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Editors note: This article is the chronological form of This article for information and context, please check that out. The timeline begins with the release of the dungeoneering skill and only includes updates that are believed to be important or important at the time of release. This article will only contain a brief description of most updates. There header has a link to the main article.

Feel free to skip to whatever timeperiod you left Runescape.


2010[edit | edit source]

Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dungeoneerin

Dungeoneering is a skill that consists of exploring the dungeons of Daemonheim by solving puzzles, unlocking doors, fighting monsters and Bosses, and uses most RuneScape skills to solve puzzles to ultimately survive its depths. It was released on 12 April It is open to both free players and members. Dungeoneering takes place underneath an old castle named Daemonheim, which contains a dungeon of 60 floors with six different themes: Frozen, Abandoned I, Furnished, Abandoned II, Occult, and Warped. No items can be taken into Deamonheim. All items you use must be found within the dungeon. It is however possible to bind up to 5 items to keep them with you in the next dungeon you explore.

Contrary to many other skills, dungeoneering is often train in groups of up to 5 players. This is because dungeons can be explored faster in group.

Elite clue scrolls[edit | edit source]

Main article: Clue scroll (elite)

Elite clue scrolls are a new tier of clue scroll added into the game on 4 August. A new tier of clue scroll was added into the game. With this update came several new clue scroll puzzles and rewards.

The Void Stares Back[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Void Stares Back

The Void Stares Back is the third and final quest of the Void Knight quest series. The quest was release on 6 October The plot revolves around the impending threat of a full-on invasion by the void pests. The quest also includes strong enemies and difficult puzzles.

Herblore Habitat[edit | edit source]

Main article: Herblore Habitat

Herblore Habitat is a members only area that was released on 24 November 2010. It is based in the south-east area of Karamja, within the confines of a Jade vine grown from a cutting, with the help of some magic, by the witch doctor Papa Mambo. Participating in it involves growing plants and creating habitats with Farming and Construction, which attracts Jadinkos, reptilian plant creatures whose lives are linked to the vine. Once attracted to the area, the jadinkos can then be caught with Hunter for their vines. The vines can be used to make magical Juju potions with Herblore, which have varied effects, such as attracting rarer jadinkos to the habitat, increasing hunting success, summoning special spirits or increasing experience in certain skills.

Warriors' Guild 7 December[edit | edit source]

A new guild called the warriors guild was added. In this guild you can do several activities to obtain warrior guild tokens. With these tokens players may fight Cyclops for a limited amount of time. The cyclops are most commonly known for dropping Defenders. Defenders are an off-hand weapon making it possible for a player to wield two weapons at once. This was made possible for several other weapons too with the release of the Evolution of Combat several years later.

2011[edit | edit source]

Nex[edit | edit source]

Main article: Nex

Nex is the general of the god Zaros and can be fought inside the Ancient Prison inside the god wars dungeon. Nex was released on 10 January. To access the dungeon a player must first make the Frozen key. The key is made from 4 key parts. Each of which can be found as a drop in a different encampement. The fight consists of four phases in which nex has a special ability. After the fight, Nex has a chance to drop level 80 armour and weapons.

Artisan Workshop[edit | edit source]

Main article: Artisans Workshop

The artisan workshop is a workshop run by dwarfs. The workshop was released 8 March. Inside you can train smithing with several new training methods. The most popular method is smithing burial armour ,because it is very AFK.

Livid Farm[edit | edit source]

Main article: Livid Farm

Livid Farm is an activity in which the player helps Pauline Polaris run and maintain her farm. The minigame was released 4 April. The farm is located on the northern part of Lunar Isle. The farm is tended to by casting Lunar spells, and experience is gained in Magic, Agility, Construction, Crafting, and Farming. Working on the farm earns Produce points which can be used to unlock new Lunar spells.

Lava Flow Mine[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lava Flow Mine

The Lava Flow Mine is a Mining training area inside Keldagrim. The mine was first released along with the quest King of the Dwarves on 4 January 2011. Later, the training area associated with the mine was released on 16 May 2011. Mining here gives no ores ,but by pleasing the Liquid Gold Nymph players may attain pieces of the golden mining suit. The golden mining suit provides a 5% experience boost to Mining if all pieces are worn.

Clan Citadel[edit | edit source]

Main article: Clan Citadel

Clan Citadels are a members only feature, released on 26 July 2011 to clans who have five or more subscribing members. They were first introduced in a teaser on the RuneScape homepage.

A clan member's citadel can be accessed by using the portal in the Clan Camp area south of Falador or alternatively by using the clan portal in the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas. There are dozens of hotspots for players and their Clans to make their own. Of these hotspots, a maximum of seven are skill-related, allowing players and their clans to train skills together. Although the experience received will be slightly lower than would be received on the surface of RuneScape, skilling there will contribute to the maintenance of the citadel, allowing players and clans to upgrade it from tier one to tier seven. As the citadel gets upgraded, players and clans gain access to better customization options and even more hotspots. Contributing enough to the weekly upkeep of the citadel gives players access to Bonus experience in any skill for which the citadel has a skill plot.

Branches of Darkmeyer[edit | edit source]

The Branches of Darkmeyer is the sequel to Legacy of Seergaze and the fifth instalment in the Myreque quest series. During the quest, the vampyre city of Darkmeyer is accessed to find the Blisterwood Tree, which can harm vampyres and has been sealed off by Lord Drakan. Meanwhile, Vanstrom Klause is tasked to destroy the entire Myreque and is eager to do so.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat[edit | edit source]

Ritual of the mahjarrat is a grandmaster quest which revolves around the ritual of rejuvenation that the mahjarrat perform about every 500 years. The quest was release on 14 September 2011 After the quest the player gains access to a cave with new slayer monsters, the possibility to make Bane arrows and Bane bolts and a damage buff around the ritual area.

Dominion Tower[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dominion Tower

The Dominion Tower houses a minigame which gives players the opportunity to re-fight various quest bosses. The tower was released on 1 November 2011. The rewards include combat experience, new consumable items (the most notable being Dreadnips), and dominion glove sets.

Polypore Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Main article: Polypore Dungeon

The polypore dungeon is a slayer dungeon inhabited by monsters that drop Fungal flakes, Grifolic flakes, Ganodermic flakes and Polypore spores. The dungeon was released 28 November 2011. These can be used to make armour and weapons of various levels. The monsters require various slayer levels to kill.

2012[edit | edit source]

Lodestone Network[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lodestone Network

The lodestone newtork can be used to teleport for free around Gielinor using the home teleport spell. The lodestone network was release 13 March 2012. You can only teleport to most lodestones once you have visited and activated them. Teleporting to a lodestone channels for a short duration and will be interrupted by combat. It is possible to shorten this duration with Vis wax.

Runespan[edit | edit source]

Main article: Runespan

The runespan is a different dimension. In it, the player can use a special type of rune essence attained only through runespan to siphon rune energy from creatures that roam the area, or from intermittent nodes. The runespan was released 30 April 2012. This gives Runecrafting experience. The runespan is popular mostly because it is an AFK alternative to regular runecrafting. When leaving the Runespan, all runes players have created will be taken away by the guild wizards and converted into points which can be spent on rewards.

Queen Black Dragon[edit | edit source]

Main article: Queen Black Dragon

The queen black dragon is a medium-level boss. She was released on 29 May 2012. She cannot be killed. Instead you put her in a slumber by activating artifacts. After this, stairs to a reward chest appear. She is a popular method for making money.

Solomon's General Store[edit | edit source]

Solomon's General Store is a microtransaction store released on 17 July 2012. Solomon's General Store sells a variety of unique personalisations and items that is applied to the player avatar in the form of a cosmetic override, or otherwise enhances gameplay in many different ways. Most transactions in the store are done with Runecoins, which can be purchased with real world money, or redeemed with Bonds. Since the merge of the Members Loyalty Programme, a handful of merchandise were given the option to be purchased using Loyalty points. However, items that were once a part of the programme remained Loyalty points exclusive (except most titles). Members are given a permanent 10% discount applied only on the Runecoins cost of every item in the store.

Evolution of Combat[edit | edit source]

The Evolution of Combat was a complete rework of RuneScape's combat system, released on 20 November 2012. Billed as "one of the largest content updates in RuneScape's history"[1], the evolution brings a variety of new content including powerful abilities, dual wielding weapons, new Magic and Ranged equipment and new Prayers. In addition, the combat triangle has been massively rebalanced, monsters have new attacks, and the combat level formula has been revised (the maximum combat level went from 138 to 200), although the formula was later reverted to a modified version of the original.

Tip: Visit the Combat Academy to learn more about the new system

The Brink of Extinction[edit | edit source]

The Brink of Extinction is a Grandmaster level quest and the sequel to The Elder Kiln, concluding the TzHaar saga. It was released 4 December 2012. The quest revolves around the Tzhaar looking for the source of their reproduction problem.

Player-owned port 11 December[edit | edit source]

Main article: Player-owned port

The Player-owned port is a high-level, members minigame that was released on 11 December 2012 and expanded on 7 January 2014 and again on 26 January 2015. This minigame involves players building their own port in order to manage a fleet of ships, staffed by recruited crew members. These ships explore the Wushanko Isles on the player's behalf and return with exotic items and supplies that are otherwise unavailable. Players can start the minigame by entering the portal south-west of the Rusty Anchor pub in Port Sarim, by entering the portal north-east of the Lodestone in Prifddinas, or the portal located south of the lodestone within the Port district of Menaphos. Rewards from this minigame include tier 80 tank armour, tier 80 weapons and scrimshaws. Scrimshaws are items placed in the pocket slot to provide a certain boost. All scrimshaws degrade to dust after a certain period of time.

2013[edit | edit source]

Kalphite King 14 January[edit | edit source]

Main article: Kalphite King

The Kalphite King is a boss monster who can be found in the Exiled Kalphite Hive. It was released 14 January 2013. The Kalphite King is the only monster in the game that can drop the Drygore weaponry, theKalphite defender, rebounder and repriser. These are powerful tier 90 melee weapons and tier 90 defenders.

Sinkholes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sinkholes

Sinkholes is a Members-only Dungeoneering Distraction and Diversion released on 5 February 2013. It takes place outside Daemonheim at 30 minutes past every hour, in resource dungeons that were once used by Bilrach as storage rooms - these are scattered across the world and Gorajo has since found them. The rewards from playing sinkholes are dungeoneering experience lamps andDungeoneering tokens.

The World Wakes 4 March[edit | edit source]

Main article: The World Wakes

The World Wakes is a Grandmaster quest, and the last quest to take place in the Fifth Age. The quest was released 4 March 2013. It has been labelled by Mod Mark as "the most important one to date". This is easily explainable, seeing that the outcome of the quest has an immense impact on the world. It is recommended to complete all of the quests required for the optional rewards before starting the quest, because they will help you fully understand the characters and plot; whilst it can be started and completed without any of the "prerequisites", it takes place chronologically after these quests.

Wilderness Warbands 25 March[edit | edit source]

Main article: Wilderness Warbands

Wilderness Warbands is a dangerous members Distraction & Diversion, composed of heavily defended storage camps guarded by the followers of the different Gods. They will set up camp in the Wilderness every 7 hours, one time at each of the three locations. Quercus, an ancient seer Ent, will send out adventurers to fight in the camps to balance the followers of the different Gods in Guthix's name. Quercus can be found just outside the Grand Exchange agility shortcut. Warband events are synchronised on each world.


Monastery of Ascension 4 June[edit | edit source]

Toolbelt 17 June[edit | edit source]

Vorago 3 July[edit | edit source]

RuneScape 3 22 July[edit | edit source]

The Battle of Lumbridge 22 July[edit | edit source]

Divination 20 August[edit | edit source]

Bonds 25 September[edit | edit source]

Birthright of the Dwarves 2 October[edit | edit source]

Barrows: Rise of the Six 13 November[edit | edit source]

The Bird And the Beast 11 December[edit | edit source]

2014[edit | edit source]

One of a Kind 10 March[edit | edit source]

Fate of the Gods 24 March[edit | edit source]

Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza 14 April[edit | edit source]

Arraxxor 28 July[edit | edit source]

Plague's End 11 August[edit | edit source]

Soul Reaper 18 August[edit | edit source]

Prifddinas 22 September - 10 November[edit | edit source]

Ironman Mode 13 October[edit | edit source]

2015[edit | edit source]

Dimension of Disaster 23 March[edit | edit source]

Tuska Comes 1 June[edit | edit source]

Liberation of Mazcab 13 July[edit | edit source]

The Light Within 24 August[edit | edit source]

The Lord of Vampyrium 14 September[edit | edit source]

2016[edit | edit source]

Invention 25 January[edit | edit source]

The Heart of Gielinor 29 March[edit | edit source]

NXT game client 18 April[edit | edit source]

River of Blood 25 April[edit | edit source]

Telos, the Warden 27 June[edit | edit source]

Wilderness revamp 8 August[edit | edit source]

The Arc 25 July - 10 October[edit | edit source]

Sliske's Endgame 19 December[edit | edit source]

2017[edit | edit source]

Nex: Angel of Death 30 January[edit | edit source]

Shattered Worlds 2 May[edit | edit source]

Menaphos 5 June[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. "The Evolution of Combat." 11 May 2012. RuneScape News.