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Nex[edit | edit source]

Group method[edit | edit source]

Solo method[edit | edit source]

Recommended setups: Melee, Ranged

Smoke Barrage icon.png Upon entering the arena, equip your shield (a spiritual or barrows kiteshield is very helpful), and as soon as Fumus spawns, begin getting adrenaline with Preparation, Anticipate, Freedom, Resonance, and Escape/Surge. This will allow you to get 40% adrenaline to make part of the fight easier. Activate your Turmoil curse and begin fighting Nex until she reaches 160,000 lifepoints. Constantly use Anticipate and Freedom to prevent magical drags, and use melee/magic protection prayers depending your distance from her. Once Fumus dies, attack her to begin the next phase.

Shadow Barrage icon.png Nex will either begin with a "Fear the shadow!" attack or begin with "Embrace darkness!" attack, depending on what her last move was in the previous phase. If she begins with "Fear the shadow!", use Slaughter, then combo with Assault and Destroy, as it will take out aproximately 20,000 lifepoints. Do not stay close to her or you will take rapid damage from the darkness, and make sure you do not have the majority of your current equipment as Ranged, as she will try to melee you, resulting in rapid damage from the darkness. Keep attacking, avoiding shadow traps while you are at it. Once Umbra dies, attack her to begin the next phase, ensuring that you have 100% adrenaline before doing so.

Blood Barrage icon.png Nex will begin with "A siphon will solve this!" attack, summoning two Blood reavers around her. Immediately use Berserk, and target one of the reavers, drinking a dose of adrenaline at the same time. Combo Nex as quickly as you can with Assault and Destroy, as it should take out a large amount of lifepoints. When she says "I demand a blood sacrifice!", run away from her, then use Surge incase she tries to melee you to avoid her from healing. If you feel that you cannot deplete her health to 80,000, when she uses another siphon, kill the reavers, attack her again, using Surge/Escape to avoid sacrifice attacks. Once Cruor dies, attack her to begin the next phase, ensuring that you have 100% adrenaline before doing so.

Ice Barrage icon.png Nex's attacks now drain prayer for successful magic hits. She will begin with "Die now, in a prison of ice!" if her last Blood ability was "A siphon will solve this!". When trapped, use Freedom, then Barricade or Immortality. If either are unavailable, eat up quickly and use Resonance to mitigate some of the prison damage from one of Nex's attacks. After a few more attacks, she will say "Contain this!" (she uses this instead if "I demand a blood sacrifice!" was her last Blood ability). Get away from her with Surge, as she may try to melee you and cause heavy damage and get you stunned. Once Glacies dies, attack her to begin the final phase.

Turmoil.png Nex will say "NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!" and heal 33,333 lifepoints. She will now use Soul Split and Deflect Melee along with the other two deflection curses to a lesser extent, also having Turmoil active. Her attacks are increasingly powerful, dealing over 2000 damage if they are not protected from. Use magic protection prayers as they can hit over 4000 per hit, which can be extremely deadly. Use Death's Swiftness when possible to deplete her health faster. Should she use Deflect Magic/Missiles during this phase, it is advised to melee her as she will not switch to Soul Split or Deflect Melee after a few seconds. Once she dies, she will say "Taste my wrath!", activating Wrath, which has a 5x5 radius and deals massive damage to anyone caught in the radius. Take her loot, and if you can do another kill, wait at Fumus' spawn spot.