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Story III - History of the Covenant, Vorago and The Gold Swordsman, tells us about the history of Vorago, and the alien Covenant Empire, and why they seek to invade RuneScape. It also mentions the history of the Gold Swordsman, who was called that before being called the Black Swordsman after the events in this story passed.

To receive the book, you meet the following requirements:

All of their expensive items (excluding Vorago and Nex), must be used on one another. Afterwards, a Tormented Demon, loyal to the Dragonkin, will sense you have done this and will tell you in a spiritual voice to meet him "south of the city of crime, north of the savage city, and near the crystal mine". Once you meet him, he will give you one Ascension crossbow, one Off-hand drygore longsword and a Book, and leave.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to the Halo, RuneScape and Sword Art Online. The characters belong to me, and only me. Although some characters from the series may be introduced, this is only for the story's purpose.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

"Grand Prophet, we have just discovered a new world! It is filled with resources that will greatly improve our war coffers against the U.N.S.C (United Nations Space Command). We must take this planet, it is a strategic asset for the Covenant!"

"Of course. Set a course immediately for this world. Prepare all excavation and scout teams. There must be some of the Ancient's technology in there. But we must be careful. We do not know if there are their ancient machines there. Worse, there could be our sworn enemies, or our greatest fear, the Flood...."

"Yes, Grand Prophet."

The Covenant armada, known as the "Human Scourge", headed towards this strange world, also known as RuneScape.......


Vorago was created shortly after the creation of the planet. Although he was the earth itself, he disliked having to see everything at the same time, and so shut off all of his connections to the other areas minus his main body. Vorago had used a long spell that allowed him to create and use the body, which he had created from the earth and rocks. Vorago was well known to everyone in the planet; he was called a god because the inhabitants believed that he had created this planet and all known life. 

Although Vorago could eat anything, including living beings, he did not do this often, only eating a living being as an ultimate punishment for something like razing half of the world or threatening to conquer it.

Fortunately, mankind in this planet was remarkably fast in advancing technology. Twenty minutes after the first humans were made, they had the lifestyle of the 20th century. After twenty weeks of living in the planet, they had advanced to an advanced society, creating various equipment found from the local materials.

As Vorago looked up in the night sky, he suddenly detected something in space. An unknown ship, perhaps lost from travelling.

"Unknown ship detected. Attempting to establish contact with ship."

Meanwhile, on the Human Scourge, a red-gold clad Elite roared in success.

"Great Prophet, we have an incoming transmission from that planet. Do you want me to accept it?"

"Yes, Zealot. We must see if these inhabitants are intelligent or completely savage."

The Elite Zealot relayed the transmission. Their transmittor allowed them to capture the details fully, rather then like the usual talking and not knowing what they looked like. Vorago's head appeared suddenly, and told the crew:

"Welcome to the planet. I am Vorago, one with the earth and soul. You are welcome to stay here as long as you want. But, if you try to conquer this planet, I will destroy all of you until you leave this planet."

"Well, Vorago, I am called the Grand Prophet. It is a pleasure to meet one with such abilities."

"Very well, Great Prophet. Do not do anything that will make you step out of line, or else I will feast upon the flesh from your bones."

The transmission was then disconnected. The Grand Prophet then got in the loudspeaker.

"Soldiers of the Covenant, brandish your energy swords and plasma weapons. We must have this planet at all costs, for the sake of our Empire, otherwise the humans will raze it to the ground, and all of our achievements will be unknown to all."

Throughout the whole armada, victorious roars went out, and greatly increased the morale of the crew.

A swordsman in dark-gold robes, carrying two swords, one being very dark color, called the «Eludicator» and a light colored sword, perhaps made from crystal, called the «Dark Repulser». The name of this swordsman was unknown, but his swordsmanship was of the highest order, and was known as «The Gold Swordsman.» Many had challenged him, but none had been able to defeat him, as his dual-wielding was much more powerful, even taking down the elite swordsmen who could dual-wield just like him. The Swordsman's actual name was unknown. He had just finished dueling a challenger, and defeated him with his signature skill, «Double Circular».

"You've lost. Now, about that money...."

The defeated challenger, a high-ranking noble grumbled, and gave him 100,000 coins for his loss. He then went to the bar to sober up.

"Hmm....decent for an easy win. I need to find a true challenger. These are too easy for me. Money can't buy everything I need."

«The Gold Swordsman» then wore his signature golden coat, which was basically black dragonhide in a gilded variant, called the «Gilded Coat». He then left to the next village in hopes of finding a true fighter. Something then moved. The swordsman then looked around, knowing something was there, but did not find it, so he left. A Stone clone was following him....

Vorago looked through the stone clone, amazed at this swordsman's skills.

"A true challenge...I sense the spacelanders are hostile. I must sharpen my skills, or this planet will be doomed."

The stone clone stealthily moved along the treelines, following the swordsman.

Chapter 1 - The Invaders[edit | edit source]

"Forward my men! Slaughter all these pestilent humans! We shall eat the flesh from their bones!" yelled a Brute Chieftain.

The great Varrock Empire was being attacked by the Covenant army. Although there were no logos of the U.N.S.C found, they were still humans, so they killed them. The Covenant lay siege to the empire's borders, claiming their lands one by one. Fortunately, the scouts of the empire noticed the invaders coming, and the king, Harold, who liked to dress up as the Grim Reaper, was evacuated safely to the Lumbridge Empire.

The Covenant Army razed the capital of the empire, also known as Varrock. Civilians were slaughtered all over, and the attackers refused to distinguish men, women and children, so they simply killed them all. Guards attempted to destroy their ships with all types of combat, but they failed to do any damage onto them. The weapons of the Covenant were too superior for the humans to overcome. The army looted everything valuable, even from dead corpses. 

The Elite Commander, Ddsa'asn Kil'ree, called a Brute Commander to talk with him.

"Commander, what have we found from the city?"

"General, we've found lots of good equipment, but it looks too...too primal. But the material, it's a very high quality, even better then ours. Some of our soldiers have spotted a mine filled with light-blue veins. The humans here call it "Rune" or "Runite" ore. From captured people, it's the second best material, behind this metal they call "Dragon"...... Perhaps we can break this equipment down into molten ore and use it to forge new weapons?"

"Yes, break the weapons down immediately. Set camp here immediately. There's a wonder to find here...."

"Yes sir!"

The Commander then left the room.

Meanwhile, in Varrock, the empire crumbled after it's capture. But still, the fight kept going on in Varrock. The remaining survivors that did not escape holed themselves inside the castle, using every location in there as ambush spots and so forth. But the Covenant was too strong. They threw their sticky grenades, killing many of the defenders with one throw. Twenty minutes later, the castle was secured. All four hundred defenders were killed or captured. 

The General's warship flew over Varrock. Through the loudspeaker, the General talked to all of the soldiers.

"Soldiers, we use this captured city as our base. Extinguish all the fires, clean the streets, restore the buildings! Change some of their buildings to house our war machines. Go go go!"

The Army obeyed his orders without questions. Covenant cleaning machines, building machines, fire trucks and other important machines that housed stuff like sofas, camping stools and rations arrived on the scene. Covenant construction workers could be heard yelling at the distance to get the buildings fixed/modified for the Army. Three hours later, the city was restored, and all the Covenant decided to take a rest in their new base. They did stuff like the humans in here; relaxing, hunting, chopping trees, mining and so forth. All of these were taken to the treasury, which was in the castle.

Ddsa'asn was impressed by the items found. So far, according to his Brute Commander, they obtained the following from the dead corpses and their armory:

Chapter 2 - The Dark Lands[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, The Gold Swordsman headed towards the presumed residence of Vorago after a mysterious yet familiar voice came to him, telling him to keep going north until "the golden skylight" could be seen. The swordsman had to pass through the Dark Lands, filled with vile creatures such as goblins, Orks, man-eating giants and Dark Knights.

The Dark Lands was not a place to live in. Although there were several towns that were filled with nice people, humanoid raiding parties kept destroying them and slaving the people in them. It was impossible to travel alone and survive, as raiding parties walked the barren ground and knights soared through the air on the wyvern mounts.

The Dark Lands could also corrupt lone travelers if they stayed too long out in the open. They would first start to see visions of their loved ones be killed, and then go on the downward path into darkness. If they were not "cured" within time, they would turn into a Dark Knight. To leave the Dark Lands, you needed either an aerial flight or get permission from the Dark Lord, or at least steal his map to escape. The Gold Swordsman was planning to steal the map.

The Gold Swordsman walked towards the Dark Lord's castle. As soon as he arrived, it was a menacing sight; skeletons were impaled from spears and a shallow yet inescapable chasm was between the castle and the land, filled with the skeletons of dead adventurers. Two goblin guards spotted the swordsman.

"Hey, wut you doing here! Leave 'r perish!"

The swordsman ignored them, and kept walking towards the castle. The goblin guards then charged at him.


The Gold Swordsman then used the Sword Skill «Vertical Arc» with his dark Eludicator, killing the goblins instantly, then sheathing his sword back into the scabbard. He then kept walking towards the castle, and for some reason, a map flew out from a window.

"Odd, but who cares? At least I can leave."

The Swordsman was teleported out of the Dark Lands, and right outside of what presumed to be Vorago's residence. Two Rock Golems appeared, and challenged the swordsman.

"Halt. You must prove you are strong and worthy enough to fight the Everlasting Lord."

The swordsman took out his sword again, and used the ability Hurricane, destroying the two. Now he walked towards the mysterious cave, trying to find the source of the familiar voice.

Chapter 3 - Labyrinth of Vorago[edit | edit source]

The Labyrinth of Vorago was immense. It was filled with treasure chests containing Tectonic armour, which could be sold for high prices due to being a Divine-class armour. The monsters here were also very powerful also, capable of killing the unworthy with a single swipe. As the Gold Swordsman walked to a large room, the door shut behind him.

At the same time, the earth began to form into a corporeal being. This was maken by Vorago, and it looked exactly the same as the swordsman. But instead of the two swords, it wielded a massive silver zanbato and was capable of using high level Sword Skills with it, even one-handed or dual-wielding ones. It then charged at the swordsman, hoping to kill the intruder. The swordsman blocked the massive zanbato with his two swords, and then used his Dual Style to wipe the clone out.

The swordsman then heard a voice inside his head. At the same time, a part of a large key formed in his hand.

"You are powerful, swordsman. But you must show me you are worthy before you fight me."

The Swordsman then walked out of the room, finding a bank chest and a large table nearby with mid-level equipment. He presumed that this was the reward for defeating the stone clone. The swordsman took out his healing potions and crystals, along with a few dishes of food. He then walked towards the next room, which turned out to be another boss room. As the swordsman entered the middle of the room, a pebble fell on top of him. The boss was above him, and it looked like a a skeletal centipede that was called «The Corrupted Skeleton». It had massive scythes as its arms and weapons.

The boss swung wildly at the swordsman, missing with every hit. Occasionally it shot a black orb at the swordsman, which he used to send it back at the boss, dealing moderate damage. The swordsman was easily defeating this boss, who had now created a tall pillar-like support, and lunged towards him. The swordsman blocked the attack, and then used the ultimate Sword Skill «The Eclipse» to defeat the boss.

The same voice appeared again. At the same time, a part of a large key formed in his hand.

"You are powerful, swordsman. You are worthy enough to fight me. Prepare yourself!"

The two key pieces combined into a key similar to the two key parts, but with a black color instead of red/yellow. The swordsman was then forcefully dragged into the large door. Regardless of his attempts to stop moving, the key was moved by some powerful force, and then the door was unlocked.

Behind the door was the god Vorago. It had been waiting for the swordsman.

Chapter 4 - The Gold Swordsman's Past[edit | edit source]

"You are the swordsman I seek. We shall spar with each other, before I will tell you my motives."

"Sure, I've been looking for a real challenge. Lets do this!"

Vorago launched a red bomb on the swordsman. The swordsman then deflected it and sent it flying towards Vorago, but the god crushed his own bomb with his own hand. The hand was destroyed, although it quickly regenerated again.


Vorago then launched a barrage of attacks with his two fists. The swordsman kept trying to block them, but they were too powerful and too fast. But the swordsman wouldn't give up. He activated «The Eclipse» again, dealing massive damage onto Vorago. But then Vorago bound the swordsman, leaving him unable to move. Just as the swordsman thought he was about to be killed, Vorago stopped.

"We must talk, swordsman."

The swordsman was quite confused, but he had now fought someone stronger then him and lost. It was his first loss, but then again, it was a god he was fighting against.

"You know who I am. I am the god Vorago. I can form myself into anything I want. What is your name, swordsman? I have only known your alias; «The Gold Swordsman». You may be wondering how I know your alias, but as you see, I am powerful. I can create individual souls that are linked to me, so I can see through them, but not feel any pain they receive. Those two bosses you had fought were things I created to challenge you, to see if you were the one I was looking for."

The swordsman was slightly shocked, but he suddenly snapped out of his shock.

"My name is Kirito. It's a pleasure to meet you, Vorago."

"Ah, so your real name is that.... Do you know why I brought you here?"

Vorago formed some Rocktail soup by simply turning some nearby rocks into them. It smelled good.

"Rocktail soup! Can I have some, please?"

Vorago let a long sigh. Although it was completely off-topic, the swordsman hadn't eaten for days, as he sensed that his food had rotted. He knew that he was a god, so he wouldn't get hungry, but Kirito was a real human, so he would feel hunger. Vorago took a stalactite from the cave ceiling and formed a rocktail soup and Biscuit. Kirito quickly ate the food.

"Ok. I think I know why you brought me here. When I was walking to a village, there was no one there. Something was quite off, because only something like destroying half the world would cause people to act like this. But it is half the world razed or something else troubling you?

"Something is troubling me. Do you know what it is?"

"Hmm....alien invaders?"

"By the gods, you're right! I never knew you could predict something so accurately! But, back to business. The sparring has defintely improved my skills. We will work together, but you can die. Are you prepared to repel the invaders? Even though I am a god, my revival skills are not good enough yet, so you may lose some memories if this happens."

A window popped up for Kirito. There were two options: Yes and No. Kirito clicked on the Yes option.

"A brave warrior indeed. This is what I was expecting from you."

"Don't worry. The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is its last day on Earth. But I think that's a luxury. Not a curse. To know you're close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to take... inventory. Outgunned. Outnumbered. Out of our minds. On a suicide mission. But the sand and rocks here, stained with thousands of years of warfare... They will remember us. For this. Because out of our vast array of nightmares, this is the one we choose for ourselves. We go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth. With vigor in our hearts and one goal in sight: We. Will. Kill him."

Vorago was deeply inspired by this mini-speech.

"Wow, I didn't know you could say something like this."

"Eh, it's just to improve our morale and stuff. We will win. It's not like every enemy we fight is highly trained. They don't even know about our true skills."

"True, true. But we need to destroy their armada. That way, they will never be able to take off from this planet, so we can kill these mongrels and burn their hides."

The two discussed a plan to break into Covenant lines and destroy their ships. Suddenly, Kirito detected something, and threw a throwing blade at the spot he suspected the thing was. It was a clean headshot, and the cloaking was disabled. The spy fell flat on the floor, dead in cold blood. Vorago then locked the area, to prevent any spies from getting in or out, if there were any left.

After an hour of talking, Vorago teleported Kirito to the Empire of Argdoune. Vorago would make his own appearance on the empire soon.

Chapter 5 - Covenant, ho![edit | edit source]

The Covenant managed to destroy the Lumbridge Empire, taking over more resources for themselves. They had easily conquered the desert peoples of Lumbridge. Although the Lumbridge Empire was more developed then Varrocks, their one-bullet rifles and pump shotguns were not enough to repel the attacking army. They did, however, manage to cause small casualties to the attackers. The capital of the Empire, was destroyed, but luckily, all the important people were heading towards Argdoune to escape the carnage.

The Covenant then captured an enemy officer and asked him the strongest empire in this land.

"Tell me! What is the strongest empire in this land!" yelled a Brute Chieftain.

"I...will...never...tell you...that..." the officer said.

The Chieftain was enraged by this and threw him, sending him flying head first into a stone wall. The officer was instantly killed. He then sensed something.

"Who art thou? Appear or I shall consider you an enemy!"

A camouflaged Merc appeared. Although the Mercs were humans, they made an alliance with the Covenant Empire for a position. The Mercs were expert scouts and could lay ambushes, as their small bodies and fast movement allowed them to make less noise unlike the other Covenant races. The Mercs usually used modern human technology, such as the FAL or AK-47, which were usually customized to fit their needs. Some examples of their customized weapons included finding targets, shooting behind solid barriers like a pillar, extended magazines, etc.


"Ah, it is the famed Mercs! What news do you bring to me?"

"Chieftain, we have found a map from the retreating enemies. It seems the strongest empire is called "Argdoune". But we have to break through twenty more other empires before we'll get there. It will take aproxmiately a month to reach that empire."

"Very well. Dismissed!"

The Merc then put his camouflage back on, and disappeared into the shadows. 

At the same time, the army of Falador was watching them, preparing to defend their empire to the death. At nightfall, the Covenant army sent a few regiments to the front lines to watch on the capital of Falador. The Faladorians sneaked up to the camp, but they were spotted by the camp's Auto Turrets. The Covenant regiments were awakened by the gunfire, and repelled the attacking army. The Faladorian army had suffered 200 casualties from the failed attack.

The next day, Ddsa'asn Kil'ree and his main army headed towards the capital of the Faladorian Empire. The leader, King Roald III, surrended his empire to the Covenant, which Kil'ree suspected as a trap. The two forces decided to negotiate at Eagle's Peak to sign the surrender treaty.

"So, human, sign this treaty now!"

"Of course. One second, please.....don't you have any manners?"

King Roald took out a crossbow without Kil'ree noticing. He then fired at the general, but did not know that the general's armour was protected by an energy shield. But, Kil'ree decided to feign a death to make it look as if the Covenant Army's general was killed in an assassination attempt. Kil'ree took out an Energy sword before he feigned his death, without the King noticing.

Roald's guards took out their semi-auto rifles, and the Covenant army pretended to surrender. Then, Kil'ree got back up and lunged his sword at Roald's torso, hitting him and killing him instantly. The King's guards watched in horror.

"Guards, kill these assassins!"

The General's bodyguards quickly killed the human assassins. Ten years later, they razed the Empires one by one......

List of killcount

  • Varrock Empire - 0 casualties, huge spoils
  • Lumbridge Empire - 4 casualties, huge spoils
  • Falador Empire - 9 casualties, huge spoils
  • Camelot Empire - 0 casualties, moderate spoils
  • Empires 5-15 - 429 casualties, abundant spoils
  • Gnomish Empire - 0 casualties, poor spoils
  • Elven Empire - 19 casualties, moderate spoils
  • Dwarfish Empire - 0 casualties, huge spoils
  • Barbarian Empire - 294 casualties, huge spoils

Now, the only Empire left was the Argdoune Empire......

Chapter 6 - Fighting Back[edit | edit source]

Chapter 7 - Endgame[edit | edit source]