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Gaz Lloyd
Level 99 Skills For Awesome People only
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This page documents my current and upcoming 99s, as well as advertising any parties for said 99s I will be having. All images are now on this page

Number 1: Summoning[edit | edit source]

For my first 99 it was a close competition between Summoning and Constitution - whether or not I would get the charms before I hit 99. Thanks to liberal application of Familiarisation on waterfiend slayer tasks, I got there with a large amount of experience to spare!

I got it on the 4th of May, 2011. A small handful turned up to see me get the level, including t03 (I believe I went to watch him get 99 Summoning way back), and Lady Roselai (who now has her own Summmoning cape).

Number 2: Constitution[edit | edit source]

As much as I loved running around in my untrimmed summoning cape, per above, Constitution would fairly obviously be my next 99. I did however manage to get all four dragon pets, and Taskmaster, before hitting the level.

I got it on the 20th of June 2011. A larger number of people came to see me trim it. I got the level by using a dragon claw special attack on Jim teh Mage (Gaz Pwns at the time :D). This also got me level 136 Combat.

Numbers 3-5: Attack, Strength, Defence[edit | edit source]

On the 15th of October 2011, I levelled all three of these skills to 99 at the same time: by killing Jim again (Shinryu Nova at the time) with a zamorakian spear.

This also got me level 137 Combat.

Numbers 6-25: The rest[edit | edit source]

See the gallery for this here!

I got all remaining 20 skill to level 99 in one be successive event, on 6 October 2012, in the following order:

  • Derp with promissory note and get fishing too early - Fishing
  • Start at the Duel Arena in Al Kharid
  • Enter the fire altar, craft fire runes - Runecrafting
  • Mine some iron ore - Mining
  • Head south, enter Lumbridge by the gate
  • Enter the furnace, smelt the iron ore and make an iron hatchet - Smithing
  • Fish some crayfish from just outside the furnace
  • Head west to the tree patch, check-health oak tree - Farming
  • Cut two oak logs from the tree - Woodcutting
  • Go upstairs in Lumbridge castle, make bowstring on spinning wheel - Crafting
  • Create an oak shortbow from one log and the bowstring - Fletching
  • Light one log on fire with the bow - Firemaking
  • Cook crayfish on fire - Cooking
  • Wait for fire to burn out, take ashes
  • Use the bow and some prebought arrows to kill a goblin, with a goblin slayer task - Ranged Slayer
  • Bury the bones (or carry bonecrusher?) - Prayer
  • (If drop is a herb, especially a tarromin, bonus)
  • Use ashes and prebought tarromin potion (unf) (or dropped tarromin) to make serum 207 - Herblore
  • Cast High Level Alchemy on leather gloves - gifted by Jim from his 99 Crafting -Magic
  • Pickpocket a man - Thieving
  • Teleport to my house, make an oak chair flatpack - Construction
  • Use promissory note on hunter - Hunter
  • Use some promissory note on Dungeoneering - Dungeoneering
  • Use some exp lamp on Agility - Agility
Cape run

Gotta go running all around Gielinor to get all 21 of the capes I just unlocked!

  • As I was just in my house, first thing to do is to leave my house and collect the Magic cape from the nearby guild
  • Next, run back the way we came, past the house portal and out Yanille west gate, the north to the fairy ring
  • Dial AKS on the fairy ring - Feldip Hunter area
  • Run southwest to the hunter expert for the cape
  • Run back to the fairy ring and dial BJQ - Ancient Cavern
  • Run south past the waterfiends, skeletons and spirits and up the stairs
  • Buy the Slayer cape from Kuradal
  • Use the ring of kinship to teleport back to Daemonheim, buy the Dungeoneering cape from Thok
  • Use the wicked hood to teleport to the Wizard's Tower, enter the Runecrafting guild for the cape
  • Home teleport to Catherby lodestone, buy Fletching cape
  • Run west to Ignitus Vulcan, buy Firemaking cape
  • Run further west, enter Ranging guild, buy cape
  • Head south, enter Fishing guild, buy cape
  • Cabbageport, run southeast to Draynor, buy Farming cape
  • Head back, run all the way south to Thurgo, buy Smithing cape
  • Run north to charter ship, charter a boat to Brimhaven
  • Run east to Agility Arena, buy Agility cape
  • Use clan vexillum to teleport to Clan camp, run west to Crafting guild, buy cape
  • Run back through the clan camp and north to Falador and the Mining guild, buy cape
  • Run north and west through Falador, buy Construction cape
  • Continue north to Wilfred, buy Woodcutting cape
  • Continue west and north to Kaqemeex, buy Herblore cape
  • Head west and south, enter Rogue's Den, buy Thieving cape
  • Home teleport to Edgeville, go into the Monastery, buy Prayer cape
  • Run south and east, across the Lum in Barbarian Village, to Cook's guild, buy cape
  • Finally, run east through Varrock to Max's usual location, and buy his cape

Thanks to everyone who turned up!

Love, Quest.png Gaz Lloyd 7:^]Events!99s 20:38, December 17, 2012 (UTC)

Number 26 and beyond[edit | edit source]

On 29 November 2013, I finally finished the last requirements for the completionist cape: 99 Divination and 120 Dungeoneering. A fairly simple level up - I turned in two challenges, one of each skill. Following this I spammed my max cape emote, having not had it for months, then went to grab the Divination cape from Lumbridge, the Dungeoneering master cape from Daemonheim and finally two completionist capes from Varrock museum one keepsaked). Thanks to those who turned up! Quest.png Gaz Lloyd 7:^]Events!99s 23:01, November 29, 2013 (UTC)

200m Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

After much dungeoneering, on a daily basis as well as a lot at the time due to recipes, I hit 200 million Dungeoneering experience on 15 November 2014. These are all falling on about the same time, huh.

Large images, expand →

ScreenShot964.png ScreenShot965.png ScreenShot967.png

120 Slayer[edit | edit source]

After much procrastination, Bork pushed me to close enough to 120 to just get it, so I did on November 3rd 2015.

Large images, expand →

ScreenShot334.png ScreenShot335.png

More 120s and stuff[edit | edit source]

Just to summarise my further 120s and such:

Skill Date Notes
120 Thieving 6 November 2015 Goebie relic
120 Mining 6 January 2016 Goebie relic
99 Invention 25 March 2016 Charge drain reduction 8
120 Fishing 19 April 2016 Goebie relic
120 Invention 7 May 2016 Crystal fishing rod
120 Summoning 25 September 2016 Daily challenge
120 Firemaking 7 July 2017 Elder logs
120 Woodcutting

Ironman[edit | edit source]

On X April 2016, I created a hardcore ironman named Gaz L.

Skill Date Notes
99 Divination 1 March 2017 Turning in memory strands
Quest Cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Quest Cape 1 April 2017 Birthright of the Dwarves
99 Prayer 6 May 2017 Adamant dragon bones on gilded altar (thanks Spring Fayre)
99 Hunter 16 May 2017 Black warlock jar (thanks Spring Fayre)
99 Dungeoneering 20 May 2017 Turning in a few tokens
99 Herblore 1 June 2017 Attack potion
99 Magic 15 June 2017 Superheat item a steel bar
99 Thieving 15 June 2017 Pickpocketing Trahaearn
99 Construction 4 July 2017 Oak bed flatpack
99 Cooking 7 July 2017 Shark
99 Fishing 8 July 2017 Shark
99 Invention 18 July 2017 Equipment dissolver
99 Slayer 21 July 2017 Infernal mage contract
99 Constitution 28 July 2017 Bloodveld
99 Woodcutting 7 August 2017 Acadia
99 Farming 7 August 2017 Oak tree
99 Defence 9 August 2017 Ice strykewyrm
99 Mining 10 August 2017 Adamant ore
99 Smithing 12 August 2017 Adamant plateskirt
99 Firemaking 13 August 2017 Blue logs
99 Agility 19 August 2017 Agility pyramid