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Gaz Lloyd
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Gazserver: The real server. The best server.

About[edit | edit source]

I host a Minecraft server for people to use as they like.

Version and plugins
  • Enhanced Vanilla 1.7.2 [hard mode]
  • Whitelisted - if you want to be whitelisted, please contact me
  • List of mods and versions, in vague order of importance: (@@ explicitly supports bukkit 1.7.9-r0.2 [current most recent], @ explicitly supports some form of bukkit 1.7.9 [probably r0.1], ~ doesn't explicitly support any form of bukkit 1.7.2 [what's currently in use])
Status Updates
  • Follow me on Twitter! - @Gaz_Lloyd - updates with hashtag #gazserver
  • Add me on Skype and/or Steam - gaz_lloyd
  • Add me on facebook and join the gazserver group
  • Join the IRC channel
    • ##gazserver on freenode

Rules[edit | edit source]

There's only one:

Don't be a dick