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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Order's Plans[edit | edit source]

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To begin, go north-west from the Monastery of Ascension until you reach the coast. You'll find a bunch of Ascended corpses lying around the shore and some wreckage. Inspect all the Gladius and Capsarius corpses in the area, some will have coins, others will have other various trinkets such as keystones. One of these corpses will contain a torn paper, which you will then read. It says that the Legiones have finished their plans and just need a few more materials to finish creating the artificial Guthix. Bring it back to Ocellus who will take the paper from you and be shocked at how they've managed to complete their plans. He tells you to go down and find out how they're getting materials brought down despite his successful attempt at blocking the entrance.

As you enter the dungeon, you'll notice that there's a hidden divine door near the main entrance. If you have 90 Divination, you can drain the divine energy from the door, allowing you to open the door. Go through the door to find a hidden base of the Ascended. After a short cutscene, return back to Ocellus and tell him of the hidden base, and he will realize that is how they're getting their materials from. Tell him about the strange devices you saw, and he will tell you that they are crystal converters, used to transfer the energy of the dead into the artificial Guthix. You will need to destroy them to disrupt the flow of energy brought to it.

Stopping the Order - Part A[edit | edit source]

Recommended: High levelled weapons and gear. QBD Healthbar.png

You'll notice a bar similar to that of the Queen Black Dragon on the top of the game screen when you enter. This is the progress for the crystal converters throughout the base.

You'll need to avoid the various Ascension sentries that are patrolling the area. If you get spotted by one, they'll sound the alarm and set off a fight with one of the following groups:

  • 3 Empowered rorarius (level 120)
  • 2 Empowered gladius (level 130), 1 empowered capsarius (level 150)
  • 2 Empowered scutarius (level 170)

If you get caught, defeat the empowered ascended and continue towards the crystal converter. The first converter is behind a divine door which can be drained instantly. Use the explosives Ocellus gave you on the converter, and leave the room when it is placed. As you leave, Legio Primus and Sextus will arrive and find out that a non-believer is sabotaging their plans, and will attack you. Once you decrease their health to 1 for both of them (remember to watch out for their effects at 25% intervals!), they will retreat and call some regular ascended to kill you.

Once they are all killed, head to the second converter, which is just north-west of the first converter. As you approach the second converter, the ceiling collapses and some empowered ascended (see above) will appear and attack you. Once they are killed, mine your way through the debris until you reach the second converter. Place the explosives on the second converter.

The third converter is at the far western side of the base. Watch out for the sentries that run along the area, or you will get yourself in a long fight. Place the explosives on the third converter.

The fourth converter is behind a laboratory door. Attempt to open the door, and a game message will say that you need an Ascension Keystone Novem to open it. Search the various crates and barrels outside the door until you obtain the keystone. Once you get the keystone, the door will open and reveal the final converter. As soon as you place your explosives on the converter, Legio Novem will arrive and attack you.

Legio Novem is stronger then the other Legiones, using rapid lightning and standard magic attacks, so moving quickly is a must. At 75% lifepoints, he will call an empowered capsarius to heal him, which must be killed to proceed further. At 50% lifepoints, he will launch spike attacks at the player's current spot every 5 attacks, which will deal 5000 damage upon impact if the player does not move. At 25% lifepoints, he will become enraged, using his spike attacks and all of his attacks will deal 100% more damage. Once he has 1 lifepoint, he yields and you can ask him various questions.

Return to Ocellus, who tells you that the artificial Guthix is still being powered up. You'll need to find out what is going on.

Should you die at any point, your gravestone will be near Ocellus.

The Experiment[edit | edit source]

Legio pet chathead.png

Return back to the Monastery and head towards the artificial Guthix in the middle of the dungeon. You'll notice a divine trapdoor near the head. Drain the trapdoor of its energy, and go downstairs. Your character will overhear a commotion, but you can't be seen by any of the Ascended there. There is a small hole you can peek through in the eastern area of the room.

A cutscene will occur where the Legiones are arguing about what to do about their newest creations, which seem to be going rampant and they have locked them at the lowest level of the Monastery. They also mention a soul device, which you presume that is what is powering up the artificial Guthix. Wait for all of the Legiones to leave the room before entering. If you are caught by one of them you will be thrown out of the Monastery and end up on the shore at Mudskipper Point. Search everything in the room, including the crates, barrels, and tables until you find a fancy key. Head back up to the Monastery area.

The key will vibrate the closer you are to the door that brings you down to the lower levels. When you find the door, use the key on it and it will reveal a Mysterious Entrance, which if you have 85 Dungeoneering you can enter.

Caverns of DOOM[edit | edit source]

The mysterious entrance drops you off into a cavern that is similar to the Guthixian temple but shows signs of crystal shards and fragments growing throughout the area. Keep moving north until you find a smouldering campfire and two Gladii corpses. Searching the corpses yields some basic tools and coins. Keep moving up north until you reach a fork in the road, with more ascended corpses lying around. The left path takes you to a chest which cannot be opened yet, while the right takes you to a wrecked laboratory.

Search the broken chemistry table to find another parchment. Read it, and it will tell you how to deal with ascended tormented demons. As you remember during the fight with the Tormented demons Lucien summoned, they will switch prayers. Unfortunately, this means your magic attacks will barely hit them, and you'll wonder how to get through that. Search the tables until you find ascension staff blueprints. The blueprints require 100 ascension shards and one staff of light to create. Use them on the lathe to make the ascension staff.

A bank chest is nearby, so grab your Darklight from the bank. Then go through the dark passageway and you'll meet the ascended demons. The demons attack immediately and use more powerful attacks, although they focus more on magic attacks rather then ranged or melee. Deal with them quickly, as there is no cover to provide protection from their attacks. Once the last demon is killed, overload the soul device to destroy it.

Legio Tertius and Quintus will arrive and see that the device is destroyed. Tertius will deal with you while Quintus will try to repair the device. You must deal with Tertius first before Quintus can be attacked. Avoid their lightning attacks and deplete their health to 0, after which they will flee the area. If Quintus repairs the device, he will join in on the fight. If this happens, simply overload the soul device again once they flee.

Final Battle[edit | edit source]

Ocellus chathead.png

Ocellus has come down to the Monastery and has begun wiping out all of the Ascended that stands in his path. Ocellus tells you that he'll deal with his creations and you must stop them from creating the false Guthix. Legio Secundus and Quartus will try to kill him, and you'll need to beat them before they manage to kill him. Quartus will focus on you while Secundus is busy with Ocellus. Deal with Quartus quickly, then finish off Secundus, after which they will both flee from you. If Ocellus dies during the fight, the battle will be reset.

Legio Primus arrives and tells you that it is too late, and their Guthix will destroy the evils of this world, but something goes horribly wrong - the artificial Guthix warps into a horrific monstrosity, and he is shocked by what had happened. Before the monstrosity swings his arm at Primus' location, he teleports away back to his lab. Then the monster focuses on you.

Ocellus will deal with the various Ascended which try to aid the monstrosity, while you must kill it yourself. The monstrosity has the following abilities:

  • Swipe: The monstrosity swipes one arm at you, dealing up to 40% of your maximum health as damage as it hits.
  • Roar: The monstrosity calls for fellow Ascended to aid it in the fight. Ocellus will try to deal with them the best he can.
  • Enrage: The monstrosity becomes enraged, dealing more damage but takes more damage in a short period of time.

Once the monstrosity is dead, the remaining Ascended flee the area. Ocellus congratulates you for helping him thwart the Order's plans, and even though they will try to make another Guthix, he can count on you to stop them. Meet him outside the Monastery to claim your reward.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 3 Quest Points
  • The ability to fight Ascended demons.
  • The ability to fight Legio Novem. In addition, all ascension units can drop an Ascension Keystone Novem.
  • The ability to fight empowered Ascended, which have better chances of dropping keystones compared to their normal versions.
  • 35,000 Divination experience
  • 25,000 Dungeoneering experience
  • 50,000 Slayer experience
  • An ascended key, which can be used on the chest in the abandoned laboratory sector to give the following:
    • 4 Ascension Keystone Novem
    • One random ascension signet
    • 500 Ascension shards

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Quest Start[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Oh dear, this is dire news. I should give it to Ocellus.

The Order's Plans[edit | edit source]

  • Ocellus: What?
  • Player: (if paper is in inventory) You should take a look at this. It's about the Order of Ascension.

Ocellus takes the paper from you and reads it.

  • Ocellus: Dire consequences. Stop Legiones. Destroy plans.
  • Player: I should take a look around and see if anything looks out of the ordinary there.

Divine door

  • Player: Hmm, a divine door. I never saw that before. Maybe there's something hidden behind it, or it's just a false door.

Draining the divine door

  • Player: Well, that was easy.

The Hidden Base[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Whoa, this is a new area. Perhaps I should tell Ocellus about this.

Returning to Ocellus

  • Player: Ocellus, there's a hidden sector that I found behind a divine door. Do you know anything about this, considering that you made the Order.
  • Ocellus: Yes. Was small subsector in monastery. Incomplete.
  • Player: Well, it seems to be completed. I also saw four crystal devices. Do you know anything about this?
  • Ocellus: Converters transfer soul of dead. Dead soul transfers into false Guthix. Stop them from making.
  • Player: Can't you destroy them?
  • Ocellus: No. Cannot let Order escape. Take this.

Ocellus gives you some explosives

  • Player: I use this to destroy the devices, yes?
  • Ocellus: Yes. Four pairs of explosives. Four devices.
  • Player: I'll be back when they're destroyed.

Returning to the base

  • Player: Perhaps I should be careful. Those things don't look friendly.

Getting caught by a sentry

  • Ascended sentry: Intruder, intruder. Stop them!

Destroying the empowered ascended

  • Player: That was a tough fight. I have to stay to the shadows if I want to complete the mission.

Converter A

  • Player: Another divine door. This one should be easy to drain.
  • Player: There, the explosives are in place.
  • Legio Primus: What do you think you're doing?
  • Legio Sextus: A non-believer, set out to destroy our plans!
    • Player: Why are you doing this?
      • Legio Primus: We were created by Ocellus, as you probably know from the journal. We worshiped Guthix.
      • Legio Primus: Unfortunately, he did not want us to worship the gods.
      • Legio Sextus: Then we heard of his death. It shocked us all.
      • Legio Sextus: We could not bear the loss of our god. We wanted to keep him close to us.
    • Player: This Guthix is a monstrosity.
      • Legio Primus: How dare you! Guthix is perfect; he will always be.
      • Legio Sextus: Die, non-believer!
    • Player: I don't want to ask questions. Let's fight.
      • Legio Primus: As you wish. Power is a great thing.

Defeating the two Legiones

  • Legio Primus: We yield! Your power is too strong.
  • Legio Primus: Mark my words human, you have not seen the last of us or our plans!

Converter D

  • Player: Huh, I haven't heard of this Legio before. Perhaps there's a spare key around here somewhere...
  • Player: There, the explosives are set and primed.
  • Legio Novem: Human, what are you doing here? This is no place for you to be.
  • Player: I'm here to stop you.
  • Legio Novem: As you wish. Have at you!

Defeating Legio Novem

  • Legio Novem: I yield! Spare me.
    • Player: What are you?
      • Legio Novem: I am one of the Legiones. You've probably met the others.
      • Player: Yes, I've met them before. Why are they doing this?
      • Legio Novem: I don't know, I was created by them. Unlike the originals, I am alone; unlinked to the others, because Ocellus did not create me.
      • Legio Novem: A disappointment, but these creations of mine surpass theirs.
    • Player: Are you involved in their plan?
      • Legio Novem: Yes, but not that much. They tasked me to guard these converters, but seeing how you have bested them and me, I have failed.
      • Legio Novem: They will be after me. I must re-seal the door or taste their fury.
    • Player: Nothing. Get out of here before I kill you.
  • Player: Well, that's that. I should set them off once I'm out of here and report back to Ocellus.
  • Player: The explosives went off and destroyed the converters.
  • Ocellus: No.
  • Player: What? They're destroyed; is something amiss?
  • Ocellus: Yes. Aberration still powered. Something imbue.
  • Player: Another device? I will have to find and destroy it.

Finding the divine trapdoor

  • Player: I never saw this before. Perhaps I should investigate.
  • Player: Well, that was easy.

Meeting Ends[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I hear something coming from that room. I need to hear what the commotion is.


  • Legio Primus: These things are killing our creations faster then we can make them! This is your fault!
  • Legio Sextus: Enough. This is not our fault, it is Ocellus' for linking our minds together.
  • Legio Secundus: We must do something about this. The non-believers cannot find the room, lest our plans be jeopardized. Tertius, why is that rorarii with you?
  • Legio Tertius: You know how I enjoy my rorarii!
  • Legio Quintus: This is a legiones only meeting. That thing is not allowed to be here.
  • Legio Quartus: It is only a rorarii. They are not smart like us. Escape is impossible for it.
  • Legio Secundus: What can we do with those rouge creations then?
  • Legio Primus: I don't know, even with our powers combined it will not be enough.
  • Legio Primus: Our best hope is that no one, not even our creations will find it and reopen the horrors that lie there.
  • Legio Primus: This meeting is adjourned.

Getting caught by a Legio

  • Legio: A non-believer! Guards!

You are put in a bag and thrown into the ocean, and you wake up, finding yourself at Mudskipper Point.

After the Legiones leave

  • Player: I should check the room to see if there's anything that can help me find these things. They must be guarding something...
  • Player: Aha, a key. I should go around the dungeon and see if there's a door or something that will help me find them.
  • Player: I should tell this news to Ocellus first.

The Ascended Risen[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Ocellus, do you know about these creations?
  • Ocellus: No.
  • Player: The Legiones said they can't take them down together. They also seem to be rouge.
  • Ocellus: Not of interest. Stop Legiones.
  • Player: Hmm, he doesn't seem to know about these things. They must've created them after he wrote the journal. Perhaps I should investigate this further.

Finding the hidden entrance

  • Player: Looks like a key is needed here. Perhaps this is what they were talking about.
  • Player: This looks awfully familiar to that underground Guthixian temple, only with crystal growths everywhere.

Searching the gladii corpses

  • Player: Seems like this corpse has a chisel. Perhaps it was busy harvesting it for their cause.
  • Player: Seems like this corpse has some shards, plucked off from something.
  • Player: Hmm, there's something else attached to the corpse. Perhaps I should read it.