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This article is a list of drops I have gotten over trips I have recorded to the Tormented wraiths I am going for a Holy elixir due to the fact I lost my other one.

Wraith drops


1:80 oak planks

2:5 Big bones + gold charm

3:Black platebody + red charm


5:Coins + green charm

6:Marrentil + Guam

7:2 prayer pot (3)s + blue charm

8:Black full helm

9:Black med helm + red charm

10:Chaos runes + blue charm (mid fight Evil chicken random)

11:Black Chainbody + green charm

12:Blood runes + red charm

13:Irit + Guam

14:3 Addy bars + red charm

15:Black full helm

16:Coins + red charm

17:Coins + red charm

18:Black med helm

19:5 Big bones + gold charm

20:Black Chainbody + gold charm

21:Black platelegs

22:Black platelegs + green charm

23:5 Big bones + blue charm

24:Black platelegs + red charm

25:Black med helm

26:Black Chainbody

27:Black Platebody

28:Black Kiteshield + red charm

29:Black Kiteshield + gold charm

30:Chaos runes +red charm

31:Black Platebody + red charm

32:Mith darts (p)