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Note: This is not a real quest, but is something I thought of overnight.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Vorago's Discovery[edit | edit source]

Vorago chathead.png

Speak to Vorago who is peering down the Lumbridge Crater. Talk to him and he will tell you that something is down there, but his large size prevents him from going down there. He will provide you 20 Ropes and give you a communication device to talk with him. Use the ropes on each other until you get a very long rope, and tie it to a rock. Rappel down (this will require 75 Agility) and you will then slip and fall.

As you wake up from the blackout, you find another world down here. Vorago drops a bank chest for you to use, since its to suspicious to go back up and down (also painful) the crater. It is highly recommended you get your best gear for some upcoming fights ahead.

Bandit Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Bandit chathead.png

As you explore the new world, a few bandits and their warlord attack you. The bandits are weak, using all three sides of the combat style (three magers, four meleers and three rangers). They use very simple abilities and some minor stuns once in a while. Kill the magers, then rangers and finally meleers before the warlord begins his rampage. The warlord is very strong and uses a periodical special that knocks him unconscious. It will also spawn three Vibrant wisps which much be drained before the warlord regains his strength, which is shown with a blue bar. If you fail to drain the wisps in time, the warlord will turn into a Chaos Warlord, which will give him increased stats for one minute before reverting back to a regular warlord. Kill the warlord and grab his keys and trinkets.

Ancient City[edit | edit source]

Haunting voice chathead.png

You will find a ruined city with bodies of some strange races all over the place. Search the body slumped up against the wall with a javelin pierced through the body for a Key pass. Open the door and it will ask for a retinal scan. Not knowing what it is, you place your eye on the scanner which classifies you as an intruder. Three Stone Golems will burst from the ground and begin attacking you. They use very powerful melee attacks and each one has a different color, which indicates the special/passive ability they use.

  • Green golem: Poisons starting at 1300 poison damage. After every five attacks, the golem launches a green ball which inflicts its standard poison and 4000 additional poison damage if you are directly hit by it.
  • Red golem: Attacks faster then usual. After every five attacks, the golem charges up and attacks at 1.8 ticks per second (similar to Commander Zilyana) but loses 50% of maximum damage.
  • Blue golem: Can freeze you. After every five attacks, it creates a snowball which does 5000 damage and freezes you for 50 seconds (you can still attack, and Freedom will not work against it) if it hits you directly. Less effect and damage if barely hit.

Once the golems are destroyed, the gate opens anyways since you are very strong and it has nothing else to offer. Wander around the ruins until you find an ancient portal with a sacrifical altar. If you haven't maken the dark simulacrum yet, do so by siphoning the Corrupted wisps nearby the altar. You will only need 50 of them, but after siphoning 15 energies the wisp will blow up, stunning you for 5 seconds and cannot be blocked by any means. Once the simulacrum is maken, a flashback appears where Azzanadra is at the same place as you are and enters the active portal with an unknown code.

The New World[edit | edit source]

Celestial dragon chathead.png

Go through the portal and you will find yourself in a world with many little empires waging war on each other to take their lands. As you reach a village in the swamp, villagers flee. You see one get burned by acid, so give the villager an Antipoison (which is in his pocket), and he will tell you that a swamp dragon is attacking constantly and needs to be put down. Make sure you have dragonfire protection before you proceed, as the dragon's dragonfire causes very high dragonfire damage and poison damage.

The Swamp Dragon is a very strong dragon. It has very accurate melee and ranged attacks and is very resilient to melee attacks. Once in a while, it will shoot acidic dragonfire which causes 550 dragonfire damage and 2000 poison damage if directly hit. The dragon also uses standard dragonfire which can be blocked with full dragonfire protection. The dragon will also send out a poison surge; it charges up an ability bar from gray to gold. If it goes gold, the dragon will send super poison (which is p++++++) which will kill you instantly unless you take cover behind a stone building or stun the dragon twice. Once the dragon dies, sever the head and present it to the villagers.

Suddenly, a Berserker using the Shadow equipment appears and apprehends you for "reckless violence", despite the villagers' protest. You are locked up in a castle (all your gear has been confiscated) and he tells you to await your trial. If you have 75 Thieving, you can pick the lock and escape. If not, wait for the guard to appear and knock him unconscious. Regardless of your choice, you will grab your confiscated equipment and then meet the Berserker again, who calls for his private army to deal with you. Afterwards, you will get teleported into the arena.

King Roald chathead.png

The King will send the Berserker's "Grand Army" towards you, in these sets:

Wave # Troops
1 1 Magic Shield
2 2 Magic Shields, 2 Jungle Trolls
3 3 Magic Shields, 3 Jungle Trolls, 1 Sky Archer
4 4 Magic Shields, 5 Jungle Trolls, 2 Sky Archers
5 4 Sky Archers, 5 Senju Ninjas
6 10 Sky Archers, 10 Senju Ninjas
7 3 Sky Archers, 5 Guardian Archangels
8 5 Guardian Archangels, 3 Shaman Priests
9 3 Crazy Cyborgs, 2 Super Iron Wheels, 2 Shaman Priests, 5 Grand Mages
10 Berserker, 5 Grand Mages

Abilities of the troops:

  • Magic Shield - Reduces magic damage by 30%.
  • Jungle Troll - When at 25% hitpoints, attacks twice as fast and does 1.5x extra damage.
  • Sky Archer - Can bypass protection prayers/deflection curses.
  • Senju Ninja - may attack twice in one attack.
  • Grand Mage - can either stun/bind for 5 seconds. Each successful hit they do on you can have a 20% chance of this effect.
  • Guardian Archangel - Can stun the player, and gives other units (including themselves) immunity to stuns, bleeds, anything that isn't player dealt (e.g dreadnips)
  • Shaman Priest - Boosts attack speed of the target they are assisting.
  • Super Iron Wheel - Can shoot three spiky balls in one attack.
  • Crazy Cyborg - explode at 0 hp, player is dealt with 1000 damage.

Once all of these support units are defeated, the Berserker attacks you by himself. He uses very protective armor and has no weakness, but still high defense. During the fight, he will create rifts that spawn undead which don't last long but can do heavy damage. Once you defeat him, the King revives him. The Berserker congratulates you for defeating him, since it has been a long time since an challenger, even from another world, has defeated him. The King will then ask you to talk with him personally to discuss some matters.

The King's Matters[edit | edit source]

The King will give you some papers, which has some problems in four zones that he thinks you can fix. Use the nearby chest to rebank if needed.

Head to the Divination Zone, where the headmaster tells you that the wisps suddenly turned complex on the workers, who cannot siphon them because of their lack of Divination experience. Harvest 50 wisps and give the energy and memories to the headmaster, who will give you a Diviner's gift pack. You can still harvest more wisps for energy, but you will need to get more energy to receive more rewards from the headmaster.

Next, head to the Slayer Zone, where the headmaster there tells you of a legendary beast which is being troublesome for his apprentices to kill. If you need to restock, do it now. Apparently, the beast is a Revenant King, which is rumored to be undefeatable, so its time to kill it. The Revenant King can summon Revenants (from imps to knights) to his cause and commands them to do his bidding, and tends to have them use magic attacks on you, so use Protect/Deflect Magic. The King has a shattering melee attack, but once he is killed he will drop four Statius' warhammers.

Head to the Magic Zone shortly afterwards, which is just west of the Slayer Zone. The mage says that an unstable portal has opened and that demons from the Infernal Plane are swarming out. He also says these demons can only be harmed by magic and nothing else. He will provide you with the runes of your choice, along with the weapons and armour from the mage armory. Demons spill out of the portal; you need to let the mage close the portal while you kill demons. When he closes the portal, finish off the remaining demons before proceeding to the Agility Area.

You will be teleported straight to the Agility Arena, where you meet the Berserker again. He wants you to grab some legendary blades on the other side of the plane, but he cannot get them because his Agility level is too low. Move around the plane, but be careful of spinning blades (which deal 1500 damage), log crushers (does 1000 damage), pitfalls (which land you in a bunch of spikes which does 2500 damage), wall traps (which deal 1000 damage) and Kryll tiles (which kill you instantly if you don't have the Mask of Shadows on). If you die you will respawn in the world again. Simply talk to the King to be teleported back to where you died. After you grab the blades, walk back, noting the traps. If you die you will need to grab the blades again. After giving the blades to the Berserker, he thanks you and both of you are teleported to the King, who calls for you to help deter an invasion.

Zamorak's Invasion[edit | edit source]

Zamorak chathead.png

You spot Zamorak leading a force of demons towards the empire. If you are aligned with Zamorak (from Battle of Lumbridge) he will ask for 40000 Elder energy from you. If you don't have it or unaligned with him, he will send a massive force of Tormented demons and then leave. The Tormented demons have increased stats due to Zamorak giving them slivers of his power, and swap prayers randomly to deter you.

A Negotiation[edit | edit source]

Zaros chathead.png

At this moment, Zaros appears and asks you if he can talk to the King. Allow him to, and after a short talk with the King, Zaros asks you to do something for him. He wants you to grab two ancient weapons from the underground of this world, and offers an hefty reward for doing so. He warns you that some "darkness" prevents him from seeing clearly, and that you should get something to blend with the darkness, and that many guards protect the two weapons that he talks about. Zaros says that if you get the weapons for him also, he will tell the Elder Gods not to destroy this world and that he'll protect it from any influence from the younger gods. Azzanadra appears shortly afterwards and gives you a pair of Shadow Claws that he got and that he was waiting to give it when Zaros told him to. Zaros later tells you that you won't survive without the full set, so he gives you a map that will allow you to find the other two pieces. The two later leave, and the Berserker and King decide to let you go on this journey since they know they aren't any match for the gods. The Berserker then goes back to the castle and returns with a bank chest to allow you to restock whenever you need to. Leave the new world and teleport to the Bandit Camp lodestone with your best gear for a powerful fight.

Shadow Time[edit | edit source]

Sliske TWW chathead.png

When you arrive at the Bandit Camp lodestone, Silske is there. Still rash about being excommunicated by Zaros, he tells you that the third Shadow piece is in the Exiled Kalphite Lair, guarded by the King. Therefore, he offers a proposition to you, for helping you get the shadow piece he will want to make sure you prevent anyone from knowing what he's going to do with the Staff and the Stone. He also says that the King won't give up the piece easily, using abilities to stop anyone who tries to, and that you must fight him four times without player assist. Silske also promises that if you can kill the King four times without banking, he will try to convert your friend-turned-wight Akrisae back into human. Since the King still uses the one-shot ability, he will send legions of wights to assist you in the fight.

Enter the Kalphite King's lair (make sure you hit the quest choice). Silske will send his legions of wights to help you, but tells you that he can't do this forever, so you have a limited amount of time before you're by yourself. Here are the wights he sends you:

The Wights can use protection prayers and uses a set of abilities to assist you during the fight. The Healing Wights will provoke when you or a wight turn green, and the Voker Wights will replace them if they get killed. On the mid-top area shows a bar. This bar represents the Wights Silske can send before he runs out. For every Wight killed another will replace it, and 1/20ths of the bar will disappear. The Wights don't die easily and use food whenever possible. If you die your grave will be outside the King's lair. Once you kill the King, you can grab the shadow piece it drops. If you killed it four times in a row without banking, Silske will appear and tell you he will try to fix your friend. He then sends you off to the location of the final piece, which appears to be some very large, unexplored cavern.

The post-quest monsters. See here.