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All built images[edit | edit source]

405 results

Page Icon Image Image2
4-poster 4-poster icon.png File:4-poster icon.png 4-poster.png File:4-poster.png
Abyssal demon head (mounted) Abyssal demon head (mounted) icon.png File:Abyssal demon head (mounted) icon.png Abyssal demon head (mounted).png File:Abyssal demon head (mounted).png
Adamant armour stand Adamant armour stand icon.png File:Adamant armour stand icon.png Adamant armour stand.png File:Adamant armour stand.png
Alchemical chart Alchemical chart icon.png File:Alchemical chart icon.png Alchemical chart.png File:Alchemical chart.png
Amulet of Glory (mounted) Amulet of Glory (mounted) icon.png File:Amulet of Glory (mounted) icon.png Amulet of Glory (mounted).png File:Amulet of Glory (mounted).png
Anti-Dragon Breath Shield (mounted) Anti-Dragon Breath Shield (mounted) icon.png File:Anti-Dragon Breath Shield (mounted) icon.png Anti-Dragon Breath Shield.png File:Anti-Dragon Breath Shield.png
Archery target Archery target icon.png File:Archery target icon.png Archery target.png File:Archery target.png
Armillary sphere Armillary sphere icon.png File:Armillary sphere icon.png Armillary sphere.png File:Armillary sphere.png
Armour stand Armour stand icon.png File:Armour stand icon.png Armour stand.png File:Armour stand.png
Asgarnian ale (barrel) Asgarnian ale (barrel) icon.png File:Asgarnian ale (barrel) icon.png Asgarnian ale (barrel).png File:Asgarnian ale (barrel).png
Astronomical chart Astronomical chart icon.png File:Astronomical chart icon.png Astronomical chart.png File:Astronomical chart.png
Bait barrel Bait barrel icon.png File:Bait barrel icon.png Bait barrel.png File:Bait barrel.png
Balance beam Balance beam icon.png File:Balance beam icon.png Balance beam.png File:Balance beam.png
Banner easel Banner easel icon.png File:Banner easel icon.png Banner easel.png File:Banner easel.png
Basic decorative armour stand Basic decorative armour stand icon.png File:Basic decorative armour stand icon.png Basic decorative armour stand.png File:Basic decorative armour stand.png
Basilisk head (mounted) Basilisk head (mounted) icon.png File:Basilisk head (mounted) icon.png Basilisk head (mounted).png File:Basilisk head (mounted).png
Beer barrel Beer barrel icon.png File:Beer barrel icon.png Beer barrel.png File:Beer barrel.png
Bell-pull Bell-pull icon.png File:Bell-pull icon.png Bell-pull.png File:Bell-pull.png
Bells Bells icon.png File:Bells icon.png Bells.png File:Bells.png
Bench with lathe Bench with lathe icon.png File:Bench with lathe icon.png Bench with lathe.png File:Bench with lathe.png
Bench with vice Bench with vice icon.png File:Bench with vice icon.png Bench with vice.png File:Bench with vice.png
Blood stains [[File:|35x35px|frameless]] [[:File:]]
Bluebells Bluebells icon.png File:Bluebells icon.png Bluebells.png File:Bluebells.png
Bone cage Bone cage icon.png File:Bone cage icon.png Bone cage.png File:Bone cage.png
Boundary stones Boundary stones icon.png File:Boundary stones icon.png Boundary stones.png File:Boundary stones.png
Boutique prawnbroker Boutique prawnbroker icon.png File:Boutique prawnbroker icon.png Boutique prawnbroker.png File:Boutique prawnbroker.png
Boxing ring Boxing ring icon.png File:Boxing ring icon.png Boxing ring.png File:Boxing ring.png
Brown rug Brown rug icon.png File:Brown rug icon.png Brown rug.png File:Brown rug.png
Bush Bush icon.png File:Bush icon.png Bush.png File:Bush.png
Candle (player-owned house) Candles icon.png File:Candles icon.png Candle (player-owned house).png File:Candle (player-owned house).png
Cape of Legends (mounted) Cape of Legends (mounted) icon.png File:Cape of Legends (mounted) icon.png Cape of Legends (mounted).png File:Cape of Legends (mounted).png
Carved oak bench Carved oak bench icon.png File:Carved oak bench icon.png Carved oak bench.png File:Carved oak bench.png
Carved oak magic wardrobe Carved oak magic wardrobe icon.png File:Carved oak magic wardrobe icon.png Carved oak magic wardrobe.png File:Carved oak magic wardrobe.png
Carved oak table Carved oak table icon.png File:Carved oak table icon.png Carved oak table.png File:Carved oak table.png
Carved teak bench Carved teak bench icon.png File:Carved teak bench icon.png Carved teak bench.png File:Carved teak bench.png
Carved teak magic wardrobe Carved teak magic wardrobe icon.png File:Carved teak magic wardrobe icon.png Carved teak magic wardrobe.png File:Carved teak magic wardrobe.png
Carved teak table Carved teak table icon.png File:Carved teak table icon.png Carved teak table.png File:Carved teak table.png
Cat basket Cat basket icon.png File:Cat basket icon.png Cat basket.png File:Cat basket.png
Cat blanket Cat blanket icon.png File:Cat blanket icon.png Cat blanket.png File:Cat blanket.png
Celestial globe Celestial globe icon.png File:Celestial globe icon.png Celestial globe.png File:Celestial globe.png
Chef's delight (barrel) Chef's delight (barrel) icon.png File:Chef's delight (barrel) icon.png Chef's delight (barrel).png File:Chef's delight (barrel).png
Cider barrel Cider barrel icon.png File:Cider barrel icon.png Cider barrel.png File:Cider barrel.png
Clay attack stone Clay attack stone icon.png File:Clay attack stone icon.png Clay attack stone.png File:Clay attack stone.png
Clay fireplace Clay fireplace icon.png File:Clay fireplace icon.png Clay fireplace.png File:Clay fireplace.png
Cloth altar Cloth altar icon.png File:Cloth altar icon.png Cloth altar.png File:Cloth altar.png
Cockatrice head (mounted) Cockatrice head (mounted) icon.png File:Cockatrice head (mounted) icon.png Cockatrice head (mounted).png File:Cockatrice head (mounted).png
Combat dummy Combat dummy icon.png File:Combat dummy icon.png Training dummy.png File:Training dummy.png
Combat ring Combat ring icon.png File:Combat ring icon.png Combat ring.png File:Combat ring.png
Consecrated pet house Consecrated pet house icon.png File:Consecrated pet house icon.png Consecrated pet house.png File:Consecrated pet house.png
Crafting table 1 Crafting table 1 icon.png File:Crafting table 1 icon.png Crafting table 1.png File:Crafting table 1.png
Crafting table 2 Crafting table 2 icon.png File:Crafting table 2 icon.png Crafting table 2.png File:Crafting table 2.png
Crafting table 3 Crafting table 3 icon.png File:Crafting table 3 icon.png Crafting table 3.png File:Crafting table 3.png
Crafting table 4 Crafting table 4 icon.png File:Crafting table 4 icon.png Crafting table 4.png File:Crafting table 4.png
Crawling hand (mounted) Crawling hand (mounted) icon.png File:Crawling hand (mounted) icon.png Crawling hand (mounted).png File:Crawling hand (mounted).png
Crude wooden chair Crude wooden chair icon.png File:Crude wooden chair icon.png Crude wooden chair.png File:Crude wooden chair.png
Crystal ball Crystal ball icon.png File:Crystal ball icon.png Crystal ball.png File:Crystal ball.png
Crystal of power Crystal of power icon.png File:Crystal of power icon.png Crystal of power.png File:Crystal of power.png
Crystal throne Crystal throne icon.png File:Crystal throne icon.png Crystal throne.png File:Crystal throne.png
Curtains Curtains icon.png File:Curtains icon.png Curtains.png File:Curtains.png
Cushioned basket Cushioned basket icon.png File:Cushioned basket icon.png Cushioned basket.png File:Cushioned basket.png
Daffodils Daffodils icon.png File:Daffodils icon.png Daffodils.png File:Daffodils.png
Darklight (mounted) Darklight (mounted) icon.png File:Darklight (mounted) icon.png Darklight (mounted).png File:Darklight (mounted).png
Dartboard Dartboard icon.png File:Dartboard icon.png Dartboard.png File:Dartboard.png
Dead tree (Construction) Dead tree (Construction) icon.png File:Dead tree (Construction) icon.png Dead tree (player-owned house).png File:Dead tree (player-owned house).png
Decorative blood Decorative blood icon.png File:Decorative blood icon.png Decorative blood.png File:Decorative blood.png
Decorative pipe Decorative pipe icon.png File:Decorative pipe icon.png Decorative pipe.png File:Decorative pipe.png
Decorative rock Decorative rock icon.png File:Decorative rock icon.png Decorative rock.png File:Decorative rock.png
Decorative window Decorative window icon.png File:Decorative window icon.png Decorative window (Guthix).png File:Decorative window (Guthix).png
Demon lectern Demon lectern icon.png File:Demon lectern icon.png Demon lectern.png File:Demon lectern.png
Demonic throne Demonic throne icon.png File:Demonic throne icon.png Demonic throne.png File:Demonic throne.png
Desecrated pet house Desecrated pet house icon.png File:Desecrated pet house icon.png Desecrated pet house.png File:Desecrated pet house.png
Desert habitat Desert habitat icon.png File:Desert habitat icon.png Desert habitat.png File:Desert habitat.png
Detailed decorative armour stand Detailed decorative armour stand icon.png File:Detailed decorative armour stand icon.png Detailed decorative armour stand.png File:Detailed decorative armour stand.png
Dock leaf Dock leaf icon.png File:Dock leaf icon.png Dock leaf.png File:Dock leaf.png
Dragon bitter (barrel) Dragon bitter (barrel) icon.png File:Dragon bitter (barrel) icon.png Dragon bitter (barrel).png File:Dragon bitter (barrel).png
Driftwood prawnbroker Driftwood prawnbroker icon.png File:Driftwood prawnbroker icon.png Driftwood prawnbroker.png File:Driftwood prawnbroker.png
Dungeon entrance Dungeon entrance icon.png File:Dungeon entrance icon.png Dungeon entrance.png File:Dungeon entrance.png
Eagle lectern Eagle lectern icon.png File:Eagle lectern icon.png Eagle lectern.png File:Eagle lectern.png
Elemental balance 1 Elemental balance 1 icon.png File:Elemental balance 1 icon.png Elemental balance 1.png File:Elemental balance 1.png
Elemental balance 2 Elemental balance 2 icon.png File:Elemental balance 2 icon.png Elemental balance 2.png File:Elemental balance 2.png
Elemental balance 3 Elemental balance 3 icon.png File:Elemental balance 3 icon.png Elemental balance 3.png File:Elemental balance 3.png
Elemental sphere Elemental sphere icon.png File:Elemental sphere icon.png Elemental sphere.png File:Elemental sphere.png
Elena (portrait) Elena (portrait) icon.png File:Elena (portrait) icon.png Elena (portrait).png File:Elena (portrait).png
Excalibur (mounted) Excalibur (mounted) icon.png File:Excalibur (mounted) icon.png Excalibur (mounted).png File:Excalibur (mounted).png
Exit portal Exit portal icon.png File:Exit portal icon.png Exit portal.png File:Exit portal.png
Extra weapons rack Extra weapons rack icon.png File:Extra weapons rack icon.png Extra weapons rack.png File:Extra weapons rack.png
Fancy hedge Fancy hedge icon.png File:Fancy hedge icon.png Fancy hedge.png File:Fancy hedge.png
Fancy range Fancy range icon.png File:Fancy range icon.png Fancy range.png File:Fancy range.png
Fancy teak dresser Fancy teak dresser icon.png File:Fancy teak dresser icon.png Fancy teak dresser.png File:Fancy teak dresser.png
Fencing ring Fencing ring icon.png File:Fencing ring icon.png Fencing ring.png File:Fencing ring.png
Fern (big plant) Fern (big plant) icon.png File:Fern (big plant) icon.png Fern (big plant).png File:Fern (big plant).png
Fern (small plant) Fern (small plant) icon.png File:Fern (small plant) icon.png Fern (small plant).png File:Fern (small plant).png
Figurehead Figurehead icon.png File:Figurehead icon.png Figurehead.png File:Figurehead.png
Firepit Firepit icon.png File:Firepit icon.png Firepit.png File:Firepit.png
Firepit with hook Firepit with hook icon.png File:Firepit with hook icon.png Firepit with hook.png File:Firepit with hook.png
Firepit with pot Firepit with pot icon.png File:Firepit with pot icon.png Firepit with pot.png File:Firepit with pot.png
Fishing net (Aquarium) Fishing net icon.png File:Fishing net icon.png Fishing net.png File:Fishing net.png
Flame pit Flame pit icon.png File:Flame pit icon.png Flame pit.gif File:Flame pit.gif
Floor decoration Floor decoration icon.png File:Floor decoration icon.png Floor decoration.png File:Floor decoration.png
Flotsam prawnbroker Flotsam prawnbroker icon.png File:Flotsam prawnbroker icon.png Flotsam prawnbroker.png File:Flotsam prawnbroker.png
Garden fence Garden fence icon.png File:Garden fence icon.png Garden fence.png File:Garden fence.png
Garden habitat Garden habitat icon.png File:Garden habitat icon.png Garden habitat.png File:Garden habitat.png
Gazebo Gazebo icon.png File:Gazebo icon.png Gazebo.png File:Gazebo.png
Giant Dwarf (portrait) Giant Dwarf (portrait) icon.png File:Giant Dwarf (portrait) icon.png Giant Dwarf (portrait).png File:Giant Dwarf (portrait).png
Gilded 4-poster Gilded 4-poster icon.png File:Gilded 4-poster icon.png Gilded 4-poster.png File:Gilded 4-poster.png
Gilded altar Gilded altar icon.png File:Gilded altar icon.png Gilded altar.png File:Gilded altar.png
Gilded bench Gilded bench icon.png File:Gilded bench icon.png Gilded bench.png File:Gilded bench.png
Gilded cape rack Gilded cape rack icon.png File:Gilded cape rack icon.png Gilded cape rack.png File:Gilded cape rack.png
Gilded clock Gilded clock icon.png File:Gilded clock icon.png Gilded clock.gif File:Gilded clock.gif
Gilded decoration Gilded decoration icon.png File:Gilded decoration icon.png Gilded decoration.png File:Gilded decoration.png
Gilded dresser Gilded dresser icon.png File:Gilded dresser icon.png Gilded dresser.png File:Gilded dresser.png
Gilded magic wardrobe Gilded magic wardrobe icon.png File:Gilded magic wardrobe icon.png Gilded magic wardrobe.png File:Gilded magic wardrobe.png
Gilded throne Gilded throne icon.png File:Gilded throne icon.png Gilded throne.png File:Gilded throne.png
Gilded wardrobe Gilded wardrobe icon.png File:Gilded wardrobe icon.png Gilded wardrobe.png File:Gilded wardrobe.png
Globe Globe icon.png File:Globe icon.png Globe.png File:Globe.png
Glove rack Glove rack icon.png File:Glove rack icon.png Glove rack.png File:Glove rack.png
Gold candlesticks Gold candlesticks icon.png File:Gold candlesticks icon.png Gold candlesticks.png File:Gold candlesticks.png
Greater magic circle Greater magic cage icon.png File:Greater magic cage icon.png Activated greater magic circle.gif File:Activated greater magic circle.gif
Greater teleport focus Greater focus icon.png File:Greater focus icon.png Greater focus active.gif File:Greater focus active.gif
Greenman's ale (barrel) Greenman's ale (barrel) icon.png File:Greenman's ale (barrel) icon.png Greenman's ale (barrel).png File:Greenman's ale (barrel).png
Guthix icon Guthix icon.png File:Guthix icon.png Guthix icon built.png File:Guthix icon built.png
Guthix symbol Guthix symbol icon.png File:Guthix symbol icon.png Guthix symbol (player-owned house).png File:Guthix symbol (player-owned house).png
Hanging skeleton Hanging skeleton icon.png File:Hanging skeleton icon.png Hanging skeleton.png File:Hanging skeleton.png
Hangman game Hangman game icon.png File:Hangman game icon.png Hangman game.png File:Hangman game.png
Huge plant Huge plant icon.png File:Huge plant icon.png Huge plant.png File:Huge plant.png
Icon of Bob Bob icon.png File:Bob icon.png Icon of Bob.png File:Icon of Bob.png
Imp statue Imp statue icon.png File:Imp statue icon.png Imp statue.png File:Imp statue.png
Impaled skulls [[File:|35x35px|frameless]] [[:File:]]
Infernal chart Infernal chart icon.png File:Infernal chart icon.png Infernal chart.png File:Infernal chart.png
Intricate decorative armour stand Intricate decorative armour stand icon.png File:Intricate decorative armour stand icon.png Intricate decorative armour stand.png File:Intricate decorative armour stand.png
Iron railings Iron railings icon.png File:Iron railings icon.png Iron railings.png File:Iron railings.png
Isafdar (painting) Isafdar (painting) icon.png File:Isafdar (painting) icon.png Isafdar (painting).png File:Isafdar (painting).png
Jacky Jester (furniture) Jacky Jester icon.png File:Jacky Jester icon.png Jacky Jester (furniture).png File:Jacky Jester (furniture).png
Jungle habitat Jungle habitat icon.png File:Jungle habitat icon.png Jungle habitat.png File:Jungle habitat.png
Kalphite Queen head (mounted) Kalphite Queen head (mounted) icon.png File:Kalphite Queen head (mounted) icon.png Kalphite Queen head (mounted).png File:Kalphite Queen head (mounted).png
Karamja (painting) Karamja (painting) icon.png File:Karamja (painting) icon.png Karamja (painting).png File:Karamja (painting).png
King Arthur (portrait) King Arthur (portrait) icon.png File:King Arthur (portrait) icon.png King Arthur (portrait).png File:King Arthur (portrait).png
King Black Dragon head (mounted) King Black Dragon head (mounted) icon.png File:King Black Dragon head (mounted) icon.png King Black Dragon head (mounted).png File:King Black Dragon head (mounted).png
Kite shield (Construction) Kite shield (player-owned house) icon.png File:Kite shield (player-owned house) icon.png Kite shield (player-owned house).png File:Kite shield (player-owned house).png
Kurask head (mounted) Kurask head (mounted) icon.png File:Kurask head (mounted) icon.png Kurask head (mounted).png File:Kurask head (mounted).png
Large fountain Large fountain icon.png File:Large fountain icon.png Large fountain.png File:Large fountain.png
Large leaf bush Large leaf bush icon.png File:Large leaf bush icon.png Large leaf bush.png File:Large leaf bush.png
Large map Large map icon.png File:Large map icon.png Large map.png File:Large map.png
Large oak bed Large oak bed icon.png File:Large oak bed icon.png Large oak bed.png File:Large oak bed.png
Large orrery Large orrery icon.png File:Large orrery icon.png Large orrery.gif File:Large orrery.gif
Large oven Large oven icon.png File:Large oven icon.png Large oven.png File:Large oven.png
Large statue Large statue icon.png File:Large statue icon.png Large statue (Guthix).png File:Large statue (Guthix).png
Large teak bed Large teak bed icon.png File:Large teak bed icon.png Large teak bed.png File:Large teak bed.png
Lesser magic cage Lesser magic cage icon.png File:Lesser magic cage icon.png Lesser magic cage active.gif File:Lesser magic cage active.gif
Limestone altar Limestone altar icon.png File:Limestone altar icon.png Limestone altar.png File:Limestone altar.png
Limestone attack stone Limestone attack stone icon.png File:Limestone attack stone icon.png Limestone attack stone.png File:Limestone attack stone.png
Lumbridge (painting) Lumbridge (painting) icon.png File:Lumbridge (painting) icon.png Lumbridge (painting).png File:Lumbridge (painting).png
Lunar globe Lunar globe icon.png File:Lunar globe icon.png Lunar globe.png File:Lunar globe.png
Magic chest Magic chest icon.png File:Magic chest icon.png Magic chest.gif File:Magic chest.gif
Magic tree (Construction) Magic tree (Construction) icon.png File:Magic tree (Construction) icon.png Magic tree (player-owned house).png File:Magic tree (player-owned house).png
Magical cape rack Magical cape rack icon.png File:Magical cape rack icon.png Magical cape rack.png File:Magical cape rack.png
Mahogany altar Mahogany altar icon.png File:Mahogany altar icon.png Mahogany altar.png File:Mahogany altar.png
Mahogany armchair Mahogany armchair icon.png File:Mahogany armchair icon.png Mahogany armchair.png File:Mahogany armchair.png
Mahogany armour case Mahogany armour case icon.png File:Mahogany armour case icon.png Mahogany armour case.png File:Mahogany armour case.png
Mahogany bench Mahogany bench icon.png File:Mahogany bench icon.png Mahogany bench.png File:Mahogany bench.png
Mahogany bookcase Mahogany bookcase icon.png File:Mahogany bookcase icon.png Mahogany bookcase.png File:Mahogany bookcase.png
Mahogany cape rack Mahogany cape rack icon.png File:Mahogany cape rack icon.png Mahogany cape rack.png File:Mahogany cape rack.png
Mahogany chest Mahogany chest icon.png File:Mahogany chest icon.png Mahogany chest.png File:Mahogany chest.png
Mahogany demon lectern Mahogany demon lectern icon.png File:Mahogany demon lectern icon.png Mahogany demon lectern.png File:Mahogany demon lectern.png
Mahogany dresser Mahogany dresser icon.png File:Mahogany dresser icon.png Mahogany dresser.png File:Mahogany dresser.png
Mahogany eagle lectern Mahogany eagle lectern icon.png File:Mahogany eagle lectern icon.png Mahogany eagle lectern.png File:Mahogany eagle lectern.png
Mahogany fancy dress box Mahogany fancy dress box icon.png File:Mahogany fancy dress box icon.png Mahogany fancy dress box.png File:Mahogany fancy dress box.png
Mahogany incense burners Mahogany incense burners icon.png File:Mahogany incense burners icon.png Mahogany incense burners.png File:Mahogany incense burners.png
Mahogany ladder Mahogany ladder icon.png File:Mahogany ladder icon.png Mahogany ladder.png File:Mahogany ladder.png
Mahogany lever Mahogany lever icon.png File:Mahogany lever icon.png Mahogany lever.png File:Mahogany lever.png
Mahogany magic wardrobe Mahogany magic wardrobe icon.png File:Mahogany magic wardrobe icon.png Mahogany magic wardrobe.png File:Mahogany magic wardrobe.png
Mahogany pet feeder Mahogany pet feeder icon.png File:Mahogany pet feeder icon.png Mahogany pet feeder.png File:Mahogany pet feeder.png
Mahogany pet house Mahogany pet house icon.png File:Mahogany pet house icon.png Mahogany pet house.png File:Mahogany pet house.png
Mahogany portal Mahogany portal icon.png File:Mahogany portal icon.png Red Mahogany portal.gif File:Red Mahogany portal.gif
Mahogany prize chest Mahogany prize chest icon.png File:Mahogany prize chest icon.png Mahogany prize chest.png File:Mahogany prize chest.png
Mahogany table Mahogany table icon.png File:Mahogany table icon.png Mahogany table.png File:Mahogany table.png
Mahogany telescope Mahogany telescope icon.png File:Mahogany telescope icon.png Mahogany telescope.png File:Mahogany telescope.png
Mahogany throne Mahogany throne icon.png File:Mahogany throne icon.png Mahogany throne.png File:Mahogany throne.png
Mahogany toy box Mahogany toy box icon.png File:Mahogany toy box icon.png Mahogany toy box.png File:Mahogany toy box.png
Mahogany trapdoor Mahogany trapdoor icon.png File:Mahogany trapdoor icon.png Mahogany trapdoor.png File:Mahogany trapdoor.png
Mahogany treasure chest Mahogany treasure chest icon.png File:Mahogany treasure chest icon.png Mahogany treasure chest.png File:Mahogany treasure chest.png
Mahogany wardrobe Mahogany wardrobe icon.png File:Mahogany wardrobe icon.png Mahogany wardrobe.png File:Mahogany wardrobe.png
Major pit trap Teleport trap icon.png File:Teleport trap icon.png Superior pit trap.gif File:Superior pit trap.gif
Man trap Man trap icon.png File:Man trap icon.png Man trap.gif File:Man trap.gif
Maple tree (Construction) Maple tree (Construction) icon.png File:Maple tree (Construction) icon.png Maple tree (player-owned house).png File:Maple tree (player-owned house).png
Maps Maps icon.png File:Maps icon.png Maps.png File:Maps.png
Marble altar Marble altar icon.png File:Marble altar icon.png Marble altar.png File:Marble altar.png
Marble attack stone Marble attack stone icon.png File:Marble attack stone icon.png Marble attack stone (no damage).png File:Marble attack stone (no damage).png
Marble cape rack Marble cape rack icon.png File:Marble cape rack icon.png Marble cape rack.png File:Marble cape rack.png
Marble door Marble door icon.png File:Marble door icon.png Marble door.png File:Marble door.png
Marble fireplace Marble fireplace icon.png File:Marble fireplace icon.png Marble fireplace.png File:Marble fireplace.png
Marble incense burners Marble incense burners icon.png File:Marble incense burners icon.png Marble incense burners.png File:Marble incense burners.png
Marble magic wardrobe Marble magic wardrobe icon.png File:Marble magic wardrobe icon.png Marble wardrobe.png File:Marble wardrobe.png
Marble portal Marble portal icon.png File:Marble portal icon.png Marble portal.png File:Marble portal.png
Marble spiral Marble spiral icon.png File:Marble spiral icon.png Marble spiral.png File:Marble spiral.png
Marble staircase Marble staircase icon.png File:Marble staircase icon.png Marble staircase.png File:Marble staircase.png
Marble trap Marble trap icon.png File:Marble trap icon.png Marble trap active.gif File:Marble trap active.gif
Marble wall Marble wall icon.png File:Marble wall icon.png Marble wall.png File:Marble wall.png
Marigolds (Construction) Marigolds icon.png File:Marigolds icon.png Marigolds (player-owned house).png File:Marigolds (player-owned house).png
Medium map Medium map icon.png File:Medium map icon.png Medium map.png File:Medium map.png
Medium statue Medium statue icon.png File:Medium statue icon.png Medium statue (Guthix).png File:Medium statue (Guthix).png
Mermaid hunter suit Mermaid hunter suit icon.png File:Mermaid hunter suit icon.png Mermaid hunter suit.png File:Mermaid hunter suit.png
Minor pit trap Teleport trap icon.png File:Teleport trap icon.png Superior pit trap.gif File:Superior pit trap.gif
Miscellanians Miscellanians icon.png File:Miscellanians icon.png Miscellanians.png File:Miscellanians.png
Mithril armour stand Mithril armour stand icon.png File:Mithril armour stand icon.png Mithril armour stand.png File:Mithril armour stand.png
Morytania (painting) Morytania (painting) icon.png File:Morytania (painting) icon.png Morytania (painting).png File:Morytania (painting).png
Mounted great white shark Mounted great white shark icon.png File:Mounted great white shark icon.png Mounted great white shark.png File:Mounted great white shark.png
Mounted sea bass Mounted bass icon.png File:Mounted bass icon.png Mounted sea bass.png File:Mounted sea bass.png
Mounted shark Mounted shark icon.png File:Mounted shark icon.png Mounted shark.png File:Mounted shark.png
Mounted shark (Aquarium) Mounted shark (Aquarium) icon.png File:Mounted shark (Aquarium) icon.png Mounted shark (Aquarium).png File:Mounted shark (Aquarium).png
Mounted swordfish Mounted swordfish icon.png File:Mounted swordfish icon.png Mounted swordfish.png File:Mounted swordfish.png
Mounted swordfish (Aquarium) Mounted swordfish (Aquarium) icon.png File:Mounted swordfish (Aquarium) icon.png Mounted swordfish (Aquarium).png File:Mounted swordfish (Aquarium).png
Natural pet house Natural pet house icon.png File:Natural pet house icon.png Natural pet house.png File:Natural pet house.png
Nice hedge Nice hedge icon.png File:Nice hedge icon.png Nice hedge.png File:Nice hedge.png
Nice tree Nice tree icon.png File:Nice tree icon.png Nice tree.png File:Nice tree.png
Oak Tree (Construction) Oak Tree (Construction) icon.png File:Oak Tree (Construction) icon.png Oak tree (player-owned house).png File:Oak tree (player-owned house).png
Oak altar Oak altar icon.png File:Oak altar icon.png Oak altar.png File:Oak altar.png
Oak and steel cage Oak and steel cage icon.png File:Oak and steel cage icon.png Oak and steel cage.png File:Oak and steel cage.png
Oak armchair Oak armchair icon.png File:Oak armchair icon.png Oak armchair.png File:Oak armchair.png
Oak armour case Oak armour case icon.png File:Oak armour case icon.png Oak armour case.png File:Oak armour case.png
Oak bed Oak bed icon.png File:Oak bed icon.png Oak bed.png File:Oak bed.png
Oak bench Oak bench icon.png File:Oak bench icon.png Oak bench.png File:Oak bench.png
Oak bookcase Oak bookcase icon.png File:Oak bookcase icon.png Oak bookcase.png File:Oak bookcase.png
Oak cage Oak cage icon.png File:Oak cage icon.png Oak cage.png File:Oak cage.png
Oak cape rack Oak cape rack icon.png File:Oak cape rack icon.png Oak cape rack.png File:Oak cape rack.png
Oak chair Oak chair icon.png File:Oak chair icon.png Oak chair.png File:Oak chair.png
Oak chest Oak prize chest icon.png File:Oak prize chest icon.png Oak chest.png File:Oak_chest.png
Oak clock Oak clock icon.png File:Oak clock icon.png Oak clock.png File:Oak clock.png
Oak dining table Oak dining table icon.png File:Oak dining table icon.png Oak dining table.png File:Oak dining table.png
Oak door Oak door icon.png File:Oak door icon.png Oak door.png File:Oak door.png
Oak drawers Oak drawers icon.png File:Oak drawers icon.png Oak drawers.png File:Oak drawers.png
Oak dresser Oak dresser icon.png File:Oak dresser icon.png Oak dresser.png File:Oak dresser.png
Oak fancy dress box Oak fancy dress box icon.png File:Oak fancy dress box icon.png Oak fancy dress box.png File:Oak fancy dress box.png
Oak incense burners Oak incense burners icon.png File:Oak incense burners icon.png Oak incense burners.png File:Oak incense burners.png
Oak kitchen table Oak kitchen table icon.png File:Oak kitchen table icon.png Oak kitchen table.png File:Oak kitchen table.png
Oak ladder Oak ladder icon.png File:Oak ladder icon.png Oak ladder.png File:Oak ladder.png
Oak larder Oak larder icon.png File:Oak larder icon.png Oak larder.png File:Oak larder.png
Oak lectern Oak lectern icon.png File:Oak lectern icon.png Oak lectern.png File:Oak lectern.png
Oak lever Oak lever icon.png File:Oak lever icon.png Oak lever.png File:Oak lever.png
Oak magic wardrobe Oak magic wardrobe icon.png File:Oak magic wardrobe icon.png Oak magic wardrobe.png File:Oak magic wardrobe.png
Oak pet feeder Oak pet feeder icon.png File:Oak pet feeder icon.png Oak pet feeder.png File:Oak pet feeder.png
Oak pet house Oak pet house icon.png File:Oak pet house icon.png Oak pet house.png File:Oak pet house.png
Oak shaving stand Oak shaving stand icon.png File:Oak shaving stand icon.png Oak shaving stand.png File:Oak shaving stand.png
Oak shelves 1 Oak shelves 1 icon.png File:Oak shelves 1 icon.png Oak shelves 1 (dishware).png File:Oak shelves 1 (dishware).png Oak shelves 1 (utensils).png File:Oak shelves 1 (utensils).png
Oak shelves 2 Oak shelves 2 icon.png File:Oak shelves 2 icon.png Oak shelves 2 (dishware).png File:Oak shelves 2 (dishware).png Oak shelves 2 (utensils).png File:Oak shelves 2 (utensils).png
Oak staircase Oak staircase icon.png File:Oak staircase icon.png Oak staircase.png File:Oak staircase.png
Oak throne Oak throne icon.png File:Oak throne icon.png Oak throne.png File:Oak throne.png
Oak toy box Oak toy box icon.png File:Oak toy box icon.png Oak toy box.png File:Oak toy box.png
Oak trapdoor Oak trapdoor icon.png File:Oak trapdoor icon.png Oak trapdoor.png File:Oak trapdoor.png
Oak treasure chest Oak treasure chest icon.png File:Oak treasure chest icon.png Oak treasure chest.png File:Oak treasure chest.png
Oak wall decoration Oak decoration icon.png File:Oak decoration icon.png Oak decoration.png File:Oak decoration.png
Oak wardrobe Oak wardrobe icon.png File:Oak wardrobe icon.png Oak wardrobe.png File:Oak wardrobe.png
Oak workbench Oak workbench icon.png File:Oak workbench icon.png Oak workbench.png File:Oak workbench.png
Ominous portal [[File:|35x35px|frameless]] [[:File:]] Ominous portal.png File:Ominous portal.png
Opulent curtains Opulent curtains icon.png File:Opulent curtains icon.png Opulent curtains.png File:Opulent curtains.png
Opulent rug Opulent rug icon.png File:Opulent rug icon.png Opulent rug.png File:Opulent rug.png
Opulent table Opulent table icon.png File:Opulent table icon.png Opulent table.png File:Opulent table.png
Organ Organ icon.png File:Organ icon.png Organ.png File:Organ.png
Ornamental globe Ornamental globe icon.png File:Ornamental globe icon.png Ornamental globe.png File:Ornamental globe.png
Oyster hunter suit Oyster hunter suit icon.png File:Oyster hunter suit icon.png Oyster hunter suit.png File:Oyster hunter suit.png
Picket fence Picket fence icon.png File:Picket fence icon.png Picket fence.png File:Picket fence.png
Pit black demon Pit black demon icon.png File:Pit black demon icon.png Pit black demon.png File:Pit black demon.png
Pit dog Pit dog icon.png File:Pit dog icon.png Pit dog.png File:Pit dog.png
Pit ogre Pit ogre icon.png File:Pit ogre icon.png Pit ogre.png File:Pit ogre.png
Pit rock protector Pit rock protector icon.png File:Pit rock protector icon.png Pit rock protector.png File:Pit rock protector.png
Pit scabarite Pit scabarite icon.png File:Pit scabarite icon.png Pit scabarite.png File:Pit scabarite.png
Plant Plant icon.png File:Plant icon.png Plant.png File:Plant.png
Pluming stand Pluming stand icon.png File:Pluming stand icon.png Pluming stand.png File:Pluming stand.png
Polar habitat Polar habitat icon.png File:Polar habitat icon.png Polar habitat.png File:Polar habitat.png
Pond Pond icon.png File:Pond icon.png Pond.png File:Pond.png
Posh bell-pull Posh bell-pull icon.png File:Posh bell-pull icon.png Posh bell-pull.png File:Posh bell-pull.png
Posh fountain Posh fountain icon.png File:Posh fountain icon.png Posh fountain.png File:Posh fountain.png
Profound decorative armour stand Profound decorative armour stand icon.png File:Profound decorative armour stand icon.png Profound decorative armour stand.png File:Profound decorative armour stand.png
Pump and drain Pump and drain icon.png File:Pump and drain icon.png Pump and drain.png File:Pump and drain.png
Pump and tub Pump and tub icon.png File:Pump and tub icon.png Pump and tub.png File:Pump and tub.png
Ranging pedestals Ranging pedestals icon.png File:Ranging pedestals icon.png Ranging pedestals.png File:Ranging pedestals.png
Reeds Reeds icon.png File:Reeds icon.png Reeds.png File:Reeds.png
Repair bench Repair bench icon.png File:Repair bench icon.png Repair bench.png File:Repair bench.png
Rocking chair Rocking chair icon.png File:Rocking chair icon.png Rocking chair.png File:Rocking chair.png
Rope bell-pull Rope bell-pull icon.png File:Rope bell-pull icon.png Rope bell-pull.png File:Rope bell-pull.png
Rosemary (player-owned house) Rosemary (player-owned house) icon.png File:Rosemary (player-owned house) icon.png Rosemary (player-owned house).png File:Rosemary (player-owned house).png
Roses Roses icon.png File:Roses icon.png Roses.png File:Roses.png
Round shield Round shield icon.png File:Round shield icon.png Round shield (Guthix).png File:Round shield (Guthix).png
Rug Rug icon.png File:Rug icon.png Rug.png File:Rug.png
Rune armour stand Rune armour stand icon.png File:Rune armour stand icon.png Rune armour stand.png File:Rune armour stand.png
Rune case 1 Rune case icon.png File:Rune case icon.png Rune case 1.png File:Rune case 1.png
Rune case 2 Rune case icon.png File:Rune case icon.png Rune case 2.png File:Rune case 2.png
RuneFest display case RuneFest display case icon.png File:RuneFest display case icon.png RuneFest display case.png File:RuneFest display case.png
Salvage hunter suit Salvage hunter suit icon.png File:Salvage hunter suit icon.png Salvage hunter suit.png File:Salvage hunter suit.png
Saradomin icon Saradomin icon.png File:Saradomin icon.png Saradomin icon detail.png File:Saradomin icon detail.png
Saradomin symbol Saradomin symbol icon.png File:Saradomin symbol icon.png Saradomin symbol (player-owned house).png File:Saradomin symbol (player-owned house).png
Scary eyes [[File:|35x35px|frameless]] [[:File:]]
Scrying pool Scrying pool icon.png File:Scrying pool icon.png Scrying pool.png File:Scrying pool.png
Shark jaw Shark jaw icon.png File:Shark jaw icon.png Shark jaw.png File:Shark jaw.png
Shaving stand Shaving stand icon.png File:Shaving stand icon.png Shaving stand.png File:Shaving stand.png
Shield easel Shield easel icon.png File:Shield easel icon.png Shield easel.png File:Shield easel.png
Shoe box Shoe box icon.png File:Shoe box icon.png Shoe box.png File:Shoe box.png
Short plant Short plant icon.png File:Short plant icon.png Short plant.png File:Short plant.png
Shuttered window Shuttered window icon.png File:Shuttered window icon.png Shuttered window.png File:Shuttered window.png
Silverlight (mounted) Silverlight (mounted) icon.png File:Silverlight (mounted) icon.png Silverlight (mounted).png File:Silverlight (mounted).png
Sink Sink icon.png File:Sink icon.png Sink.png File:Sink.png
Skeleton throne Skeleton throne icon.png File:Skeleton throne icon.png Skeleton throne.png File:Skeleton throne.png
Skull Torch Skull torches icon.png File:Skull torches icon.png Skull torch.png File:Skull torch.png
Small box hedge Small box hedge icon.png File:Small box hedge icon.png Small box hedge.png File:Small box hedge.png
Small fern Small fern icon.png File:Small fern icon.png Small fern.png File:Small fern.png
Small fountain Small fountain icon.png File:Small fountain icon.png Small fountain.png File:Small fountain.png
Small map Small map icon.png File:Small map icon.png Small map.png File:Small map.png
Small obelisk (player-owned house) Small obelisk (player-owned house) icon.png File:Small obelisk (player-owned house) icon.png Small obelisk (player-owned house, garden).png File:Small obelisk (player-owned house, garden).png
Small orrery Small orrery icon.png File:Small orrery icon.png Small orrery.gif File:Small orrery.gif
Small oven Small oven icon.png File:Small oven icon.png Small oven.png File:Small oven.png
Small statue Small statue icon.png File:Small statue icon.png Small statue (Guthix).png File:Small statue (Guthix).png
Spike trap Spike trap icon.png File:Spike trap icon.png Spike trap.gif File:Spike trap.gif
Spiked cage Spiked cage icon.png File:Spiked cage icon.png Spiked cage.png File:Spiked cage.png
Spikes Spikes (player-owned house) icon.png File:Spikes (player-owned house) icon.png Spikes (player-owned house).png File:Spikes (player-owned house).png
Spiral staircase Spiral staircase icon.png File:Spiral staircase icon.png Spiral staircase.png File:Spiral staircase.png
Square shield (Construction) Square shield icon.png File:Square shield icon.png Square shield (Saradomin).png File:Square shield (Saradomin).png
Stained glass Stained glass icon.png File:Stained glass icon.png Stained glass (Bob).png File:Stained glass (Bob).png
Steel cage Steel cage icon.png File:Steel cage icon.png Steel cage.png File:Steel cage.png
Steel cage (oubliette) Steel cage (oubliette) icon.png File:Steel cage (oubliette) icon.png Steel cage (oubliette).png File:Steel cage (oubliette).png
Steel candlesticks Steel candlesticks icon.png File:Steel candlesticks icon.png Steel candlesticks.png File:Steel candlesticks.png
Steel framed bench Steel framed bench icon.png File:Steel framed bench icon.png Steel framed bench.png File:steel framed bench.png
Steel range Steel range icon.png File:Steel range icon.png Steel range.png File:Steel range.png
Steel torches Steel torches icon.png File:Steel torches icon.png Steel torches.png File:Steel torches.png
Steel-plated door Steel-plated door icon.png File:Steel-plated door icon.png Steel-plated door.png File:Steel-plated door.png
Stick and hoop Stick and hoop icon.png File:Stick and hoop icon.png Stick and hoop.png File:Stick and hoop.png
Stone fireplace Stone fireplace icon.png File:Stone fireplace icon.png Stone fireplace.png File:Stone fireplace.png
Stone wall Stone wall icon.png File:Stone wall icon.png Stone wall.png File:Stone wall.png
Sunflower Sunflower icon.png File:Sunflower icon.png Sunflower.png File:Sunflower.png
Superior pit trap Teleport trap icon.png File:Teleport trap icon.png Superior pit trap.gif File:Superior pit trap.gif
Tall box hedge Tall box hedge icon.png File:Tall box hedge icon.png Tall box hedge.png File:Tall box hedge.png
Tall fancy hedge Tall fancy hedge icon.png File:Tall fancy hedge icon.png Tall fancy hedge.png File:Tall fancy hedge.png
Tall plant Tall plant icon.png File:Tall plant icon.png Tall plant.png File:Tall plant.png
Tangle Vine Tangle vine icon.png File:Tangle vine icon.png Tangle Vine.gif File:Tangle Vine.gif
Teak altar Teak altar icon.png File:Teak altar icon.png Teak altar.png File:Teak altar.png
Teak armchair Teak armchair icon.png File:Teak armchair icon.png Teak armchair.png File:Teak armchair.png
Teak armour case Teak armour case icon.png File:Teak armour case icon.png Teak armour case.png File:Teak armour case.png
Teak bed Teak bed icon.png File:Teak bed icon.png Teak bed.png File:Teak bed.png
Teak cape rack Teak cape rack icon.png File:Teak cape rack icon.png Teak cape rack.png File:Teak cape rack.png
Teak chest Teak chest icon.png File:Teak chest icon.png Teak chest.png File:Teak chest.png
Teak clock Teak clock icon.png File:Teak clock icon.png Teak clock.png File:Teak clock.png
Teak demon lectern Teak demon lectern icon.png File:Teak demon lectern icon.png Teak demon lectern.png File:Teak demon lectern.png
Teak dining bench Teak dining bench icon.png File:Teak dining bench icon.png Teak dining bench.png File:Teak dining bench.png
Teak drawers Teak drawers icon.png File:Teak drawers icon.png Teak drawers.png File:Teak drawers.png
Teak dresser Teak dresser icon.png File:Teak dresser icon.png Teak dresser.png File:Teak dresser.png
Teak eagle lectern Teak eagle lectern icon.png File:Teak eagle lectern icon.png Teak eagle lectern.png File:Teak eagle lectern.png
Teak fancy dress box Teak fancy dress box icon.png File:Teak fancy dress box icon.png Teak fancy dress box.png File:Teak fancy dress box.png
Teak kitchen table Teak kitchen table icon.png File:Teak kitchen table icon.png Teak kitchen table.png File:Teak kitchen table.png
Teak ladder Teak ladder icon.png File:Teak ladder icon.png Teak ladder.png File:Teak ladder.png
Teak larder Teak larder icon.png File:Teak larder icon.png Teak larder.png File:Teak larder.png
Teak lever Teak lever icon.png File:Teak lever icon.png Teak lever.png File:Teak lever.png
Teak magic wardrobe Teak magic wardrobe icon.png File:Teak magic wardrobe icon.png Teak magic wardrobe.png File:Teak magic wardrobe.png
Teak pet feeder Teak pet feeder icon.png File:Teak pet feeder icon.png Teak pet feeder.png File:Teak pet feeder.png
Teak pet house Teak pet house icon.png File:Teak pet house icon.png Teak pet house.png File:Teak pet house.png
Teak portal Teak portal icon.png File:Teak portal icon.png Teak portal.png File:Teak portal.png
Teak shelves 1 Teak shelves 1 icon.png File:Teak shelves 1 icon.png Teak shelves 1 (dishware).png File:Teak shelves 1 (dishware).png Teak shelves 1 (utensils).png File:Teak shelves 1 (utensils).png
Teak shelves 2 Teak shelves 2 icon.png File:Teak shelves 2 icon.png Teak shelves 2 (dishware).png File:Teak shelves 2 (dishware).png Teak shelves 2 (utensils).png File:Teak shelves 2 (utensils).png
Teak staircase Teak staircase icon.png File:Teak staircase icon.png Teak staircase.png File:Teak staircase.png
Teak table Teak table icon.png File:Teak table icon.png Teak table.png File:Teak table.png
Teak telescope Teak telescope icon.png File:Teak telescope icon.png Teak telescope.png File:Teak telescope.png
Teak throne Teak throne icon.png File:Teak throne icon.png Teak throne.png File:Teak throne.png
Teak toy box Teak toy box icon.png File:Teak toy box icon.png Teak toy box.png File:Teak toy box.png
Teak trapdoor Teak trapdoor icon.png File:Teak trapdoor icon.png Teak trapdoor.png File:Teak trapdoor.png
Teak treasure chest Teak treasure chest icon.png File:Teak treasure chest icon.png Teak treasure chest.png File:Teak treasure chest.png
Teak wall decoration Teak decoration icon.png File:Teak decoration icon.png Teak decoration.png File:Teak decoration.png
Teak wardrobe Teak wardrobe icon.png File:Teak wardrobe icon.png Teak wardrobe.png File:Teak wardrobe.png
Teleport focus Teleport focus icon.png File:Teleport focus icon.png Teleport focus.png File:Teleport focus.png
Teleport trap Teleport trap icon.png File:Teleport trap icon.png Teleport trap.gif File:Teleport trap.gif
Tentacle pool Tentacle pool icon.png File:Tentacle pool icon.png Tentacle pool.png File:Tentacle pool.png
The desert The desert icon.png File:The desert icon.png The desert.png File:The desert.png
Thistle Thistle icon.png File:Thistle icon.png Thistle.png File:Thistle.png
Thorny hedge Thorny hedge icon.png File:Thorny hedge icon.png Thorny hedge.png File:Thorny_hedge.png
Tool store 1 Tool store 1 icon.png File:Tool store 1 icon.png Tool store 1.png File:Tool store 1.png
Tool store 2 Tool store 2 icon.png File:Tool store 2 icon.png Tool store 2.png File:Tool store 2.png
Tool store 3 Tool store 3 icon.png File:Tool store 3 icon.png Tool store 3.png File:Tool store 3.png
Tool store 4 Tool store 4 icon.png File:Tool store 4 icon.png Tool store 4.png File:Tool store 4.png
Tool store 5 Tool store 5 icon.png File:Tool store 5 icon.png Tool store 5.png File:Tool store 5.png
Topiary hedge Topiary hedge icon.png File:Topiary hedge icon.png Topiary hedge.png File:Topiary hedge.png
Torch (player-owned house) Torches icon.png File:Torches icon.png Torch (player-owned house).png File:Torch (player-owned house).png
Torn curtains Torn curtains icon.png File:Torn curtains icon.png Torn curtains.png File:Torn curtains.png
Trapdoor (player-owned house) Mahogany trapdoor icon.png File:Mahogany trapdoor icon.png [[File:Trapdoor (player-owned house).png|50x50px|frameless]] [[:File:Trapdoor (player-owned house).png]]
Treasure Hunt Fairy House Treasure Hunt Fairy House icon.png File:Treasure Hunt Fairy House icon.png Treasure Hunt Fairy House.png File:Treasure Hunt Fairy House.png
Twin anchors Twin anchors icon.png File:Twin anchors icon.png Twin anchors.png File:Twin anchors.png
Volcanic habitat Volcanic habitat icon.png File:Volcanic habitat icon.png Volcanic habitat.png File:Volcanic habitat.png
Weapons rack Weapons rack icon.png File:Weapons rack icon.png Weapons rack.png File:Weapons rack.png
Whetstone Whetstone icon.png File:Whetstone icon.png Whetstone.png File:Whetstone.png
Willow tree (Construction) Willow tree (Construction) icon.png File:Willow tree (Construction) icon.png Willow tree (player-owned house).png File:Willow tree (player-owned house).png
Windchimes Windchimes icon.png File:Windchimes icon.png Windchimes.png File:Windchimes.png
Wood dining table Wood dining table icon.png File:Wood dining table icon.png Wood dining table.png File:Wood dining table.png
Wood kitchen table Wood kitchen table icon.png File:Wood kitchen table icon.png Wood kitchen table.png File:Wood kitchen table.png
Wooden bed Wooden bed icon.png File:Wooden bed icon.png Wooden bed.png File:Wooden bed.png
Wooden bench Wooden bench icon.png File:Wooden bench icon.png Wooden bench.png File:Wooden bench.png
Wooden bookcase Wooden bookcase icon.png File:Wooden bookcase icon.png Wooden bookcase.png File:Wooden bookcase.png
Wooden chair Wooden chair icon.png File:Wooden chair icon.png Wooden chair.png File:Wooden chair.png
Wooden crate Wooden crate icon.png File:Wooden crate icon.png Wooden crate.png File:Wooden crate.png
Wooden fence Wooden fence icon.png File:Wooden fence icon.png Wooden fence.png File:Wooden fence.png
Wooden larder Wooden larder icon.png File:Wooden larder icon.png Wooden larder.png File:Wooden larder.png
Wooden shelves 1 Wooden shelves 1 icon.png File:Wooden shelves 1 icon.png Wooden shelves 1 (dishware).png File:Wooden shelves 1 (dishware).png Wooden shelves 1 (utensils).png File:Wooden shelves 1 (utensils).png
Wooden shelves 2 Wooden shelves 2 icon.png File:Wooden shelves 2 icon.png Wooden shelves 2 (dishware).png File:Wooden shelves 2 (dishware).png Wooden shelves 2 (utensils).png File:Wooden shelves 2 (utensils).png
Wooden shelves 3 Wooden shelves 3 icon.png File:Wooden shelves 3 icon.png Wooden shelves 3 (dishware).png File:Wooden shelves 3 (dishware).png Wooden shelves 3 (utensils).png File:Wooden shelves 3 (utensils).png
Wooden telescope Wooden telescope icon.png File:Wooden telescope icon.png Wooden telescope.png File:Wooden telescope.png
Wooden torches Wooden torches icon.png File:Wooden torches icon.png Wooden torches (lit).png File:Wooden torches (lit).png
Wooden workbench Wooden workbench icon.png File:Wooden workbench icon.png Wooden workbench.png File:Wooden workbench.png
Yew tree (Construction) Yew tree (Construction) icon.png File:Yew tree (Construction) icon.png Yew tree (player-owned house).png File:Yew tree (player-owned house).png
Zamorak icon Zamorak icon.png File:Zamorak icon.png Zamorak icon built.png File:Zamorak icon built.png
Zamorak symbol Zamorak symbol icon.png File:Zamorak symbol icon.png Zamorak symbol (player-owned house).png File:Zamorak symbol (player-owned house).png