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Welcome to my userpage. My RuneScape name is 'Garagedwella' and I am a F2P currently. I joined this wiki on about July 10, 2008, but I've forgotten when I joined RuneScape (played for atleast 4 years). I am from California and I play under the United States servers. My hobbies on RuneScape include exploring, making money numerous ways, doing quests that don't involve heavy combat, practicing skills, and leveling up my Non combat skills.

I am a melee-er on RuneScape but I am not so keen on fighting and battling within the game. I frequently look for ways to level my non combat skills and try to find ways to get money. My main income comes from Mining.

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as Garagedwella.
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Strength through wisdom.
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About Me[edit | edit source]

Favourite Skill - Mining
Main Revenue - None!
Favourite Quest - The Grand Tree
Favourite City - Vorrock
Favourite Minigame - Castle Wars
Least Fav. Skill - Farming
Least Fav. Quest - Monkey Madness (Looks hard!)
Least Fav. City - none
Home Server - World 32
Favourite Owned Item - Rune pickaxe
Favourite Unowned Item - Mining cape
Armour - Rune)
Highest Hit - 18
Highest Leveled monster killed - Black Demon level 130 somthing

Thanks For reading!

Garagedwella 12:08, 10 July 2008 (UTC)