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Rune guardian (death) chathead.png

Death rune guardian - Glemmo - A rather rocky fellow. Best friends with Rock, on that matter. Usually tells me stuff I really don't need to know. Cute anyway. Do not cuddle him to avoid being imbued with death energy.

Gecko (red) chathead.png

Red gecko - Wilfrie - A cute lizard native to Kharazi. I managed to rescue him before he was eaten by a jungle wolf. I didn't even know wolves eat lizards but nothing is normal in Kharazi Jungle.

Platypus (grey) chathead.png

Platypus - Professor Plato - Professor Plato of the University of Oo'glog (he was the only student, teacher, class pet platypus and the Unviersity was yet to be opened) is an incredibly smart platypus, who enjoys speaking in rather confusing ways that confuzzle me. Hm. Pleonasm. He also likes mud. He comes from the Feldip Colony of Local Platypodes.

Broav chathead.png

Broav - Sniffs - This boar... thing is a very rare creature from the Feldip Hills. I caught one anyway, and he agreed to help me locate Movario's base, just north of the Khazardian territory, in exchange for some mushrooms. He sure loves fungi.

Penguin (brown) chathead.png

Penguin - Perry - I got him when he was just an egg in the Ardougne Zoo, after he which he was incubated in Yanille. He is adorable, although I sometimes think he's planning to kill me. I came home once and saw him playing with my cleaver. At least, I hope it was playing and the blueprints of my house he was sitting on were there by accident.

Tooth creature chathead.png

Tooth creature - Fangy - A gift (ish) from the Fairy General after having helped in dispatching the Fairy Mafia and their orks. He is a healthy bunch of teeth and likes cabbage and milk. And cabbage.

Giant crab (red) chathead.png

Giant crab - Pincey - I bought this fella in the seas under Port Khazard, where many crabs are held by mogres. Nung gave me him in exchange for a token. The moment he tried to cut my hand off, I knew we were buddies for life.

Squirrel (dark brown) chathead.png

Brown squirrel - DOG - Likes dogs. Smells funny. Caught 'er north of the White City of Falador. Likes nuts. Allergic to pie.

Wily hellcat chathead.png

Wily hellcat - Sliske - My best companion, once known as Grabby. Together, we had many adventures. We traversed a Sophanite pyramid, defiled Amascut and united Bob with Neite. She enjoys catching rodents, eating demonic flesh and overall has plans to kill me, her servant, no-fur.

Pet rock detail.png

Rock - Rock - Askeladden gave me a rock. I took care of it. He enjoys playing fetch and me telling him ooga booga googa. Other than that, he blends it with my house. Too bad he lives in an arctic habitat.

Eek chathead.png

Spider - Eek - Eek is an adorable young spider who doesn't know a lot of the human world. The Spider Queen herself lent her to me and after helping Grim Reaper, we decided to stay together. She would like to have man powers to become ManSpider. Or a genetically modified mouse. Or a giant eight-legged octopus.

Mackers chathead.png

Turkey - Mackers - This poultry pioneer eats cake and nothing but cake. Only my cake though, he won't eat other people's cakes... He used to be part of a protest team led by Captain Turkerton.

Sparkles chathead.png

Plastic - Sparkles - An aniamted tinsel snake that has stolen her hat from Santa. It's good at the number game I've invented. Sedridor allowed me to take her after she was robbing Kris and Kringle's kitchen for pudding - just to annoy the wizards.

Snow imp chathead.png

Snow Imp - Rasmus - A good and mischievous friend of mine. He was particularly helpful in stopping Ebenezer Scourge from completely ruining a christmas party. Unfortunately, he is usually busy in the Land of Snow and thus I don't see him very often.

Banner carrier chathead.png

Imp - Muffins - Muffins carries a banner that proclaims my victory over the Champion of Skeletons. He is a funny guy - he enjoys tempering with werewolves' boots. He's painted Lev's blue, that is. He also claims to be more than one imp. O_O

Baby Troll chathead.png

Troll - Short green guy - A very cute baby troll, formerly known as 1/2 p'apple pizza. Ozan found him in a cave which used to be the Burthorpe Mine. He is the son of the recently deceased troll general. An incredibly weak general though. He thinks he is tough, but all he thinks about is food. He is known for eating many pieces of the Taverley Pet Shop and thinking I'm his mummy, daddy or dinner.

Corgi chathead.png

Corgi - Waffles - The favourite breed of Her Majesty the Queen. I haven't seen the entirety of her, just HER ROYAL HAND. She visited Varrock on her Diamond Jubilee and I had to help Minnie Coop collect corgis to prepare. Then I was to keep one. Waffles likes slaying evil monsters with me. She considers rats evil monsters.

Ex-ex-parrot chathead.png

Ex-ex-parrot - Skelly - A dead parrot once property of Achmed the Brutally Violent. He was very violent. A lousy pirate called Mufassah who enjoys my suffering gave me its body and demanded that I take care of it. I managed to resurrect it at a very odd stone slab and now it's my undead companion. Sort of. Skelly's rather creepy...

Guthix raptor chathead.png

Raptor - Harold - Named after my favourite Guardian of Guthix, this fearsome yet adorable raptor walks proudly, flies high and eats bird seed hungrily in honour of the fallen god. He is also in for a good ol' stroke and likes chasing (and eating) mice. He is a good friend of Skelly. Somehow...

Pig (pet) chathead.png

Pig - Dr. Albert Snuffles - Offspring of the legendary Pigzilla, this pig is large and I mean LARGE. He is fairly cute, but often gets tired and needs to rest. He does have this weird craving for eating bones though. I suspect this is the result of a childhood issue involving people and poison.