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Creating an Event Page[edit | edit source]

This page is a guide on how to create an Events Team event page. It assumes you know basic wiki syntax (links, ordered/unordered lists, formatting, using templates, using images, etc).

Step 1 - Create the page[edit | edit source]

First off, choose a name for the page. It should summarise the event in as few words as possible, for example:

  • Zamorak GWD
  • Kalphite Queen
  • Great Orb Project
  • Castle Wars
  • Hide and Seek
  • Dungeon of Doom

If the event is free-to-play, prepend the name with F2P (e.g. F2P Great Orb Project).

Append the date of the event to the name, in the format (DAY MONTH YEAR), for example:

  • Zamorak GWD (2 June 2012)
  • F2P Great Orb Project (12 Feb 2011)

Finally, prepend the title with RuneScape:Events Team/. This is the pagename. For example:

  • RuneScape:Events Team/Zamorak GWD (2 June 2012)
  • RuneScape:Events Team/F2P Great Orb Project (12 Feb 2011)

You can create a page at Special:CreatePage with this pagename, visit an existing event page and change the date in the URL box of your browser and press enter, or use the box below (do not apply the RuneScape:Events Team/ if using this): <createbox> width=30 break=yes prefix=RuneScape:Events Team/ preload= buttonlabel=Create event </createbox>

Step 2 - The important information[edit | edit source]

The important information is the bullet list at the top of the page - the friends chat, the time and date, the requirements, the location and any other important notes. This is handled by the {{ET event}} template.

{{ET event
|fc=         friends chat
|loc=        location and world
|time=       time and date, in utc
|cdt=        time, in hours, in which the countup runs (see below; defaults to three)
|reqs=       requirements (default to none)
|drops=      drops distribution (for boss events; remove if not boss)

For example uses, see any page using it.

The input time and date should be in UTC - the current UTC time (when you loaded the page - refresh to update) is 15:56. Feel free to use a time zone converter if you need to.

About time


  • The start time of the event is in the future, a countdown appears to the start time.
  • The start time of the event is within the last cdt (as defined in the template instance, defaulting to three) hours, a countup appears from the start time (i.e. a countdown counting away from start time). cdt should be used to give a rough estimate of how long the event is expected to last (this is not displayed - the philosophy of "the event is over when its over" still applies).
  • The start time of the event is more than three hours ago, The event is over is displayed.

Step 3 - Content[edit | edit source]

Fill out the rest of the page with details of the event, and relevant information, like strategy on how to kill the boss, or how to play the minigame.

Previous events

If the event is one that has run in the past, feel free to use a previous event page as a basis (see here for a list of previous events).

If you do this, make sure to do the following:

  • Update the important info from above (new time, date, friends chat if needed, location if needed, etc). Convert into the above template if it is not already.
  • Read the page - make sure it is still relevant. Boss guides can change significantly with the introduction of new equipment, various other things can change. There may also be time-contextual statements (references to upcoming updates, official events, now-fixed bugs or holidays) which are no longer relevant.
  • Update the links in the header (see next step for more)
New events

If the event is new, be it a boss we haven't done before, a new minigame or an event without a set ingame system for it (like hide and seek, or a race, etc), you'll need to write the page from scratch. Its not as hard as it seems! Remember you don't have to write it alone, chat with everyone else.

The layout for a page varies with the event, depending on what is being planned. Here are some suggested sections, feel free to use some, all or none of them:

  • Overview - a quick outline of what the event is about, in bullet points or short paragraphs
  • About - explanation of the minigame or other event
  • Getting there - various methods of travelling to the start location, if not obvious (you don't really need to explain how to get to Lumbridge or the Grand Exchange)
  • Strategy - how to deal with the boss and minions; how to play the minigame well
  • Equipment - suggested equipment to wear; suggested inventories
  • Rules - to special events like hide and seek
  • Rewards/Prizes - boss drops; what the minigame gives; what you can win at a special event
  • Dying - what happens and how to deal with dying, boss events especially
  • FAQ/Tips - quickfire questions and answers, or tips, for the event

Sections should use level 2 (==heading==) or level 3 headings (===heading===) as needed (level 1 should be avoided).

Step 4 - Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Once the content of the page is complete, as well as the important information, the finishing parts of the page are to be added. From the top:

Add the linking part to the top of the page
<onlyinclude><includeonly>[[RuneScape:Events Team/EVENT NAME (DAY MONTH YEAR)|EVENT NAME (DAY MONTH)]]</includeonly></onlyinclude>

For example, for this event, this is used:

<onlyinclude><includeonly>[[RuneScape:Events Team/Hide and Seek (30 June 2012)|Hide and Seek (30 June)]]</includeonly></onlyinclude>

If a banner has been created for the event, it should be modified to the following:

<onlyinclude><includeonly>[[RuneScape:Events Team/EVENT NAME (DAY MONTH YEAR)|EVENT NAME (DAY MONTH)]]<br /></includeonly>
[{{fullurl:RuneScape:Events Team/EVENT NAME (DAY MONTH YEAR)}} URL TO BANNER]</onlyinclude>

For example, for this event, this is used:

<onlyinclude><includeonly>[[RuneScape:Events Team/TzHaar Fight Pits (19 May 2012)|TzHaar Fight Pits with RuneSlayer (19 May)]]<br /></includeonly>
[{{fullurl:RuneScape:Events Team/TzHaar Fight Pits (19 May 2012)}}]</onlyinclude>
Add the title heading

Simply a level 2 heading above the ET event template. This can be longer than the pagename, and should contain at most one link to a relevant page. For example:

  • ==[[K'ril Tsutsaroth|Zamorak GWD]]==
  • ==[[Trouble Brewing]]==
  • ==Hide and Seek==
Add the footer

At the bottom of the page, add {{ET footer}}

Create the talk page

If you preview (or save) the page, you may notice that the footer has a redlink in it. Visit that redlink and create the talkpage (the pagename will be RuneScape talk:Events Team/EVENT NAME (DAY MONTH YEAR), e.g. RuneScape talk:Events Team/TzHaar Fight Pits (19 May 2012)).

To create the talk page simply {{ET talk header}} to the page and save - if you have any comments you want to leave, feel free to do that too. People may well ask questions here about the event, so make sure to keep an eye on it.

Step 5 - Advertising[edit | edit source]

Now that the page and its talk page are complete, you can start advertising the event.

  • Add the link to RuneScape:Events Team#Upcoming Events, by putting {{RuneScape:Events Team/EVENT NAME (DAY MONTH YEAR)}} (e.g. {{RuneScape:Events Team/Castle Wars (17 June 2012)}}) in a chronological place in the poem tag. This should make a link to the page display, as well as the banner if there is one, if the steps are followed.
  • Add a short description and link to the page to the notice (this appears on the main page). Remember to leave your name and the date in comments (<!-- Gaz, 3 June -->)
  • If by two days before the event it has not been tweeted by @RSWiki, contact one of the Twitter admins (your best bet is Gaz or Flaysian in #rswiki).
  • Finally, get a clan admin to add it to the clan noticeboard.

Step 6 - After the event[edit | edit source]

Now that the event is over, there are some things that need to be done:

  • If any talk has occurred on the talk page, add a Feedback section.
  • Change the notice from an advert for the event to one thanking attendees and inviting feedback, with a link to the talk page
  • Remove the link from the main ET page
  • Add an entry to the archive table - at the top, following the format from previous entries (make sure to change both links, the displayed text and the date).
    • A few events down you will find <!--Start noinclude--><noinclude> - move (cut-paste) this up one row (or as many rows as events you are archiving) - this makes only the top 6 events show on the main ET page