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The vexillology of RuneScape is a diverse field of study, as many of its kingdoms and cities have their own heraldic banners and symbols. Additionally, many organisations have adopted their own custom symbols and colours in order to mark themselves. Below are the known flags and crests of various settlements and organisations along with descriptions and explanations of any symbolism.

Whilst they have been excluded from the list below, many families, tribes and certain individuals also have their own crests.

Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

Asgarnia[edit | edit source]

The crest of the human kingdom of Asgarnia depicts a white, eight-pointed star on a dark blue background. The star has a blue circle in its centre as well. It should be noted that the colours of Asgarnia are also closely associated with the god of order, Saradomin, who is predominantly worshipped in the kingdom.

The Falador herald, Sir Renitee, may set one's family crest to that of Asgarnia, allowing heraldic items to be made in a POH workshop. Until its graphical update in 2015, standard bearing the Asgarnian flag were found around Falador and the White Knights' Castle.

Kandarin[edit | edit source]

The flag of the youngest human kingdom of Kandarin is simply two white chevronels set on a crimson background, although sometimes they are blue and found on an off-white background. The crest's symbolism is unknown, although it may be related to the Ardignas line of kings.

Kandarian heraldic items may also be made in a POH if Sir Renitee has set one's crest to that of Kandarin. Additionally, the Combat Training Camp proudly displays the kingdom's flags. Until the city's graphical update that accompanied the release of RuneScape High Detail in 2008, the flags were also found around Ardougne Castle.

Misthalin[edit | edit source]

The ancient kingdom of Misthalin, like the other human lands, has its own crest. It features two crossed curved lines in green set on a deep purple background. This flag is found only on POH heraldry.

Asgarnia[edit | edit source]

Burthorpe[edit | edit source]

The principality of Burthorpe, located at the foot of White Wolf Mountain, is currently administered by Crown Prince Anlaf of Asgarnia, and its flag reflects its dire struggle in the Burthorpe–Troll Country War. It depicts a fist with three protruding claws, symbolising the Imperial Guard, striking through a crown representing the Prince, all in white, on a crimson background. In some instances, the emblem is crimson instead while the background is light brown, or white, respectively sky blue with a golden rim.

These flags are found all around Burthorpe, most notably Burthorpe Castle. This flag was added with the Troll Warzone graphical updates in 2012; prior to that, Burthorpe used a variation of the Asgarnian flag. The star was grey and the background a less vibrant shade of blue.

Falador[edit | edit source]

Asgarnia's capital displays its flag proudly on its city walls and around the White Knights' Castle. It features a stylised golden star of Saradomin in a blue circle with a golden border, with four golden arcs intersecting the star's points, all on a blue background. As with Asgarnia's, Falador's banner clearly bears the colours of Saradomin.

The flag was added with the city's graphical update in 2015. The city only had flags of Asgarnia before.

Kandarin[edit | edit source]

Ardougne[edit | edit source]

Although the capital of Kandarin, Ardougne, was divided into West and East following the death of King Ulthas Ardignas, both halves continue to use the same flag. The Ardougnese banner depicts a white sword, blade pointing down, through two white chevronels, the bottom one larger, connected symmetrically with two lines, on a maroon background with a light brown rim. The symbolism is unknown; it may, for instance, be the crest of the Ardignas family.

These banners may be found all around East Ardougne, as well as around the Civic Office of West Ardougne. This flag was added to the cities with its graphical updates that accompanied RuneScape High Detail in 2008.

Shortly after the beginning of the Sixth Age, the Ardougne Revolution took place that saw the ousting of the treacherous King Lathas and the eviction of the Prifddinas Death Guard from the city. The revolutionists adopted their own flag, using the same colour scheme as the Ardougne one. Instead of the usual crest, however, a dark grey mourner mask, severed in two, is found on the flag. To this day, two 'Broken Masks' are displayed atop the former Mourner Headquarters.

Camelot[edit | edit source]

The flag of Camelot is used by the Knights of the Round Table, who arrived in RuneScape some forty years ago. Their flag, found all around Camelot Castle, features a cream-coloured seven-pointed star, the bottom point longer than the two uppermost ones and with a hollow centre, on a pale brown background. The star is found in red, respectively blue, on the knights' and King Arthur's shields.

Tyras Camp[edit | edit source]

The army of the late King Tyras, stationed in a small port in western Tirannwn, use a flag very similar to the Kandarian one. It consists simply of two blue chevronels on a cream background with a blue border. Prior to the Tyras Camp's graphical update in 2014, their flag was slightly different; the chevronels were larger and there was a white rim at the bottom of the banner.

Misthalin[edit | edit source]

Draynor Village[edit | edit source]

The symbol of Draynor Village is slightly ambiguous, seeing that it has no banners or standards apart from a small flag bearing its colours - red and purple - atop a watchtower. However, its market guards' equipment and the rugs inside the bank both display a design that might well be the village's symbol. It features two mirrored parentheses with a small rhombus between and slightly above them, all in red, on a purple background.

Both the flag and the presumed crest were added with the village's graphical update in 2011. Curiously, the Edgeville bank has also adopted Draynor's symbol.

Lumbridge[edit | edit source]

The duchy of Lumbridge has a conspicuous banner found all around the town, especially Lumbridge Castle. It features a broad, white chevron on a sky blue background with a white rim. Sometimes, the chevron is placed more toward the bottom of the banner and there is no white border.

Prior to RSHD, the banner was already there, although some versions featured two thinner black chevrons instead of a wide, white one.

Varrock[edit | edit source]

Misthalin's ancient capital city Varrock displays its flag mostly on important buildings such as Varrock Palace or Varrock Museum, as well as on its guards' equipment. It shows two crossed dark grey swords on an orange shield on a yellow background. The swords are likely meant to symbolise the city's long military history, most notably the Misthalin–Morytania War and Zemouregal's Invasion of Avarrocka.

It seems that the design on the banner dates from 2013, when RuneScape 3 was released. Prior to this, the flag featured two grey horns intersecting at their points on the same yellow background. The reason for the change remains unknown. However, POH heraldry uses the original crest, and so did Varrock in the Dimension of Disaster uchronia before Zemouregal took over, meaning the two might be used in conjunction.

Sir Renitee of Falador may also set one's family crest to the (original) Varrockian one.

Fremennik[edit | edit source]

Daemonheim[edit | edit source]

The Fremennik stationed at Daemonheim have marked the peninsula with a unique banner not seen elsewhere. It depicts a dark grey, stylised capital upsilon, with two circles taken out, on a blue-grey background with some dark grey lines in the lower two corners and a semicircle at the top, all with the same dark grey rim.

Gunnarsgrunn[edit | edit source]

The Barbarian Village now known as Gunnarsgrunn is dotted with standards bearing the flag of the Fremennik invaders that had conducted the Runecrafting Crusades. It depicts the barbarians' preferred weapon, the contour of a battleaxe in cream, on a brown background with two parallel, horizontal, cream lines at the bottom.

Prior to the village's graphical update in 2010 that also gave it an official name, the banner bore a red battleaxe on a forest green background, with some yellow at the top. It should be obvious that the symbolism has not changed.

Jatizso[edit | edit source]

The heavily fortified Fremennik island Jatizso is ruled by the greedy King Gjuki Sorvott IV, whose wealth is likely to be symbolised on the islands flag. Alternatively, it may be a reference to an undiscovered historical fact concerning King Jatizso. Said flag appears to show a golden ring with one large and one small glowing emerald embedded, on a light grey background. The same ring emblem is also found inside King Sorvott's throne room.

Neitiznot[edit | edit source]

The rival island Neitiznot likewise displays its standard around the island. These banners feature a rounded, dark grey, equilateral triangle with a circle left out in the centre and two cream horns protruding upwards from its sides, on a yellow background. It is almost certain that the helmet pattern on the flag represents the Honour Guard, the island's burgher's personal guard, who wear similar horned helmets.

Rellekka[edit | edit source]

The most populous settlement of the mainland Fremennik, Rellekka is found by the south-eastern shore of the Lunar Sea. Its standard is fairly simple; a wooden Fremennik roundshield on a brown background, most likely representing the Fremennik people. Although the banner was previously seen everywhere around Rellekka, the return of subsequent demise of V------ at the beginning of the Sixth Age prompted the Rellekkans to replace all banners with ones bearing a stylised letter 'V' in his honour.

These banners were added with the release of Hero's Welcome in 2015. Rellekka had no discernible flag prior to this.

Other regions[edit | edit source]

Al Kharid[edit | edit source]

The prosperous emirate of Al Kharid has a flag that is true to the Kharidian tradition. It depicts a stylised golden sun with eight rays, representing the Menaphite Pantheon, on a purple background. While only Al Kharid palace bears actual banners on its walls, the sun emblem is found elsewhere around the city. The bottom ray is notable for looking different; it is speculated to represent a path or journey.[1]

This flag was added to Al Kharid with its 2012 graphical update.

Dorgesh-Kaan[edit | edit source]

The Republic of Dorgesh-Kaan, home to the Dorgeshuun tribe of goblins, has an interesting flag insofar as it depicts their defied historical ancestry. The flag consists of a burgundy background, fading towards the bottom, with the original symbol of the Dorgeshuun as created by the Big High War God displayed thrice. This flag is found in the Dorgeshuun's only settlement, the great underground city of Dorgesh-Kaan.

Gnome Empire[edit | edit source]

In spite of being divided largely into the Tree Gnome Stronghold and Village, the Gnome Empire uses one flag, which dates to at least the Fourth Age. It depicts a white leaf, its petiole replaced with a sword pointing downward, both with a black outline, on a brown background with two parallel white bands at the bottom. The leaf most likely represents the gnomes' affinity with nature, while the sword may symbolise their not-to-be-underestimated military prowess.

The standard is found all around the Tree Gnome Stronghold and the Khazard Battlefield. It was also carried at the Battle of Atarisundri. Prior to the gnome lands' graphical update in 2012, the gnomes' banner was simply that of Asgarnia (almost certainly by coincidence) but with green colours.

Khazard Fight Arena[edit | edit source]

Having amassed a large human following over the decades, General Khazard has marked his territory in central Kandarin with his own flag. It clearly displays his allegiance to Zamorak, featuring the chaos god's symbol, in gold, on a brown background.

New Varrock[edit | edit source]

In the uchronia visited during Dimension of Disaster, the Mahjarrat Zemouregal has taken over Varrock successfully and completely redesigned it to his own liking. In particular, he has adopted a new flag, based on Varrock's own. It depicts two interlocked grey horns as in the Varrock crest, holding a green gemstone up by chains between them, probably representing Zemouregal's forehead gem, all on a vermilion background.

Organisations[edit | edit source]

10th Squad[edit | edit source]

The 10th Squad regiment of the gnomish Royal Guard is an elite unit currently operating on Ape Atoll. Its sigil is a light green leaf with a yellow-hilted sword replacing its petiole. This is an obvious emulation of the national emblem of the Gnome Empire. It is found on the uniforms of the 10th Squad's members.

Prior to the gnomes' graphical update in 2011, the 10th Squad's sigil was a yellow 'turnip' with two red ribbons.

A.R.M.S.[edit | edit source]

The Army Recruitment and Mobilisation Society, operating throughout the Unquiet Ocean from its command centre in the Feldip Hills, has a conspicuous emblem that may be found on all of its members' uniforms and on large banners in its base. It depicts a golden rook, likely representing strategy, on a blue background with a gold rim.

Dagon'hai[edit | edit source]

The Zamorakian wizarding order of the Dagon'hai, whilst still in hiding from the authorities of Misthalin, still display their symbol on their robes and other affiliated items. It is best described as a stylised black face on a golden background.

Heroes' Guild[edit | edit source]

The famous Heroes' Guild, located on the southern fringes of Burthorpe, celebrates its accomplished adventurers with a large banner depicting a white compass rose on a sky blue background with a white trim.

H.A.M.[edit | edit source]

The notorious Humans Against Monsters cult, based in Lumbridge, have adorned their headquarters with numerous banners depicting their logo. True to the organisation's goals, this is a fist smashing through an animalistic skull on what they describe as a 'vivid crimson' background.

Their standard robes, equal in colour, still feature their old logo, that was replaced by the current one with the release of RuneScape 3. This features the stylised letters "HAM" in green and red.

Legends' Guild[edit | edit source]

In honour of its members' legendary feats, the Legends' Guild east of Ardougne is decorated with its own sky blue banners, the emblem on which - a stylised white dragon - is also found on various pieces of ceremonial equipment inside the guild.

The Myreque[edit | edit source]

The Myreque, when still active, had the custom to mark their secret bases with various images of a silver sickle, their traditional weapon to combat the vampyres. Inside their hideouts, such sickle on a purple banner was not an uncommon sight. In the ghettoes of Meiyerditch, they would most often mark strategic points with a painted silhouette of a sickle.

Void Knights[edit | edit source]

The order of the Void Knights have a banner that reflects their allegiance to Guthix. Found everywhere around their outpost in the Unquiet Ocean, the usually forked banners depict a white, angular equivalence symbol, representing balance or equilibrium, n a background that combines multiple shades of grey. The latter is possibly a reference to the tenets of the Void Knight guardians, justiciars and executioners. Other variants of their flag depict the equivalence symbol on a uniform dark grey background. This symbol is also found on their equipment, documents, et cetera.

Wizards' Tower[edit | edit source]

The splendid Wizards' Tower in southern Misthalin proudly hangs its banners from its high walls. Found on a vividly blue background with golden vertical rims, their emblem appears to be the outline of the Saradomin star with a circle in its centre, surrounded by a ring with four symbols resembling circles with an ellipse attached, each pointing away from the star, all in gold. It is likely that this symbol was adopted by the archmages of the new tower, built after the original tower's destruction in 70 of the Fifth Age, a theory supported by the prominence of the star of Saradomin in it. Additionally, the remaining ruins of the old tower appear to feature no discernible symbol that was used by all four wizard's orders.

The current banner was added with the tower's graphical update in 2012; prior to this update, the tower did not have any particular flags or symbols.

Trade Octagon companies[edit | edit source]

The companies of the Trade Octagon of Keldagrim, most notably the eight that make up the Consortium, each have their own symbol. It is generally found on banners that mark their offices, company-owned shops and projects such as the Blast Furnace. During the Age of Prosperity, when the Consortium ruled Keldagrim, standards bearing the emblem of the collective Trade Octagon were borne in battle as well. This is an octagonal annulus with a grey border, divided into eight differently coloured segments representing the eight companies, on a black background. The banners of the current eight companies, as well as the Red Axe's, who were part of the Consortium until their departure, are as follows:

References[edit | edit source]

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