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The Kalphite King Book is a monster drop from the Kalphite King. In order to receive this book, you must meet the following requirements:

Prologue[edit | edit source]

When the Kalphites first inhabited Gileanor, they were wide-spread, like bugs infested in a home. They terrorized human settlements, capturing many humans as a food source and for slavery. Kalphite society was at a golden age, until the Masked Knight and other humans fought against the Kalphites. Day by day, the Kalphites slowly lost their land to the Masked Knight and his soldiers. At age 582 of the First Age, Kalphites were reduced to living in the desert, the place where they originally came from. Kalphite magicians managed to cast a spell to freeze the Masked Knight for all time, and sent him into the frozen lands so he would never be found.

The Kalphites then had a civil war, with two factions; the regular Kalphites and the Exiled Kalphites. The two then agreed to a treaty to only ally with each other in dire times, and they would be enemies unless such occured. The Exiled Kalphites made their home 250 miles south of the regular Hive. Despite being enemies, there was never any incident between the two, until the Fifth Age, where adventurers came to seek famed equipment they may be holding.........

Chapter 1 - Dawn of the King[edit | edit source]

The Kalphite King woke up from a nice sleep, dreaming to restore the Kalphites one day. As he woke up and walked around the hive, the other Kalphites maintaing the place bowed down to him in a respect of honor. The King, still feeling a little sleepy, decided to check the area around the Hive incase any enemies were coming. Kalphites were excellent diggers; infact a control room that linked all the cameras around the Hive looked all over.

The King decided to eat breakfast, so he told the others to maintain the place while he was gone. A Kalphite King's diet consisted of people and fish, so first he decided to fish before attacking the human population. The King went to the shoreline and managed to fish many sharks and lobsters using his two large horns and got a Fishing level of 99 easily. The King dropped it off at the Hive and then attacked a human settlement, taking many people for a food source.

As Kalphite chefs made food for the other Kalphites, the best part of people (the head) were served to the King. It enjoyed the food, and suddenly, an alarm rang throughout the hive. The humans were doing a daring night raid to kill the King. So the King ran into his hive and waited for the enemy attackers to come.

Chapter 2 - Hostiles in the Area[edit | edit source]

As the humans got to the chamber of the King, it was waiting for them, which was unusual, since the other Kalphites ran in fear when they saw them. 

A player came out of the group. Many were fighters, but two of the people snuck away to a hide-away they had maken to view the King's activities.

"People, charge!!!!!!!"

The players charged at the King, who suddenly turned his wings blue and send orbs flying from them. As the players tried to run away, suddenly some force stopped them from moving. The orbs that the King sent exploded and at the same time, stronger orbs hit them, killing half of the attackers immediately, their corpses lying on the ground. The equipment was not broken at all.


The remaining players retreated from the room, but when they reached the top multiple humanoid Kalphites, which the King had created as an expirement, waited for them. The remaining attackers were killed by them, and the humanoids dropped their corpses to the King's lair and took all the intact equipment.

Chapter 3 - Who is that?[edit | edit source]

Chapter 4 - The Masked Knight[edit | edit source]

Chapter 5 - Final Battle[edit | edit source]