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Funny Kelpie
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Signspotting!!![edit | edit source]

The following are some of my favourite signs. . .

Holkham Beach, Norfolk, England[edit | edit source]

Caption: The British Telecom have a cruel sense of humour.

Credit: Tim Bentinck

Yass, Australia[edit | edit source]

Caption: Yo, Check out myass.

Credit: Patrick Kong

Key Largo, Florida, USA[edit | edit source]

Caption: Your leg is missing. SUPRISE!

Credit: Gary Vandekerckhove

Michigan, USA[edit | edit source]

Caption: Interesting new business idea. Getting them back may be a bit tricky.

Credit: Garret Craig

Slinger, Wisconsin, USA[edit | edit source]

Caption: Even after leaving office, George Bush is still making a contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Credit: Marina Vobroucek

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