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I've been playing rs for about two years on and off. Mostly off haha. I changed my name to 'm a n d a a' simply because I was tired of people thinking I loved Pokemon and watched it 24/7 (I only play the games on gameboy color ha) and was Asian. Which both would be false statements, haha. I don't play much anymore cuz I don't find it as exciting and awesome as I thought haha. I still play sometimes, I've been working on quests a lot more lately. Mainly because I hated them but realized it made me look like a newb if I didn't do any :( You can PM me anytime, I'm actually very nice to any player. I hate people who type incorrectly, it's one of my pet peeves haha. 'dnt b3 gh3tt0 fab' it doesn't make you fab :) I'm a normal teenager so I hate when kids make fun of each other who play this game when they're playing it themselves hahaha. Although, some of the things I hear on here are so funny I have to join in![edit | edit source]