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Gaz Lloyd
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Gaz Lloyd
Total level: 2898 (3448)
Attack 118Constitution 120Mining 126
Strength 119Agility 122Smithing 121
Defence 120Herblore 126Fishing 126
Ranged 118Thieving 122Cooking 122
Prayer 120Crafting 122Firemaking 123
Magic 117Fletching 120Woodcutting 124
Runecrafting 120Slayer 123Farming 126
Construction 122Hunter 122Summoning 123
Dungeoneering 126Divination 124Invention 150
Archaeology 126Combat 138.35Quests 394
Music 1,313Tasks 2,175RuneScore 19,460
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Gaz L
Total level: 2898 (3246)
Attack 110Constitution 119Mining 118
Strength 110Agility 108Smithing 107
Defence 117Herblore 125Fishing 116
Ranged 117Thieving 117Cooking 114
Prayer 109Crafting 110Firemaking 113
Magic 112Fletching 105Woodcutting 107
Runecrafting 107Slayer 123Farming 126
Construction 114Hunter 121Summoning 109
Dungeoneering 121Divination 117Invention 150
Archaeology 124Combat 138.35Quests 394
Music 1,313Tasks 2,265RuneScore 20,900
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Hi. I'm Gaz. I've been here a while.

I'm always happy to help anyone, feel free to ask me via any of these methods (in rough order of preference):