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Made up story. Story making skills are unstable, so if any errors are found, leave a message in the talk page.

Story I - The Prison[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

It has been six years since the players of RuneScape have been trapped because of an evil mastermind. Over the six years, we have been force-fed to live in the real world. In the virtual world, the mastermind has told us if we can find the Warlock's Tomb and defeat the boss, everyone would be set free. Free. The only thing on our minds; to find the Warlock's Tomb. Players who died would simply respawn in their set town, with their three most expensive items with them, and everything else in a grave. 

Over the six years, many players have tried to find this place, and have failed to. Others believed that there was no such place as Warlock's Tomb, and decided to relax as if this was the real world. Only a few of us remain to find this place to salvation. Luckily, I have multiple NPC allies that will assist with finding this place. 

(apparently, the first NPC ally is right now)

Chapter I - Meeting with Nex[edit | edit source]

When I was fighting with Nex against a hundred players who tried to kill her, as she dropped a key that allowed access to her armory, which contained the following:

It was a long fight. The players tried to attack me for helping Nex, who was simply an NPC that would respawn. Fortunately, Nex's bodyguards knew I was helping Nex, and sent their own minions to attack the players. I used multiple spells on Nex, which included Bloodlust, Heal Other, Magical Shields and Invincibility on her. The players then simply gave up in fear because they had wasted millions of coins on equipment and food. Nex came and approached me.

"Thank you, human, for sssaving me from thossse pessstilent humanssss."

"No problem."

After that, Nex sent a friend request (which was odd considering she was an NPC), and I accepted it. For some reason, she also wanted to see what the world was like outside, and I promised her that I would find a way to destroy this icy prison she lived in. I had begun to create a tunnel in the icy lands, using fire spells to melt through the hard ice and keeping myself warm. After ten long days and eleven long nights, I finally hit a seal that was right above her spawn point. After chanting a long spell to break the seal, it finally gave in, and now all the Zarosians stuck in the prison were now able to escape.

Nex called all the Zarosians stuck in the Ancient Prison into her room. I created a long ladder from mahogany planks and runite nails. Of course, Nex flew out of the room, and everyone else soon followed her up the ladder I had provided them. After an hour, every reaver and human stuck in the prison were now out, rejoycing in their freedom. Then a few asked some questions:

"Where is the fight? I'm sure there were many of those feeble fighters around here."

"What time is this?"

One used a long-casting spell that allowed him to see parts of the world. He then said:

"By the gods, our cities are gone!"

Everyone panicked. Their families must be dead then. Suddenly, a few loyal Zarosian Mahjarrat appeared, relieving the panicking soldiers and reavers. I immediately recognized one of them as the friend Azzanadra.

"Stay calm. Ah, it's you. You saved all of our warriors, and our most important and famed fighter too."

I agreed. Azzanadra then addressed the Zarosian crowd.

"Fellow Zarosians. Do you know who I am?"

One of the mages recognized him.

"It's Azzanadra!"

The crowd rejoyced, knowing that they still had allies in this confusing time. Azzanadra raised his hands, and at the same time, the crowd stopped.

"Fellow Zarosians. You have been stuck in that Prison for a long time. Ever since those heathens locked you, you had remained frozen for thousands of years. Until adventurers started to come in, and what you see as Forinthry, you did not know what was going on. You were frozen. As of this day, we must help your savior, the Dark Emperor (my user name), find this place so he too can find his freedom."

I met up with Nex at a player-owned cafe. The players were a little scared, seeing an NPC in the town walls that could easily kill them. We both ordered some coffee and a crossiant.

"Have you found any hints to Warlock's Tomb?"

"No, not yet, but we have ssstumbled upon sssomething that may interessst you."

Nex then showed me a picture something I couldn't tell what it was, but I recognized the place around it.

"Apparently, the key is divided into four partssss. Thisss picture only shows the firssst part of the key."

It is good enough. Have your forces find the other three places immediately. I am going to lead a party to find this key part.

"Good enough. I will contact you when the sssecond location isss found."

Nex immediately flew away, leaving 100000 coins as a tip. The waiters were bewildered by this very large tip given from an NPC. I immediately left another tip the size of Nex's, causing one of the player waiters to faint.

Chapter II - Dungeon Exploring[edit | edit source]

The Clearers are those who try to clear their way into the dungeons, finding useful items that can help everyone to escape. I immediately contacted every active clearer, and by the amount of players, ten thousand came. Each one was maxed in combat skills and had very high levelled equipment. I divided the players into parties of 200, and the last party was led by me and 199 of the imperial elite.

The dungeon seemed strangely modern for a medivialist-themed game. While exploring, parties began to inform others of anything important/dangerous in the dungeon.

We encountered multiple high-levelled monsters in the dungeon, however they were vanquished in a short while. We then found a lever, and asked the other parties if they found any levers too.

"Oxide Four, Ten, Eleven, Seventeen, Fourty-Four. Alpha Squad, Beta Squad, have you found any levers? Over."

"Yes, we've found levers. Should we pull them? Over."

"Pull on my count. Three...Two...One..."

Everyone pulled the levers. The ten thousand players were then teleported into a very large room. It wasn't like that of the regular boss rooms. This must be the boss room of this dungeon. After ten minutes, all of our law runes were taken away from our inventories and flew up into a law rune collector. We couldn't teleport. This was not good.

After five minutes, the boss spawned. It's name was the «Dark Templar». Someone analyzed it's stats, and told it to the others.

"I've just checked it's stats. It has 150 Attack, Defence, Ranged and Magic. It has a maximum hit of...wait.....this can't be true...instant kills?!?!?!"

A boss that can instantly kill players. Of course, we had seen bosses use this, but only as a special attack. We have never seen a boss that can instantly kill players with a basic attack. The boss then charged at a group of fifty players, and slashed at them. They all died instantly, their graves collapsing instantly and their items showing. It laughed in an evil way.

"Everyone, get ready! Attack this boss with everything you've got!"

All of the players began to charge at the boss. The boss wasn't going to go down without a fight, and gave an evil smile. It then charged at the players, throwing multiple purple fireballs in the progress, killing multiple rangers and mages.

Chapter III - The Ascension[edit | edit source]

After twenty long hours of fighting the «Dark Templar», it died. Upon death, it dropped multiple rare items: the «Soulsucker», a level 250 main-hand longsword, the «Dark Repulser», a level 250 off-hand longsword, the «Shadow platelegs», level 200 platelegs, and the «Shadow Armor», a level 200 chainbody. Along with that, it dropped the key piece. I calculated that a quarter of the initial clearers were killed by this boss. The law rune collecter did not give our law runes back. Instead, all the remaining players, including me, was teleported into the second floor of the dungeon.

"Wait....This theme seems strangely familiar to the Monastary of Ascension. Perhaps the monsters are the same too?"

Luckily, a demonic banker appeared, and allowed the players to restock. However, the banker told us that law runes would not work anymore while we were in the dungeon; the whole area was teleblocked by powerful magics.

"Everyone, switched to ranged gears. A few of you, stay with your current gears. We don't know what's in here, despite this theme." As soon as everyone left the safezone, multiple warped creatures, apparently corrupted by the crystals in the dungeon, attacked us. It seems the crystals have warped these creatures too much, even more then the Ascended. Their bodies were covered completely in crystal, which was as rough as twenty layers of metallic dragonhide. Due to this, their only weakness were magic attacks, but we had enough mages to deal with them. These monsters were strangely weak.

"Everyone split up. Contact everyone else when you find the boss room."

"Got it!"

Everyone began to explore the dungeon. Multiple wild, primordial crystal creatures appeared throughout the whole area. It seems some of them have been heavily mutated by them, now being able to shoot crystals from their warped hands and exploding upon death. 

The boss room was quickly found. But then, everyone found it boss rooms in their area too. It seems this dungeon level must have multiple enemy bosses that needed to be defeated to keep going. There were six boss rooms, but these bosses were quite weak. They were killed in a matter of seconds, and then all the players were transported into the main room that split into the six paths.

After a while, crystals fell from the ceiling, blocking the six paths to prevent any attempt of escape. Crystals began to fall from the top, while metal, stone and an unknown material began to come from the bottom. Both mixed well together, and the boss, «Ha'kan the Crystal Emperor» appeared before all of the players. It began speaking.

"Enemies, challengers, the boss of this floor. Unlike the others, I follow strict morals, and will not fight you unprepared. I highly advise you take a shield with a 500+ durability rating and restock if needed. I will not fight until one of you challenges me. Prepare now."

Players began to rush to the safe room to get their strong shields, potions and food. I then challenged the boss, who then manipulated a window saying: 

"Do you want to fight the boss?"

  • Yes, let's do this!
  • No, I still need time to prepare.

I hit the yes option, and then the other players manipulated a window saying:

"The Dark Emperor is about to fight Ha'kan. Do you wish to fight alongside him?"

  • Yes, I will help him.
  • No, he is a fool for challenging him.

All the players hit the yes option. A warning then said "Get your shields ready!" Ha'kan then sent out a massive crystal explosion, killing three players who had forgotten their shields. Their graves collapsed and their items appeared to all of the other players. Ha'kan then started a powerful attack, killing many players before they realized what was actually happening.

Everyone began to hit the boss. Despite their best efforts, Ha'kan easily countered the attacks of the players, and then bashing them mercilessly with the crystal maul it had formed. When the boss reached the second HP bar, it summoned multiple crystal creatures and assisted them with crystal-based healing and attacking buffs. After the minions died, it restored all of it's health again, however upon the second time it reached the second HP bar again, it would not summon the minions.

After three days, the boss was defeated, and everyone recieved level 200 rare armors and 250 dual-wielded weapons. If everyone was reciving this, either the mastermind was being very nice to us or the third boss would certainly be a pain to the clearers. I recieved the second key piece, and attached it with the first key piece. Two key pieces left. Everyone relaxed, but I went to unlock the third floor for all of us.

Chapter IV - The World Gorger[edit | edit source]

(no, this isn't the boss in the Warped Floors)

«D'dfamosn» the World Gorger», the third boss, appeared before me when I reached the second level. The World Gorger was heavily mutated by something, perhaps the taint on this floor or the onyx here, but I could not know at t he moment.

"Intruders, you have reached the second floor. Of course, I know you must be exhausted, as you cannot teleport still, but, I will provide lodging for you throughout your time in the dungeon. I will not hold back against killing you, as I swore to the Master that I would protect him at all costs. I will lead you to your lodgings and bid you farewell and good luck on your challenge against me."

The boss then led me to one of the houses. It was what you would want in the real world. It then asked me:

"Where are all the other intruders? Of course, if you had managed to defeat the Templar and Ha'kan by yourself, you truely are a powerful and worthy opponent."

"They are relaxing on the third floor. They will be coming up soon. Perhaps you could tell me more about this place?"

"Ah, the other intruders are on the second floor. I see, hmph. Very well, what would you like to know?"

"I'd like to know about the Warlock's Tomb. What's in there?"

"Unfortunately, it is beyond my authority to find out what is in there. But one thing I know for sure, my Master is in there. He will not let you escape from these catacombs unless you defeat him. I sense the others coming. I will go to the staircases to greet them, and return to my chamber to await you and the others. I bid you farewell."

The boss then teleported to the staircase to greet the others. I then went into my given house, relaxing on the bed. It was very warm, and had the warmth of those of goose down feathers in the real world.

Chapter V - The Final Countdown[edit | edit source]

After defeating «D'dfamosn» the World Gorger», the other clearers and I went to the first level. This dungeon layout was completely mutated by decaying flesh growths, onyx and had the taints of the Warped Floors in Daemonheim. The remaining players and I split up, as the boss room was locked by a Gold Corner Key which was somewhere in the dungeon.

After defeating the final boss, everyone was put into a blinding white light. I thought it was freedom, but then....