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Dear reader, this page provides a list of minor edits I have done. Read it if you like ,but it shouldn't contain anything usefull to you, it's meant more for myself to keep track.

The list[edit | edit source]

Number Edit
1 Added chathead to new varrock cultist outfit
2 Added update to half full wine jug page
3 factual correction on barrows dye page
4 factual correction on third age dye page
5 factual correction on shadow dye page
6 factual correct on skill boost page
7 added a perk to fortunate components
8 added a list of unlocks by invention level
9 added disassambly information to the letter
10 added primeval to magic armour
11 added info on how to unlock pestiferous components
12 cleanup up elder pyre logs page
13 added disassembly info to superior dragon rider gloves
14 factual correction on oldak coil page
15 factual correction on kinetic cyclone page
16 added tip to bamboo page
17 added extra info to krar Jnr page
18 updated waiko reward shop 1
19 updated waiko reward shop 2
20 added info on negative energy page
21 added transmutation info to ancestral energy
22 ancestral energy layout
23 Added the brink of extinction to Ga'al-Xox
24 Added link to music track
25 Added suggested use of planted feet
26 reverted wrong disassemble chance
27 fixed typo
28 added info to ring of whsipers
29 added info to combined catalyst
30 added info to stone of Jas
31 Sliske's endgame music info
32 reward token red fix
33 reward token blue fix
34 Blurite equipment fix
35 Blurite template added C'bow
36 added world guardian
37 fixed typo
38 fixed typo
39 removed section
40 added info
41 added info
42 fixed typo
43 fixed typo
44 fixed typo
45 fixed typo
46 added info
47 added info
48 added info
49 added template
50 added template
51 added info to template
52 repurposed page
53 fix
54 fix
55 fix