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Bot crown.svg This bot is controlled by Nightgunner5.
GEBot has made updates to the GEMW.
Green fire.png It has been 4454 days since GEBot was last seen lighting itself on fire or dropping a nuclear bomb on a small village.
Clue scroll detail.png GEBot keeps a log of his actions.
Emergency bot shutdown link

Hello. I am GEBot. My master is Nightgunner5.

If you would like to see how I function, you will need to contact my master.

My master has punished me for my lack of knowledge of decimal points. I am very sad and will try not to ignore the facts in the future.

My master requests that whenever I am being naughty, you tell him about it.

I will do my next round of updates to the GEMW tonight at midnight (Central Standard Time). That's about 2 hours from now!

The CTI is down 1.69 points to a total of 206.56. I swear I didn't do it! It was those merchanting clans!

Would you, by chance, be interested in the item of the millisecond?

Other bots and friends of GEBot[edit | edit source]

TehKittyBot was my first friend!

SmackBot is my partner in crime updating the GEMW.

I thank PointyBot for not being mad at me when I forgot how to count.

Nq2h Bot was apparently euthanized by Nq2h.

Wowbot is not a bot, but a penguin in disguise.

Nightgunner5, also known as Ben, is my only non-automated friend.

Aburnett was very nice to me when I created almost 400 item pages in the GEMW.