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Redundant money making guides[edit | edit source]

The money making guides chosen to be added to this list are guides who currently offer very little profit and are not expected to do so in the future. Furthermore, they are also classified into two categories. Guides in the the second category are possible not useless due to the methods involved giving decent experience.

Obsolete money making guides[edit | edit source]

The articles contained in at the moment of making this list. Some of these could possible make a return I guess.

  • [[Money making guide/Making anchovy pizzas|Making anchovy pizzas]]
  • [[Money making guide/Making healing aura scrolls]]
  • [[Money making guide/Making mahogany planks|Making mahogany planks]]
  • Making steel of legends scrolls
  • [[Money making guide/Tanning black dragonhide with Make Leather|Tanning black dragonhide with Make leather]]
  • [[Money making guide/Tanning green dragonhide with Make Leather|Tanning green dragonhide with Make leather]]
  • [[Money making guide/Tanning blue dragonhide with Make Leather|Tanning blue dragonhide with Make leather]]
  • [[Money making guide/Tanning red dragonhide with Make Leather|Tanning red dragonhide with Make leather]]

100% useless[edit | edit source]

Pretty much useless stuff here.

  • [[Money making guide/Collecting snape grass|Collecting snape grass]]
  • [[Money making guide/Mining rune essence|Mining rune essence]]
  • [[Money making guide/Collecting ashes|Collecting ashes]]
  • [[Money making guide/Pickpocketing H.A.M. members|Pickpocketing H.A.M. members]]
  • Cutting oak logs
  • Casting bones to bananas
  • [[Money making guide/Killing desert goats|Killing desert goats]]
  • [[Money making guide/Exchanging impling jars|Exchanging impling jars]]
  • Killing chickens
  • [[Money making guide/Killing snails|Killing snails]]
  • Killing cows and tanning cowhide
  • [[Money making guide/Killing wolves|Killing wolves]]
  • Hunting polar kebbits

Debatebly useless[edit | edit source]

Has some use due to xp gained. Not sure about the hutner ones though, I don't hunt.

Replacements[edit | edit source]

The money making guides that are removed are mainly low-level guides. This means that they should be replaced with other low-level money making guides that are more relevant today. Since the release of most of the above mentioned money making guides, leveling has become a lot faster. The real start of the game is now more or less "mid-level" and there are very few methods without requirements that haven't alreayd been added to the wiki. Replacements would most likely also be mid-level.