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Money making guide[edit | edit source]

Things to do[edit | edit source]

To do Progress
Remove outdated money making guides
  • List made
Make a template that says Assumes optimal gear and efficiency. If you are new to this method or have inoptimal gear you should expect to get 50%-80% of the profit
Add a calculator at the bottom of every money making guide where a player can input his own kills/hr (for combat)
Update articles to show more accurate rates (e.g. mud runes).
Add new money making methods (list below).
  • List made
Make an efficiency calculator that shows players if it is more efficient to do a method for training and gp or to do another method and train differently.

New money making guides[edit | edit source]

Methods that need removal[edit | edit source]

Reason for removal being these don't make enough money for today's standards and are not expected to do so any time soon.

  • Making anchovy pizzas
  • grinding chocolate bars
  • casting bones to bananas
  • Collecting snape grass
  • mining rune essence
  • picking potatoes
  • pickpocketing HAM members
  • Killing snails
  • drinking wine