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Runescape Profiles[edit | edit source]

Gamma Plasma[edit | edit source]

Left-Me in Ranged Training Armour

Center-Me in Magic Training Armour

(This will change when I've got runecrafter's outfit,in battle I will just unequiped all magic lowering armour and equip a staff)

Right-Me in my skilling outfit

(I will also be wearing something related to the skill I'm training,e.g. tiara for runecrafting,pickaxe for mining etc.)

Above-Me with no equips

Top Right Me in Melee Armour

(what I normally wear.)

Information[edit | edit source]

Gamma Plasma is my main account.He first stepped into Gielinor from the Planet of Earth though a portal on the Internet called on the 12th December 2008.He then procceded to click free users click here to play but did not realising that you had to make an account.A few minutes later he was transported to Gielinor onto a place called Tutorial Island.He then procced to completed the tasks and found himself in Lumbridge.He wandered round for about 5 minutes and realised that their was a map.So used and decided to head for Draynor Village.Just before he got there however he was attacked by some Jail Guards but managed to escape.He then procceded to go to Varrock.He went though Barbarian Village(and to his delight was not attacked).He then found some left over bronze armour drops while in the longhall and decided to wear them.He then went though the west gate of Varrock and soon discovered the Grand Exchange.He was delighted at the idea of being able to sell your stuff an exchange but however he didn't have much to sell.He then carried on, going Al Kharid.However when exitting the south gate of Varrock he was attacked by dark wizards near the stone circle.The numbers 6 and 4 came up in red.Gamma Plasma was dead.I then respawned but did not know about gravestones so got mad as I had lost 2k(Since I only had about 100gp worth in items I thought 2k was alot)After that I grabbed my bronze pickaxe from the bank and decided to train mining.So I went down to Lumbridge Swamp and got attack by a giant rat.I then got to the Mining Tutor,talked to him(didn't help at all) and noticed everyone was dropping their ores.I was wondering why then I realised that they were power leveling so I decided to join in.A week later I had got to level 21 so decided I should get some money so I could get an mithril pickaxe(I still had my bronze pickaxe!)I started to collect the ores I dropped and began to use them for training smithing so I could do Knight's Sword(for the iron bars)and I soon had enough money and exp to use a adamant pickaxe.I then decided to turn my attention combat.When I came back to Lumbridge I saw a person go into an abandoned house with a trapdoor.I decided to follow him so I went down and found Sir Vant and had a chat with him.To my surpise he gave me two lamps(I didn't know about the Lumbridge Tutorial that got reverted back)and I then used both of those lamps on hitpoints so I wouldn't die as easily.I then decided to get some equipment from the combat instructor and got some training equipment.I then went to Varrock(west entrance,learned my lesson about south entrance) and began training on the dummies.About 15 minutes later I got level 8 attack and it wouldn't let get more exp.Next I decided to try and kill some giant rats for exp so then I got after 2 hours and 1 death I got 10 attack,7 strength,14 hitpoints and 10 defence.I then decided to get money making so I could get the some black armour and weapons.I tried mining coal but it was to slow so I mined iron instead.I then discovered Funorb and played Armies Of Gielinor and Arcanists for about a month.To my horror I discovered that I had missed the Christmas event and didn't get the Ice amulet(I really wanted to get that along with the Christmas Cracker,Partyhats,scythe and Grim reaper hood).I was devastated.I quit funorb and spent the rest of my time on Runescape hoping I could get it one.I gave up after a week and carried on training combat level.I then decided to get the gold explorer's ring so set out to do enough quests and get enough levels so I could get it.(This is what I spend most of time doing while I was a noob.)I started by doing all the beginner's tasks which I completed in 2 days.I then proceded to do the easy tasks) These were a bit harder as I had to level up some skills.I proceded to do Rune Mysteries.I worked out most of it using the guide here but got stuck for about 5 minutes.In the end I completed it and then got 5 runecrafting quite quickly. I then decided to train fishing for the pike and salmon catching.I leveled up to 30 very quickly that I was a bit shocked.(It soon got slower)after about a week I did all the tasks.I now decided to level up smithing for the steel sword task.I decided to do some quest,most importantly Knight's Sword,to get lots of smithing exp.

(Page not completed.ENJOY what I've got so far)

Pker Dragkin[edit | edit source] Pker Dragkin,He looks weak cause he is(watch out he'll pwn you once he can use a maple bow)

Information[edit | edit source]

Pker Dragkin info,not completed.

How to PK them[edit | edit source]

Gamma Plasma[edit | edit source]

Gamma Plasma is a slightly above average Gielinor warrior.It is quite hard to kill him as he has trained his hitpoints and defence to be his highest levels.Gamma Plasma wears strong Rune armour to protect him from any attackers(by F2p standards)but wears a green dragonhide body to protect from magic attacks(this is because of a fear of revenants and dark wizards attacking him)He also wears a holy symbol and lumby ring to decrease prayer drain in the unlikely event that praying to his fellow Elder Gods is needed.In the almost impossible circumstance that you reduce his health to a near death amount than you should be prepare to give chase as he will likely flee to a safe area or escape via the dual cabbageway(To not waste law runes).

How He Fights[edit | edit source]

Gamma Plasma will usually fight people with melee using a rune scimitar.He may switch to a rune 2h sword if you are on low health if he has brought one with him.You may also find that he switchs to a maple shortbow(This will normally happen if your trying to run away cause you didn't bring a teleport)so he can attack you from a distance.Gamma Plasma will probably not attack you with magic as it means he would have to wear robes if he wanted a good hit or waste runes from a negative magic bonus if he want good defence.

How To kill Him[edit | edit source]

Meleeing Gamma Plasma is the best way to defeat him as long as you are good armour.You should use a slashing weapon as he has a weakness to slashing attack since he wears mostly green dragonhide body(see above for reasons).You should also make sure you can hit in the double digits as from research all that couldn't either died or escape with low health as they had a high defence level and good armour.

Ranging Gamma Plasma is an ok way to defeat him as he has a slightly weak ranged defence and you can attack from a distance and quickly as well.If you are than you should use a maple shortbow and steel arrows or higher unless you have a high ranged level(in which case use any arrow)It is most likely Gamma Plasma will either switch to a ranged and attack back.If he doesn't then he will probably melee you instead.You should however beware as although you have suitable weapon you do not have suitable armour(usless you are tanking him)since you will be in soft leather/dragonhide armour where you could be attack by him and the combat triangle is also against you.

Using Magic against Gamma Plasma is the worst choice possible as he has a green dragonhide body to negate the combat triangle.Unless you had a very high magic level,all magic attacks would have no effect on him(any that did would probably do a samll amount of damage).Also unless you were tanking him you would quickly be defeated as his arsenal of weaponary would easily tear though your weak mage robes.

Pker Dragkin[edit | edit source]

Seriously,A noob could kill him,unless of course your a new noob.