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The quest is on the RSOF now, please leave all your comments there in the thread.

My greatest work in the making since Druid in Distress (which Chewy ate =()! High requirements, but I hope the length and storyline make up for it. Please post any suggestions on the talk page, but wait until it's finished. ;)

Chronological list of appearing NPCs[edit | edit source]

Chronological list of featured locations[edit | edit source]

The Prince's Birthday[edit | edit source]

Speak to Major Nigel. After his usual greetings, pick the "Is everything all right?" option.

  • <insert name here>: Goodday, Major. Is everything all right now that you can cope with the trolls?
  • Nigel: Hello again, <insert name here>! Burthorpe is still a target for those dratted barbarians, but we are more than capable of holding them back, thanks to you.
  • Nigel: Actually, there is one thing though... I assume you've heard of the crown prince of Asgarnia, his majesty Prince Anlaf?
    • 1 <insert name here>: No, what's with him?
    • Nigel: Ah, well, to summarise it, the Imperial Guard and the White Knights of Falador don't particularly go along very well. Prince Anlaf resides here in Burthorpe. If it wasn't for him, Falador would have run us under by now. But we stand strong and we will show them that Burthorpe is as much a mighty city as Falador!
    • <insert name here>: I see. Now what's the matter with him?
    • 2 <insert name here>: Yes. He is the son of King Vallance and under him Burthorpe declared itself independent from Falador. I believe he has not shown his face for a while.
    • Nigel: In a nutshell, yes.
  • Nigel: Anyway, now that the White Knights are busy with other affairs and the troll threat has become slightly less dire, the prince has decided to get out of the castle and show himself again.
  • <insert name here>: Great. What's that got to do with me?
  • Nigel: *mumbles* so insolent... *mumbles*
  • Nigel: His Majesty is celebrating his birthday soon and perhaps you would like to help organise the procession? I believe our herald Thorric needs some aid.
    • 1 <insert name here>: I don't particularly feel like preparing some guy's birthday while I could be slaying zombies elsewhere.
    • Nigel: Some guy? He happens to be the crown prince of Asgarnia!
    • <insert name here>: I don't particularly feel like preparing some royal guy's birthday while I could be slaying zombies elsewhere.
    • Nigel: Fair enough. Come back when you feel like it then.
    • 2 <insert name here>: Really? That'd be an honour!
    • Nigel: Splendid, splendid. I suggest you go to Thorric and ask what you could do. He is on the first floor of the castle. Good luck!

Yay, you have started the quest. Have a cookie. Now enter Burthorpe Castle and go upstairs. A scroll-flocked herald will be standing there.

  • <insert name here>: Hello! You must be Thorric.
  • Thorric: ...and the catering, oh dear, I still need to give Eadburg the list...
  • <insert name here>: Err... excuse me?
  • Thorric: ...mister Oval is making designs for the guards' uniforms' decoration, but...
  • <insert name here>: Excuse me...
  • Thorric: ...I'll have to inform Captain Jute of the tightened security...
  • <insert name here>: EXCUSE ME!
  • Thorric: YIPE!
  • Thorric: Don't sneak up on me like that!
  • Thorric: Are you here with the ceremonial weaponry? I've assigned Corporal Boothe to handle that, please go to him. He is--
  • <insert name here>: Would you please listen?
  • Thorric: Make it quick, I'm a busy man!
  • <insert name here>: The major sent me. I'm here to help you make stuff ready for Prince Anlaf's birthday.
  • Thorric: Oh, marvellous. Excuse my rudeness.
  • <insert name here>: No problem. So, what can I do?
  • Thorric: Uh, let's see, I have a small number of tasks. Let's see how you do that. Could you please hand this list of food to our cook downstairs? Come back to me afterwards.
  • <insert name here>: Great. The world is being invaded by pests and what not and I'm assigning cooks...
  • Thorric: What was that?
  • <insert name here>: Nothing, I'm off..

Hurray, your first heroic deed. Take the List of food to Eadburg downstairs.

  • Eadburg: 'Ello.
  • <insert name here>: Hi. Herald Thorric asked me to pass you this.
  • Eadburg: Lemme see that.
  • Eadburg: Gadzooks, that old man thinks I'm some cooking machine.
  • <insert name here>: Er.. need any help? I'm an adept chef, if I say so myself...
  • Eadburg: You've slain trolls with thoset hands. I'm not letting you anywhere near my kitchen. No, you go back to the old wrench and tell him I'm on it.
  • <insert name here>: Alidocious, thanks.

Go back to Thorric.

  • <insert name here>: So, I've delivered the list.
  • Thorric: Good.
  • Thorric: What took you so long?
  • <insert name here>: Anything. Else. I. Could. Do. Sir.
  • Thorric: As a matter of fact, yes. You are a powerful adventurer, aren't you?
  • <insert name here>: I'm starting to like this.
  • Thorric: Do you have access to the Warriors' Guild? Personally, I'd have gone there yesterday, but last time I tried that little gnome wouldn't let me through. The large man who was there earlier didn't even stop me, he just looked at me in a way that made my blood run cold and I ran for my life. Wonder why he's gone.
  • <insert name here>: He bravely perished while apprehending an extremely powerful Mahjarat known as Lucien.
  • Thorric: ...ah. Well, a pity. He seemed... nice...
  • Thorric: Anyhoos, are you able to get into the guild?
  • <insert name here>: Yes, why?
  • Thorric: Due to the magnitude of the event, we expect our enemies to try and pull something. His Majesty did not wish to cancel the event for that, but I've managed to convince him to sharpen security. We need some combat masters from the guild to guard us. Could you go there and recruit them? Just send them to me and I'll assign them their jobs.
  • <insert name here>: No problem.

Exit the castle and enter the Warriors' Guild. Speak to Harrallak Menarous. Pick the Birthday option.

  • Harrallak: Yes, what is it?
  • <insert name here>: You will have heard of Anlaf's birthday procession. Burthorpe's herald wants security sharpened and requires men from your guild to help guard the area during the event. He's not a particularly pleasant man though, so you may refuse.
  • Harrallak: Sure. Last time my men went into the field didn't end well *sob*, but I trust that there be no casualties for this job.
  • <insert name here>: You may refuse.
  • Harrallak: But it's fine. Ask Ajjat, Yadech and Shanomi, they'll be eager to help.
  • <insert name here>: You can still back out, no problem.
  • Harrallak: Are you all right?
  • <insert name here>: I'll go ask them then...
  • Harrallak: Must've had a blow too many...

Dialogue is the same for every of the three warriors after picking the birthday option, so I'll substitute their names for 'warrior'.

  • <insert name here>: The herald of Burthorpe requests that you help guard the town during Prince Anlaf's procession. Would you please do that?
  • Warrior: Have you spoken to Harrallak yet?
  • <insert name here>: Yes, he's fine with it.
  • Warrior: Well, count me in then! What should I do?
  • <insert name here>: You should go to the herald upstairs in the castle, he'll instruct you further.
  • Warrior: Okey dokey. I'll be there.

Return to Thorric after all three warriors have agreed to help. They will be standing in the room as well.

  • Thorric: Ah, you're back. Good news, everything is set up and the procession is to start shortly!
  • <insert name here>: That's great!
  • Thorric: Are you ready to admire the beauty of it?
    • 1 <insert name here>: Not yet, I still have some stuff to do.
    • Thorric: Fair enough. Don't be gone long though, we won't wait for you! [of course, the quest will not go on without you :P]
    • 2 <insert name here>: Yes, of course! Let's finish business and celebrate!
    • Thorric: Excellent! You go down and get yourself a nice view. Gentlemen, please follow me to your posts...

Screen fades and a cutscene starts. You are standing in front of Burthorpe Castle, along with many other... Burthorpians, cheering. Guards and archers are positioned around. A shot of Yadech patrolling the south-eastern entrance at the Heroes' Guild (he is whistling), then a shot of Ajjat standing by the south-western entrance (west of the Stone Circle) and finally Shanomi playing rock-paper-scissors with the wall guard at the north-western "entrance". Back to the castle. The doors swing open, a number of guards come out, followed by the cheerful prince. He is wearing colourful clothes and a shiny crown, and waves to the crowd. The perspective changes to someone in the bushes, suddenly rising and charging towards Yadech, who is looking the other way. Screen goes black, then an arrow is fired towards the prince. As he is almost hit, a guard jumps in front of it and dies momentarily. A frightened prince and his guards flee into the castle, and the crowd dissolves in panic. Cutscene ends.

This Means War[edit | edit source]

  • <insert name here>: Holy Guthix, what was that?!

A guard will come out of the castle.

  • Guard: <insert name here>?
  • <insert name here>: Yes. What's happened?!
  • Guard: Please follow me. The Prince requests to see you.

Ajjat and Shanomi hurry towards you.

  • Ajjat: Wait, where's Yadech?

Yadech slowly walks to the scene, rubbing his head and looking a bit dizzy.

  • Yadech: Oof... that was mighty blow, even for Yadech's strong head.
  • Shanomi: Yadech, what happened?
  • Yadech: Yadech don't know. Someone tackled Yadech and knocked Yadech out. Yadech is sorry...
  • Ajjat: It's okay, the prince is safe. That can't be said for his bodyguard though...
  • Shanomi: On duty died he the prince protecting. Noble it was. Just like Sloane and Ghommal.
  • Guard: Please come inside. Prince Anlaf would like to speak to you.

The five of you go inside. A cutscene starts.

  • Ajjat: Your majesty! It is an honour to meet you.
  • Anlaf: Thank you, but skip the politeness for now.
  • Yadech: Yadech apologises for letting his guard down.
  • Anlaf: No matter. You are the best we could get. This guy was good.
  • <insert name here>: Excuse me, but why are we here?
  • Anlaf: I'd like to know what is going on. I don't think this was a mere incident. This was a thoroughly planned assassination and I need to find out who was behind it. Will you help me investigate?
  • Shanomi: Of course, your majesty.
  • Anlaf: Does the arrow tell you anything?

A guard presents the shot arrow on the table.

  • <insert name here>: Looks like an ordinary arrow to me...
  • Ajjat: By Saradomin's beard! I recognise that!
  • Anlaf: Yes?
  • Ajjat: Those aren't just any arrows. I know only one kind of archer who uses these arrows.
  • <insert name here>: Who?
  • Ajjat: Kinshra archers. These arrows are specially made by the Kinshra's blacksmiths and fletchers. The design is unique. Here, look at this symbol of Zamorak on the shaft. And the initials UT on the other side.
  • Anlaf: What is US?
  • Ajjat: They are supposed to be of the current Lord of the Kinshra. I suppose it is no longer Lord Shadwell. I left the Kinshra under his rule.
  • <insert name here>: It should stand for Daquarius Rennard, he's the current lord. I've had encounters with him. We allied in the last one though. Perhaps I could talk to him?
  • Ajjat: I doubt it. If he is behind this, then this is a declaration of war against Burthorpe. Against Asgarnia. Just like five years ago. But it says US and not DR... Who is US?
  • Anlaf: What do we do? The Imperial Guard may be able to hold off trolls, but we are doomed against the army of the Kinshra!
  • Ajjat: As much as I dislike this suggestion, your majesty, we must ally ourselves with the White Knights of Falador to even stand a chance.
  • Anlaf: WHAT?! I'd rather be tortured by whatever cruel black bloody knight they can find than to cooperate with the so called noble White Knights of Shmalador!
  • Ajjat: I understand that--
  • Anlaf: NO! There must be something else we can do! In addition, what would we do? I can't just walk in there and demand that they aid us? They'd incarcerate me right away! Also, now that my father has fallen ill, I have no influence whatsoever there. Ugh, ill... I bet he's been poisoned by those foul "knights"!
  • <insert name here>: If I may intervene here, I'm an ally of both Burthorpe and Falador. I have been on various missions and worked my way up in Temple and White Knight ranks. I can rely on Sir Amik Varze helping me, probably.
  • Anlaf: But...
  • Shanomi: Right he is, believe I, your majesty.
  • Anlaf: You speak funny...
  • Shanomi: Thus my nature is.
  • Ajjat: The two organisations don't even have to work together, as long as you do not try to bash each others' heads in. Please, your majesty, we have to show our support.
  • <insert name here>: I am quite good at making alliances between enemies, prince. In fact, I have once had the Kinshra and the Temple Knights work alongside each other.
  • Anlaf: Yes, the incident with Melville Grayzag and his pests... I heard about that.
  • Anlaf: Hm...
  • Anlaf: Are you sure this is the only way?
  • Yadech: Yadech doesn't know much about politics, but when goblins or rogues attack barbarian tribe, we all work together to end threat, even if we don't get along too well. Like Yadech once did not like Battan, but we fought together when oversized cockroach invaded village. After victory Yadech hit him with my club. Hard.
  • Anlaf: You're saying I should hit that old vase that has taken my father's with a wooden club?
  • Ajjat: Your majesty, please.
  • <insert name here>: You could even stay here, I'll be the diplomat.
  • Anlaf: ...
  • Anlaf: Ugh... fine then. You go to Falador and investigate. Please report to me once you have found something I should know.
  • <insert name here>: Thank you. I'll be off now then.
  • Ajjat: I'll join you. My knowledge could very well come in handy.
  • Shanomi: To the guild will return Yadech and I. Good luck to you, Ajjat and <insert name here>.
  • Ajjat: Thanks, we'll be fine. Let's go.

There Has Been A Murder[edit | edit source]

Cutscene ends. Shanomi and Yadech depart and Ajjat follows you. Go to Falador through Taverley. Two white knights block the bridge to the Castle.

  • <insert name here>: What's this? Let us through please.
  • Knight: Sorry, closed. Crime scene. Please leave, only for high-ranked White and Temple Knights.
  • <insert name here>: I am a proselyte Temple Knight.
  • Knight: Please leave, sir.
  • Ajjat: We're not going to get in here. Any ideas?
  • <insert name here>: Yes. Sir Tiffy.
  • Ajjat: Who?
  • <insert name here>: Head of recruitment for the Temple Knights. We should be able to get in with him.

Go to Sir Tiffy Cashien. He is on his usual bench with his never-ending cup of tea in Falador Park.

  • Tiffy: Good day, proselyte!
  • <insert name here>: Hello, Sir Tiffy.
  • <insert name here>: Why can't we enter the castle?
  • Tiffy: What do you mean, old bean?
  • Ajjat: Knights block off the bridge to the castle, Sir. Claim it's a crime scene.
  • Tiffy: And you were?
  • Ajjat: My name is Ajjat. I am the master of tactical attacking in the Warriors' Guild and, to my regret, a former Kinshra soldier.
  • Tiffy: Ah, well, no hard feelings. Nice to meet you, teabag. What was this about a crime scene? If there is any crime scene, I should have been informed first. Let's go, fellas. With me we should be in in a jiffy.

With Tiffy and Ajjat following you, go back to the bridge.

  • Tiffy: Step aside please, lads.
  • Knight: Sir Tiffy.

The knights let you through. A cutscene starts. You walk through the courtyard towards the eastern room, where Akrisae, Silif, Idria and Thaerisk were during While Guthix Sleeps. If you haven't done ROTM (which means they are still there), Thaerisk will be temporarily back in Taverley, Idria back at the Guardians and Akrisae at the Monestary for business. They will return after Ajjat returns to Burthorpe. Perspective shows from inside the room, so facing you. Door swings open.

  • Tiffy: What is go--
  • Tiffy: By Saradomin's dense eyebrows!
  • <insert name here>: Oh no. Oh, oh no...

Perspective changes and you see your ally Silif lying dead on the ground.

  • Tiffy: Silif? Silif, old bean!
  • <insert name here>: Tiffy, he's...
  • Tiffy: What foul creature has done this?
  • <insert name here>: The cell!

Perspective changes to the prison cell. The door is open and the cage is empty.

  • <insert name here>: SUROK!
  • Tiffy: Oh dear... This is bad, very very bad.
  • Ajjat: What is going on?
  • <insert name here>: That's Silif, the assistant of Akrisae Kolluym, a priest. He was supposed to guard Surok Magis in his cell while Akrisae is gone, but Surok has somehow managed to escape. We clearly underestimated him. It appears that Surok has murdered him...
  • Ajjat: That doesn't sound good. Who is this Surok anyway?
  • <insert name here>: Surok is the leader of the Zamorakian Dagon'hai order. I first met him in the library of Varrock, where I accidentally helped him take control of King Roald's mind so that he could take over Misthalin, but we managed to stop him with help from the Varrock Palace Secret Guard. He somehow escaped the library and fled into the Chaos Tunnels, where I defeated his bodyguard Bork and he fled again. He was recruited by Lucien as Dark Squall and commanded the Kinshra and elite dark knights in the Black Knights' Catacombs, but I managed to teleport him here for interrogation. But now he has escaped.
  • Ajjat: Well, we must find him!
  • Tiffy: Hm.. suppose he's back at the Kinshra...
  • <insert name here>: I don't see why. Lucien has the Stone of Jas/is dead [dependent on whether or not you did ROTM] so he would be working on his own. But in that case he'd go back to the Dagon'hai...
  • Ajjat: First the assassination, now this...
  • Tiffy: Assassination?
  • <insert name here>: Oh right. A Kinshra assassin almost killed Prince Anlaf at his birthday procession, but one of his bodyguards took the hit. We think Daquarius is behind it.
  • Tiffy: So you're here for the Imperial Guard then? How'd you get them to agree on coming here, son?
  • Ajjat: Persuasion skills. But please ignore those hostilities this time. It's for a bigger cause.
  • Tiffy: Well, all right, but I don't think Sir Amik will be too happy with this.
  • Ajjat: I'll go get him. Where is he?
  • Tiffy: Third floor, western wing. For some reason, he never leaves that room.

Ajjat departs.

  • Tiffy: Hmm, this is strange. Daquarius must have recruited Surok then. But for what? And how did he even get the message?
  • <insert name here>: I don't know. But our first priority now is to locate Surok. If we are right, he should be in his old base in the catacombs. I'll go there and apprehend him.
  • Tiffy: You seem fit for the job. But you need support. You should take two of my best knights with you. You know them already, Sir Owen and Eva, my niece. They will be waiting for you outside.
  • <insert name here>: Great.

Ajjat comes back.

  • Ajjat: This may be problematic. Sir Amik isn't there and according to some knights, they haven't seen him since the murder. Also, one knight has gone missing too, Sir Ebe Ellym.
  • Tiffy: Who on Gielinor is that? I know all White and Temple Knights, but that name is new to me. Soldier!

A White Knight comes in.

  • Knight: Yes, sir?
  • Tiffy: Who is Sir Ebe Ellym?
  • Knight: A new recruit. He joined us about three days ago. I haven't seen him today, he wasn't present at lunch.
  • Tiffy: Why wasn't I informed of new recruits?!
  • Knight: Sir, I--
  • Tiffy: Ugh, never mind. You are dismissed.
  • Knight: Yes sir.

The knight leaves, cutscene ends.

  • Tiffy: It all fits now.
  • <insert name here>: What?
  • Tiffy: "Sir" Ebe must've been a Kinshra agent, somehow infiltrated our castle, offered the deal to Surok and helped him escape. I suspect they will have taken Sir Amik hostage too, for some reason.
  • <insert name here>: This is terrible.
  • Ajjat: Indeed, is there anything I can do to help?
  • Tiffy: Ajjat, please stay here with me. Tell me everything you know about the Kinshra that could help the investigation.
  • Ajjat: Yes sir.
  • Tiffy: <insert name here>, take Eva and Owen and go to the Kinshra's Fortress. Find Surok and arrest him. Try to find out where they keep Amik and free him. Owen and Eva have all supplies you need. I wish you luck.
  • <insert name here>: Okay. We will return soon.

Go outside. Owen and Eva are standing on Falador Square.

  • Owen: Greetings sir knight.
  • Eva: Hello again, <insert name here>!
  • <insert name here>: Nice to see you, guys.
  • Owen: It's great to finally be on a mission with you. I've heard many positive things about you.
  • Eva: Yes, it'll be fun! My uncle has given us these bugged black knight disguises and commorbs. Where are we going?
  • <insert name here>: That's armour worn by elite Kinshra agents. We're going to the Black Knights' Catacombs and locate Surok and Sir Amik.
  • Owen: Sir Amik?
  • <insert name here>: I'll tell you everything on our way. Let's go now.

To the Rescue![edit | edit source]

Screen fades, you appear at the foot of Ice Mountain. Go north (you all have the bugged elite black armour equipped) and attempt to enter the Fortress.

  • Fortress guard: Halt. The Fortress is not accessible today, you know that.
  • <insert name here>: Erm... we have permission. We must attend... business...
  • Eva: Yes, let us through. Our armour is shinier than yours.
  • Fortress guard: Have you suffered a blow on the head? Commander Colby and his captains are discussing important matters for Lord Umbric.
  • <insert name here>: Lord who?
  • Fortress guard: Lord Umbric... the Lord of the Kinshra...
  • Owen: Isn't that Lord Daquarius?
  • Fortress guard: I'm starting to doubt you're real Kinshra soldiers...
  • Owen: We, er, just returned from a long surveillance mission in, uh...
  • Eva: Draynor! Yes, Draynor. We were spying on Draynor... ians...
  • Fortress guard: Okay... well, I suppose it's not strange that you don't know then...
  • Fortress guard: Daquarius was a weakling. He didn't want war with Falador, it was always planning but in the end nothing would come of it. Corporal Umbric gained a large following and forced Daquarius to abdicate. I don't know where he is now, but he's gone! Lord Umbric is planning once and for all to overthrow Falador! The Kinshra will be victorious!
  • <insert name here>: ...
  • Owen: That's...
  • <insert name here>: ...greaaaaaat...!
  • Eva: Yes, splendid... We're just going... to go... over there now...
  • <insert name here>: Uh, byebye...
  • Fortress guard: Goodbye...
  • Fortress guard: That was strange... Oh well.

The three of you hurry to the west where you cannot be heard.

  • <insert name here>: Oh boy.
  • Owen: This is very grave news. Lord Daquarius was favoured by us because he wasn't as evil and radical as his predecessors.
  • Eva: This Umbric sounds like he's tough.
  • <insert name here>: He must have given Surok command over his old batallion then. He is US!
  • Eva: Who?
  • <insert name here>: The initials of the Lord of the Kinshra on the arrow!
  • Eva: Oh right. So they have made new weaponry to honour him already? Such horrible people. They serve a man loyally and once he's gone they follow the next without any doubt...'
  • Owen: So this Umbric is behind all of this. That confirms it then, Magis is down here.
  • Eva: Yes, but how do we get in? Even elite knights can't get in and all the commanders are already in.
  • Owen: There must be some other way to get in...
  • <insert name here>: Actually, this might work...
  • <insert name here>: That hatch over there leads to the black knights's workshop. With the defeat of Wizard Grayzag, it should be abandoned now.
  • Owen: So?
  • <insert name here>: That means that we can get in and explore further. Surely there is some way into the fortress in there. I doubt this hatch was the main entrance.
  • Eva: Good idea. Let's open the hatch and get in there.

Attempt to open the hatch.

  • <insert name here>: Locked...
  • Owen: Don't give up just yet. Look, it's protected by a three-digit-PIN.
  • Eva: Have we got any idea on what it is?
  • Owen: No, but I think we can guess it, look.
  • Chatbox: Owen tried some combinations and presses some buttons.
  • Owen: Great!
  • <insert name here>: What?
  • Owen: Look, if you try one combination, then the empty slots next to it will start emitting light. Green in a slot probably means that the number in the equivalent number slot is correct, red with a plus in it means that the number in that slot must be higher, it must be lower if it's red with a minus in it and I am not sure what orange means.
  • Eva: Perhaps that the number is correct, but the slot is wrong?
  • Owen: Could be. It seems you have - two, four, six, eight, ten - twelve turns before the PIN resets to something else.
  • <insert name here>: Okay, let's do this.

An interface opens. You have to solve a puzzle very similar to Mastermind, except for a number of differences:

  1. There are numbers in stead of colours, meaning there are 10³ = 1000 possible combinations.
  2. To not make it 10,000, there are only three slots.
  3. Instead of just being red, the "incorrect-light" reveals whether the number should be lower or higher.
  4. You get twelve tries instead of ten

Input a code in the first three slots using the keys given and click 'confirm' for the lights to indicate your correctness. Then, based on that, fill out the second set of slots, etc. If you don't guess it in the given amount of turns, it resets itself and you have to start over. If you succeed, you will hear a click and the interface will close.

  • Eva: Well done!

Open the hatch and climb down. As expected, the place is deserted and the waxwood boxes are gone. Explore the workshop: go to the final room where the void leech used to be (the doors are all unlocked). The cage will be gone, revealing a door. Attempt to open it. It is locked, and you need lockpicks (automatic success, unlike the horrific part of Desert Treasure).

  • Eva: Well done! Let's go inside!
  • Owen: This could be dangerous. Are you ready?
  • <insert name here>: Yes. Comon.

You enter and appear in a tunnel (similar to the Galarpos Dungeon in terms of use). You have to mine away rubble (requires mining) and climb over obstacles (requires agility). There are also tripwires which, when triggered, make part of the ceiling collapse, hitting 25% of your MAXIMUM life points (not your HP level). As they are very hard to spot in the dark area, you can't see them coming, but everywhere where wooden construction is attached to the wall (holding the ceiling), you can search the pole to see the tripwire and step over it (requires Thieving) or, alternatively, carefully take down the posts with a hatchet and then climb over the rubble or mine it away (requires woodcutting and agility/mining). If you fail you take the damage. At the end is a ladder, climb it.

  • <insert name here>: Hnnnnnn!!
  • <insert name here>: Ugh...
  • Owen: What?
  • <insert name here>: The trapdoor won't budge. There must be a crate on it or something.
  • Owen: Let me do this.

Owen stand on the ladder and sticks a dagger in the lock. He pushes and with his other hand opens the trapdoor, then he climbs up and hold it with full strength, then removes the crate. Everyone climbs up. You appear in the basement of the Fortress, where King Arthur was imprisoned (ladder up leads to the secret spot behind the wall, ladder down leads to the Catacombs).

  • Owen: This is the fortress of the Kinshra then. Dark and creepy, fits those rats well.
  • Rat: *squeak*!
  • Owen: Uhm...
  • Eva: So where do we go now?
  • <insert name here>: If we go up, we'll be right next to the conference room. As long as we are quiet, we should remain undiscovered and can eavesdrop on them.
  • Eva: And down?
  • <insert name here>: That's the catacombs. Let's hope these disguises work, otherwise we'll be flocked by dozens of knights, mages and archers. At the end are prison cells and Surok's headquarters.
  • Owen: We should split up. I'll go upstairs, you and Eva rescue Sir Amik.
  • Eva: Oh no you don't. I think you want to bash Kinshra heads in even more than me. You join <insert name here>, I'll overhear the meeting.
  • Owen: What do you think, <insert name here>

Pick who is to join you (does not affect quest progress).

  • <insert name here>: I think you should come with me, Eva/Owen.
  • Eva/Owen: Fair enough. Good luck, Owen/Eva.
  • Owen/Eva: You too. We will meet in Falador, okay? Savant should be able to teleport us back.

Owen/Eva goes upstairs. Go down (make sure to have your elite armour equipped) and follow the path you took in WGS (over the bridge, continue, climb the wall, past the barricades until you appear at the doors). A cutscene starts. Note: I will continue this quest as if you picked Owen to accompany you, but the dialogue would be the same for Eva.

  • Owen: Are we there?
  • <insert name here>: Yes, Surok's base is at the other end of that door.

Camera zooms in on middle door.

  • Owen: Well, no time to lose. Let's go. I think he has Sir Amik with him rather than in one of the prison cells. You escape quite easily, according to your mission report.
  • <insert name here>: Agreed, come on.

You approach the door and halt in front of it.

  • Owen: ...
  • Owen: Well?
  • <insert name here>: I don't know... it somehow looks different...
  • Owen: Are you sure?
  • <insert name here>: I... I don't know, something is very fishy here...
  • Owen: Ah well, this is a case of Saradomin's cat. [obvious pun on Schrödinger's cat]
  • <insert name here>: Saradomin's what?
  • Owen: Never mind. Let's just open the door.

You open the door and are electrocuted, falling to the floor. An elite black knight approaches.

  • Sir Ebe Ellym: Hah! Dark Squall warned us there might be intruders! We were all briefed the door will be securely locked! Donovan!

An elite dark mage walks towards you.

  • Donovan: With pleasure!

He casts a spell on you and you are knocked out. The screen fades and you awaken in the prison cells.

  • Daquarius: Well hello.
  • <insert name here>: Daquarius! Are you being kept here?
  • Daquarius: Evidently. Who are you? Remove your helmet!

Hey, guess what. Lord Daquarius is in the cell adjacent to you! Owen and you take off your helmets.

  • Daquarius: YOU!
  • Daquarius: What the Zamorak are you doing here?!
  • <insert name here>: I'm okay, thank you. We're on a mission to rescue Sir Amik Varze and capture Surok Magis.
  • Daquarius: Surok Magis?
  • <insert name here>: Dark Squall.
  • Daquarius: That traitor! Lucien didn't even mention him commanding my forces and now he has thrown me into jail!
  • Owen: Wasn't that Umbric?
  • Daquarius: And who may you be?
  • Owen: Sir Owen Backtist, Temple Knight acolyte.
  • Daquarius: Oh great, another one of those Saradominist Temple Knights...
  • Owen: Now you--
  • <insert name here>: Stop that! We're not going to get out of here if you keep arguing like goblins over armour colours!
  • Daquarius: Don't think I'm going to help you. Last time was enough for the coming century.
  • <insert name here>: Oh, we don't need your help. We have enough resources on our own to defeat Surok and Umbric. You can stay here and rot in your cell. We'll just assign some fortress guard to be the new Lord of the Kinshra. Wouldn't that be fun!
  • Daquarius: You can't..!
  • <insert name here>: On the other hand, we may get you out of this cell and you help us win this battle.
  • Daquarius: And why would I do that? I'd rather sit here for the rest of my life.
  • <insert name here>: Really? You think Umbric would just let you be here in this nice comfy cell? As soon as he he's taken over Falador he'll send orders to kill you.
  • Daquarius: Take over Falador? Hah, he won't succeed! It takes a devious plan and months of preparation before we can launch an attack.
  • <insert name here>: On the contrary, I bet he's assembling forces right now and just wants to storm the city without any thinking at all.
  • Daquarius: That's terrible!
  • <insert name here>: So here's what we'll do. We'll free you and get you to Falador where you're safe. You'll tell Sir Tiffy--
  • Daquarius: That old tea-drinking oaf?
  • <insert name here>: As I said, you will tell Sir Tiffy everything you know that could help us and you and me will go to the Kinshra's headquarters in Taverley Dungeon and defeat Umbric.
  • Daquarius: What did I say about you invading my secret bases?
  • Owen: Okay, that does it. Let's leave him here.
  • <insert name here>: I believe you're right. Let's ask Savant to teleport us out.

Click anywhere in the cell.

  • Daquarius: Wait!
  • <insert name here>: Yes?
  • Daquarius: What will happen after Umbric is defeated?
  • Owen: I'll answer that. You'll have either been killed by Umbric, or, if you were lucky, you will be arrested and likely executed for your attempt at conquest using the void goo.
  • <insert name here>: But if you help us, we could say a positive thing or two about you and we'll forget about that incident. Heck, you might even be re-instated as Lord of the Kinshra.
  • Daquarius: ...
  • Owen: Hey, does that knight have the orders to kill you over there?
  • Daquarius: Okay, FINE!
  • Daquarius: I'll help you, but only to get rid of those betrayers Dark Squall and Umbric and to get my position back. Right after that I'll get back to plotting against you.
  • <insert name here>: I figured.
  • Daquarius: Oh, and you will never ever infiltrate any Kinshra property again.
  • <insert name here>: We'll see.
  • <insert name here>: Shake hands?
  • Daquarius: *Daquarius seems to mumble some curses, then sticks his hand through the bars*

You shake Daquarius's hand.

  • Daquarius: Now get me out of here so I get avenge myself!
  • <insert name here>: Being worked on.

You use your commorb to contact Savant.

  • <insert name here>: Savant, come in. <insert name here> and Owen here. Do you receive me?
  • Savant: Greet I'm raid r sign ery weak. Are ou ep unde nd?
  • Owen: I think she asked if we're deep undeground...
  • Savant: old on! I'm acing omeone else ext o ou.
  • <insert name here>: Oh, that's just Daquarius again. Say, could you teleport him to Falador?
  • Savant: Ar ou ure?
  • <insert name here>: Yes, we've made a deal. Tell Tiffy he's there to help, despite his last "promise".
  • Savant: I ill try, but ill take while fore the morb ill have ough charg o tel ort thers.
  • <insert name here>: We're counting on you. <insert name here> out.

Nothing happens for a moment.

  • Daquarius: Well? You promised...

Daquarius is teleported and a cutscene begins. He appears in a room of the White Knights' Castle, on top of a table with cards, a few armed white knights sitting around it/

  • Daquarius: teleport me to that cursed... white... ci... ty...

Daquarius does the think emote.

  • Daquarius: Uhm.... helloooo...
  • Daquarius: Have you seen that old, I mean, the honourable Sir Tiffy? We, uh, have an... appointment?

Screen goes back to you.

  • Owen: That's that. Now let's find Magis!
  • <insert name here>: Savant, <insert name here> again. Are you there?
  • <insert name here>: Come in, Savant!
  • <insert name here>: Curses, it must be recharging. We'll go on our own then.
  • Owen: Wait, someone's coming.

The elite dark mage returns.

  • Donovan: Get out, scum.

Donovan unlocks your cell.

  • Owen: What are you--

He teleports you inside Surok's headquarters.

  • Owen: Where are we?
  • <insert name here>: Owen, turn around, NOW!

Camera shifts to your point of view. Dark Squall is laughing evilly and his hands are glowing with power.

  • Dark Squall: Well hello again! It was a while, wasn't it?

He casts a spell on you, binding you to the spot. Owen uses his commorb.

  • Owen: Savant!!
  • Dark Squall: SILENCE!
  • Dark Squall: I failed to dispatch you last time, but this time you cannot escape me!
  • <insert name here>: We will stop you, Surok!
  • Dark Squall: I don't think so...

Dark Squall transforms back into Surok.

  • Owen: Savant, now!
  • Surok Magis: You have meddled enough, <insert name here>. I've been planning my vengeance every minute I was in that stinking cell.
  • Surok Magis: But your life will end shortly and I will have all space I need to reach my goals!
  • <insert name here>: What goals? Where is Sir Amik!
  • Surok Magis: Don't worry. Your little knight friend is not here, he is taken care of my an... acquaintance.
  • Surok Magis: I knew you'd come to rescue him of course, and you've come right into my hands!
  • Owen: Savant, for the love of Saradomin, come in!
  • Savant: Reading you loud and clear, Owen! Some powerful magical source is positively influencing the connection.
  • Surokninja.png PREPARE TO DIE!!

Surok raises his hands and a dark spell grows larger and larger in them. He fires it at you, hitting you both for 99% of your health.

  • Owen: Argh!
  • Owen: That magical source is trying to kill us, and he's quite successful! Get us out of here!
  • Savant: Oh dear, the power meters are going crazy! Don't worry, I'll have you out of there before you can say Falador!
  • Surok Magis: Nobody's leaving! Teleport block!

Surok casts a teleport block on you. Just as it takes effect, you are teleported to safety.

  • <insert name here>: Nice try, Surok. Better luck next time!
  • Surok Magis: NOOOO! You'll be back, I know it!
  • Surok Magis: Calm down, Surok. Anger management...

An Evil Conspiracy[edit | edit source]

You appear in the "conference room" (where Akrisae etc. used to be) of Falador Castle with Daquarius (who has a black eye), Tiffy and Ajjat.

  • <insert name here>: We're safe! Owen, are you all right?
  • Owen: Couldn't be better. Could, actually, but I'm fine.
  • Sir Tiffy: I say, what has happened?
  • Daquarius: Why didn't you follow me?
  • <insert name here>: We wanted to, but the connection with Savant failed and we--
  • <insert name here>: What is wrong with your eye?
  • Sir Tiffy: Hahaha!
  • Daquarius: Shut up, you!
  • Sir Tiffy: Savant made a slight miscalculation in Daquarius's arrival location. He may have interrupted a couple of white knights in their leisure time.
  • Daquarius: Grr...
  • <insert name here>: So, is everyone aware of our deal?
  • Sir Tiffy: Yes, old bean. Frankly, we need him.
  • Ajjat: I'm sorry I couldn't help, Sir Tiffy. I didn't know Temple Knight intelligence was so rich on Kinshra knowledge. You even knew about the secret wardrobe of Lord Shadwell!
  • Daquarius: Come again?
  • Ajjat: Lord Shadwell had a secret wardrobe behind a movable wall, it was huge. He kept--
  • Daquarius: Tell me where it is! I have only got a chest to put--
  • Savant: I'm sorry to interrupt you old ladies, but I'm teleporting in Lady Eva.

Eva is teleported into the room.

  • Eva: ...I said don't!
  • Eva: *BLARG*
  • Eva: I could've walked, you know how I hate magic!
  • Eva: Oh, hello.
  • <insert name here>: Eva, you're safe!
  • Eva: Yes, what happened to you? And what is HE doing here? *points at Daquarius*
  • Sir Tiffy: Don't worry about Daquarius, dear, he is our ally for now.
  • Daquarius: Please don't say that word...
  • Sir Tiffy: Proselyte, report please!
  • <insert name here>: After we got into the basement of the fortress, we split up and Eva went upstairs to eavesdrop on a meeting, while Owen and I traversed the catacombs, although we were captured and put in a cel. After Savant teleported Daquarius, we were teleported into Surok's room. He nearly killed us, but we managed to escape, thanks to Savant. We'll have to take more care next time, and bring supplies. Oh, and, while we were teleporting, Surok strangely remarked that he knew we would come back.
  • Sir Tiffy: Odd. What of Sir Amik?
  • <insert name here>: He wasn't there. He must be kept somewhere else.
  • Sir Tiffy: Thank you. Eva?
  • Eva: I overheard a meeting of one 'General Colby'.
  • <insert name here>: Colby, Colby... Sounds familiar. Ah yes, got it. He thought I was part of Captain Gilroy's team and teleported me to the Kinshra base under Taverley. But wait, did you say general?
  • Daquarius: He is a commander!
  • Eva: Apparently, Umbric gave him a promotion. He will lead the attack on Falador as a reward for his continuous support.
  • Daquarius: Colby, traitor! I'll kill them! Flay them all!
  • Sir Tiffy: Attack on Falador?!
  • Daquarius: Didn't you know? That's how you convinced me in the cell!
  • <insert name here>: Erm... I said I thought so...
  • Daquarius: You...!
  • Eva: Anyway... Colby and some other man were discussing matters with a certain Noctis, who seems to be the leader of the Dark Warriors in the Wilderness. He was promised a hefty money bag for lending his elite warriors to aid in the battle.
  • <insert name here>: Must be the ones in the catacombs.
  • Sir Tiffy: When is this battle? Where will it be!
  • Eva: I don't know, they didn't say. Sorry, uncle Tiffy...
  • Sir Tiffy: Don't be. You've been a great help, all of you.
  • Sir Tiffy: Dark times have once again arisen, and we must prepare for battle. I'll replace Sir Amik while he is missing and assemble the troops.
  • Sir Tiffy: Eva, Owen, you'll be fighting in the front line. Any objections?
  • Owen: Not at all, sir. Duty calls.
  • Eva: Finally some real action!
  • Sir Tiffy: Ajjat, you've done all you can. Please return to Burthorpe as soon as possible and try to get the Imperial Guard to help us. Report everything that has happened to Prince Anlaf. You were right, we should but our differences aside for now and battle a common enemy.
  • Ajjat: At once. It was nice to meet you, Sir Tiffy.
  • Sir Tiffy: Mutual, old bean.
  • <insert name here>: What can I do?
  • Sir Tiffy: You go to Taverley Dungeon and see what you can find out. Try to locate Sir Amik as well. Bring Daquarius to help you.
  • Daquarius: What? Why me!
  • Sir Tiffy: You know where he could be kept. You know every nook of that base. Unless your insinuating that the Kinshra have other major bases?
  • Daquarius: Uh... nooooo.... *shifty*
  • Sir Tiffy: Or we could arrest you where you stand.
  • Daquarius: Fair enough... Take this trinket, <insert name here>. It will teleport us to the base, but follow me carefully!
  • <insert name here>: Is it safe? Who says I won't end up on a rack!
  • Daquarius: I'm a man of my word!
  • <insert name here>: Very well then. What do I do?
  • Daquarius: Rub it and think of Taverley Dungeon. We should appear right at the entrance.
  • Sir Tiffy: Very well. I wish you luck. Owen and Eva, please come and help me for now. Ajjat, farewell.
  • Ajjat: Goodbye and good luck.
  • Daquarius: Ready?
  • <insert name here>: Let's go.

Daquarius and you rub the trinkets and teleport to the Kinshra base. The cutscene ends.

  • <insert name here>: We're there!
  • Daquarius: Of course we're there. Come on.
  • <insert name here>: Hold on there, I lead.
  • Daquarius: Wha--
  • <insert name here>: Or else...
  • Daquarius: Fine. Go. Ahead.

Enter the base and walk towards the big doors leading into the next room. The base is deserted - all black knights are gone.

  • Daquarius: Wait!
  • <insert name here>: What?
  • Daquarius: Listen.

You listen to the door.

  • Colby: So yes, my Lord, our elite troops and the elite dark warriors are all standby. One call to Dark Squall and they're here and ready for action.
  • Umbric: Well done, Colby.
  • Colby: Thank you, my Lord!
  • Daquarius: That son of--
  • <insert name here>: Shush! If they notice us...
  • Umbric: I hope you remember all strategies. We will launch the attack from the north in a few hours. What word from our spies?
  • Rusty: All is safe, they won't expect a thing!
  • Cuffs: No, Lord, it's a perfect place for a battle.
  • Narf: There are only a number of gates and benches and a statue of the evil Saradomin.
  • Jeff: But those can be taken down easily. There are also some ruins of the former walls of the city. We could build the barricades around them.
  • Umbric: Leave the tactics to me, will you. Soon, the entire city will be nothing but ruins!
  • Colby: Hurray! Hail Zamorak! Hail Umbric!
  • Umbric: Yes, yes, now let's go. I have troops to inspect.
  • <insert name here>: There, I heard them teleporting. Let's go inside.
  • Daquarius: Oh, the door is locked.
  • <insert name here>: Uh... drat. Okay, no matter. I could call Savant, ask for lockpicks. Or no, a batallion of Temple Knights. Or a huge pillar to--

Daquarius steps back then kicks in the door. It falls out of its hinges.

  • Daquarius: There we go..
  • <insert name here>: Or we do that.
  • <insert name here>: Any idea where Sir Amik is?
  • Daquarius: He might be in the torturing room.
  • <insert name here>: You have a room solely for torturing?
  • Daquarius: This is not the time for judgement!!
  • Daquarius: Prisoners are kept in cells, located in a room adjacent to the torturing room. That's always securely locked and I have the key on me, so the prison is our best shot.
  • <insert name here>: Where is it?
  • Daquarius: Close your eyes.
  • <insert name here>: This is not the time, Daquarius! Just show me where it is!
  • Daquarius: Fine... Lift the jailer's table. The main prison is through the trapdoor.

Go to the jail cells (where Velrak is) and search the table. You will tilt it and open the trapdoor that is revealed. Go down. You appear in a small, dark room with a number of small cells. Speak to Sir Amik, who is in one of them.

  • <insert name here>: Sir Amik Varze!
  • Amik: <insert name here>? Finally! I was so ashamed that I was captured... Can you get me out?
  • <insert name here>: Probably. Daquarius, where are the keys?
  • Amik: Daquarius?! Watch out, he's in cahoots with Umbric!
  • Daquarius: Say that again and I'll--
  • <insert name here>: Quiet! Sir, Daquarius is with us. Uh, for now. Temporarily. I think. Sort of. It's rather complicated...
  • Amik: My apologies then. You can't blame me for not jumping to that conclusion. Could you free me, oh Lord Daquarius?
  • Daquarius: I don't have the keys, Umbric has stolen them.
  • <insert name here>: Great. Now he's gone and we have no idea where...
  • <insert name here>: Unless...
  • <insert name here>: ...we would come back for him...
  • Daquarius: What are you mumbling about?!
  • Amik: He tends to do that for some reason.
  • <insert name here>: That's it!
  • Daquarius: What's it?
  • <insert name here>: Don't you get it? Surok has the keys! He knew we would come back because he has the key that unlocks Sir Amik's cell!
  • Daquarius: That toffee-nosed cyclops, I'll kill him! Nobody but me should have access to this place!
  • Amik: ...toffee-nosed cyclops?
  • <insert name here>: He tends to do that.
  • <insert name here>: We will come back for you, Sir Amik. I promise that.
  • Daquarius: Just stay here.
  • Amik: ...I think I will.
  • <insert name here>: Savant, come in, <insert name here> here.
  • Savant: Reading you, <insert name here>. Let me guess, you want me to teleport you back to Falador?
  • <insert name here>: With urge please, Savant.
  • Savant: In a moment.
  • Savant: Something next to you is teleport-blocked, I can only get you and Daquarius out.
  • Daquarius: Ah yes, the cells here are magic proof. You will have to wait, knight.
  • Amik: Just go already...
  • <insert name here>: Teleport us two please, Savant.
  • Savant: Right away. Savant over and out.

You are teleported back to Falador.

  • Sir Tiffy: Back already? Where is Sir Amik?
  • <insert name here>: He is being kept prisoner in the Kinshra's base. I'm certain that Surok has the key to unlock his cell, I'm going to confront him.
  • Owen: Eva and I will join you. I need to deal a blow or two to that guy.
  • <insert name here>: We also spied on a meeting between Umbric and Colby. There is a massive attack planned from the north in only a few hours. Evacuate the area immediately!
  • Sir Tiffy: Are you sure, old bean? That's less time than we require.
  • <insert name here>: Unfortunately, it is very true. Those four hikers on the hill to the north aren't just men, they are Kinshra spies. Daquarius, tell Sir Tiffy everything we've heard. I'm off to Surok!
  • Eva: I'll get the black armour.
  • <insert name here>: Not necessary, Surok will have warned them. That won't fool them. Bring the best protection you have.
  • <insert name here>: This is going to be tough, we need to make any last preparations now.
  • Daquarius: Here are three trinkets, they should get you directly to the fortress.
  • <insert name here>: Thank you, Daquarius. And I mean it.
  • <insert name here>: Okay, let's go!

Surok's Showdown[edit | edit source]

Prepare for battle, then give a trinket to Owen and Eva and rub yours. You appear in front of the movable wall in the Fortress.

  • Owen: No way back now. Is everyone ready?
  • Eva: Ready and eager to smite some black knights.
  • <insert name here>: Come on.

Push the wall, go down, go down again to enter the catacombs. Dark Squall is standing on the large stone stairs.

  • Dark Squall: Welcome back! Is this what you're looking for?
  • Chatbox: Surok takes out a key and waves it in front of you.
  • Eva: That's him?
  • <insert name here>: Yes. Surok, you are under arrest! Turn yourself in now!
  • Dark Squall: I don't think so.
  • Owen: Give in, you monster!
  • <insert name here>: I don't want to fight you!
  • Dark Squall: I do.
  • Chatbox: Surok chants something that immensely amplifies his voice.
  • Dark Squall: Men, those are intruders here to kill me. Slay them all!
  • Dark Squall: Mwahahahaha, let's see how you handle this! I'll meet you at the end, if you manage to survive.

Dark Squall teleports to his base and you are attacked by all the knights (climbing up and back down will just replay the cutscene, you cannot avoid the attacks). At the end, you will see Dark Squall run through his door.

  • Eva: Come on!
  • Owen: Wait, the electricity!
  • <insert name here>: He entered, didn't he?

Enter the door. Dark Squall is standing by the ladder to his, er, hideout.

  • Dark Squall: Guards, attack!
  • <insert name here>: There are too many of them!
  • Owen: Go, we'll hold them off.
  • Eva: We need reinforcements.
  • Eva: Savant, Eva here, come in, we need you now!
  • Savant: Reading you, Eva. Be wary, the battery charge is decreasing by the second. Would you like me to teleport you?
  • Eva: No, the opposite! Send us troops! Anyone you can get, we need aid!
  • Savant: Hang in there, Eva, I'll see who's available.
  • Eva: Savant!
  • Savant: Got it. Ren and Tinley are standby, they're coming in...
  • Savant: ...NOW!

Sir Tinley, Sir Ren Itchood and a dozen of Temple Knights teleport in.

  • Eva: Thank you, Savant! Eva out.
  • Savant: Good luck!
  • Tinley: What did you need us f--
  • Tinley: By Saradomin's beard, elite Kinshra soldiers!
  • Ren: Get ready, men. Attack!

A battle breaks out between the Temple Knights and the Black Knights and Dark Knights.

  • Owen: We'll manage now, <insert name here>, go after Surok!
  • Dark Squall: Dacqua ware hinco um dar!

Camera shifts to a corner of the room where, surprisingly, no knights were standing at all. How convenient? Anyway, rocks of the wall come together and materialise to form... Bork!

  • Dark Squall: Bork, crush these meddlers!
  • Bork: Bork smash humans!
  • <insert name here>: Not him again! You can't handle him alone!
  • Owen: Go, we'll manage!
  • Eva: Get Surok!

Eva and Owen initiate battle with Bork, dodging his mighty axe. Dark Squall climbs up the ladder. Follow him if you're ready for battle. Without emergency teleport, the only means of escape are victory and death.

  • <insert name here>: Halt, Surok! It ends here.

Dark Squall transforms again.

  • Surok: Yes, for YOU!
  • Surok: You think you can defeat me, Surok Magis, leader of the Dagon'hai?
  • Surok: But now you don't have your friends to help you. You are all by yourself now and I'm going to enjoy crushing you like a bug.
  • Surok: I have to thank you though. You were the most fun I've ever had, chasing me through the Chaos Tunnels and all that.
  • Surok: But now you've interfered for the last time.

Surok casts a spell that covers the ladder with a rock.

  • <insert name here>: Oh boy...
  • Surok: Farewell, <insert name here>, it was nice knowing you.
  • Surok: Oh dear, I believe I'm lying.
  • Surok: Hahahahahahaha!

A very cool music track starts to play, which is a longer and more epic version of Surok's Theme. :P Surok attacks you with his trademark purple orbs, having a max hit of 400. His attacks are quite accurate, but wearing black dragonhide should cause a few orbs (5-10%) to splash and the others hit a bit less. Protect from/Deflect Magic blocks 75% of the damage, but every hit will also heal him 100LP, so it's up to you if you can damage him more than he can heal. He has 5000 LP and very high defence against magic, moderate defence against melee (slightly less than a skeletal wyvern) and is weakish to ranged. Surok is immune to poison (and instakill darts, just sayin') and he has a damage cap of 500. He is also immune to dragonfire. When he is at half health, he will stop and knock you down with another spell, initiating yet another cutscene.

  • Surok: Enough!
  • Surok: You are tougher than I thought...
  • Surok: Aid me, brethren!

Four Dagon'hai elites appear next to Surok, healing him fully.

All five start attacking you and when you supposedly "die", you fall the floor. Surok approaches you, ready to fire the last purple orb, when someone teleports in next to you and kicks him away.

  • Surok: Oof!
  • Surok: What in the name of Sin'keth--
  • Surok: YOU!
  • Rat Burgiss: Yes me. In the name of King Roald Remanis III of Misthalin, you are arrested by the VPSG for plotting against the crown, attacking the king, working for the Kinshra, escape from prison, and at least one murder.
  • Surok: What a nice list, foul rat. You're going to arrest ME? You and what army?

Three other figures teleport in, and you stand up. Like Rat, they are fully clad in armour.

  • Zaff: This army.
  • <insert name here>: Rat, Zaff! Wait, who are you?
  • Benny: What, you don't recognise me?
  • <insert name here>: Benny the newspaper salesman?
  • Benny: Benjamin Gutenberg, master archer of the VPSG, at your service. You didn't think I was making a living by selling an obsolete newspaper, did you?
  • <insert name here>: And... Charlie the tramp?
  • Charlie: Call me Charles Lyeman for now, bloke.
  • Rat: I'm sorry we didn't come earlier, we had to make sure that Surok was confident and would not flee.
  • Surok: Enough of this chitchat!
  • Zaff: He's going to attack. Quick!
  • Chatbox: Zaff casts a spell, healing all of your wounds and restoring you faith. [he heals you and restores your special attack and prayer points]
  • Benny: All ready!
  • Charlie: We'll handle his lackeys, you do Surok!
  • Rat: Attack!
  • Surok: KILL THEM ALL!

The fight begins again. Rat (a warrior) takes on two elites, and Charlie (a mage) and Benny (an archer) each take one. Zaff heals them. Occasionally, if your health drops below 20%, Zaff will heal you about 150 LP and boost/restore your combat stats by 1, although this shouldn't relied on too much. You have to attack Surok as you did before. This time, when he is at half health, he will shout: "I've got enough of you, take this!" and do his special attack. From now on, he will use it frequently during the remainder of the fight (indicated by "Take this!"). His special attack is casting a larger purple orb at you, but it does not follow you, but bounce off the wall (towards you) twice. That means that you have to run around the room to evade the orb. It will bounce off the walls twice before disappearing, which is when Surok resumes normal attacking. He does not attack while the large orb is active, nor can he be attacked. It flies at a pace between walking and running speed. If the orb has failed to hit you, Surok will say "Gah!" and heal 150 LP. If it does hit you, it disappears immediately, but Surok will heal himself 300 LP, lower all your combat stats by two, drain 100 prayer points and the orb hits you for maximum damage; 400 LP. It also binds you for 5 seconds, but archers and mages can still attack. As the room is not very large, you should beware. When he has less than 500 LP remaining, he will start casting his spells twice as fast, although their max hit is only 250, and more accurately. Each hit also drains your combat stats by one, regardless of the hit. As he is almost dead, the VPSG members strike the final blow and their Dagon'hai elites die. When he is defeated, he falls to the floor and a cutscene starts.

  • Surok: What... no!
  • Rat: You have, once again, been defeated Surok.
  • Rat: Zaff, cuff him please.
  • Surok: No chance. See you next time, <insert name here>. Hahahaha!
  • Zaff: Arcos tam bar dingo fryll!

Zaff casts a spell on Surok and interrupts his teleport animation, causing him to be stunned. He then summons a purple ring and it flies to Surok's back to cuff him.

  • Surok: You.. you can't do this! I am Surok Magis, son of Sin'keth Magis, heir to the leadership of the Dagon'hai!
  • Surok: I am unstoppable! I am immortal! Hahaha. HAHAHAA!
  • Rat: I think he's suffering a slight mental breakdown.
  • Surok: I am Surok! I am Dark Squall! I am, I am...
  • Surok: You did this to me, <insert name here>! You will pay for this, I swear it!
  • Rat: It's over, Surok. You will be taken to court in Seers' Village. Perhaps if you plead for mercy you won't be executed.
  • Surok: NOOOOOO!
  • Rat: We can't thank you enough for your help, <insert name here>. We will handle this now. Come to me when you have time and I will reward you.
  • Charlie: Let's go, Surok.
  • Surok: *he does the crying chathead animation* I... I am Surok Magis! I cannot lose! I...

Zaff casts a spell and the entrance to the lair is open again. You walk towards Surok and pickpocket him.

  • Benny: See you next time, <insert name here>.
  • Benny: Say... how about a newspaper? Only 60 coins for you...
  • Rat: Benny.
  • Benny: Sorry.
  • Rat: Goodbye, <insert name here>. See you later.
  • <insert name here>: Goodbye, Rat. Thank you for everything.

The VPSG teleport away and you descend the ladder. There are bodies of elite black knights, and some temple knights, everywhere.

  • Owen: <insert name here>!
  • Eva: You're safe!
  • <insert name here>: Surok is defeated. I got help from the Varrock Palace Secret Guard. What's going on here?
  • Owen: We've defeated Surok's troops, the rest fled. When Surok fell, his ork minion crumbled to dust. Sir Ren and Sir Tinley have gone back to Falador. Ren has a broken arm and Tinley's nose is bleeding, but they'll be fine.
  • <insert name here>: The troops just fled?
  • Eva: Yes, they made a run for it as soon as they started outnumbering us.
  • Eva: Wait. That's strange.
  • Owen: Unless...
  • <insert name here>: They didn't flee! They were summoned! The attack is starting now!
  • Owen: Savant, Sir Owen here. Come in!

  • Owen: Savant, are you there?
  • Owen: Curses.
  • Eva: Wait, I have teleport tablets. Uncle Tiffy said they may come in handy.
  • <insert name here>: Let's go now!

The Battle for Falador[edit | edit source]

The three of you teleport to Falador Square and the cutscene ends. (you are in an instanced Falador btw) White Knights are marching towards the city gate and Falador guard are patrolling the streets. Go to Sir Tiffy.

  • Tiffy: Salutations.
  • <insert name here>: Sir Tiffy, the attack is imminent!
  • Tiffy: What?
  • Owen: As <insert name here> confronted Surok, Eva, Sir Ren, Sir Tinley and I held back his troops. At some point they were summoned to march towards Falador.
  • Tiffy: I have Sir Vey Lance's permission to launch a counterattack and defend the city. Daquarius, how many men does the Kinshra have?
  • Daquarius: You also want me to tell you all the secret details of my organisation now?
  • Tiffy: DAQUARIUS!
  • Daquarius: Err... approximately two thousand in total. I assume the greater part of them will be taking part in the battle, uh, sir.
  • Tiffy: We must operate at once. What of Surok?
  • <insert name here>: I am happy to inform you of his fall. It was a hard battle, but with the help of my friends of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard he was defeated and I have succesfully obtained to key to Sir Amik's cell. His trial will take place in the Seers' Village in the following days.
  • Tiffy: Splendid. Remind me to send a fruit basket to Varrock.
  • Tiffy: All knights are ready, Owen and Eva, please join them outside the city. <insert name here>, you must make sure all our reserves return to fight. The closest I think of are Sir Rebrum's men near Rimmington. I believe he's lost a few, but we need whatever is left of his division. Recruit anyone else you can get on short term. Hurry back!
  • <insert name here>: Yes sir.
  • Tiffy: Everyone, prepare for battle!

Go to the bank (Falador bank is still available) and stock up on whatever you need to survive the Battle for Falador. Then exit Falador. When you pass Malignius Mortifer's camp, your attention will go to him.

  • <insert name here>: Hm. Perhaps...

Speak to Malignius and pick the quest option.

  • <insert name here>: Your service is required by the city of Falador.
  • Malignius: Hah! Why would I help those Saradominist fools?
  • <insert name here>: Listen buddy, I have no time for this.
  • Malignius: How dare you add--
  • <insert name here>: The Kinshra will have reached the walls of Falador by the time I get back and I have no time for you. Will you help us fight them or not?
  • Malignius: And betray Zamorak? Never!
  • <insert name here>: As you wish. After their defeat, you will be arrested. If you help us, you get to practise your necromancy in action.
  • Malignius: Fine. I'm only going because it's boring standing here all day. Students, follow me! Where do we go?
  • <insert name here>: Er... defend the western wall. There is a broken section the Kinshra may want to make use of. Do anything you want to drive them back.
  • Malignius: I'll hold you to those words.

Malignius and his four students leave.

  • <insert name here>: Man, I should give up adventuring and start converting Zamorakian old men!
  • <insert name here>: Old men...
  • <insert name here>: Dionysius!

Go to Dissy and Zinny in Draynor and pick the quest option.

  • <insert name here>: Hello again, old man. I have a very important qu--
  • Zenevivia: Ahem.
  • <insert name here>: Err... job for you.
  • Dionysius: Spill, you've got my attention.
  • Zenevivia: This better not be another useless *mumble*...
  • <insert name here>: Kinshra troops are marching towards Falador as we speak. Will you aid us in defending the city?
  • Dionysius: Battle some Zamorakians, that sounds fun. How about you, Zinny?
  • Zenevivia: With pleasure. It's been a while since we last had some action. Let's just hope they don't make my dress dirty, or I'll kill them.
  • <insert name here>: Great. See you there.
  • Dionysius: You may call me Dionysius, by the way.
  • <insert name here>: I know, old man, I know.

Dissy and Zinny grab their weapons and teleport away.

  • <insert name here>: Oh right, Sir Rebrum!

Make your way to Sir Rebrum's camp.

  • Rebrum: Halt! Go no further, mortal! Wormy peril lies ahead.
  • <insert name here>: Not now, sir. Sir Tiffy Cashien requests your and your army's immediate return to Falador to defend the city from the Kinshra.
  • Rebrum: Another glorious adventure for the mighty Sir Rebrum! Men, let's go!
  • <insert name here>: Wait, THEY are your army? Three knights!
  • Rebrum: The grotworms have killed the lot of my men. I think it's their magical powers we underestimated.
  • Knight: Might've had something to do with you being so keen to let us storm them, crazy old zombie...
  • Rebrum: What was that?
  • <insert name here>: Nothing. Go now! Falador needs you.

Return to Tiffy.

  • <insert name here>: Tiffy, I'm back!
  • Tiffy: Whom did you find?
  • <insert name here>: A Zamorakian necromancer, two powerful mages and four knights including Sir Rebrum.
  • Tiffy: We're doomed.
  • Tiffy: No matter, old bean, we'll manage.
  • Daquarius: Even though they have betrayed me, I won't be able to go there and slaughter my own men!
  • Tiffy: Not necessary, Daquarius. You join <insert name here> and free Sir Amik from prison. From what you've heard, Umbric will be there too. You must defeat him.
  • <insert name here>: But I need to help defend the city.
  • Tiffy: Very well. Aid us in holding back the troops for the first minutes, then you and Daquarius teleport to the base.
  • Daquarius: Uh... about that...
  • Daquarius: I might have used my last teleportation trinkets earlier...
  • <insert name here>: What?!
  • Tiffy: Oh dear... Well, you can't cross the battlefield, you'll be killed.
  • <insert name here>: Tiffy, there is a tunnel just north of Falador. I've seen trolls come out, only to be defeated by a couple of mercenaries.
  • Tiffy: I know whom you speak of, we've recruited them to fight for us.
  • <insert name here>: We could go through that tunnel, it ends in Taverley. The entrance is still on our half of the battlefield.
  • Tiffy: Hm... that could work. But I doubt it will be completely safe. You are going to have to defeat some troops first.
  • Daquarius: I'll just stay at the city gates. Call me when the passage is free... I, uh, need a moment.

A cutscene starts. There is one single guard at the northern gate of Falador, looking bored. The camera shifts to his perspective and suddenly a huge army appears at the horizon.

  • Barry, yet another guard of Falador: Oh my gosh!
  • Barry: How did this work again... Oh right.

Barry blows a horn, alarming the city. The cutscene continues where you are.

  • Tiffy: They are here. Come, <insert name here>. Are you ready for the greatest battle of your life?
  • <insert name here>: Let's do this.

The screen fades and shows the battlefield. Many dozens of white knights are in combat with equally many, many black knights. I was thinking of some great bird's eye views of the battlefield. The camera then zooms in on some allies of yours fighting (from this quest or from previous quests) in the middle. The camera zooms in on each of these following characters and their opponents (average black knights) and how they defeat them

  • Owen: Ugh. In the name of Saradomin, die!

  • Eva: Get back!

Some shots of Sir Tinley, Sir Ren Itchood, Sir Sphyshius, Lady Table, Sir Leye, Sir Rebrum, Ms. Hynn Terpret, Miss Cheevers and Sir Kuam Ferentse fighting next to each other.

  • Sir Vyvin (who is wielding the blurite sword Thurgo made): I could do this all day!

  • Sir Vant: Ugh, first I need help from Falador and now I am summoned back. Oh well... Begone with you, foul knight!

  • Mercenary leader: Give them hell, boys!

The mercenary mage binds a knight, the mercenary ranger strikes him down with an arrow and the mercenary warrior jumps and impales him with his sword, dealing the final blow. In the next scene, Dissy and Zinny are standing back to back, surrounded by a circle of knights (classic film/cartoon scene!). The camera circles around, then they cast spells at super speed, killing all knights.

  • Dionysius: There we go. Well done, my love.
  • Zenevivia: Hahaha, noobs!

Now, nine knights are seen approaching Malignius at the agility shortcut in the western wall.

  • Malignius: Cower at my undead army! Da mihi potentia!
  • Black knight: Ha, there is noth--

Malignius casts a spell, turning all of the knights into fungi.

  • Malignius: Zamorak curse this, not again!
  • Fungus: ...!

Sir Tiffy and you are seen walking towards the battle.

  • <insert name here>: Woah!
  • Tiffy: This is worse than we thought.
  • Tiffy: Savant, bring in our archery and magic divisions!
  • Savant: Right away. Savant out.

Right at the gate, a number of white archers and white wizards teleport in and start attacking black knights. The camera then zooms in on the other side of the battlefield, where General Colby rushes to the middle, while pushing away a white knight (with his sword).

  • Colby: Archers, eh? We can do that too!
  • Colby: Call the elite troops!

In an empty spot, ten elite black knights and three black knight guardians appear, while four Elite Dark Mages and four Elite Dark Rangers take place behind barricades (which are around the "troll tunnel") and start shooting the white archers and mages. The elite knights do the same.

  • Tiffy: Help the mages and archers out, will you, <insert name here>. I'll aid the front lines.

The cutscene ends and now it's your turn to fight amidst all chaos! The battle is quite similar to the Pest Queen battle. There are two objectives before you can climb over the barricades, call Daquarius and enter the troll tunnel:

  1. Get a kill count of 25. Killing a black knight gives 1 kc, an elite black knight gives 2 and the knight guardians (as seen in A Void Dance, they heal themselves off your prayer points) give 3.
  2. Defeat 3 waves of elite dark mages and archers and climb over the barricades. You cannot attack them directly due to the barricades, but this is how it works:
    • The elite dark mages and rangers attack you, not doing much damage. (they are, if you will, the pest drones)
    • The white mages and rangers attack the elite rangers and mages, doing much damage. (they are, if you will, the void knight archers)
    • The elite black knights attack the white mages and rangers and kill them very quickly. (they are, if you will, the elite defilers)
    • The white archers and mages immediately retaliate when attacked by elite knights. However they won't do any damage because of the protection prayer and die very quickly. They take a while to respawn.
    • You must kill the elite knights before they kill the white archers and mages. The knights don't retaliate and keep attacking the white archers/mages. They don't respawn very quickly either.
    • The black knight guardians attack you and only you. Kill them for killcount, but that means your white archers and mages will likely get killed. If you tank the hits or pray, you will lose health or have your prayer drained. They don't respawn.
    • You have to defeat (or rather, the white mages and archers have to, you have to keep them alive) three waves of elite dark mages and rangers. The first wave contains four of each. The next wave will come after one minute, so that means you have time to get some killcount. Wave two consists of two archers and three mages and the final wave is only one archer and a mage.

Once the final wave is defeated AND you have twenty-five killcount, Sir Tiffy will come to you.

  • Tiffy: You've helped enough. Call Daquarius and enter the tunnel while you still can.
  • <insert name here>: Will you be able to manage without me?

The camera focuses on Taverley's gate, which opens, allowing a large-ish division of Imperial Guard solders led by Commander Denulth to enter.

  • Denulth: Men, remember this day well, for this is they first alliance between the Imperial Guard of Burthorpe and the White Knights of Falador in years. Prince Anlaf has given command to aid them in battle and so we will. Those are the Kinshra, our enemies. I wish you luck.
  • Denulth: CHARGE!
  • Tiffy: Ajjat was succesful! Remind me to send Burthorpe two fruit baskets. We can manage now, go!
  • <insert name here>: Very well. Good luck, Tiffy.

Take a last look at the battle for dem memories, then climb over the barricades. Daquarius will automatically appear next to you.

  • Daquarius: Have you got the key?
  • <insert name here>: Yes, let's go.
  • Daquarius: Let's hope we won't meet Umbric.
  • <insert name here>: Yes, that'll be one tough fight...
  • Daquarius: I mean for him. 'cause I'll kill him.
  • <insert name here>: Oh, right... Let's go.

Freeing Sir Amik[edit | edit source]

Enter the tunnel. You appear just north of Summoning Supplies in Taverley. Use the opportunity to bank in Taverley and restock on supplies. When ready, enter Taverley Dungeon. Make sure you have Surok's key with you! You can't use the agility shortcuts, because Daquarius has no dragonfire protection and will die if you crawl through the tunnel to the blue dragons, and if you intend to jump to opposite side where the poison spiders are, Daquarius will reveal his arachnophobia. So, trek through the dungeon towards the Base. It is still deserted. Locate the secret trapdoor again.

  • <insert name here>: Look, the table is back in place. Is there an automatic locking mechanism?
  • Daquarius: No, there isn't.
  • <insert name here>: Someone must've been here then. Three guesses who.
  • Daquarius: You?
  • <insert name here>: Wha--? No, how would I have...
  • Daquarius: Amik Varze?
  • <insert name here>: He's down there!
  • Daquarius: Erm... my mum?
  • <insert name here>: It was rhetorical! And I meant Umbric!
  • Daquarius: Don't mention that name in my presence! Let's just free that knight.
  • <insert name here>: Fine. But be careful.

Climb down and approach Sir Amik.

  • <insert name here>: Sir Amik, we're back! With the key!
  • Amik: Don't touch that cell door!!
  • <insert name here>: Why not?
  • Amik: That Umbric was here! He placed a trap on it! Anyone to touch that door will be electrocuted and is hit knock-out!
  • Daquarius: How do we disable it?
  • Amik: Uh, I don't know... I saw he applied a wire to every bar of the cell. That means there is a four by four grid.
  • <insert name here>: Hm... It appears each junction contains a switch which cuts off the power stream around itself.
  • Amik: Disable the stream everywhere to be safe and the door can be opened!
  • <insert name here>: But how will I touch the door without insulated gloves?
  • Daquarius: I have a spare pair of leather gloves!
  • Chatbox: Daquarius reaches into his pocket, finds some gloves and hands them to you.
  • <insert name here>: Why are you carrying leather gloves around in your pocket?
  • Daquarius: This is no time for questions!
  • Amik: Try to cut the power. That small button probably resets everything.

Equip the gloves and click the door. You see a 4x4 grid (four horizontal and four vertical bars with wires strapped to them). Each junction (16 in total) contains a small switch. Click it to disable the power stream to it's immediately adjacent junctions. Using another switch to "turn off" an already disabled part of the wire will turn it on. It's quite similar to the Dungeoneering puzzle where you have to flip green and cream tiles, except there is a reset button here, no "force" option and all wires need to be completely off. Find the right combination (whatever it may be...) until all wires are dead. You will hear a buzzing sound dying out. Now, use the key on the cell door to free Amik. He will automatically exit the cage.

  • Amik: Thank you infinitely, <insert name here>! I wouldn't believe I'd ever say this if I wasn't here, but you too, Lord Rennard.
  • Daquarius: Hmph. Let's get You-Know-Who and we'll see about that Lord part...
  • Amik: You-know-who...
  • Amik: Your mum?
  • Daquarius: Yes.
  • Daquarius: What? I mean no! Umbric!
  • Daquarius: Blast, I said Umbric.
  • Daquarius: Blast, I said it again!
  • <insert name here>: Stop it.
  • <insert name here>: You're welcome, Sir Amik. Now let's get out of here. This place creeps me out.
  • Daquarius: Thank you!
  • <insert name here>: That... wasn't... never mind. Come on.

Climb up the ladder to start a cutscene. The three of you are walking towards the room where Daquarius normally is.

  • Daquarius: Hang on. I need to get my sword.

He opens an armour case.

  • Daquarius: It appears your weapon is here as well, Varze. Take it.

Daquarius throws a white scimitar at Amik, who catches it.

  • Amik: Thanks.
  • Amik: How is the situation in Falador?
  • <insert name here>: We're managing. With the help of the Imperial Guard, our numbers should be equal. Knowing your men would never give up Falador, I think victory is near.
  • Amik: The Imperial Guard?!
  • <insert name here>: Oh right, you missed that. In a nutshell, I came to Falador because Prince Anlaf was nearly assassinated by a Kinshra agent. Falador and Burthorpe are now temporarily allied to defeat the Kinshra. Now that the trolls have been driven back, the town can spare most of its troops?
  • Amik: So, they can cope with the trolls?
  • <insert name here>: Yes, they are currently on the winning hand and there have been no troll invasions for several weeks.
  • Amik: Hm. I should rethink the whole independence thing...
  • <insert name here>: Really?
  • Daquarius: Uh-oh...
  • <insert name here>: What is it?
  • Daquarius: I recognise a traitor when I smell one and this smell isn't particularly nice.

Lord Umbric and two Elite Black Knights enter the room.

  • Umbric: What a pleasant surprise.
  • Daquarius: You bloody traitor! I will kill you for this! Do you hear me?
  • Umbric: Right, so who do we have here? An annoying adventurer, a pathetic white knight who has impressed me by escaping his cell and of course ex-lord Rennie. I knew that you were free, of course.
  • Daquarius: Come here and I'll slice your body in one hundred pieces!
  • Umbric: I don't think so. As much as I'd love to catch up, I have a city to conquer. Wasn't that your dream, Rennie?
  • Daquarius: You...!
  • Umbric: I advise you to drop your weapons. My men are one finger snap away from killing all of you.
  • <insert name here>: I'd like to see that. I've killed enough of those and two more won't be much of a problem.
  • Umbric: As you wish, I am not taking that risk then. Instead, I'd like to show you something.

Umbric goes to one of the mounted dragon heads and pulls a horn. He then lifts the rug and opens the revealed trapdoor.

  • Daquarius: What the--!
  • Umbric: Sheathe your swords and follow me. Men, escort our dear friends please.

Umbric goes down the stairs, followed by a knight, Amik, Daquarius and you and the other knight.

  • Daquarius: Where are you bringing us, betrayer!
  • Umbric: I would like to show you this.

You appear in a large-ish room (12x12 squares) with a sarcophagus in the middle.

  • <insert name here>: What's in there
  • Umbric: My father. And my secret weapon?
  • Daquarius: What?
  • Umbric: I am going to summon the ghost of my father to aid my men, yes Rennie, MY men, in battle. With him, Falador will fall at once.
  • <insert name here>: And you're telling us this why again?
  • Umbric: Because you are going to witness my father's strength as he is going to kill you.
  • <insert name here>: Come again?
  • Umbric: His body may have been eaten by that werewolf, but I have managed to steal his head from Varrock. It now lies here and with a very simple ritual my father will rise again and this time nobody will be able to stop us! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Amik: Wait a minute... body eaten by a werewolf... head in Varrock... That means your father is--!
  • Umbric: YES!
  • Umbric: Men, block the exit and peel your eyes!

Umbric walks to the head-side of the tomb and puts a soul rune on it. It starts to glow, and then the stone absorbs it.

  • Umbric: Arise, my father, arise!!

The room starts to shake. The tomb begins to crumble.

  • Umbric: It's working, it's working!
  • <insert name here>: What's going on?
  • Daquarius: Prepare for the toughest battle of your life!
  • Amik: <insert name here>, don't you get it? It was all a trap! He wanted to lead us here to kill us!
  • Umbric: Well done, knighty! I knew YOU would be my only problem, since Rennie hasn't spoken quite positively of you! I knew you'd free him and that old vase and now I can eliminate all of you!
  • Amik: <insert name here>, his father is...

The Return of Sulla[edit | edit source]

Umbric raises his hands and the tomb crumbles to dust. An enormous (3x3 squares, twice as tall as a human) ghost emerges.

  • Umbric: ARISE, LORD SULLA!
  • Ghost of Sulla: Graaaah!
  • <insert name here>: Oh my--!
  • Amik: No! Not Sulla! This is impossible!
  • Sulla: Well done, my son. Now face my wrath!!
  • Umbric: Well, if it wasn't lovely again. Toodles now!
  • Daquarius: Oh no, you don't!
  • Daquarius: <insert name here>, you must defeat Sulla's ghost. I'll take on that traitor!

Sir Amik keeps the two elite knights busy while Daquarius duels Umbric. Your opponent is the level 500 Ghost of Sulla. He has 15,000 LP and attacks with Melee (max hit 450) and Magic (by shooting a black orb out of the tip of his ghostly sword - max hit 250). If you pray against melee, he will use magic. Every fifth hit will be a prayer-disabling magic attack which will render you unable to use protection prayers/deflection curses for ten seconds. Afterwards, he teleports right next to you (that is, submerges into the ground then emerges next to you) and continues using melee until you pray again. If you fight from a distance and pray against magic, he will also come near you. He is immune to poison and dragonfire and has a damage cap of 1000 (instakill darts don't work either >.>). He has a number of special attacks:

  1. Occasionally, he will stop attacking and raise his free hand into the air, forming a second sword from nothing. This is the moment for you to run, because he will start spinning like a tornade with his dual swords held outwards, effectively imitating a spinning blade. If you are within two squares range, you will be hit for two unblockable hits of 275 damage. He will spin for 5 seconds or until he hits you.
  2. He will start using his second special attack when his health falls below 10,000. He will slam his sword into the ground causing stalactites to fall to the floor. Shadows indicate where they will fall, but it's still risky. Get hit by a stalactite and suffer 300 damage. The stalactites disappear themselves after 10 seconds, but Sulla can attack while they are there and warriors may find themselves trapped for those 10 seconds.
  3. His final special attack is used from 5,000 LP onwards. He binds you with a RED magical attack then goes into the ground and emerges under you. This is unavoidable and hits you for 75% of your MAXIMUM health. He will teleport (this time not going into the ground but rather floating up and reappearing where his tomb once stood) to the middle before firing the red orb at you and after the attack, he will remain idle for a few seconds to allow you to heal.
  4. After he reaches 1000 LP, he will stop using all special attacks and summon his second sword again. With his dual swords, he will constantly slice at you at dart speed, having a max hit of "only" 300 (or 150 with protection prayers, while his normal attacks are completely blocked by prayers) but do nothing else.

So uh yeah. Kill him. :P When he reaches 0 health, a cutscene occurs.

First, a shot of Amik dealing the killing blow to the last knight. Then the camera zooms in on Sulla, who becomes glowing red.

  • Sulla: IMPOSSIBLE!
  • Umbric: No! Father!!

Sulla's ghost explodes.

  • Umbric: No! This cannot... My plan was perfect!
  • Daquarius: Evidently not. Take this!

Daquarius punches Umbric in the face, hitting him knock-out.

  • <insert name here>: Let's get out of here.
  • Daquarius: Well done defeating Sulla. I never thought I would see him again.
  • Amik: Again?
  • Daquarius: I was one of Sulla's military advisors in the War of 164. He hated me, but gave me the commander over the attack on Burthorpe.
  • Daquarius: But that's over, the important thing is that he is gone now. Forever.
  • Amik: Agreed. Let's scram now.
  • Daquarius: I need to put someone in jail first. This man will be tortured thoroughly.
  • <insert name here>: You mean Umbric, right?
  • Daquarius: *sigh* Yes.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

You three walk up the stairs. The cutscene continues on the battlefield in Falador. Daquarius will walk towards the middle and stand on a small hill.

  • Daquarius: Attention, soldiers of the Kinshra!
  • Tiffy: Look, they're back! Cease fighting!

All knights stop fighting.

  • Colby (who approaches Daquarius): What in the name of Zamorak is this?
  • Colby: Continue fighting!

Nothing happens.

  • Colby: Invade Falador or I'll have you all beheaded!
  • Colby: Treason! Mutiny!
  • Daquarius: You have no right to call anyone a traitor, Colby. Farewell.
  • Colby: Daquarius, what are you--?

The camera now shows a front view of Daquarius, who stabs his sword into the camera. The camera now shows the whole battlefield again. This time, Colby's dead body is lying at Daquarius's feet.

  • Daquarius: The traitors Umbric and Colby have been defeated. I, Daquarius Rennard, am your Lord again.

Some black knights cheer, others rub their heads.

  • Daquarius: My intention was never to launch a massive attack on Falador.
  • Daquarius:
  • Daquarius: I declare this battle over. Both sides have suffered losses. I ask Falador for an honourable retreat to our base.
  • Tiffy: Granted. Your men are safe to leave.
  • Eva: *whispers* Uncle, are you sure?
  • Tiffy: Yes, Eva. Daquarius's ability to keep his word has exceeded all of my expectations today. Enough people have been killed today.
  • Daquarius: Men. March back to the Base. That is an order.

Some men leave in the direction of Taverley, others remain.

  • Daquarius: You too have betrayed me and I do not look upon that kindly. However, I will reconsider your executions if you obey my orders as you are supposed to.

Now, all black knights leave the battlefield and march through the gates of Taverley to the base, while some go east and head for the fortress, while the white knights and Imperial Guard jump and cheer. The cutscene ends. You are now standing with Owen, Eva, Tiffy, Daquarius, Denulth and Amik in the well known "White Knights' Castle meeting room". Speak to any of them.

  • Tiffy: Bravo, everyone, bravo!
  • Tiffy: Today, we have achieved things I thought we never would. The Kinshra army attacked Falador under a rebellious lord but, with help from the brave Imperial Guard of Burthorpe and Lord Daquarius Rennard, they were driven back.
  • Tiffy: Many lives have been lost today, but at least we can cross some names off our Falador's Most Wanted list.
  • Tiffy: The evil and insane Surok Magis is on trial for what he is done and the VPSG will handle his case further. The treasonous Kinshrians Colby and Umbric are also no more, the former having, uhm, 'perished' in battle and the latter...
  • Daquarius: ...taken care of by me. Don't worry about that.
  • Tiffy: Finally, the leader of the White Knights, Sir Amik Varze, has been freed from prison. All in all, today has been a glorious victory.
  • <insert name here>: What of poor Silif?
  • Tiffy: He shall be buried in the graveyard for fallen knights. He will be remembered.
  • Daquarius: Yes, wonderful. Enough baby talk. I'm going back to my base now, if you'll excuse me. My men are exhausted and I need to organise them.
  • Daquarius: Consider my help today a favour for rescuing me from prison. Don't expect me to show you any mercy in our next encounter.
  • Daquarius: Knowing you, that will be sooner that I would have hoped for.
  • Tiffy: I didn't figure you'd persist in this alliance anyway, chap.
  • Daquarius: Very well then. <insert name here>, see this as a 'thank you'. Know, however, that I will continue making plans to dispose of you.
  • Daquarius: Mark my words. The next time my army and I are standing at the gates, we will take Falador for Zamorak!
  • Amik: Right. I'd assumed you would say that. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.
  • Tiffy: Goodbye, Daquarius. I hope it won't come that far.
  • Daquarius: We'll see. I'm not eager to come back here any time soon, you goody do-gooders make me sick.
  • Daquarius: Farewell.

Daquarius exits the room.

  • <insert name here>: Phew, he's gone. That prison didn't exactly make him smell nice.
  • Eva: Yes, this room now reeks of evil... And sweat.
  • Tiffy: <insert name here>, you have shown extraordinary skills today and you have been the greatest hero in service of Falador I can remember. Meet me back in the park and I shall reward you thoroughly.
  • Tiffy: I have to go now, though. I think Sir Amik will handle the rest.
  • Amik: Right.
  • Tiffy: Goodbye, everyone. Until the next time. And my thanks go to you too, Commander Denulth. We could not have done this without you. Send the prince my regards. Oh, and send Malignius Mortifer and Dionysius fruit baskets too.
  • Denulth: Will do, sir.

Tiffy leaves the room.

  • Owen: I too have to depart. <insert name here>, Eva, it's been an honour to have operated with you today. It's certainly a mission worth remembering.
  • Eva: I agree, today was excitingly dangerous, but we were victorious in the end. Remember how we defeated Mother Mallum with Kennith and Ezekial?
  • <insert name here>: Not particularly, since, as I said, my head felt like it's gone through a sawmill...
  • Eva: Then remember this as our best operation to date! I have to go as well. I have to buy a birthday present for one of the knights.
  • Owen: And I have administration to do on a previous mission.
  • <insert name here>: Administration? Will I have to do that on today too?
  • Owen: Don't worry about that. We'll take care of it!
  • Eva: Well, it's been a pleasure. Goodbye, <insert name here>!
  • Owen: Yes, greetings, sir knight. May Saradomin be with you.
  • <insert name here>: Goodbye, guys! I couldn't have done it without you.

Owen and Eva leave the room as well.

  • Amik: That leaves us three.
  • <insert name here>: How are you doing, Sir Amik?
  • Amik: I'm all right, don't worry. Some minor cuts and bruises, nothing to worry about.
  • Amik: And you, Commander, receive my special thanks. I have been led to understand that Burthorpe has successfully driven the trolls back.
  • Denulth: It's going to take a while before we banish them forever, but safety has returned to our town and the trolls are being kept at a distance. We now have men stationed by the Death Plateau to ambush any incoming attacks, should the trolls wage something again.
  • Amik: Splendid. Please tell Prince Anlaf that I will meet with him soon and discuss the current conditions again. I will have to discuss with my superiors, but I think Burthorpe can handle some more... rights now.
  • Denulth: Thank you, Sir Amik! I was also asked by His Majesty to ask how his father, Majesty King Vallance, is doing.
  • Amik Suspicious.gif: Uhm... such information is too dangerous to say out loud. I shall tell him personally when I meet him. King Vallance is still, uh, ill and bed-ridden.
  • Denulth: I see...
  • Denulth: I shall pass it on then. Greetings, Sir Amik. And nice to see you again, <insert name here>. I heard you fought bravely today.
  • <insert name here>: Thanks, Denulth, you too.

Denulth departs.

  • Amik: And you, <insert name here>, you I would like to thank personally for rescuing me from the claws of that devil Umbric.
  • <insert name here>: It was only my duty. I think Daquarius is going to avenge himself now.
  • Amik: Knowing him, I'd almost feel sorry for the man.
  • Amik: But no matter, you will be rewarded. Accept these coins from the Falador vaults. I trust you spend it wisely. Also take this old lamp I found lying around. I am not sure why, but you adventurers seem to like collecting these lamps, so I suggest you take this.
  • Chatbox: Sir Amik hands you a large bag of coins and a dusty old lamp.
  • <insert name here>: Wow, thank you, Sir Amik!
  • Amik: I suggest you visit Tiffy, he has something else for you. I have, er, business to attend to concerning Burthorpe.
  • <insert name here>: Will do, sir, thanks!

Amik goes upstairs. Go to Sir Tiffy in Falador Park.

  • Tiffy: Good day, proselyte.
  • <insert name here>: Hello again, Tiffy. How are you doing?
  • Tiffy: Perfectly fine, old bean. Nothing's better for the body than a colossal battle in the morning.
  • Tiffy: Why, I completely forgot! You need to be rewarded for your work today! Tell me, lad, what exactly happened while you were gone? Amik can tell me the detailed version later.
  • <insert name here>: To summarise, after we freed Amik, Umbric appeared with some bodyguards us and showed us a small tomb. He summoned the ghost of his father, who turned out to be Sulla, to kill us but I managed to defeat him, even though he was incredibly powerful. In the mean time, Amik took on the bodyguards and Daquarius duelled Umbric.
  • Tiffy: Sulla, you say? That's a name I thought I'd never hear again...
  • <insert name here>: And I can see why. But he's forever defeated now.
  • Tiffy: Good to hear. Now, please take this lamp as a reward. Amik told me you collect them. You should rub it and see what happens.
  • <insert name here>: Thanks, Tiffy!
  • Tiffy: I've saved the best for the last though.
  • Tiffy: Congratulations, knight <insert name here>. You are hereby promoted to the rank of Acolyte Temple Knight. You earn the right to wear Acolyte armour and you are now an honoured member of Falador's protectors.
  • <insert name here>: Wow, Tiffy, thank you!
  • Tiffy: Speak to me any time if you need more details, but for now, rest. It's been quite a day.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed Night of the Kinshra!
You receive:

  • 4 Quest Points
  • 80,000 Thieving experience
  • 80,000 Agility experience
  • 200,000 shiny geepees
  • You are promoted to the rank of Acolyte [that means you can now buy acolyte armour from Tiffy, in addition to initiate and proselyte - it has higher defensive stats than proselyte and of course a higher prayer bonus. It looks like white armour with a red trim (note that Temple Knight colours aren't the same as White Knight colours, even though their ranks are named the same)]
  • You receive two experience lamps worth 100,000 xp to be used for any skill over level 70.
  • Speak to Prince Anlaf in Burthorpe and Rat Burgiss near Varrock for additional rewards.

Extra reward from Anlaf:

  • Anlaf: <insert name here>, you return. Welcome back.
  • <insert name here>: Greetings, your majesty.
  • Anlaf: I can recall me asking you to report to me. Of course, the honourable Ajjat has told me most of the events so far, but I'd like to hear them from you, if you don't mind.
  • <insert name here>: No problem. So, I went to Falador where I found out the megalomaniac wizard Surok Magis had escaped from prison...

Fade out, fade in.

  • <insert name here>: ...all retreated, and Sir Amik has agreed to reconsider the current political status of Burthorpe. Oh, and I was promoted to acolyte.
  • Anlaf: Fantastic news then, acolyte. Burthorpe has always been able to rely on your service.
  • Anlaf: I have things to ponder on now, but you deserve a reward. Eohric!
  • Eohric: Yes, your majesty?
  • Anlaf: Please hand <insert name here> a suitable reward. I believe Thorric has already prepared it.
  • <insert name here>: Thank you, your majesty!
  • Anlaf: No, thank you. I will remain here for the time being. Visit me any time if you wish. We should play Runelink some day.
  • <insert name here>: I'll do that.
  • Eohric: Hello, <insert name here>.
  • Eohric: Burthorpe would like you to accept this gift. It's an old lamp. I am not sure why, but I think you will make good use of it. Also take this. It's a ceremonial Imperial Guard uniform. It may not be as protective as the normal version, but it does look, if I may, snazzy.
  • <insert name here>: Thank you!

You receive:

  • A lamp worth 100,000 xp in a combat skill of choice (including Prayer and Summoning) over level 70.
  • A Ceremonial Imperial Guard uniform, consisting of a helmet, platebody, platelegs, boots, and claws. It has the same stats as steel armour, but it looks cool, being a more ornamental version of the normal armour.

Extra reward from Rat:

  • <insert name here>: Hello again, Rat.
  • Rat: Glad to see you, <insert name here>. On behalf of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard I'd like to thank you for capturing one of our greatest enemies, Surok Magis.
  • Rat: You had more encounters with him than we did, so you know how dangerous he was and how important it was to apprehend him. Not only for Varrock, but also for Falador and the whole of Gielinor.
  • <insert name here>: I'm glad he's defeated.
  • Rat: Me too. Please accept this special item. It's an 'aura'. You can activate it at will and it will boost your performance in combat greatly. It needs to recharge though, so use it wisely, but if you wear Zaff's beacong ring when activating it, it should last a bit longer.
  • <insert name here>: Thanks, Rat!
  • Rat: You're welcome. I'm also eager to teach you some special techniques. Which would you like me to explain?

Pick "how to tactically hit the opponent" for 75,000 Attack xp, "how to effectively inflict damage" for Strength, "how to defend myself against incoming attacks" for Defence, "how to last longer" for Hitpoints, "how to channel magical energy into destructive spells" for Magic and "how to snipe my enemy with arrows or bolts" for Ranged.

You receive:

  • 75,000 xp in a combat skill of choice (excluding Prayer and Summoning)
  • The Secret of Combat aura, which lasts 1 hour when activated (1½ hour if you activate while wearing a beacon ring) and needs to recharge 20 hours. It boosts your combat stats visibly by 5 without decreasing. The bonus will automatically be gone when the aura is deactivated, not slowly decrease over time like normally.