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This page is currently under construction.
The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.

Calculator ideas curated from RS:CI, brought down to a simple sentence.

  • How many Pest Control commendations do I need to get from experience/level X to experience/level Y?
  • Citadel experience: how much experience do I get by capping in the citadel?
    • Needs more data: resource per action function needed - varies by level and plot tier
  • Potion decanting profit
  • Cheese wheel profit calculator
    • needs more data on average yield at each level
  • Herb/farming timer?
    • Javascript
    • Do we want to move into tools things like this?
    • Also upcoming update to render out-of-game farming timers irrelevant
  • Charm transmutation
  • Ore respawn?
    • Is this even feasible?
  • Slayer task probability calculator
    • If including prefer/block support, might need extra javascript, I dunno
  • Overload/combination potion calculator: if I want to make X supreme overload salves/other overload combo, how many super potions do I need to buy? If I have X potions, how many supreme overload salves can I make?
    • Definitely needs scroll of cleansing and portawells support
  • Combining charges
  • Burn rate?
  • Legacy mode max hit?
    • Might need investigation to fine autoattack buff
  • Quest calculator: what quests can I do with these levels?
    • Is it even doable?
    • Probably custom JS to have an easy way to input what quests you've done, and/or AL scraping support
  • Run energy gain/loss
    • Based on weight and agility level
  • Portables and urns
    • Calculator of their own
    • Integrate into other calculators
  • Spirit gems?
    • Incorporate into summoning calculators, or otherwise
  • Caches
  • Cremation
  • Impling profit to open
  • Hit chance: if the monster's stats are X and my accuracy is Y with ABC buffs, what is my hit chance?
  • Ascension crossbow: if I've used ABCEFG of each key to get each signet, how much profit did I make?
  • Max hit?
    • Ability damage + various buffs
  • Combat level-up: by training XYZ combat skills (in ABC proportions), how far do I need to go to get to level W?
  • Player owned ports calculator
    • Complex JS
  • Bonus experience rate via using thalers to buy prismatic stars
  • Days to reach X level using solely Dungeoneering Daily Challenges
  • Expand Calculator:Herblore with herbs to clean to reach level X
  • How much each food item will heal at level X constitution
  • Pottery
    • Does anyone even care?
  • House designer?
    • Complex JS for sure
  • Stealing Creation: games to earn X BXP?
  • RS:AL3D port to wiki
  • Search help
  • Max/comp/herald cape designer
    • JS
  • ZMI xp rate?
  • Generic profit calculator? RuneScape:Calculators/Ideas/Archive_1#GE Item comparison
  • Days to level with jack of trades
  • Profit from buying from stores
  • Orb charging
  • Runespan levelling or points
  • Meg
    • A filter for the table on the page?
  • Add a thing to infobox monster for experience for X (like the exchange price field)
  • Demon Flash Mob calculator use this spreadsheet for inspiration
  • Menaphos reputation calc, how much of an action do you need to do to get X amount of reputation (or perhaps level), also how much reputation would you gain from X xp/actions
  • God grape profit - selling wines vs making and selling pots
  • Archeology research calculator, if this is possible to estimate.