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Gaz Lloyd
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This is a guide on how to get into killing Legiones in the Monastery of Ascension.

Killcount: here

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The map of the Monastery - click for full detail.

There's only one hard requirement for killing Legiones:

  • 95 Slayer
    • Boostable from 90 with pies - requirement is only to enter their room, not damage them

However, there's some other useful levels to have:

  • The higher your RangedDefenceConstitution levels, the better
    • I'd suggest 80 Ranged as a minimum, but it is probably doable with 70 (don't expect to be very efficient though)
  • 60, 70 and 80 Agility give access to very useful shortcuts
  • 96 Summoning is a massive boon to having longer trips, but lower level beasts of burden help too.
  • 92 or 99 Divination will allow some better pocket items to be used
  • Max cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Max cape gets access to the PvM portal, the best way there, and a teleport to nearby the portal and bank
    • Completionist cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Completionist cape gets an even better teleport

10-15 (or 20-30 if doubled) legiones can be assigned as a Soul Reaper assignment, and legiones count toward Ascension member slayer tasks (120-150 assigned by Morvran, 100-125 assigned by Kuradal and Duradel/Lapalok).

You can co-op Ascension tasks at legiones - in fact, its the only way to not solo them. Whoever does the most damage to the legio gets the drop (unless lootsharing, though none of their drops are coinshared), and experience is split as normal for bosses.

Getting there

The quickest way to any legio is to use the PvM portal in the Max Guild. This portal will place you right outside the door to the legio for whom you are carrying the most keys. Obviously this has high requirements - 99 in all skills, with an extra bonus if you have a completionist cape (closer teleport to the guild bank), though the teleport from the max cape is fine. If you have this, it is not worth using the lodestone unless you die.

Without the portal, the next quickest way to the monastery is to home teleport to the Oo'glog lodestone - there's really no reason to consider any other method. Head northwest and head inside.

Once inside, to get to each legio you go deeper into the dungeon. Do not worry about the other ascension creatures - they are not aggressive. The legiones are spread throughout the dungeon:

  • Primus is the first along the path, just follow the first path west from the entrance to the first big room; no agility shortcut required
  • Secundus and Tertius are the other side of the chasm; the fastest way is to take the first west then the first north passage, to take the level 70 Agility shortcut; if not 70, follow the path past Tertius and take the 60 Agility shortcut; if not 60, follow the path around. Secundus is on the north side of the corridor, Tertius on the south
  • Quartus, Quintus and Sextus are at the very end of the dungeon; the quickest way is going east at the entrance and taking the level 80 Agility shortcut and running north then east to them; failing that, following the corridor from Secundus and Tertius is the way

To enter the legio's room, you require a keystone. Each legio kill will also require a new keystone (even if you do not leave the room), which is where most of the expense of this comes from. One kill = one keystone, no exceptions. All legiones are fought in an instance, no

Keystone Prices
Keystone Price 64 Keys
Ascension Keystone Primus.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ascension Keystone Primus Primus 634,001 40,576,064
Ascension Keystone Secundus.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ascension Keystone Secundus Secundus 337,690 21,612,160
Ascension Keystone Tertius.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ascension Keystone Tertius Tertius 257,243 16,463,552
Ascension Keystone Quartus.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ascension Keystone Quartus Quartus 255,812 16,371,968
Ascension Keystone Quintus.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ascension Keystone Quintus Quintus 265,661 17,002,304
Ascension Keystone Sextus.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ascension Keystone Sextus Sextus 274,770 17,585,280
Total 129,611,328

The drop chance of a signet from the legio is 1/64. You can also receive a keystone as a drop, which also appears to be 1/64. The other notable drop is sirenic scales, which are fairly common drops compared to other monsters, and ascension grips, which only drop on slayer task, at a very low drop rate (I have yet to get them). If your loot beam is set to the minimum of 50,000, most of their drops are beamed, but only just. All drops other than the previously mentioned are little more than consolation prizes due to the cost of the key.

With all 6 signets, a dragon crossbow and 100 ascension shards, you can create the ascension crossbow by talking to Ocellus at the monastery's entrance. A further 100 shards creates the offhand (not 6 signets and a off-hand dragon crossbow!).


If you die to a legio, your grave will appear outside the Monastery, unless you die to Primus, in which case it will appear outside Primus' room. In either case, easy to get back to with the lodestone.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

All legiones, like all the other ascension creatures, are weak to ranged - using any other style is foolish. It is possible to hurt them with other styles, but you're incredibly inaccurate without ranged.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]


Ascension bolts are the way forward - the legiones seem to have a damage reduction against ammo that is not Ascension. You can use these with non-Ascension crossbows. Fragment bolts/Fragment arrows may also circumvent this.

If your weapon cannot use bolts, use the best you can.


In rough order of effectiveness, beginning with the most:

  1. Noxious bow[1]
  2. Ascension crossbow/Off-hand ascension crossbow
  3. Ascension crossbow/Off-hand Death Lotus dart
  4. Ascension crossbow/Off-hand chaotic crossbow
  5. Death Lotus dart/Off-hand Death Lotus dart[2]
  6. Death Lotus dart/Off-hand chaotic crossbow[2]
  7. Royal crossbow or Zaryte bow[2]
  8. Chaotic crossbow/Off-hand Death Lotus dart
  9. Chaotic crossbow/Off-hand chaotic crossbow
  10. Hand cannon[2]
  11. Crystal bow[2], Black salamander[2] or Karil's crossbow[2]
  12. Karil's pistol crossbow/Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow[2][3]
  1. ^ I do not know how the damage reduction reacts to this, since it can only use araxyte arrows; if it is reduced, #2 may be better
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h Assuming the damage reduction is a lie
  3. ^ Armadyl crossbow has no offhand counterpart, so not worth using

You'll notice I ranked two-handed weapons above dual-wield: this is because I believe the extra damage from two-handed autoattacks slightly outweighs the slightly better Needle Strike ability. This is especially true for Tertius, if no others. You won't be using many autoattacks anyway, so its not that marked a difference. Dazing Shot is also less irritating than Needle Strike.

I do not suggest a shield at all. This is a DPS race, your goal is to kill the legio before he manages to kill you.

Armour[edit | edit source]

Body and Legs

Armour value is a lot less important than you think - the difference between many armours is very small. However, wearing any ranged armour significantly helps your survival. Since armour value doesn't matter, you essentially have 3 deciding choices:

I personally prefer the extra DPS of armadyl armour for most legiones, but the survivability of superior Death Lotus for Tertius and Quintus, but it's up to you.

Warpriest (of Zamorak/Saradomin) is okay, but the extra 2% chance (by wearing the body/legs in addition to other parts) of 90% damage reduction equates to an average 1.8% damage reduction rate - compared to the 3.4% constant damage reduction by superior Death Lotus. Warpriest is definitely the wrong choice for Tertius, if no others - his summons will wreck you if you are using it.

Boots and Gloves

As mentioned above, armour value between items in a class do not matter much. Gloves and boots do not give lifepoints either. As such, you have a few choices:

In reality, while Ascension grips are the best for the gloves slot, there's no point using them over royal spiky vambraces or culinaromancer gloves 10. The former are far too expensive for what they give - +14 ranged damage against royal spiky vambraces' +10 and culinaromancer's gloves' +8. That additional +4 ranged damage really is not worth 5,769,554.

I do not have experience using swift gloves, but their effect may be useful if you do not mind them degrading. Warpriest of Zamorak/Saradomin share a similar effect, but you will need a third part for it to trigger.


These are fairly clean-cut. If you are on slayer task, (mighty) full slayer helm is the obvious choice (focus sight if nothing else). While off-task (or on a Reaper task, where slayer helm is ineffective), the same lists as body and legs apply.

If you are using a steel titan, any slayer helm and the armadyl helm both gain an advantage as they can be enchanted to store scrolls while other helms cannot. More on this later.


For capes, again, armour doesn't matter much, so your options are:

Remember that abilities do not use ammunition, so Ava's devices are not necessary.

Completionist cape is the obvious choice if you have it; if not, you have the option of reefwalker's, a DPS cape or warpriest. It is not worth taking warpriest if you are not already using 2 other parts. Max and completionist capes also teleport to the max guild to bank and re-enter the portal, so they're definitely the best choice if you have them.


While the Sixth-Age circuit has greater damage bonus, I prefer the superior leviathan ring for its damage reduction. Otherwise, whatever ring you have that gives the best stats. Ring of wealth does nothing. Ring of life may result in premature teleportation, wasting a key; but it may also make you not die, saving degradation of equipment. If you like using ultimate abilities, a ring of vigour will be useful.

For amulet you can use almost anything. I go with Dragon rider amulet, for the very good ranged bonus and high prayer bonus. Fury, glory, whatever also work fine - there's not a lot of difference between them. If you're using soul split, the amulet of souls is a very good choice if you have one.


Penance will all-but eliminate your need for prayer restoration, unless you're literally evading everything so taking no damage. Other good choices are vampyrism, sharpshooter, reverence.


A sign of life or sign of death is by far the best choice most of the time, until you get 99 Divination to make the portent versions.

If you can make portents, you can then use a (superior) scrimshaw of cruelty for the flat damage increase. If you're having accuracy issues - which will probably only apply to tier 70 or below weapons when not on-task, a (superior) scrimshaw of ranging may help. Tier 80 and about weapons should have no accuracy issues, though.

If your sign of life is on cooldown and you still want to risk the battle, a sign of item protection is also good.

If you cannot make the portent of life/death, I would not advise using a scrimshaw over a sign of life/death.

Overall[edit | edit source]

For reference, here is my current equipment setup:

Penance aura.png
Mighty slayer helmet.png
Superior scrimshaw of cruelty.png
Completionist cape.png
Amulet of souls.png
Ascension bolts 4.png
Ascension crossbow.png
Superior Death Lotus chestplate.png
Off-hand ascension crossbow.png
Superior Death Lotus chaps.png
Royal spiky vambraces.png
Armadyl boots.png
Leviathan ring.png
Legio killing

Inventory[edit | edit source]

The inventory I use is as follows:

Overload flask (6).pngPrayer renewal flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Ascension Keystone Primus.pngAscension Keystone Primus.pngAscension Keystone Primus.pngAscension Keystone Primus.png
Ascension Keystone Primus.pngAscension Keystone Primus.pngAscension Keystone Primus.pngAscension Keystone Primus.png
Enhanced Excalibur.pngPortent of life.pngPortent of item protection.pngCharming imp.png
  • Overload is significantly better than extreme ranged, since it adds extra damage on top of the extreme-ranging-equivalent boost; use extreme or super ranging if no overloads
    • I never need more than 3 doses of overload per trip - once you get into the swing of things, 5 or 6 legiones per overload is easy to get, excluding Tertius and Quintus
  • Renewal helps against the massive prayer drain in use, though isn't strictly necessary. It also lines up with overload very nicely
  • Not much reason for super restores over prayer flasks or super prayer flasks really, but they help if you need to resummon a familiar
  • Number of keys vary with the legio - I stick at 8 for Tertius and Quintus but can push to 12 or maybe 14 for the other four. For the learning process, I suggest no more than 5 per trip until you're comfortable with the legio
  • Sharks are almost equally as good as rocktails, so you can cut down the cost per kill significantly by using those instead
  • House teleports are the best teleport for bosses, don't let anyone tell you otherwise - a significant number of times I have tabbed out only to die in my house, appearing outside at the portal with no consequence - unlike another teletab where your grave is triggered, possibly degrading weapons/armour
  • Portents per above
  • Charming imp as legio commonly drop 6 charms, so they're cleaned up; keep them if you like
  • Enhanced Excalibur over healing ultimates as it cannot be stopped, isn't location dependant, doesn't require a shield and doesn't use adrenaline - so you can use that adrenaline for a threshold, or, if you really need healing, Regenerate. 100% adrenaline used on regenerate plus activating Enhanced Excalibur will heal more than Guthix's Blessing
  • All free inventory spaces should be food

Abilities[edit | edit source]

This is by no means the best ability bar for them, but its what works for me.

  • Piercing Shot.png
  • Dazing Shot.png
  • Binding Shot.png
  • Fragmentation Shot.png
  • Ricochet.png
  • Sacrifice.png
  • Devotion.png
  • Bombardment.png
  • Snap Shot.png
  • Tight Bindings.png
  • Death's Swiftness.png
  • Freedom.png
  • Shark.png
  • Teleport to house.png

Replace shark with whatever food you're using.

Ability usage is discussed in detail in a later section. Make sure you have comfortable keybinds and can effectively use them. I personally have: 1234 qwet asdf cv.

Revolution certainly works, but the finer control of full manual is much better.

Autoretaliate should be off.


I have Protect Item, Anguish and Soul Split as my quick curses. Deflect Magic is a substitute overhead, but if you cannot use Soul Split (and hence no Anguish), you're better off with Protect from Magic and Rigour in the normal Prayer book.

If you are using protect or deflect magic, swapping an ability for Devotion can help.


Beast of burden or combat? Entirely up to you. A beast of burden - especially a pack yak - will help extend trip length significantly by providing extra food. A combat familiar helps kill them.

Honestly, its not worth considering any combat familiar but the steel titan. If you have the titan, its up to you whether to bring a yak or a titan. If you don't have the titan, I would suggest just using a beast of burden.

A steel titan is a great familiar since its ranged attacks are very accurate on the legiones and the special attack is very strong. Once you're fairly competent at legiones, you might want to bring one along with some scrolls stored inside it. It is especially good if you have access to the Max Guild portal, as the significantly shorter trips can be negated by the removal of the travel time - its quite easy to bank within 30 seconds. I shall cover usage of a titan in the strategy sections.

If you're using a steel titan, an enchanted slayer helm or armadyl helm is a good idea.

General Strategy[edit | edit source]

Attacks[edit | edit source]

All six legiones have a basic set of abilities they use, covered here, and unique special abilities, covered later.

All legiones also have range-based damage reduction. That is, the further from them you are, the less damage you do. You should try to stay close.

Their basic attack cycle is 3 attacks:

  1. A lightning attack that centres where you were when the legio cast it
  2. A second lightning attack that centres where you are going when the legio cast it (i.e. the tile the minimap's red flag was on during the tick the legio cast it)
  3. A standard magic attack directly to you
  4. Repeat

The lightning attack is an AoE attack, which does significant unblockable magic damage and sits on the floor for 3 seconds, hitting multiple times if stood in. In the centre of the lightning, each hit can be up to around 2600 damage; in the surrounding 8 squares, this drops to around 1900 damage; and the 16 squares surrounding that (possibly ignoring the corners) 1 or 2 hits of up to around 1700 damage (this furthest out ring only seems to damage me once, as it disappears, even if I'm there for more than one hit). If stood in, lightning will never hit below 1000 damage per hit, unless damage is blocked.

While the lightning damage ignores armour - it will always hit you if you are stood in it - it is reduced by prayer (and nullified by Devotion), Anticipation, and the damage-reduction of the (superior) leviathan ring, Saradomin/Zamorak warpriest and presumably swift gloves. I have never used a shield so have not tested the efficacy of Reflect, Resonance or Barricade. Deflect curses do not reflect damage back to the legio from the lightning, but it will from the regular magic attack.

Their normal magic attack is just that, affected by armour and all that jazz. I infrequently get hit by it in Death Lotus - the vast majority of my damage comes from the lightning.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

When you enter the room, the legio is not immediately aggressive. You can safely drink your potions, heal, consult your BoB, whatever without being attacked. The legio will become aggressive when you move close enough - for some of them this is a decent distance, but for others one square closer is enough. Be wary. The boss timer starts the moment the legio spawns, whether attacking you or not, and ends when his drop spawns after the death animation.

To deal with the lightning, the golden rule is to keep moving. If you don't move when the lightning strikes you, you're going to take very heavy damage, resulting in significant food use or death.

Run - ability - run - ability - etc

  • Clicking on food in your inventory can interrupt your movement or actions, but hotbar food does not
  • Snipe, Rapid Fire and Unload all root you in place, and as such should never be used here
    • You could use them when Devotion is active, but, I do not particularly advise it - even having them on your action bar can cause you to mess up and die
  • Needle Strike appears to root you in place, but does not - the run animation is just delayed
  • Legacy/Momentum are terrible ideas because of this - you will need to keep clicking the legio in addition to clicking the floor
  • Revolution is an option, but the timing of it can be off, sometimes - not firing abilities when you want it to, firing abilities when you don't want it to, etc. I prefer having full control of my abilities

You should try to keep fairly close to the legio to maximise damage, but don't be afraid to just run away to eat if needed. Getting close for thresholds is wise. Running in circles around the legio is wisest, giving consistency to your action and ease of avoiding the previously cast lightning. 1/4 to 1/6 (or maybe even 1/8) of a circle around the legio each time, about 2 or 3 squares away from him is ideal. Clockwise or anticlockwise doesn't matter (I think I actually vary with each legio).

The legio will always land at 22499, 14999, and 7499 life points (to trigger their special), so don't use your threshold/high damage abilities when they are too close to that value (i.e. if they are at 23000 life points, your next ability cannot do more than 501 damage, even if you throw out what would be a 4000-damage bombardment). A scrimshaw of cruelty can make this number lower (and cause some general weirdness), but they will stop somewhere near that number.

The best way to ensure continuous damage is to adopt a sequence of basic abilities. A good sequence is Piercing Shot.pngNeedle Strike.pngPiercing Shot.png<longer cooldown ability><repeat>. While Piercing Shot has been nerfed and is no longer that good, it does damage, has a short cooldown and generates adrenaline, which is the entire point. Needle Strike/Dazing Shot are good abilities, with a relatively short cooldown, and the other basics at your command are fairly strong but with longer cooldowns. In order of usefulness, the longer cooldown abilities are Fragmentation Shot.png, Ricochet.png, and if needed, Binding Shot.png. Fragmentation shot should be used as often as possible, as the highest damage basic you can use - it is possible to double it by running under the legio, as long as this is not too risky.

As an aside, the royal crossbow (and presumably many two-handed weapons) have a larger attack range than the legio. This means that leading with a Fragmentation Shot will force them to move and do double damage. Dual crossbows, however, have too short a range to do this (and it is not worth running far enough away to force him to move), so I lead with Needle Strike followed by Fragmentation Shot.

On Binding Shot, ideally you should use Tight Bindings instead, unless adrenaline is low. However. Tight Bindings is the weakest threshold, and the legiones are stun immune so it should be left until the other thresholds are on cooldown. Both Snap Shot and Bombardment should be used as soon as possible, as long as the legio is not close to a trigger point. The exception to the basic abilities sequence is that I like to put Needle Strike immediately before a threshold ability, to take advantage of the extra 5% damage property.

Death's Swiftness is a decent ultimate, though not as good as usual as you cannot stand in it. Triggering it at the legio's location for the AoE damage is pretty good though. If you can trigger it next to him at the start of the fight then you're good, otherwise its a waste of adrenaline. Deadshot is probably the best ultimate to use at legiones, hitting upwards of 10k over its duration as long as you can remain close. Just make sure to watch out for a possible double special as they pass through two trigger points!

I don't use shadow tentacles because I don't want to up my damage intake if I don't have to; it is an okay option though, as long as it is done instantly as they reach a trigger point - it can hit 7000 easily with tier 90s.

After a kill, you can spawn another legio by clicking 'exit' on his door and selecting option 1. This can be done quickly, so after the first kill of a trip you can use a threshold immediately (or, as I do, Needle Strike into run close into threshold).


The most important part of familiars is making sure to hide familiar options before you start. They just get in the way.

I suggest binding familiar action to a useful key you can reach - mine is on b, and setting familiar left-click to either Take beast of burden (if using a yak/other BoB), or Call familiar (for combat). I would make sure to check that, as if you summon pets or a clan avatar often, that can mess up your familiar option left-click (this is especially important if you use a BoB).

Why Call familiar? This is mostly for the steel titan, as he will use melee if in melee range, which sometimes happens when he recalls to you. If you notice this, move away from the legio and call him (using your keybind) to force ranged. His melee attack is extremely inaccurate.

If you're doing multiple kills per instance, with adrenaline stalling, the titan may not attack the legio until the legio uses his normal magic attack on you. You can fix this by either waiting until he does use the normal magic attack, or by calling the titan (needed for Sextus).

Familiars ignore many mechanics of the legiones:

  • They don't seem to suffer distance-based damage reduction, but their maximum damage is reduced a flat amount regardless of where they and you are in relation to each other and to the legio (as if the legiones have invisible protect from summoning prayers active?)
  • They take no damage from the lightning attacks
  • They don't trigger the legio's special at 22499/14999/7499 lifepoints
    • If they drop below a trigger point due to a titan, your next successful attack (one that would have hit and done damage; includes a fragmentation shot hit) will do no damage and will trigger their ability, similar to how cruelty works. Avoid using thresholds at these times
  • They completely ignore the 90% damage reduction applied by an active capsarius (in Tertius' case)
  • Occasionally a legio will target the titan. When this happens, the legio will stop using lightning all together, and will only attack the titan with his normal magic attack
    • This is the only time Sextus will use normal magic
    • Be careful, as if the legio refocuses to you, he will almost certainly use lightning instantly
    • The titan is unlikely to die from this unless he gets focused multiple times in succession
    • I haven't found a reliable way to make the legio target the titan - the titan doing most or all of the damage doesn't work, the titan attacking first doesn't work

As long as you tag the legio, the titan can do 100% of the damage and you will still get the drop and the slayer/reaper credit (though, a full kill without you helping will take around 5 minutes, without summoning potions to constantly use steel of legends). And, as the titan did the damage, the legio's special attacks won't be triggered. This is definitely not recommended, though.

For the first kill of a trip

The first stage of the first kill is always about building adrenaline. My damage output is never that high. I lead with Needle Strike into Fragmentation shot, then I stick to the sequence to build up a good amount of adrenaline - about 60-70%. After that I start using thresholds to finish him off. I try to make the last hit Sacrifice to heal. You can speed up the kill using adrenaline potions.

I usually end a kill on over 70% adrenaline.

For subsequent kills

Run over to the door, click Exit, press 1 to respawn the legio and get back into the fight. I lead with Needle Strike into Snap Shot, then Piercing Shot, Needle Strike, Bombardment, then Piercing Shot, Needle Strike, Tight Bindings. I usually just finish him with the basics sequence, with Sacrifice to finish at the end. Usually end up with 70-100% adrenaline.

Repot when needed, excalibur when needed, and don't let adrenaline drop off (use freedom and anticipation to stall it when necessary, e.g. Sextus's further-away door can drop combat easily).

Legio Specific[edit | edit source]

Each legio has a special ability which triggers at 75%, 50% and 25% life (that is, 22499, 14999, and 7499 lifepoints). For simplicity, I will reference:

  • 30000 to 22500 lifepoints as stage 1
  • 22499 to 15000 as stage 2
  • 14999 to 7500 as stage 3
  • and 7499 to 0 as stage 4

They announce each stage with some speech, and, as mentioned above, they will always land at 22499, 14999 and 7499 lifepoints.


Primus' special is similar to Dharok's, in that all his damage (lightning and normal magic) is increased as his health depletes. Unlike Dharok's (which increases smoothly with his health depleting), it increases in steps when each stage ends. I am unsure how much exactly it is increased by, but this is very easy to avoid - just continue as normal, no change in strategy needed.


Secundus' special is that each time he increases the number of lightning attacks between normal magic attacks. During stage 1 he follows the normal pattern of 2 lightning followed by a normal magic attack. During stage 2 this is 3 lightning, during stage 3 this is 4 lightning and during stage 4 he uses exclusively lightning.

If you changed your pattern slightly to account for the slight downtime when a normal magic attack is used, you'll have to readjust for Secundus. Otherwise, this is business as usual.


Tertius' special is summoning other ascension creatures to assist him. He summons 3 rorarii at the start of stage 2, a gladius at the start of stage 3 and a capsarius at the start of stage 4.

Killing these is unnecessary. They do not drop anything (except for book pages if yours is incomplete) and killing them just diverts your attention from the more dangerous Tertius. Ignore them.

The exception to this is the capsarius. This capsarius prioritises the minion you are attacking - which should be Tertius - over the other minions, even if the others are more damaged. When the capsarius starts healing Tertius, he gains the 90% damage reduction buff too. The capsarius will heal faster than you can do damage, so you'll need to kill it to finish him. It only has 3750 lifepoints, so one or two abilities and the likely one autoattack used will kill it. You may choose to save your Snap Shot to use on it to guarantee the kill, but this is up to you.

Do not use AoE or multitarget abilities when the gladius is out (Ricochet, Bombardment). Before that, sure. Counterintuitive, right? If the gladius is hit, he will use his charge-and-stun ability. If you do not hit the gladius, he will just sit there using his normal magic attack only. Getting stunned by the gladius can result in death very easily (even if freedom is used, if you're unlucky or on low health). It may be wise to just remove the abilities from your bar for the fight - replace with anticipation or whatever. (This does not apply to reflected damage by deflect curses.) Once you have adrenaline, you can start the fight with Bombardment (before he summons any minions). However, if you lead with Snap Shot, it should be off-cooldown by his final stage (for no-capsarius kill).

Tertius is the only one where your armour value actually matters, since you will be tanking more normal magic hits from his minions - I would even say Tertius is worth using Deflect Magic for over Soul Split. Tertius is also one of the two legio you're likely to mess up on, since most of the time you need to change target mid-fight. Its very easy to misclick and attack the gladius, or to think you're attacking the capsarius and unwittingly waste your Snap Shot on a buffed Tertius, or get caught up in changing target and forget to run, eating a lightning to the face. Be wary, and keep your health high enough.

The Ascension creatures he summons will count toward your slayer task (but not a Reaper task), so you'll kill half as many Tertius for an ascension slayer task than any other legio. More, if you waste time and kill the other creatures.

A steel titan is absolutely fantastic for tertius, since his attacks ignore the capsarius buff - especially useful for the advanced kill method, below. Just be aware that the titan is likely to try to kill the minions when Tertius dies, which will count for your slayer task and may waste steel of legends scrolls.

Restarting the Tertius fight from inside the arena is a very bad idea. His summons do not despawn - not when Tertius is killed, not when you restart the fight from within. You should always quick-exit and re-enter. This is still possible to do fast enough to not have adrenaline drain.

Advanced: No Capsarius Kill

If you have high enough gear and stats, you can kill Tertius before he gets healed by the capsarius. There's a 2 or 3 tick delay between him summoning the capsarius and the capsarius applying the buff and heal. With high end gear, split-second timing and some luck, it is possible to kill Tertius in this delay.

This method is generally very effective, getting a kill a good 80% of the time if executed perfectly. It requires use of Deflect Magic - not using this will very likely result in death, if not massive resource drain. You'll also need to make sure your thresholds are all off-cooldown (ready to use) by the time he hits 8000-9000 lifepoints. A steel titan will also help.

As he gets close to the value, run in close - the closer the better - and use Devotion. You should now be immune from damage for a time. Now, fire your ability (ideally Needle Strike if dual, anything if two-hander) to bring him to his trigger point. The moment he announces his fourth stage, use Snap Shot followed immediately by Tight Bindings, then queue up Piercing Shot - no running in between. Having him under the effect of Fragmentation Shot also helps, but it is not necessary. Timing a titan special attack (or even a normal attack) is also very useful, if you can manage it.

In my experience, Snap Shot is the key component. The two very rapid, very powerful hits from one ability is essential to the execution of a no-capsarius kill. Many times Snap Shot into Piercing Shot is enough, but Tight Bindings does help if you hit low on one or both Snap Shot hits.

If you timed it right and got lucky enough to do the damage, he'll die before the capsarius starts healing. It is possible to pull this off perfectly and still fail due to bad damage rolls; don't be discouraged. If you do fail, you'll have to continue the kill as normal and take down the capsarius. With the use of the instantly-hitting Piercing Shot, the chance of failure is reduced, as long as you time it perfectly. If he falls to under 300 lifepoints and you have a titan, your titan may be able to kill him with its next attack if it is fast - even more likely if he hits double-digits from your attacks.

Without Devotion, this is extremely dangerous - you will be hit multiple times by lightning during this time. If you move between abilities, you may be unable to fire them all in time.

When you do get it though, you feel awesome. You also save yourself one wasted kill for your slayer task. I only discovered this when using ascension crossbow/off-hand chaotic crossbow, but I imagine it is possible with level 80 gear, if you also have overloads, anguish, scrimshaws of cruelty and a titan.


Quartus' special is very simple - at the start of stage 2, 3 and 4 he teleports you next to him. That's it. By far one of the easiest legio.

Be wary of being teleported into lightning. Sometimes the teleports don't actually teleport you, which seems like an odd bug but hey. Every time they interrupt your action so you'll need to click the ground again to run. Sometimes the teleport interrupts his lightning, so the next one is delayed and it appears he fires two at once or some such. Just be wary around those times and you'll be fine.


Quintus' special is laying down a line of ascension where you are stood at the end of each stage. After stage one he lays one along the East-West axis, after stage two he lays one on the North-South axis, and at the end of stage three he lays another one on the East-West axis. Standing on one of these lines does rapid damage, up to 2600 per hit (about equal to standing in the centre of lightning, but the lines are not temporary).

There are a things to do with these lines:

  • Make them spawn toward the edge of the arena, by heading over there when he gets close to a trigger point
  • If they spawn too close to him, run to a corner to pull him away so you can continue running circles around him
  • Use the 'quirk' of the run mechanic:
    1. Stand directly next to the line on one side
    2. Click anywhere on the other side of the line
    3. You should run across and not take any damage
  • Never run horizontally or vertically, try to always move diagonally - running along a line will cause multiple hits of damage, as will just standing on it

The lines of ascension despawn when Quintus is killed.

Quintus is probably the most died-to, because of these lines, and this is why the keystone for him used to be more expensive.


Sextus is unique among the legiones in that his special is always active, and doesn't trigger at the stage points. Sextus never uses a normal magic attack, only using lightning, which lasts seven seconds instead of the normal three, and has a one square larger range. Sextus' lifepoints will still catch at 22499, 14999 and 7499 though, even though nothing changes. There may be 3 or 4 lightning on the ground at any one time.

Running in a consistent circle is even more important than usual for Sextus - running erratically will probably put you in the previous lightning, and too small a circle will see you get all the way around too soon.

Sextus' lightning appears to be cast several times, but I believe this is because Jagex neglected to create a unique animation for it, so it just uses the regular 3-second lightning animation looped.

I actually find Sextus the easiest legio, being able to do 12 or 14 key trips on minimal food. I think this is because the rhythm of the solely lightning is constant, rather than the slightly broken rhythm when using regular magic, and as such I can much more easily predict and avoid it while doing damage.

Other stuff[edit | edit source]

Order of difficulty?
  1. Quintus
    Definitely the hardest, by far. The lines wreck and its very easy to get caught on them and destroyed
  2. Tertius
    The minions hit surprisingly accurately and hard even through Death Lotus and deflect magic; also the swap to capsarius and back is error-prone. I've also died multiple times to failed no-capsarius kills
  3. Sextus
    The much longer lightning is a hazard, but not too hard to avoid. Once you hit the pattern, no-food runs are easy
  4. Primus
    Second most vanilla one, but the most punishing if he catches you in lightning, due to the increased damage
  5. Secundus
    The timing change makes him a little harder than Quartus, but otherwise very easy
  6. Quartus
    The wimpiest of special attacks and otherwise just a vanilla legio

If you're doing a small number of kills - a reaper task or for the Reaper title, the last three are my recommendations (since neither of those things specify which legio, you can do any). Whichever has the cheapest key of them.


I'm tracking my killcount here.