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About[edit | edit source]

Dungeoneering pures are pures that train entirely within dungeoneering - all skills, not just dungeoneering. This raises some interesting challenges.

'Purity' tiers[edit | edit source]

You can decide how 'pure' you want to be - the purer you are, the harder the challenge. Some skills are extremely hard to train, some essentially impossible, and some very easy - for the former, lamps are an option if you decide to allow them. Here's a list of some things which you can decide to allow or not. Remember, the more you allow the closer you become to a dungeoneering-focused main and not a pure.

With regard to XP lamps, you may want to allow just one or two to be used on some skills. Notably, herblore cannot be effectively trained in dungeons until level 3 (for sagewort and weak magic potions) - until then, the only XP will be from herblore doors. Similarly, farming is hard until level 7 (potatoes giving 1xp each), and skills like slayer, agility and construction are essentially impossible to train.

Select whichever in each sublist. Yes check.svg and X mark.svg for what we have selected.

  • Treasure Hunter
    • Do not allow TH
    • Allow TH, but XP items must be converted Yes check.svg
      Good to accumulate money to buy quest items, or skillcapes, should you reach that point
    • Allow stars to be used Yes check.svg
      Stars are very common and the only way to get the exp from the stars is to train within the dungeon anyway
    • Allow lamps Yes check.svg
      The least pure, but an easy way to get a boost in some skills
  • Daily Challenges
    • Do not allow dailies
    • Allow "Delve into Daemonheim" only
    • Allow all dailies that can be completed in a dungeon (Rampage, Memories, etc) Yes check.svg
    • Allow all dailies X mark.svg
      Clearly cheating
Note: Daily challenges for member's skills can be completed without gaining any experience if they are done on a free world and the skill is level 5 or above. They may also be turned in on a free world and still grant a key token (once you hop back to a members world).
  • Quests
    • Do not allow quests
    • Allow quests which involve no XP gain at all Yes check.svg
      E.G. Clock Tower quest
      As all quests give 2 keys, this is an easy way to get some more spins. Obviously pointless if you disallow TH
    • Allow quests which involve no XP gain throughout and optional XP rewards Yes check.svg
      E.G. Myths of the White Lands
      Essentially the same as above, but you make the concious decision to destroy the lamp/not get the XP
      • Accept the reward Yes check.svg
    • Allow quests which gain no XP throughout, but give raw XP as a reward Yes check.svg
      E.G. Goblin Diplomacy
      If you're allowing TH lamps, is there a difference to allowing the raw exp reward from quests?
    • Allow quests which gain minor, one-off XP during it X mark.svg
      E.G. <needed>
      The only place you gain XP in the quest is mining a wall for 10XP? Lighting a candle for 1XP? Maybe you want to allow it.
    • Allow quests with combat X mark.svg
      E.G. <most quests>
      Combat gives XP. Notable amounts to multiple skills. This can be bypassed for quests with aggressive monsters to fight, as rings of recoil can be used to gain no XP from the combat.
    • Allow quests for Dungeoneering Tasks X mark.svg
      E.G. Salt in the Wound
      Dungeoneering Tasks make a significant difference, but full completion requires a number of quests.
  • Other
    • Allow Sagas Yes check.svg
      Sagas give a lump sum of XP on completion, and are a task requirement. If you're allowing quests with lump sum on completion, then Sagas should be fine too.
    • Allow spending dungeoneering tokens on XP Yes check.svg
      They are earned from dungeoneering, right?
    • Allow XP lamps in general Yes check.svg
      Other sources of lamps allowed? Roadtrip, promotional, whatever?
    • Allow use of non-tradeable, non-convertable TH items X mark.svg
      Protean bars, protean planks.
    • Allow non-dungeoneering pures into the party X mark.svg
      This can lead to an easier time for all involved... and maybe new gear being made. Tantamount to cheating.
    • Allow minigames and their XP rewards X mark.svg
      Many minigames can be played without gaining XP within them, receiving a lump sum of XP on completion (or in exchange for points) - E.G. Pest Control. Allowed?
    • Allow Sinkholes Yes check.svg
      You gain XP in them - lots of it. But its technically dungeoneering, right?

Quests[edit | edit source]

The following quests give no XP throughout.

Quest Requirements XP Reward Notes
Clock Tower
Cook's Assistant 300 Cooking
Druidic Ritual 250 Herblore
Dwarf Cannon 750 Crafting Aggressive goblins in the caves, be sure not to retaliate
Ernest the Chicken
Gertrude's Cat 1525 Cooking
Goblin Diplomacy 200 Crafting
Hazeel Cult 1500 Thieving Hazeel Cultist side - Carnillean family side involves combat
Imp Catcher 875 Magic
Monk's Friend 2000 Woodcutting Combat can be avoided
Murder Mystery 1406 Crafting
Myths of the White Lands 500 Lamp (250xp).png (any) Extra rewards not allowed
Observatory Quest 10 Crafting 2250 Crafting
One Piercing Note 250 Prayer
Pirate's Treasure
Plague City 2425 Mining
Rune Memories 300 Magic
300 Runecrafting
Rune Mysteries 250 Magic
250 Runecrafting
The Restless Ghost 125 Prayer 5 bones worth 200 exp each when bury
Sheep Herder
Swept Away 10× (10×level) Lamp (250xp).png (any)
Tower of Life 10 Construction 1000 Construction
500 Crafting
500 Thieving
Wolf Whistle 250 Summoning