Killing nihil

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Nihil are unlocked after completing the quest Fate of the Gods. They are found in Freneskae in the Pit where they were originally fought during the quest. The fastest means of entering Frenaskae is by teleporting with a Sixth-Age circuit after having this teleport added by the Guthixian High Druid.

Unlike muspah, Nihils do have weakness, so players may find the combat style they are using will not work for at least one of the nihils. They are known for dropping various nihil parts, which are required to make their respective nihil pouches, and the Zaryte bow, although the chances of recieving it is much more lower then getting it from Nex. The estimated drop rate of the zaryte bow from a nihil is 1 out of 1 million. Players should fight with ranged, as melee is ineffective against two of the nihils and magic requires use of Torment to effectively deal damage to two of the nihils.

Each nihil has different health ratios and different abilities, representing Nex's phases individually. Two of the nihil, the Smoke and Ice nihil, are weak to ranged, while the Shadow nihil is weak to melee and the Blood nihil being weak to magic. To spawn the nihil, the player needs to be on the middle and hit the second option; the first option will instead create the nihil fought during the quest. Four nihil will initially spawn, each one being part of the four phases of Nex. These nihil do run, but do not harm the player nor cause any side effects. Each nihil starts their special ability saying "Hiss.", which is very similar to that of Nex's unique ability during that phase.

The Smoke nihil attacks with magic and has 20000 lifepoints. When it says "Hiss.", it creates a smoke cloud on where the player was and drain stats rapidly until it disappears. The Shadow nihil attacks with ranged and has 15000 lifepoints. When it says "Hiss.", a shadow appears under the player, dealing 500 damage constantly until the player leaves the tile the shadow trap was placed on. The Blood nihil attacks with melee and has 25000 lifepoints. When it says "Hiss.", the nihil will take any incoming damage into health. Players should note that the blood nihil's ability is much more longer then Nex's version, approximately twice the time of hers. The Ice nihil attacks with magic and also has 20000 lifepoints like the Smoke nihil. Just like Nex's ice phase, the ice nihil's attack will drain prayer equal to 1/4th the hit it dealt on you. When it says "Hiss.", it will freeze the player for five seconds, but not attack for two seconds, which can be countered with Freedom or Anticipate.

As players stay longer in the Pit, less Nihil begin to spawn over time. To counter this, simply move to the Sanctum or the Cradle and return to the middle of the Pit to respawn all the nihils.