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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Start at Lumbridge
  2. Climb down the basement and open the food section of the Cullinoromancer's Chest
  3. Buy all Chocolate bars - 90,180
  4. Buy all Cooking apples - 18,420
  5. Buy all Pots of flour - 13,320
  6. Buy all Grapes - 25,268
  7. Go to the Hank in his fishing shop and buy 1000 Feathers - 4,000
  8. Use the draynor lodestone and go to Ava inside Draynor Manor
  9. Buy 1000 Feathers - 4,000 and 1000 Steel arrowheads from Ava - -25,000
  10. Use the port sarim lodestone and go to Gerrant located in the Fishing shop (Port Sarim)
  11. Buy 1000 Feathers - 4,000 and buy all fishing bait - 2,000
  12. Leave the fishingshop and go to the monks to head for Entrana
  13. Once arrived at Entrana walk west to Frincos's Fabulous Herb Store
  14. Buy all Eye of newt packs - 9,090
  15. Use the Catherby lodestone and enter Harry's Fishing Shop right on your left
  16. Go ahead and Buy all fishing bait - 2,000.
  17. Then go to Hickton's Archery Emporium and buy all bronze bolts - 15,000
  18. Also buy all rune arrowheads - -3,240
  19. Use the taverly lodestone and walk down the way south to the bank
  20. Go to Bettamax's Shop and Buy all juju teleport spiritbags, you can just bank them on your left - 109,500
  21. Now go to Jatix's Herblore Shop to buy all Eye of newt packs - 9,090
  22. Now walk all the way up to Poletax's Herblore Shop and buy all of his Eye of newt packs - 9,090
  23. Use the Varrock lodestone and go to Naff to buy all of his battlestaves - -30,752
  24. Use your Ring of Dueling to teleport to the Duel Arena
  25. Walk a bit west and use the Gnome glider to go to the southern part of Karamja (via the Gnome Stronghold ofcourse)
  26. Walk a bit south and then west to enter Shilo Village
  27. When you enter go north and trade with Fernahei located in his fishingshop Buy 1000 Feathers - 4,000
  28. Go upstairs to the slayer master Duradel and Buy half of the broad arrow heads - 22,500 and all Unfinished broad bolts - -12,000
  29. Use either the al kharid lodestone, your Ring of Dueling or your Broomstick to go to Shantay at the Shanty Pass
  30. Buy 1000 Feathers - 4,000
  31. Use the Lunar Home Teleport and talk to anyone to get kicked off of the island
  32. You now arrive near the Relekka market, go Buy 1000 Feathers - 4,000
  33. Once again use your Ring of Dueling, this time to Castle Wars and walk to Yanille
  34. Go to Bert and collect your sand - 42,840
  35. Leave Yanille through the west doors and run to Gu'Tanoth
  36. Trade with Grud the Ogre merchant and buy all eye of newt packs - 12,120

Profit[edit | edit source]

This run should add up to a profit of at least 404,418.