I train melee, I usually train on Flesh Crawlers because they are fast to kill. But, if i'm not killing flesh crawlers, then i'm killing Lesser Demons. My favorite skill in Runescape would have to be Woodcutting, cuz you get a lot of cash from cutting logs. My favorite mini-game in Runescape would have to be Clan Wars, cuz I usually get into a pwning clan. Here are my skills.

PM me in runescape when I log on. But, since I usually turn off Private Message, I might not be logged in. About Me:

When I'm not playing Runescape, I am probably watching TV, playing sports, going on Facebook, listening to music, or talking on the phone. My favourite sports are: hockey, basketball, track and field, and soccer.

My Sig:Saradomin godsword.png Genius 16 Abyssal whip.png