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Lord Xzantor's history
Lord Xzantor was a leader from the start. He joined his first clan at level 13, and was recognized by the Clan Commander and 2nd in Command for these skills. The Clan he first joined was the Red Hand Assassin Clan. The Commander of the Red Hand, RevenSith, left soon after, and the second in command didn't know all the members, and it soon fell. Soon after, Lord Xzantor met Sonic5467, when the lord was level 24. Sonic5467 was the creater and one of 5 leaders of a clan called the Twin Dark Dragon Clan. When Lord XZantor asked to join the clan, Sonic took a chance by making him his sole adviser, and Sonic was greatly rewarded. Sonic led the clan with the other leaders for a few weeks, but Sonic retired, and the clan soon fell. But before it did, it was missing Sonic's successor, Lord Xzantor, and one of the first leaders, LordFiguroa.
Lord Xzantor had respected LordFiguroa as an adviser, and when Lord Xzantor became a leader, he looked to LordFiguroa. When the clan started to fall, Lord Xzantor quit and LordFiguroa resigned, which Lord XZantor later learned was a batter alternative to quitting. A week passed since news of the clan's fall reached Lord XZantor's ears, two weeks after he quit, and he was glad he got out of there with his small little staff. This staff consisted of his closest friends and advisers, Link Despero, and Rdadasher. Lord Xzantor and LordFiguroa were talking, and Lord XZantor couldn't clear his head, so, as his friend talked, he stood quietly in the Northern Varrock Church. Here, LordFiguroa asked him to join a new clan that he planned to make. So Lord Xzantor and LordFiguroa argued about the details along with a friend of LordFiguroa's named LadyOfGrace. And these two Generals and the Lady became the First of the Commanders of the Addy Crusaders.