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To start off[edit | edit source]

Hi. Here, my name is "Game and Watch" as you found out. However, in Runescape my name is "Mr__G_And_W1". Yes, after the "Mr" there are two spaces. Don't ask me why, but there are.

Goals[edit | edit source]

Well, here they are. They’re divided into sections based on how realistic they are. (The idea was taken from Tienjt0's page, mostly because I liked the layout, and because I don't know that much code yet. Oops!)


--- Get 65 Slayer and 90 Range, and 80 Attack, Strength, Defense, and 82 Magic.

Slayer 74%
62  65 
3 levels
Ranged 37%
80  90 
10 levels
Attack 67%
76  80 
4 levels
Strength 61%
75  80 
5 levels
Defence 67%
76  80 
4 levels
Magic 30%
70  82 
12 levels

Mining 100%
0 levels
Smithing 55%
54  60 
6 levels


--- Get Construction as a first level 99.

Construction 1%
55  99 
44 levels

Favorites[edit | edit source]

My favorite things.
Favorite Thing Reason
Skill Construction It kind of wastes time.
Weapon Dragon Scimitar It is fast, and it hits well.
City Rimmington It is where my Player owned House is was.
Minigame Stealing Creation It gives good rewards even if you lose the game.

My stats, and my goals for them[edit | edit source]

Skill Level Goal
Attack Level 70 Level 70
Defense Level 67 Level 70
Strength Level 70 Level 70
Hitpoints Level 73 Level 75
Ranged Level 70 Level 75
Prayer Level 52 Level 55
Magic Level 66 Level 70
Cooking Level 56 Level 60
Woodcutting Level 60 Level 65
Fletching Level 58 Level 60
Fishing Level 56 Level 60
Firemaking Level 51 Level 55
Crafting Level 55 Level 60
Smithing Level 49 Level 50
Mining Level 56 Level 60
Herblore Level 40 Level 45
Agility Level 48 Level 50
Theiving Level 53 Level 50
Slayer Level 56 Level 55
Farming Level 36 Level 40
Runecraft Level 44 Level 50
Hunter Level 53 Level 55
Construction Level 52 Level 60
Summoning Level 35 Level 50

Signature[edit | edit source]

Death rune.png Game and Watch Blood rune.png 23:58, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

Random Pictures[edit | edit source]

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