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Hard Clues[edit | edit source]

Suggested Inventory[edit | edit source]

You will not be able to carry all teleport items, so it is best to choose ones that include several teleports. However, some of these items are difficult to obtain or locked behind long quest chains, so easier to obtain items are listed first. Teleports that lead very close to clues that otherwise are far away from everything tend to be the most useful, specifically Dave's Spellbook. It is very highly recommended that you have access to the fairy ring system; bring a Dreman staff or Lunar staff if needed.

  • A Shovel (keybound to a easy to reach key, see below)
  • Teleport Runes (Elemental staff may be used to save space)
  • Fast Home teleport charges (with all lodestones unlocked)
  • Evil Dave's Spellbook with charges
  • Teleport Jewelry (may be compacted, or stored in a Passage of the Abyss)

-Amulet of Glory
-Games Necklace (With Burgh de Rott unlocked)
-Ring of Duelling
-Traveller's Necklace
-Digsite Pendant (requires a short miniquest)
-Ring of Slaying
-Necklace of Skills (primarily for the fishing guild teleport)
-Combat Bracelet

  • Various teleport tablets

-Rellekka Teletab
-Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleport
-Yanille Tablet (if you aren't able to move the Watchtower teleport to the center of Yanille)

  • Lighthouse Teleports
  • Invitation box (only used for odd old man if using Lumberyard teleports)
  • Lumberyard Teleports
  • Wicked Hood with all talismans stored
  • Ectophial
  • Karamja Gloves 3 or 4
  • Desert Amulet 2+
  • Witch Doctor Mask or Juju teleport bags
  • Tokkul-Zo
  • Spirit Tree Rerooter
  • Priffindas Quiver 4
  • Attuned Crystal Teleport Seed (the unattuned version may be used, but requires recharging)
  • 6th Age Circuit
  • All Spirit Trees planted
  • Dungeoneering Cape
  • Slayer Cape (can replace Karamja Gloves)
  • Master Quest Cape

Additional Teleports[edit | edit source]

  • Ardougne Cape 4 unlocked for unlimited Manor Farm teleports
  • Max

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Recommended equipment for Melee
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)