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Achievement suggestions[edit | edit source]

Minigames[edit | edit source]

Mage Arena, Rogue Trader, Rated Clan Wars and Gnome Ball have been excluded. Given each difficulties from easy to elite based on my own experience. As a guideline, easy would be 5 RuneScore, medium 10-5, hard 20-5, and elite 40-50. Some of the hard/elite ones could be hidden for fun, like some FunOrb achievements, or Prifddinas titles. Where necessary, "play n games" achievements have a small participation requirement to prevent afk'ing. Arguably, these requirements should not be shown in-game explicitly (just say 'with sufficient participation') to prevent people just doing the minimum, then afk'ing..

Barbarian Assault:

  • The Best Defence is a Good Penance: On any wave, allow no runner to pass. (easy)
  • Collector's Edition: On any wave, collect no faulty eggs. (easy)
  • Pen-stance: On any wave, do no more than 1000 damage using the wrong stance. (easy)
  • A Taste of your Own Medicine: On any wave, feed the healers only the correct food. (easy)
  • Muster of the Fremennik: Shout commands to all roles using the horn of glory. (easy)
  • Chad Would Be Proud: Defeat the Penance King or Queen with level 5 in your role. (medium)
  • Run Away!: Kill at least eight runners in one go. (medium)
  • Health and Safety: Heal at least 50,000 hitpoints in one wave. (medium)
  • Omelette for a God: Collect at least 50 eggs in one wave. (medium)
  • Aesa's Revenge: Deal at least 150,000 hitpoints' worth of damage in one wave. (medium)
  • Moonclan Assemble: Teleport yourself and two others to the Barbarian Outpost. (medium)
  • Strength through Penance: In four hard mode waves, kill each type of penance first once. (hard)
  • Violence is Not the Answer: Beat any hard mode wave with only a single attacker. (hard)
  • Assault and Flattery: Defeat the Penance King or Queen wearing a full set of (hardened) penance gear: skirt, gloves, boots, torso and any hat. (hard)
  • Penance for your Thoughts: Obtain a total of 10,000 Honour Points across all roles. (hard) [tracked in hiscores at least]
  • Long Live the King: Defeat the Penance King within minutes from his spawning. (elite) [note: have not bothered timing how many would be an appropriate challenge; maybe 10 or so?]
  • Bane of Cacus: Complete all ten waves in hard mode with the same team without any deaths. (elite) [exits are allowed to account for dc's and people having to leave]
  • Back to Bootcamp: Complete a lap across the advanced barbarian agility course without failing obstacles while wearing a charged collector's insignia. (elite)


  • Just Ask Nicely: Have Ahrim fill a bucket with water. (easy)
  • The Door Problem: Solve each type of puzzle lock. (easy)
  • Poor Blighter: Defeat Ahrim using ranged after he's drained all your melee skills. (easy)
  • Angry Birds: Defeat Verac and Karil with a Saradomin owl out. (medium) [Armies of Gielinor reference!]
  • How Old Are You: Speak to the strange old man about Jennica. (medium)
  • This Isn't Pest Control: Exterminate 50 (giant) crypt rats, bloodworms and (giant) crypt spiders each. (medium)
  • He Should Play Barbarian Assault: Have Guthan heal at least 5,000 HP off you before defeating him. (medium)
  • Crypt Cleaner: Obtain a killcount of at least 200 before opening the chest. (hard)
  • Corruption for Breakfast: Defeat Torag using a corrupt Statius's warhammer. (hard)
  • Barrow Passages: Defeat each wight in the crypts. (hard)
  • Akrisae your Prayers: Defeat Akrisae the Doomed without switching weapons or using an off-hand. (elite) [one method that comes to mind is Korasi's sword, which has a magical sepcial attack, but there may be others]
  • Very Dharing: Defeat Dharok without any armour or shield and no prayer or abilities. (elite)

Temple Trekking:

  • Sneaking through the Swamp: Complete a successful trek without any combat encounters. (easy)
  • Dessous's Revenge: Use a holy force to kill all skeletons in the graveyard. (easy)
  • Armies of Mort Myre: Start a trek with Pazuzu whilst having a pyrelord out. (easy) [Armies of Gielinor reference!]
  • Legacy of Seergaze: Defeat 20 Juvinates using Guthix Balance. (medium)
  • I Hope They're Clean: Craft each type of snelm using shells from the camper encounter. (medium)
  • I'd Prefer Snail: Save four starving campers using slimy swamp eels. (medium)
  • Not That Dark Bow: Bow before an upgraded Jayene in Burgh de Rott while wearing a set of dark wizard robes. (medium)
  • Taste of Your Own Skull: Fight a ghast with the power of vengeance, and deal the killing blow using Iban Blast. (hard)
  • The Blighted Twain: Complete a trek with Pazuzu with Ahrim's battlerobes, white mystic gloves and a staff of light equipped. (hard)
  • Get out of my Swamp: Have Rolayne defeat a giant snail or swamp snake by himself. (hard)
  • Are You Okay: Defeat an undead lumberjack with a bronze hatchet while wearing a full lumberjack outfit. (hard)
  • Not Yourself When You're Hungry: Defeat a ghast in Temple Trekking using only a ghast familiar, and ditto for swamp snakes and a spirit cobra, giant and thorny snail, nail and talon beast, and swamp beast and hydra. (elite)
  • Lómin of Mort'ton: Help all of Mort'ton's villagers by slaying fiyr shades with a necromancer's staff and shadow spells. (elite)
  • Walking on (Really Murky) Water: Traverse a bog without sinking or using a stick at all. (elite)

Castle Wars:

  • Fiery Ascension: Climb the enemy's castle wall using a rope and set their catapult alight. (easy)
  • Pants on Fire: Light a flare while wearing flared trousers. (easy)
  • Still Sharp: Slay an opponent using any decorative sword. (medium)
  • It's Super Effective: Kill a player in a rockslide beneath the battlefield. (medium)
  • Castle Wars Fanatic: Play a total of 25 games in which you deal at least 10,000 damage. (medium)
  • Catapult Destruction: Do at least 15,000 HP worth of damage to enemies using a catapult in a single game. (medium)
  • Nice Try, Matey: Attempt to place a Trouble Brewing banner atop the castle. (medium)
  • Saving the Princess: Play a total of 100 games in which you deal at least 10,000 damage. (hard)
  • Artillery Enthusiast: Damage ten players with a ballista. (hard)
  • Precious Be Mine: Kill the flag-bearer while under the effect of a Castle Wars bracelet and take their flag. (hard)
  • Don't Mention the War: Play a total of 250 games in which you deal at least 10,000 damage. (elite)
  • Wrath of the Gods: Become an imp, sheep and rabbit using each of the gods' halos. (elite)
  • One for the Team: Deposit a flag while wearing a flag cape. (elite)
  • Have I Found my Faithful?: Pray at the altar to Zaros in the Senntisten Temple while holding a faithful shield and wearing Dr Nabanik's old trilby. (elite)

Clan Wars:

  • Clan of the Week: Claim victory over another clan. (medium)
  • Kill de la Turret: Kill an opponent on the ground using ranged or magic from a turret. (medium)
  • Semi-clantenarian: Kill a total of 50 players in any Clan Wars mode. (hard)


  • Budding Tactician: Play 5 games with at least six units defeated. (easy)
  • Ten Commandments: Use ten commands in a single game. (easy)
  • Divide and Conquer: Win at least 10 games in total. (medium)
  • Charging the Enemy: Chastise a unit and defeat another after applying Battle Cry to one of your own. (medium)
  • Come Closer: Defeat a mage or archer using Bombard. (medium)
  • What Combat Triangle: Defeat a knight using an archer. (medium)
  • Kilovoid: Boost a unit's health to at least 1000. (medium)
  • Be Tankful: Survive an otherwise lethal attack using Shield Wall. (medium)
  • Emerging Strategist: Play 25 games with at least six units defeated. (hard)
  • Elite Void Force: Win a game using only type of unit. (hard)
  • David and Goliath: Deal the killing blow to a champion using a scout. (hard)
  • Mad-Eye: Kill an attacking opponent by being vigilant. (hard)
  • Going for Commodore: Play 100 games with at least six units defeated. (hard)
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici: Speak to Captain Ethar with a rating of at least 2000. (elite)
  • Diagon Alley: Move along one of the field's diagonals with one unit in two turns without being attacked. (elite)
  • Legendary Conqueror: Play 250 games with at least six units defeated. (hard)


  • J'ai survecu: Play five games with at least three players, scoring at least one point. (easy)
  • Yak Dairy: Craft a Dareeyak teleport tablet while wearing yak-hide armour. (easy)
  • Carnage: Play 15 games with at least three players, scoring at least one point. (medium)
  • Flee from Me: Defeat someone using only your chicken army. (medium)
  • Insult to Injury: Defeat an opponent whilst having a taunt active. (medium)
  • More Power!: Use each type of (super) power-up once. (medium)
  • Take This on for Size: Defeat an opponent of at least your combat level while overpowered. (medium)
  • Massacre: Play 75 games with at least three players, scoring at least one point. (medium)
  • Shadows of the Past: Kill a rogue spirit while wearing any type of rogue gloves. (hard)
  • Everyone Has a Weakness: End someone's kill streak. (hard)
  • Deliciousness is Power: Kill someone whose food has been turned into cabbages. (hard)
  • Warmongery: Play 150 games with at least three players, scoring at least one point. (elite)
  • Champion of the Crucible: Become Supreme Hunter. (elite)
  • Half a Score: Achieve a streak of ten kills. (elite)

Dominion Tower:

  • On your Markers: Kill 10 bosses in any mode using a stat boost from your dominion marker. (easy)
  • Sticks and Stones: Defeat Apep and Heru using Aten and Uraeus. (easy)
  • Able Rumbler: Survive for 5 minutes alone in rumble mode. (easy)
  • Tremble All Ye: Kill 50 bosses in a single rumble match. (medium)
  • Prepare to be Annihilated: Defeat Delrith without Gideon's protection. (medium)
  • The General's Doom: Defeat General Khazard using Khazard armour and a shadow sword. (medium)
  • Protect me from Bacon: Defeat Sigmund wearing a full set of h.a.m. robes, ancient mace and a goblin cower shield. (medium)
  • Struck without Delay: Defeat the Barrelchest using an anchor, black mask or slayer helm and a karamthulhu overlord out. (medium)
  • Zemouregal's Servant: Defeat Arrav with the random daze, reduced melee defence, no familiar, no prayer, reduced adrenaline and no other handicaps, while wearing nothing except for a steel 2h sword, overridden by the New Varrock Arrav armour and sword. (hard)
  • Delicious and Nutritious: Reach floor 30 in endurance mode with naught but cabbages in the inventory at the start. (hard)
  • Viyeldi's Vengeance: Defeat Nezikchened using a dark or glowing dagger. (hard)
  • Trial of Combat: Defeat Koschei the Deathless without any items equipped and without power-ups or prayer. (hard)
  • The Root of the Problem: Defeat the decaying avatar without destroying any of the roots. (hard)
  • Who Needs Ancients Anyway: Defeat the guardians of the Diamonds of Azzanadra without using magic. (hard)
  • A True Gentleman: Defeat Zenevivia with only melee, without using the Kick ability or Shove special attack. (hard)
  • What the Hallow: Defeat Vanstrom using an Ivandis flail and a set of citizen clothes. (hard)
  • Delay Buster: Defeat the Balance Elemental without using any prayers or curses. (hard)
  • The Power of Custard: Beat the Indigestion special match using culinaromancer's weaponry and a chef's hat. (hard)
  • Soul Blast from the Past: Defeat Nomad using only enchanted ruby-tipped crossbow bolts and a spirit kyatt. (hard)
  • Hardly Handicapped: Defeat a class 1, X1 or X2 boss from a (grand)master quest with all handicaps. (hard)
  • Jack of All Trades: Kill every boss at least once in a single Climber or Endurance match. (elite)
  • Tiffy the Spiffing: Defeat Khazard and Lucien wearing: a craftman's monocle, proselyte hauberk and cuisse, white boots, gloves, sword and shield, as well as having Tiny Lucien out. (elite)
  • Nocturnal: Defeat Sunfreet taking no damage from his fires. (elite)
  • Enough is Enough: Obtain over 250,000 Dominion Factor from one run. (elite)
  • The Founder's Successor: Speak to the strange face with at least 8 million Dominion Factor. (elite)

Duel Arena:

  • It's a Fruit: Throw 10 rotten tomatoes at duellers. (easy)
  • Come out to Play: Win a duel with obstacles using ranged or magic. (medium)
  • It's Gone to your Head: Speak to Estocada while wearing a tier 3+ duellist's cap. (hard)
  • Champion of Het: Defeat an opponent while wearing: a Het mask, Keris, Aten, any Menap rope tob and bottoms, and desert boots. (elite)

Fight Cauldron:

  • TokHaar-Face-Off: Defeat a TokHaar-Ket Champion at least one piece of obsidian armour, the TokKul boost and a TokKul-Zo. (medium)
  • In a Very Nasty Pot: Defeat at least 50 foes without leaving the cauldron. (medium)
  • Cold Run: Defeat 25 foes using melee without leaving the cauldron or getting damaged by any lava. (hard)
  • Is It Hot in Here: Defeat TokHaar-Hok without using water or ice spells. (hard)
  • Yes Its Tail Is Rocky: Use a rocktail on a TokHaar-Ket-Zek while wearing rocktail gloves. (hard)
  • TokHaar-Thok: Defeat at least 250 foes without leaving the cauldron. (elite)

Fight Kiln:

  • Hearken, Har'aken: Use a badly cooked karambwan on TokHaar-Hok. (easy) [mixed feelings 'bout this one; it's basically "poison Mod Stu"]
  • Hardly a Match: Defeat a TokHaar-Mej using a TokTz-Mej-Tal. (medium)
  • Stayin' Alava: Fire a spell at a TokHaar using a mystic or necromancer's lava staff, then eat a lava eel. (medium)
  • Quill Lava: Use a phoenix quill on a TokHaar-Ket-Dill before defeating it. (medium)
  • Not That Squishy: Defeat Har'aken while wearing a TokHaar-Kal. (hard)
  • The Elves Would Be Proud: Use each type of crystal once. (hard)
  • Champion of the TzHaar: Defeat a TokHaar-Jad wearing at least five pieces of obsidian armour as well as using an obsidian weapon, augmented by a TokKul-Zo and a berserker necklace. (elite)

Fight Cave:

  • TzKary: Defeat five Tz-Kek. (easy)
  • I Need that for Jad: Defeat ten consecutive Tz-Kih without their draining your prayer. (medium)
  • Nasty Souvenir: Kill a Tok-Xil in a POH dungeon. (medium)
  • Holy Reptile!: Deal 20,000 damage to a single Yt-MejKot. (hard) [they have 10k HP but heal]
  • Not Hot Enough?: Make it to the final wave using only fire or blood spells. (hard)
  • Double Hotdog: Defeat two Ket-Zek within five seconds of one another. (hard)
  • You Killed my Father: Defeat TzTok-Jad with TzRek-Jad in the inventory. (elite)
  • Mini Menace Mass: Defeat 16 Yt-HurKot in one round. (elite)

Fight Pit:

  • Accomplice to Murder: Observe a death using the viewing orb. (easy)
  • How Pitiful: Be defeated five times. (easy)
  • Great Balls of Fire: Have a spirit Tz-Kih cast Fireball Assault on four other players. (easy) [I think familiars are allowed?]
  • ThankKul: Receive at least 2,000 TokKul upon death or victory. (medium)
  • One Minute of Fame: Defeat the champion of the pits. (medium)
  • You Shall Not Pass: Survive for five minutes after the volcanic monsters are summoned. (hard)
  • JalYt Slayer: Defeat 100 players in the pits. (hard)
  • I Lava Good Fight: Drag an opponent across a pool of lava using a lava whip. (hard)
  • It's Only Glass: Defeat a player using a full set of obsidian armour avec shield and an obsidian weapon. (elite)
  • Immortal Bwana: Die to your opponent and defeat them after being revived by Karamja gloves 4. (elite)

Fist of Guthix:

  • Too Slow: Escape from your hunter using a tele-orb and enter a house before they find you and attack again. (easy)
  • Lore of the Balance God: Speak to the three druids about their different theories. (easy)
  • Votary of Guthix: Play 15 games, getting at least 100 charges yourself and killing your opponent. (medium)
  • You Cannot Hide: Defeat your target before they accumulate 500 charges. (medium)
  • The Fist Stares Back: Win a game with a spirit guthatrice out. (medium)
  • Strength through Anger: Wielding a dragon battleaxe and any berserker shield, use Rampage before engaging the hunted. (medium)
  • Zealot of Guthix: Play 75 games, getting at least 100 charges yourself and killing your opponent. (hard)
  • Magicinyaface: Defeat your target whilst wearing a full set of battle robes. (hard)
  • Am I Doing Okay: Speak to Fiara or Coulson with a rating of at least 2000. (hard)
  • Sentinel of Guthix: Play 150 games, getting at least 100 charges yourself and killing your opponent. (elite)
  • We All Die Eventually: Accumulate over 1000 charges then end the round only by being killed. (elite)
  • Power of the Eye: Win a game while under the effect of the Stone of Jas. (elite)
  • Guardian of Guthix: Play 500 games, getting at least 100 charges yourself and killing your opponent. (elite)
  • Talk to the Fist: Speak to Fiara or Coulson with a rating of at least 5000. (hard)

Mobilising Armies:

  • Not a Diplomat: Defeat an opponent in Conflict. (easy)
  • Exploring the Ocean: Play each scenario once. (easy)
  • Keeping a Coal Head: Obtain a chunk of coal in any scenario. (easy)
  • Furry Object Reaching RuneScape: Damage at least five squads using a chinchompa. (easy)
  • Falador's Vengeance: Destroy the castle walls to win the game in Siege. (medium)
  • Persistence Triumphs: In the Conflict scenario, defeat a squad standing on special terrain using only squads that it's strong against. (medium)
  • Eye for Gold: Win a Hoard game, having obtained loot from each cave. (medium)
  • A Rescue Mission: Win a Rescue game without losing any squads. (medium)
  • Siege Saboteur: Destroy all three of your opponents' catapults. (medium)
  • One Ring to Charm Them: Find out Junior Cadet Bertol's true purpose while wearing an imbued ring of Charos and Charos's necklace. (hard)
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Me: Win a Siege game after defeating at least 10 squads and one catapult. (hard)
  • Tacit Tactician: Obtain at least 30,000 reward credits from a game. (hard)
  • Look, a Diversion: Distract a heavy squad, then defeat it using only light squads and no special units. (hard)
  • Extend your ARMS: Win the Rescue scenario only by stealing from your opponents' landers. (elite)
  • An Army Worthy of Brogan: Win any game using each of the nine formations. (elite)
  • Smile and Wave, Boys: Salute each rewards trader, wearing the appropriate outfit each time. (elite)

Pest Control:

  • Maybe They Won't See Me: Defeat 10 pests from the towers. (easy)
  • Insect Repellent Won't Work: Win a game on the novice lander. (easy)
  • Worse than Termites: Repair a fully broken gate. (easy)
  • Squire: Successfully win 20 games of any difficulty, reaching the reward threshold. (easy)
  • Sealed Fate: Obtain a void seal during a game. (medium)
  • Genocidal: Kill 50 of each species of pest across games. (medium)
  • Spirits of the Void: Defeat a ravager, shifter, torcher and spinner using its respective familiar. (medium)
  • Void Knight: Successfully win 250 games of any difficulty, reaching the reward threshold. (medium)
  • Not So Quiet: Win a game on the highest-levelled lander you can access with all portals fully intact until they are all unlocked. (hard)
  • I Heard You Like Claws: Kill a ravager using Claws of Guthix. (hard)
  • Commodore: Successfully win 500 games of any difficulty, reaching the reward threshold. (hard)
  • Lamezag Begs to Differ: Slay a pest using Disrupt while wielding both Korasi's and Jessika's swords. (elite)
  • Admiral of the Void: Win on the veteran island wearing any void helm, a void knight mace and deflector, gloves, and an elite robe top and bottoms (or any superior equivalents). (elite)
  • Valluta: Successfully win 1500 games of any difficulty, reaching the reward threshold. (elite)

Soul Wars:

  • Mens Sana: Win one game on both sides. (easy)
  • Showing Zeal: Attack an opponent of at least your own combat level at the Soul Obelisk. (easy)
  • Soul Seer: Play 10 games, dealing at least 20,000 damage. (medium)
  • Leave him Alone: Help defeat a player who is fighting your avatar. (medium)
  • Dona eis Requiem: Bury 20 bones at a graveyard owned by your team. (medium)
  • Handy Bandies: Grab some bandages from the opponent's base. (medium)
  • Soul Siphoner: Play 50 games, dealing at least 20,000 damage. (medium)
  • Slayer of Souls: Complete a pyrefiend or jelly slayer assignment fully inside Soul Wars. (hard)
  • This Is Nomadness: Help slay the opponent avatar without dying. (hard)
  • Cemetery Desecrated: Defeat a player in the opponent's graveyard. (hard)
  • Soul Splitter: Play 150 games, dealing at least 20,000 damage. (elite)
  • Double Treat: Defeat a player at the Soul Obelisk whilst cursing Soul Split. (elite)
  • Zimberfizz's Menagerie: Collect all the pets from Soul Wars in a menagerie. (elite)
  • Soul Sunderer: Play 500 games, dealing at least 20,000 damage. (elite)

Shattered Worlds:

  • Five Time's the Charm: Beat 5 bronze challenges. (easy)
  • How Could You: Kill a Goebie. (easy)
  • Purging the Abyss: Complete a slayer contract. (medium)
  • Shattered Clocks: Quickly clear a world such that the next is skipped. (medium)
  • Dancing with the Stars: Kill shadows of Araxxi, Chaos Veldaban, the Dark Lord, Nazastarool, a butcher demon, a wyrd, Lol and Cres. (medium)
  • Feeling Animated: Collect at least 10,000,000 shattered anima without leaving. (medium)
  • Ten Pieces of Silverware: Beat 10 silver challenges. (hard)
  • Go Back to ScapeRune: Survive a total of 5 (not necessarily consecutive) worlds above 50 whilst being followed by Evil Bob. (hard)
  • Pugno ergo sum: Beat 10 of each type of challenge. (elite)
  • Kind of Cute: Earn the full animasaurus pet. (elite)

All Fired Up:

  • Arsonist: Light 5 beacons simultaneously. (easy)
  • Misthalin Marathon: Light 8 beacons simultaneously without running or using any form of transportation besides walking. (medium)
  • Pyromaniac: Light 10 beacons simultaneously. (hard)
  • Woody Wood Picker: Light all beacons, using each type of allowed logs exactly twice. (elite)

Blast Furnace:

  • Huffing and Puffing: Operate each of the parts of machinery. (easy)
  • Budding Blacksmith: Smelt a total of 100 bars. (medium)
  • Fire Blast: Create one of each type of bar in the furnace. (hard)

Agility Arena:

  • Just Warming Up: Tag ten consecutive pillars. (easy)
  • Versatility is Key: Navigate each type of obstacle successfully. (easy)
  • No Toadflax Was Harmed: Purchase some toadflax from Jackie and use it to brew an agility potion. (medium)
  • Hope You Don't Fall: Navigate each type of obstacle wearing a pirate's hat and double eyepatch. (medium)
  • Grown a Beard Yet: Tag fifty consecutive pillars. (hard)
  • Izzy Won't Mind: Nick some tickets from a pirate impling. (hard)
  • Going for the Big Guns: Cash 100 tickets for experience in one go. (elite)

Fishing Trawler:

  • Sleep with da Fishies: Bail 100 times. (easy)
  • Novice Fisherman: Sail out successfully 10 times. (easy)
  • Trawler Major: Solo the trawler. (medium)
  • I Can Hear the Sea: Successfully complete a fishing trip under the effect of one of the shells. (medium)
  • Leisurely Angler: Sail out successfully 25 times. (medium)
  • Everybody Loves Ray: Collect or bank some manta rays and sea turtles from the net while wearing a ray hat and having a war tortoise out. (hard)
  • Hobbyist Trawler: Sail out successfully 75 times. (hard)
  • Careful with Those: Repair the net wearing a shark's teeth necklace. (elite)

Flash Powder Factory:

  • Optimal Catalyst: Make some powder whilst holding 6 apparatus and with a 20% funnel bonus. (easy)
  • No Cage Can Hold Me: Open a wall safe, wearing Jerrod's cape. (easy)
  • Safety Hazard: Leave a passage before it's depressurised. (easy)
  • Indent-hurt Worker: Traverse each type of obstacle, and use a button to open a passage. (easy)
  • Factory Worker: Finish a game with a score of at least 1260. (medium)
  • Hope it Isn't Asbestos: Find some catalyst powder in a pile of rubble. (medium)
  • Hopeless Thief: Fumble a pickpocket attempt, then get robbed yourself. (medium)
  • Taking Recycling too Far: Search a total of 50 heaps of rubble. (medium)
  • Factory Overseer: Finish a game with a score of at least 1500. (hard)
  • Rogue One Eighty: Win 180 Brianpoints in a game wearing a full rogue outfit. (hard)
  • I Put the 'Fun' in Funnel: Maintain a 20% funnel bonus for five consecutive minutes. (hard)
  • Factory Director: Finish a game with a score of at least 1700. (elite)
  • Enhancing Performance: Using your factory outfit, brew a four-dose relicym's balm from scratch in the Rogues' Den. (elite)
  • Factory Rogue: Finish a game with a score of at least 1800. (elite)

Gnome Restaurant:

  • Aluft's Intern: Successfully complete 10 easy deliveries. (easy)
  • Why Would You Do That: Launch a grand seed pod in the vicinity of a gnome glider captain. (easy)
  • Aluft's Lackey: Successfully complete 25 hard deliveries. (medium)
  • Drinking Diplomats: Deliver an alcoholic beverage to each gnomish ambassador. (medium)
  • A Varied Appetite: Cook and delivery each type of gnomish dish and cocktail. (medium)
  • Air Strike: Deliver an order to Captain Klemfoodle without using gnome gliders. (medium)
  • Aluft's Maître d': Successfully complete 100 hard deliveries. (hard)
  • Jack of all Gnomes: Make deliveries to all possible easy and hard customers, except Hazelmere. (hard)
  • Broken Phone: Deliver an order to Sergeant Garkor without passing through the Marim gate or using a spell. (hard) [got to use the mango tree fairy ring]
  • Trolls Smell Anyway: Deliver an order to Brambickle without passing through Trollheim. (elite) [would require going through Zemouregal's fort and Lamistard's labyrinth]
  • Souvenir Chef: Obtain the following rewards: gnome goggles, gnome scarf, snake charm, raw oomlie, goutweed. (elite)
  • Aluft's Employee of the Month: Successfully complete 500 hard deliveries. (elite)
  • Aluft's Employee of the Year: Successfully complete 2000 hard deliveries. (elite)

The Great Orb Project:

  • Elriss's Apprentice: Deposit at least three orbs for your team at every altar. (easy)
  • Essential Equipment: Store some essence in a pouch at the end of a round. (easy)
  • Mix and Match: Craft some steam runes after winning the water altar. (easy)
  • You Urnt It: Fill a runecrafting urn from scratch entirely within the minigame. (easy)
  • Shroom of Doom: Fruitlessly attract an orb that is stuck behind a mushroom at the nature altar for five consecutive seconds. (easy) [this is a fun one that could be hidden]
  • Runecrafting Beginner: Play 10 full games, depositing at least 50 orbs in total yourself. (medium)
  • Budding Runecrafter: Win a game wearing a full set of regular runecrafting robes in your team's colour. (medium)
  • Just the Essentials: Craft at least 500 runes in a single game. (medium)
  • Mind Your Step: Capture the mind altar without walking within the standing stones circle. (medium)
  • Gravity's Attraction: Deposit at least 6 orbs into the earth altar using only a repeller wand. (medium)
  • Runestone Buddy: Capture the body altar with a score of at least 30 orbs while wearing a body body. (medium)
  • Runecrafting Fanatic: Play 50 full games, depositing at least 50 orbs in total yourself. (hard)
  • Quite the Experimentalist: Capture every single altar in a game. (hard)
  • Accio Orbs: Capture the mind, earth and chaos altars in one game without repelling orbs or making barriers. (hard)
  • Burn, Baby, Burn: Deposit at least 20 orbs into the fire altar yourself, then craft some fire runes whilst wearing fire runecrafting gloves and an explorer's ring, with a fire rune guardian out. (hard)
  • pURe An alTaR oF cHaoS: Capture at least 15 orbs at the chaos altar with a team of two players, or 20 with three. (hard)
  • Air Enough: On a team of precisely two players, capture at least 50 orbs at the air altar. (elite)
  • Runecrafting Master: Play 100 full games, depositing at least 50 orbs in total yourself. (elite)
  • At One with Nature: Crafting at least 100 nature runes after winning the nature altar, add them to a nature staff. (elite)
  • Runecrafting Legend: Play 250 full games, depositing at least 50 orbs in total yourself. (elite)

Impetuous Impulses:

  • Someone Your Own Size: Teach an imp defender a lesson. (easy)
  • Thoroughly a-wheat: Obtain farmer's affinity. (easy)
  • The Impish Inquisition: Catch 10 different implings within five minutes. (medium)
  • Impling Collector: Catch a total of 100 implings in Puro-Puro. (medium)
  • Hope you Recycle: Purchase and fully exhaust a jar generator. (hard)
  • Well Travelled: Enter Puro-Puro from each possible crop circle. (hard)
  • Impling Amasser: Catch a total of 500 implings in Puro-Puro. (hard)
  • Just Collect Stamps: Catch 15 different implings and have imps send them to your bank. (elite)

Mage Training Arena:

  • Laws of Telekinesis: Solve each telekinetic maze once. (easy)
  • Bring Your Own Food: Turn 6 different types of bones into bananas at the Creature Graveyard. (easy)
  • Staying in Shape: Enchant each type of shape when it's the bonus. (easy)
  • All Gold that Glitters: Alchemise each type of item before the prices change. (easy)
  • Looking for an Argument: Attempt to cast Enchant lvl 2 on an emerald in the Alchemist's Playground. (easy)
  • Enchanté de Faire votre Pizazz: Score 500 enchantment Pizazz points without leaving. (medium)
  • Guard My Money: Deposit 2500 coins in one go with your rune guardian pet out. (medium)
  • Thrift Alchemist: Alchemise an item worth 30 coins whilst it's free to convert. (medium)
  • Ruby's Cube: Cast Enchant lvl 3 on a cube. (medium)
  • Osteoblast It: Turn no more than 5 sets of bones into at least 20 peaches. (hard)
  • So(u)ld: Purchase some soul runes with a 10% discount. (hard)
  • Heaps of Orbs: Cast all eight jewellery enchantment spells in the correct order on the same type of shape while it's on bonus. (hard)
  • Explorer of Gold: Obtain 1350 coins in the alchemist's playground using only an explorer's ring without leaving. (elite) [this means using up all daily casts on only items worth 30 coins]
  • I Want a Wand: Unlock and purchase a master wand, or speak to the rewards guardian while holding one if you had previously. (elite)

Pyramid Plunder:

  • Scare-abs in your Chest: Defeat a scarab swarm or mummy hindering you. (easy)
  • Pharaoh's Gold: Steal a gold artefact from a sarcophagus. (easy)
  • Pyramid Explorer: Spend five minutes looting Jalsavrah, obtaining at least 15 artefacts or a sceptre, 10 times. (easy)
  • Secrets of Jalsavrah: Fully loot any room from 5 onwards. (medium)
  • Raider of the Lost Ark: Loot a total of 50 golden chests. (medium)
  • Ten Time's the Charm: Charm ten snakes before looting their urns. (medium)
  • Tra-yearning for Loot: Dodge 25 snakes' bites in elven fashion. (hard)
  • I Doubt That Will Work: Find a gold, diamond or jewelled statuette whilst having an ibis out. (hard)
  • Pyramid Looter: Spend five minutes looting Jalsavrah, obtaining at least 15 artefacts or a sceptre, 50 times. (hard)
  • Tumeken's Heir Returns: Open an engraved sarcophagus holding a sceptre of the gods and wearing a Pharaoh mask. (elite)
  • Pyramid Plunderer: Spend five minutes looting Jalsavrah, obtaining at least 15 artefacts or a sceptre, 250 times. (elite)

Ranging Minigame:

  • Master Marksman: Hit a bullseye in the archery competition. (easy)
  • Ricochet: Defeat all archers on the platforms. (medium)

Sorceress' Garden:

  • I Do Beg your Pardon: Teleport to the garden on a broomstick. (easy)
  • We're in your Garden: Be spotted by an elemental ten times. (easy)
  • Tell, Monty: Learn about the garden from its resident feline. (easy)
  • Not Very Tranquil Here: Successfully loot each garden in the order winter-spring-autumn-summer without being spotted. (hard)
  • Aadeela's Intruder: Obtain sq'irk or herbs successfully 50 times. (hard)

* Juicemaster of Al Kharid: Bring Osman each of the four sq'irk juices in one go. (hard)

Trouble Brewing:

  • Just Add Water: Release steam to damage a saboteur. (easy)
  • Trade Secret: Deposit 20 flowers without leaving your base. (easy)
  • Hop is for Beer: Hop across an agility shortcut. (easy)
  • Don't Ask What's in It: Use some 'stuff' to mature a vat of ale. (easy)
  • Cabin Boy: Play 10 games in which you deposit at least four types of ingredient. (medium)
  • Monkey Hear, Monkey Do: Coordinate with your monkey to obtain a bitternut. (medium)
  • Shiny Pretties: Catch five implings in a game. (medium)
  • Bosun: Play 50 games in which you deposit at least four types of ingredient. (hard)
  • Dubious Bottles: Deposit 25 bottles of rum across games. (hard)
  • Drink Up, Me Hearties: Win a game wearing a full naval set and holding any pirate flag. (hard)
  • Captain: Play 100 games in which you deposit at least four types of ingredient. (elite)
  • Masterchef Mos Le'Harmless: In a single game, deposit at least: 20 flowers, 25 buckets of water, 15 scrapey bark, 15 sweetgrubs, 15 bowls of water, 5 bitternuts and a bottle of rum. Additionally, set two sections of bridge on fire and light 20 logs under boilers. (elite)
  • Admiral: Play 250 games in which you deposit at least four types of ingredient. (elite)
  • Score Bottles Score: Finish a game with a score of at least 20 bottles of rum on your team. (elite)


  • Wabbit Season: Feed a total of 25 rabbits. (easy)
  • Farmhand: Score a total of 500 points. (easy)
  • In the Blinkin of an Eye: Score 1,000 points without leaving. (medium)
  • Head gardener: Score a total of 5000 points. (medium)
  • Sweeping the Farm: Correctly plant ten flags in one go (i.e. without doing aught else between the first and last). (hard)
  • Horticulturalist: Score a total of 25,000 points. (hard)
  • In the Lair of the Gnome: Uncover a 5 or higher number. (elite)
  • Sweeping Gnome: Score a total of 100,000 points. (elite)

Shades of Mort'ton:

  • All Hail Flamtaer: Build a wall using a Flamtaer bracelet. (easy)
  • Holy Flames: Light the fire altar and sanctify a vial of olive oil. (easy)
  • Like Shades to a Flame: Kill ten shades that are attacking a shade lure. (medium)
  • Herbi Would Be Proud: Brew some serum 208 and cure an afflicted villager. (medium)
  • Redemption for All: Cremate each type of shade. (hard)
  • Gadderanked among the Greatest: Defeat one of each kind of shade with a Gadderhammer while wearing an enchanted salve amulet. (hard)
  • Gold Fever: Open 20 gold chests. (elite)
  • Gotta Try Them All: Open each individual chest in the catacombs once. (elite)
  • Pyre Bedimmu: Obtain a gold key by cremating edimmu remains. (elite)
  • Will Malignius Teach Me Now: Summon a skeleton from a sealed pot whilst wearing a full set of necromancer robes and holding any necromancer's staff (or overrides). (elite)

Stealing Creation:

  • It Shall Be Mine: Build a barrier around a class 5 resource. (easy)
  • Demi-god: Play 5 games with a score of at least 20,000. (easy)
  • Still Malleable: Mine some (soft) clay using a volatile pickaxe. (easy)
  • Just What I Wanted!: Give some class 3 or higher clay to a teammate.
  • Primordial Battleground: Kill five players in one game. (medium)
  • Invisible Fingers: Pickpocket a player while standing inside a bank of fog. (medium)
  • Who Needs the Elders: Create each type of item using a kiln in a single game. (medium)
  • Major god: Play 25 games with a score of at least 20,000. (medium)
  • Mystical Remedy: Be healed by your mystic with less than a quarter of your health remaining. (medium)
  • Sumptuous Sediment: Deposit some clay worth a score of at least 20,000 in one go. (hard)
  • Rumble Rumble: Craft each class 5 tool in a game and have your class 5 familiar deposit them. (hard)
  • Transcendent god: Play 75 games with a score of at least 20,000. (hard)
  • Jas Would Be Jealous: Score over 100,000 in a game. (elite) [would have to fix the bug that treats damage values as pre-EoC first]
  • Elder god: Play 150 games with a score of at least 20,000. (elite)
  • Earning Creation: Speak to the head mystic while wearing a full set of sacred clay armour along with a weapon and morphic shield. (elite)
  • Elder elder god?: Play 500 games with a score of at least 20,000. (medium)

Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup:

  • Sticking Around: Obtain some trading sticks from each villager. (easy)
  • Gems Be Mine: Exhaust a gem rock. (easy)
  • Bugs Begone: Weaken some mosquitoes using insect repellent. (easy)
  • Shaika that Spear: Pester a tribesman with a spirit mosquito. (medium)
  • Thanks, Bwana: Obtain 100% favour. (medium)
  • Karambo: Encounter and slay one each of: tribesman, bush snake, mosquito (swarm), jungle spider, any broodoo victim. (medium)
  • Ra-harness the Power: Kill each type of broodoo victim using only their respective weakness. (medium)
  • Shame to-pass that Offer: Purchase a red topaz machete. (medium)
  • Hide in the Chest: Bank some snake hide using Jones's chest north of Jiminua's store. (hard)
  • My Arm Found What: Find a gout tuber. (hard)
  • The Machete Quest: Retrieve a machete from a quest kit inside the village. (hard)
  • Get Off My Lawn: Fully repair 50 sections of the village fence. (elite)

Burthorpe Games Room:

  • Gaming Enthusiast: Play a total of five games. (easy)
  • Anyone for RuneLink?: Win a match in each of the games. (medium)
  • This Is Sports Too: Win a match in any advanced room. (hard)
  • Anlaf's Challenger: Speak to the barmaid with at least 1250 rating in each game. (elite)

Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza:

  • Doing Evil: Assist in the killing of ten monkeys. (easy)
  • Passing the Firewall: Using the same instance of Flameproof, pass three fire barriers. (easy)
  • Get Him, Not Me!: Stun another player or direct a gorilla towards them. (easy)
  • Cabbage Everywhere: Score at least 100 in a game. (medium)
  • Brassican Bomb: Wearing the full cabbagemancer outfit including staff and amulet of cabbagespeak, use a patch bomb on a fully grown cabbage patch at Falador Farm. (medium)
  • Stunningly Aggressive: Stun and evade a gorilla guard heading for you. (medium)
  • Coleslaw Lover: Gather a total of 300 trophies. (medium)
  • Simian Scuffle: Make it through all waves with a score of at least 150. (hard)
  • Leaping to Safety: Leap into the safe zone whilst under attack from a gorilla. (hard)
  • Prime of Brassica: Score at least 170 in a game. (hard)
  • Stalwart of Marimbo: Becoming a gorilla on the first round, obtain a total score of at least 35. (hard)
  • Grievous Broccoli Harm: Gather a total of 1000 trophies. (elite)
  • Soon He'll Be an Eighth: Speak to Herbert while wearing the full farming outfit. (elite)


  • Lock and Key: Lock a loot chest. (easy)
  • Don't Talk to Strangers: Help one of the people requiring assistance. (easy)
  • Novice Robber: Play a total of 10 games as a robber, depositing at least one bag of loot. (medium)
  • Novice Guard: Play a total of 10 games as a guard, making at least one correct arrest. (medium)
  • You're Nicked: Make at least five arrests during one game. (medium)
  • Three Is Company: Deposit at least three bags of loot during one game. (medium)
  • Thick as Thieves: Assume the form of each type of character in every map, across multiple games. (medium)
  • Internal Pocket Affairs: Pickpocket a guard and escape from jail. (medium)
  • You're for da Cage: Send a robber carrying a bag of loot to prison. (medium)
  • The Resemblance is Uncanny-fis: Turn into each of the six Barrows Brothers once. (medium)
  • Experienced Robber: Play a total of 25 games as a robber, depositing at least one bag of loot. (hard)
  • Experienced Guard: Play a total of 25 games as a guard, making at least one correct arrest. (hard)
  • Not Guilty until Caught: Get spotted by a guard and escape successfully. (hard)
  • Disciple of Ozan: In a single game, deposit five bags of loot and help one of the NPCs. (hard)
  • Caught Red Handed: Arrest a robber within a twenty-tile radius of a deposit point. (hard)
  • Sense or Dense: Trigger a security sensor, then evade capture using a decoy. (hard)
  • A Mourning's Ends Part Heist: Destroy one of the original infected creatures using a vaccine bomb. (hard)
  • Friendly Burglar: Obtain a loot bag each from an upset woman, boy, injured man, shady stranger and shocked woman. (not necessarily in the same game) (hard)
  • Master Robber: Play a total of 100 games as a robber, depositing at least one bag of loot. (elite)
  • Master Guard: Play a total of 100 games as a guard, making at least one correct arrest. (elite)
  • Zemouregal Jr: Turn all NPCs into zombies or werewolves. (elite)
  • Legendary Robber: Play a total of 250 games as a robber, depositing at least one bag of loot. (elite)
  • Legendary Guard: Play a total of 250 games as a guard, making at least one correct arrest. (elite)

Player-owned port:

  • Ports Ahoy: Complete each random event once. (easy)
  • Salty Sea Dog: Send out a voyage with a level 10 captain or crewmember. (medium)
  • Excellent Service: Complete Surula's D&D in under two minutes. (medium)
  • They're More Afraid of You: Unlock and visit Cyclosis. (hard)
  • Ahem, Portmaster: Speak to your navigator with a port score of at least 2222. (hard)
  • Are You Seiryu Want One: Build a pretty portal in honour of the azure dragon. (elite)
  • Life Isn't Fair: Find three consecutive victims of the Death Lotus without identifying anyone erroneously. (elite)

Distractions and Diversions[edit | edit source]


  • Travelling Circus: Complete the D&D of the week. (easy)

* Concentration Problems: Unlock "the distracted" title by playing each D&D at least once. (medium)

Big Chinchompa

  • Big Friendly Giant Chinchompa: Put the plutonial chinchompa to sleep with a Big Chinchompa out. (medium)
  • Grenwalled Community: Catch ten creatures at each of Niyriki's private hunting grounds. (hard)
  • Up to your Nectar: Attract and catch a total of 25 moths using a protea flower. (hard)
  • Flight of the Moths: Catch one of each Soporith moth in ascending order of level requirement. (elite)

Champions' Challenge

  • Burn!: Set the Mummy Champion on fire. (medium)
  • Elemental Warrior: Defeat the Earth Warrior champion using earth spells and holding any type of earth staff. (medium)
  • Ankles' Bane: Defeat the Imp Champion while wearing a full set of imphide robes, an imphide shield and a meat cleaver. (hard)
  • Shut Up Already: Defeat the Banshee Champion without using earmuffs or a slayer helm. (hard)
  • Calling Feats: Defeat 5 champions. (hard)
  • Undead Warrior: Defeat the Skeleton champion in tetsu armour. (elite)
  • Cours, Leon, Cours!: Defeat Leon d'Cour, the human Champion of Champions. (elite)
  • Hope It's no Illusion: Defeat Glophren, the gnome Champion of Champions. (elite)

Demon Flash Mobs

  • Infernal Court: Kill one imp herald, lesser and black demon. (easy)
  • Your God Can't Help You Now: Fight the demon boss with prayer. (easy)
  • Everybody Make the Demon Sore: Defeat a demon boss wearing full demon slayer armour. (elite)

Evil Trees

  • For me Old Gaffer: Nurture a strange sapling. (medium)
  • More Than a Faggot: While all of its roots are gone, fully surround an evil tree with fires using logs of its own species. (hard)
  • I Like to Press Wildflowers: Get a 100% reward at each type of evil tree. (elite)


  • Wrong Charm: Speak to Pikkenmix while wearing an activated Ring of Charos. (easy)

* Superior Focus: Obtain 60 shards without being spotted once. (hard)

  • Spirit Whisperer: Play as each available familiar once. (elite)

Fish Flingers

  • A Reel Catch: Catch a fish with a mass of 199 Stugrams. (easy)
  • Who Made This?: Use a mud pie and a fishing rod on Rick the servant. (easy) [Mod Roderick hehehehehe]
  • Hook, Line & Blinker: Obtain all medals in one game. (medium)
  • Great Al-lure: End in first place in a game with at least five players. (hard)
  • Shearken Well: In a solo game, find the optimal tackle for a species within five catches. (hard)
  • Pie Lophi Domine: Telebank some monkfish inside a tackle box while wearing a monkfish hat and monkfish gloves. (hard)
  • Over One Hund-rod: Catch over 100 fish in one game. (hard)
  • I Cod Carry No More: Catch over 10,000 Stugrams worth of fish in one game. (hard)
  • Thanks for All the Fish: Teleport to Isla Anglerina once from each possible location for the same competition. (elite) [should be possible with preparation]

Goblin Raids

  • I Smell Ham: Slay 25 goblins across multiple raids. (medium)
  • Hollow Armour, Too: Defeat Hollowtoof using a full set of raider gear. (hard)

God Statues

  • Customer Is King: Build each statue in the correct location once. (hard)
  • I Got This, Shorty: Build a statue without asking Copernicus for advice. (hard)

Rush of Blood

  • Beat a bronze challenge. (hard) [beat meaning to reach wave 21]
  • Beat a silver challenge. (hard)
  • Beat a gold challenge. (elite)
  • Beat a platinum challenge. (elite)


  • Win a game of sinkholes. (medium)
  • Speak to the gorajo hoardstalker while wearing all the Hoardstalker outfit pieces. (hard)
  • Deposit your items to come in first place and do not lose the position. (hard)

Shooting Star

  • I Spy with my Little Eye: Locate a star with your own telescope, and claim the xp for finding it. (medium)
  • I Can Do Imcando: Claim the reward for finding a star while wearing the golden mining outfit and holding an Imcando pickaxe. (elite)

Troll Invasion

  • Wonder What he Ate: Prevent Dynamite from destroying the supplies. (easy)
  • Work on your Aim: Avoid being hit by the same troll ranger five times. (easy)
  • Bulwark of Burthorpe: Defend the gatehouse by stopping the trolls for 10 minutes. (medium)
  • Jack of all Trolls: Maintain the gatehouse without letting any equipment getting destroyed. (hard)
  • Troll Slayer: Defeat 500 trolls while defending the gatehouse. (hard)
  • Defending the Warzone: Successfully defend Burthorpe from the trolls during Hard Mode without using the supply table. (hard)

The Pit

  • Thoroughly Scrambled: Win each game at least once. (medium)
  • Why-lo: Lose High-low There with 1 difference. (hard)
  • Pitiful Performances: Participate in The Pit from each Agility course consecutively: Gnome (advanced or not), Jaleustrophos, Barbarian (advanced or not), Ape Atoll, Wilderness, Werewolf, Hefin and Dorgesh-Kaan. (elite)

Tears of Guthix * Tears of the Gods: Collect more than 200 tears in one game. (hard)

  • Shimmering Light: Play a round whilst having a light creature out. (elite)

Penguin Hide 'n Seek

  • Wells Can't Talk: Find a Polar Bear in a well. (easy)
  • Master Spy: Spot each type of penguin, excepting pumpkin and snowman. (easy)

* Working Hard: Cash in or trade XP worth of 50 Penguin points. (medium)

  • Blending In: Find the ghost penguin while wearing a set of ghostly robes. (hard)

Phoenix Lair

  • Déjà Phoenix: Defeat the Phoenix using a (reborn) phoenix. (hard)
  • Tell Me S'more: Learn of Si'morgh with a phoenix pet out. (elite)

Guthixian Cache

  • Cache Invader: Enter a Guthixian cache from each possible location. (easy)
  • Bonuses of Guthix: Use each power-up at least once. (medium)
  • Superior Hardware: Disable the most automatons as Cres in a single cache with at least one other player. (hard)
  • Imcressive: Achieve 100 reward points in one cache. (hard)
  • A Stopper on Guthix: Use a bottled cache boost. (hard)
  • Someone Needs an Update: Do not get hindered by an automaton while depositing memories during an entire game, at least 10. (elite)

Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza

  • Some Would Call it Stalking: Visit the circus in each possible location. (easy)
  • Speak to Whom?: Speak to Sergeant Damien while wearing the camouflage set. (easy)
  • Talk to the Hand: Kill a crawling hand with a giant hand. (medium)
  • Crowd Pleaser: (Attempt to) perform all the requests of the audience during a performance. (medium)
  • This Isn't the Playground: Successfully teleport and alchemise all of the items during a Magic performance. (hard)
  • Anatidaecide: Shoot all the ducks without missing one of them. (hard)
  • Getting Dizzy: Hit the rotating target from each target level. (hard)
  • Balthazar's Big Top Hat: Perform a Thieving performance while wearing a top hat and black elegant clothing. (medium)
  • Just a Magic Trick: Impress a crowd of wizards with a flawless Magic performance. (hard)
  • In your Element: Breathe purple fire in a performance while wearing an elemental helm, shield, gloves, body and boots. (hard)
  • Lord of the Ringmasters: Complete a performance while wearing the Ringmaster outfit. (elite)

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Triple the Loot: Assemble and loot a triskelion treasure. (elite)
  • Challenge Accepted: Complete a daily challenge for every skill. (hard)
  • Tête-à-tête: Speak to Postie Pete while skulled and holding 10 different types of skulls. (hard) [normal skull, strange skull from Stronghold of Security, Vecna skull, magic skullball from Faruq, lizard skull, demonic skull, skull of remembrance, animal skull, Draynor skull and shade skull can be used]
  • Right to the Stars: Speak to Professor Gronigen while holding a calibration device. (medium)
  • Senescence Ascendance: Visit seven old men within 100 seconds. (hard) [should be possible, I think; old man and Old Man Ral and then the wise, strange, mysterious, odd and weird old men]
  • Greedy Monkey: Own a complete monkey greegree: Karamjan, small and medium ninja, normal and bearded gorilla, small and large zombie and blue gorilla. (hard)
  • Harold's Fan: Teleport to the sepulchre of death from Death's office. (medium)
  • Bookworm: Talk to Doric, King Roald and Sir Amik Varze about the War of 164. (easy)
  • Dor-gas-kaan: Sell some fried onions to a Dorgeshuun gourmet. (easy)
  • Player-owned Gallows: Win a game of Hangman in a POH. (medium) [currently bugged]
  • Bacon Fat Lightning: Be electrocuted by a pig and offer it a mound of bacon. (easy)
  • Fowl Storage: Find a spider, a rat and a chicken inside a Canifian crate. (easy)
  • Fight Fire with Fire: Defeat a lava strykewyrm using a hellfire bow. (hard)
  • Strong Hold on Security: Speak to the security guard in Port Sarim Jail whilst wearing safety gloves and fighting or fancy boots. (medium)
  • Absolutely Mental: Own the asylum surgeon's ring. (elite)
  • Secrets Lie in Ruined Kethsi: Own the Kethsi outfit. (elite)
  • Desert Treasures: Loot each of the four minor gods' tombs in the Kharidian Desert. (hard)
  • Showing Off Strength: Lift a big rock on the first floor of the Warriors' Guild. (hard)
  • Alas Poor Snip Snip: Speak to your pet crab with a crab helmet and crab claw equipped. (medium)
  • I'll Skip the Mud: Have a bath in the Oo'glog mud pool with a mudskipper hat and flippers equipped. (medium)
  • Agent of the Eldest: Unlock the Agent of the Eldest outfit. (elite)
  • Eye for an Eye: Kill the cyclops in Ardougne Zoo with a stalker pet out. (hard) [Sneaks or soulgazer]
  • Too Big for Gnomes: Fully upgrade the giant gnomeball. (hard) [with increments for each unlock]
  • You're the Boss: Unlock all rewards from boss training. (elite) [with increments for each unlock]
  • For Reaping Tiny Souls: Unlock the Tiny Death pet and the scythe override from Soul Reaper. (elite)
  • Master Armourer: Have a full armour case in your POH. (elite)
  • Master Warlock: Have a full magic wardrobe in your POH. (elite)
  • Barlak and Bones': Hand in a long bone, curved bone, snail shell, perfect snail shell, tortoise shell and perfect tortoise shell to Barlak. (medium)
  • And You Thought Chivalry Was Dead: Offer a Draynor Manor cabbage to Greldo. (easy)
  • That Was Random: Uncook a fish-like thing for Evil Bob with a balloon animal pet out. (medium)
  • Balloons of the Gods: Release a blue origami balloon from the roof of the White Knights' Castle, a red one from the roof of the Black Knights' Fortress and a green one from the top of the Grand Tree. (easy)
  • Whirr Is the Vermin?: Release a clockwork mouse while holding a mouse toy and having a clockwork cat out. (medium)

Skills[edit | edit source]

Agility[edit | edit source]

  • Handy Hidey Holey: Build and fill all hidey-holes and rope racks. (medium)
  • Not Taking the Scenic Route: Navigate each shortcut in the skill guide. (elite)

Construction[edit | edit source]

  • Player-Owned Mansion: Own or build every type of room (not necessarily at the same time) with every hotspot filled in each. (hard)

Firemaking[edit | edit source]

  • Fremennik Undertaker: Create and light pyre ships using each type of log (normal, achey, oak, willow, teak, arctic pine, maple, mahogany, eucalyptus, yew, magic and elder) while wearing a collector's insignia. (hard)

Herblore[edit | edit source]

  • Elvish Herbalist: Brew each type of combination potion. (elite)
  • Fremennik Herbalist: Brew each type of barbarian mix. (hard)
  • Kha-razy Herbalist: Brew each type of juju potion. (hard)
  • Gloved Fist of Guthix: Use each of the herb gloves to obtain the respective herb as a drop. (elite)

Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • A Wee Stick: Own the enhanced Yaktwee stick. (hard)

Invention[edit | edit source]

  • Scrap Searcher: Own some of every common component. (medium)
  • Counterpart Collector: Own some of every uncommon component. (hard)
  • Intrepid Inventor: Own some of every rare component. (elite)

Thieving[edit | edit source]

  • Ograverobbing I, ..., IV: Loot 1/10/50/200 ogre coffins at Jiggig. (easy, ..., medium)
  • Quick Fingers: Pickpocket each type of NPC. (elite)

Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

  • Fill the Mill for Jill I, ..., IV: Complete 1/5/10/25 jobs at the sawmill. (hard)

The Completionist Solution[edit | edit source]

[b][red]Overview[/red][/b] At long last, a completionist cape rework has been announced, with a request for player input. Well, here is mine!

The goal of this thread is to suggest a - hopefully - sensible way of nixing the completionist's cape's (henceforth cc) stats and replacing its best-in-slot status with a different cape. The idea behind the replacement cape would be that it's entirely combat-oriented, and thus would require various combat-related 'ingredients' to obtain. Apart from making the cc (as good as) cosmetic, its requirements, which are currently a mess, would be reworked from scratch, making sure they are of the appropriate difficulty as well as consistent, in particular for the trimmed version. Finally, this suggestion introduces a new way of showing off achievements beyond even the trimmed cc, displaying exceptional prowess at, for instance, certain bosses or minigames.

Please let me know what you think! (there is a FAQ at the end)

[b][red]Table of Contents[/red][/b]

[b][red]Reasons[/red][/b] Uniquely amongst the capes of distinction, the cc does more ill than it does good to the game. The problem is that it is currently the best cape in-game in terms of stats and therefore high-levelled players feel compelled to obtain it. While one has always been able to argue that 'nobody is forcing you to get the cape', the retort 'but I need its superior stats for Slayer/tough bosses/rumble mode/...' is more than fair. Thus, players feel forced, whether they like it or not, to obtain the cape not just for the prestige but largely for the stats as well, and this leads to a multitude of problems.

For instance, some of the requirements, particularly for the trimmed cape, are extremely steep. A full set of profound decorative armour, rank 400 in Mobilising Armies, the best ogre hat... While these are definitely things that true completion of the game would warrant to some degree, they have absolutely nothing to do with prowess in combat. Thus, while a completionist cape may require these, a best-in-slot cape for use in combat should not. One solution would be to remove those requirements, but then it wouldn't be a completionist cape anymore. The obvious route, then, is to introduce a new best-in-slot cape with more appropriate requirements and revamp the cc to be solely a prestige thing. Because currently, high requirements like these lead to massive problems, such as afk'ers in Castle Wars and MA, saboteurs, and that kind of stuff that kills the enjoyment in the game for other people (though the badly designed thaler system has also contributed to this, but that's a different story). By removing the cc's stats, only the truly dedicated players will 'go' for it - the ones that enjoy CW and MA and chompy hunting, without feeling 'forced' to get it because of its stats. Well, that wouldn't apply to everyone, but it'd probably go a good way thither.

Another issue is that developers have to limit the difficulty of new content in order to prevent complaints from the people who don't want to lose their cape. While, as before, the argument 'this counts as completing the content; if you don't want to play it/think it takes too long, then you should lose your cape, so stop complaining' is perfectly valid, so is the retort 'but it has brilliant stats and I need those for my regular gameplay (e.g. endgame bosses), therefore I am forced to complete this new content much faster than it is intended, so you shouldn't make the requirement so high'. Nix the stats, and the argument falls apart. Developers would be able to also add rewards to the most challenging parts of new updates, and require completionists to obtain these without depriving people of their combat bonuses. Compare this to the achievement system; achievements can be made arbitrarily difficult (see some of the suggestions in my forum thread! :D) precisely because they're simply for fun and don't come with any rewards (let alone such superior rewards such as best-in-slot stats). There is a caveat here, of course, as adding arbitrarily difficult requirements (within reason of course) that take a long time to get, coupled with the frequency of updates, means that nobody would ever have a cc due to constantly having to work to 'reclaim' it (even if it doesn't have its stats anymore, one might still feel 'forced' to get it back because it's so prestigious). I have addressed this concern below.

Finally, the current requirements are very inconsistent. You have to unlock all spells, but not all prayers or abilities, just some. You have to unlock the bonecrusher upgrade, but not seedicide and herbicide. Where's the ability to make Ancient Magicks teletabs? The list goes on. Reworking everything from scratch would allow stuff to be streamlined across the board, and the achievement system helps with that immensely.

Being a completionist's cape, i.e. marking one's 'completion' of 'everything' the game has to offer, it's intended as something you earn after years of varied gameplay. In theory, nobody should ever have to purposefully try and obtain the cape, as it's supposed to be earnt 'eventually', as you play regularly and explore all of the game's content. But its superior stats have turned it into a goal by itself for many (and can you blame them? Some situations just require the best gear you can get), and thereby led to aforementioned problems. Also, certain people seem to have a mindset that they 'must' get the cape even if they don't like the content related to some of its requirements (this leads to e.g. the afk'ing and boosting in MA); hopefully if the cape's stats (but not its prestige!) are removed, they can accept that there is also the option to accept that you really don't want to play that content extensively and therefore forgo the cape.

All in all, not only does it not make sense for the cc to have such good combat stats, the desire for which causes major problems in various pieces of content, the method of earning it is also riddled with inconsistency and illogicality, whereas the player-felt necessity of holding on to the cape once earnt leads to problems with [i]unreleased[/i] content. Needless to say, it's time for change.

[b][red]What happens to the cc[/red][/b] The completionist cape would be changed as follows: - Its stats are vastly reduced to those of a regular skillcape (or it is made completely cosmetic). - It keeps all of its customisations and emotes. Unlocking it would automatically also unlock an override version that inherits your customisations, if that is technically feasible. - It would lose its combat-related special effects too, with the exception of the ability to hold three skillcape perks. It would still be able to teleport to the Max Guild (the max cape would retain these two as well, requiring all skillcapes after all), and inherit the effects of the Ardougne cloak and Jerrod's cape. - Its other effects would be transferred to the new best-in-slot combat cape; that is, Ava's devices' ammo retrieval, the TzHaar capes' bonus, spirit cape effect and the bonesack(e)'s teleport. - Its requirements, and those of the trimming, would have to be revised from scratch, making use of the new achievement system. A [i]general guideline[/i] is found below.

+++[b]CC requirements[/b]+++ The completionist cape would require: - Level 99 in all skills - A quest cape - All achievement diaries (= exploration achievements excluding lodestone, Menaphos and The Arc) completed - All music tracks unlocked - All miniquests completed - 500 total boss kills, spread over at least five bosses (replacing the Reaper title in particular) - Intermediate experience with each minigame, D&D and skill training area (by this I mean e.g. Artisans' Workshop, Herblore Habitat, Livid Farm), recorded through (as of yet mostly non-existing) achievements or trackable unlocks, e.g.

* BA: Kill the Penance King once (is an achievement)
* FF: Obtain the fishing outfit (outfit untradeable; can be tracked)
* CW: Display any set of decorative armour in your POH (would be an achievement)
* DT: Fight each boss at least once (can be tracked as they're unlocked for freestyle)
* LF: Purchase the Teleport to South Falador spell from Pauline (is an achievement)
* FPF: Obtain a score of at least 1500 (would be an achievement)
* POP: Unlock the Skull region (can be tracked)
* SH: Complete Dahmaroc's statue once (can be tracked)

- A RuneScore requirement, something like 15,000 (just an example) - Some miscellaneous requirements of not-too-cumbersome completeables, again tracked through achievements, e.g. obtained a frozen key, an imcando pickaxe, learnt Ourania Teleport and Bones to Peaches, learnt how to make ancient magicks, Arc and Menaphos teletabs, etc.

+++[b][chocolate]CC(t) requirements[/chocolate][/b]+++ The trimmed cape would require even more thorough completion of the game, that is: - A cc - Level 120 in the relevant skills - Most post-quest content fully explored (think Doric & Boric tasks and other stuff from the master quest cape that relates directly to (quest) gameplay and not just lore) - 1000 total boss kills and Reaper title - Unlock all spells, abilities and prayers/curses (that aren't dropped as super expensive codices) - Extensive experience with or, where applicable, completion of each minigame, D&D and skill training area, once more recorded through achievements and unique rewards, e.g. (note that the thaler system would have to be removed/reworked first so that the unique minigame rewards cannot be obtained from afk'ing or the thaler shop)

* BA: Obtain all titles, insignias, lore books, pieces of armour (sans granite body) and weapons (can be tracked, e.g. via armour case)
* FF: Obtain the champion's tackle box (can be tracked)
* CW: Own three out of the five cosmetic capes
* DT: Unlock all achievements and the Survivor title
* LF: Unlock all of Pauline's spells
* FPF: Unlock the full factory outfit, rogue outfit and botanist's outfit
* POP: Complete all storylines, fully upgrade your port, complete all scrolls, obtain the tengu outfit
* SH: Complete Dahmaroc's statue in your POH

- A RuneScore requirement, something like 20,000 (just an example) - Complete all non-cosmetic miscellaneous content, e.g.

* Complete each slayer challenge once
* Maximum Menaphos reputation (overall; not all districts)
* All minigame hybrid armour obtained (note that it can be purchased from Stanley Limelight's store, so that should be removed)
* All Meilyr combination recipes unlocked

These are just ideas and examples, not strict rules. In particular, the trimmed cape would be rid of ridiculous requirements like the profound decorative armour set or maximum Runespan esteem. But you ask, how can players show off those achievements then? Kudos to Rikornak for the following proposal!

+++[b][chocolate]Emblems![/chocolate][/b]+++ So currently, the general rule is that the cc should be "complete most basic stuff, try out every piece of content" while the trimmed version is "additionally, get all useful unlockables and completeables and play every pieces of content extensively". But what about 'true' completion of content that demonstrates you're super dedicated and extremely good at it, but wouldn't be reasonable to ask of everyone as a requirement? How to show off that you got a super high score of 1800+ in Flash Powder Factory, or completed the drop log for Araxxi, or played 5000 Castle Wars games, or have obtained the (Insane) Final Boss title, or have a super high Conquest rating of over 5000, or have prestiged your Robber role in Heist 50 times, or obtained 200M Cooking xp? To those players I offer emblems, the ultimate way of customising your (trimmed) cc apart from choosing the fancy colour scheme.

Basically, completing super difficult endgame achievements such as the ones just listed (ideally every skill, boss, skill training area or D&D and minigame would get such an emblem-unlocking achievement - see thread in signature for suggestions!) would unlock an emblem you can add to your cape, like a sticker. These can be used to show off these specific achievements, proving you just went beyond trim. You could have, for instance, up to 5 emblems on your cape, fully customised by yourself. Getting 200M xp in a skill would unlock that skill icon; other content like minigames and bosses would have new custom icons - it shouldn't be too hard to come up with them.

This way, both comp capes have difficult but humane requirements, whilst the true 'completers' and fans of certain pieces of content can really personalise their cape and show off their accomplishments! My only issue is that you would need a completionist cape to show off emblems in the first place, but why should e.g. a Conquest champion with a very high rating have 99 in all skills to get one? Therefore perhaps emblems should not be limited to the cc only.

+++[b]'Amnesties'[/b]+++ To address aforementioned problem of nobody ever owning the cape as a result of potentially extremely difficult requirements being added on a weekly basis, I propose that something similar to the Menaphos amnesty be put in place. I have three ideas:

1) The requirements involving new content are only added to the cape a month/two months/whatever after release, giving players more than enough time to get them at a leisurely pace, should they want to, or enjoy the cape a bit longer should they decide that they don't like the new content and therefore forgo ownership of the cape for the time being when the requirements are added.

2) New requirements are added in batches once every three/four months for everything released within that period since the last addition. This would also give players more time to play that content without feeling especially forced, while also allowing them to still play a variety of content if multiple requirements are on the list.

3) New requirements are added immediately, but players do not lose the ability to wear the cape. It does, however, become frayed and greyish until all new requirements are met. This way, people who decide they don't like the new content and thus forgo their right to the cape can still show off that they at one point owned it. This can also work with options 1 and 2.

I currently have no preference for either option, but would be in favour of the third; I would first need to hear what others have to say on this.

[b][red]The new cape[/red][/b] Finally, we replace the cc's best-in-slot status with an entirely new cape. I shall call it the RuneCape (RC) for now because I'm terrible with names. The idea is as follows; to assemble it would require shards that are obtained from various combat activities, so that's mostly bosses and combat minigames, but there's also shards to incorporate questing, Dungeoneering (which both feature tough bosses) and Slayer. I would suggest that the cape require level 99 in all or some combat skills (including Slayer and Summoning, excluding Prayer) to assemble, but that's up to debate. In my opinion, the shards dropped by bosses should be untradeable (seeing that bosses already have plenty of valuable drops and bosses are pretty popular anyway) while the minigame ones tradeable, to allow people that want the cape but don't like a particular minigame (perfectly plausible) to buy it from other players that do, and conversely to allow aficionados of those minigames to make some money from it if they don't need the shards themselves. These latter shards can of course be obtained multiple times; the untradeable ones just once, unless destroyed. An additional reason to make the minigame ones buyable is that most players will want the cape for Telos rather than Soul Wars, for instance, and I'm a supporter of having a level 80 equipment cap in PvP minigames anyway (excepting hybrid armour). Once the cape is made, the shards need not be gathered again if it is lost, but there is a hefty reclamation fee of course. There would be some kind of pouch to store the shards to save bank space.

To compensate for the loss of the former best-in-slot cape, owners of a cc would receive an amnesty item that increases the chances of obtaining the (untradeable) shards. Having completed the drop log for a certain boss would guarantee their shard on the next kill, with the exception of the TzHaar bosses (whose drop logs are very small and do not depend on luck).

Below is a list of 24 suggested shards (a T means tradeable), with methods of how to obtain them. I've tried to allow them to be acquired from a variety of sources, to prevent certain pieces of content being 'farmed' for the shards, which is a problem with the current cc. The rarities vary by source, e.g. the Shard of the Dragonkin would be more common from the QBD than the KBD. Note that the prices etc. are just suggestions to get the idea of things; they are of course subject to debate. Where applicable, luck items boost the odds of getting a shard. Perhaps the Motherlode Maw could get an enhancer that slightly boosts the chance for each untradeable shard (and then current cc owners would get a few of those for free as mentioned above).

- Shard of the Abyss(T): Purchased from the Abyssal Knights with 100,000,000 shattered anima. - Shard of Adventure: Purchased from Radimus Erkle for 5,000,000 coins if you have at least 300 Quest Points. - Shard of the Anima Mundi: Very rare drop from the GWD2 faction bosses, more common in challenge mode. - Shard of Ascendancy: Rare drop from the legiones. - Shard of Chantli: Rare drop from Mazcab bosses. - Shard of Chitin: Very rare drop from the Kalphite Queen, bit more common from her exiled counterpart, even more common from the King. - Shard of Chivalry(T): Purchased from Lanthus for 500 Castle Wars tickets (any combination of silver and gold). - Shard of Daemonheim(T): Very rare drop from Dungeoneering bosses, with greater odds on higher floors. Alternatively, it could be purchased from Marmaros with 1,000,000 tokens. The former option would first require the bosses' stats, broken by EoC, to be fixed. - Shard of the Demonikin: Rare drop from Demon flash mobs, the Lesser demon champion, Kal'gerion demons, K'ril Tsutsaroth, tormented demons and glacors. - Shard of Dominion(T): Very rarely found in the Dominion Tower rewards chest; more common if your run included harder bosses like Nomad. - Shard of the Dragonkin: Very rare drop from the King or Queen Black Dragon, Wildywyrms, rune and hydrix dragons, Astellarn, Flametongue, the black stone dragon or the Ambassador. - Shard of the Elders(T): Purchased from the rewards mystic with 250 Stealing Creation reward points. - Shard of Eternity: Very rare drop from the GWD bosses, more common from Nex and hard modes, even moreso from Nex: Angel of Death. - Shard of Ferocity: Rare drop from the Corporeal Beast, Araxxi, the chaos elemental, the Dagannoth Kings, hard mode giant mole, the sanctum guardian, Masuta the Ascended or Seiryu. - Shard of Gielinor: Rare drop from Vorago, Telos and Solak. - Shard of Gloom(T): Found in the Columbarium or the Shade Catacombs or while on slayer assignments/contracts in the Slayer Tower, or very rarely from Temple Trekking monsters. - Shard of the Hunter(T): Expensive reward from Mandrith, costing either 1000 Deathmatch or Bounty Hunter points. - Shard of Infestation(T): Purchased for 500 Void Knight commendations. - Shard of Jas(T): Purchased from Reggie for 1000 Fist of Guthix tokens. - Shard of Obsidian(T): Very rare drop from TzTok-Jad and Har-Aken, from TokHaar-Hok in the Fight Cauldron, or from victory in the Fight Pits. - Shard of Passing(T): Rare drop from the Magister and the Memory of Nomad, or bought from Soul Wars with 100 Zeal. - Shard of Penance(T): Rare drop from the Penance King and Queen (extremely rare from her), or alternatively bought with 750 Honour Points in each role and 5 King kills. - Shard of Shadows: Very rare drop from the Barrows chest (provided all eight wights have been slain) or more common from Rise of the Six. - Shard of the Slayer(T): Very rare drop from monsters on a Slayer assignment, rarity scaling with the Slayer level required to kill them and the Slayer Master used.

Once you have all shards, you may bring them, along with something to use as a base like a TokHaar-Kal or reefwalker's cape or something, to the Mysterious Old Man. He will assemble the shards and the cape into an unfinished product and tell you that it has to be finished at a place hot enough to smelt dragon metal. One requires 99 Smithing (boostable and assistable) and a blast fusion hammer to finish the cape at the Dragon Forge. If the RC is lost, the Mysterious Old Man will gladly give you another one without asking for more shards...but it'll be quite expensive. Alternatively, you may reobtain some shards and give them to him to reduce his fee.

It should be plain that this way, the best-in-slot combat cape only requires you to have shown significant prowess in the forms of combat that the game has to offer; its stats are not locked behind completionist achievements that have nothing to do with combat. The finished cape would be untradeable I think, but there is something to say for making it tradeable as well, I guess. It would not degrade.

[b][red]FAQ[/red][/b] Here, some potential player concerns are addressed.

[b]Isn't this just moving the problem of being forced to play content for the best cape from the cc to the RC?[/b] No, it isn't. In the current situation, combat enthusiasts that want the best stats are required to play lots of completely irrelevant content for the cc; the RC requires content that is tailored to what a combat enthusiast is expected to enjoy. Therefore, they will generally also enjoy the road towards getting the cape, and besides about half of the shards are tradeable while the untradeable ones offer several alternatives. In fact, they may well get shards without actively seeking them because combat-related activities will generally be frequently played by those who might have interest in the RC anyway.

[b]Why not just make the cc completely cosmetic?[/b] That's also an option, but since it requires all skillcapes there is no reason it shouldn't inherit their stats as well.

[b]The cc was originally released with a certain design in mind; this completely undermines that and is therefore bad.[/b] Reasoning like that is sometimes applicable, but in this case it's an is-ought-fallacy. When the cape was released, the undeniable problems it has since created both for unreleased content and content like CW and MA were probably unforeseen. This solution is not perfect, but it's certainly much better than the current state of the cc.

[b]Players who worked towards getting a cc are now being punished as they lose their best stats.[/b] If you own a cc now, you'll probably also own one when the requirements are reworked, or be close to owning one. There'll be lots of shuffling around of stuff, but in general it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to reclaim it. There could potentially be an amnesty period of one or two months to get the new requirements for those that really don't want to lose their cc. As for the best-in-slot cape, yes, you'll lose that, but if you want it, you have been given some bonuses (e.g. the shard enhancers) to obtain the new one more quickly. If this is deemed insufficient, that can of course be discussed. But please bear in mind that this update is for the health of the game; desiring it not to happen because it would negatively impact you personally is an extremely selfish demand.

[b]Why would I have to play [activity rewarding tradeable shard] for the RC? I don't like it.[/b] Nobody's forcing you to get the cape, but if you feel forced to get it by its superior stats (as with the current cc), then note that the shards are tradeable; other players will happily sell you one on the GE. You can of course earn the money for it by killing some bosses, if that's more up your alley. The activity was included because it's a major combat activity and therefore should be represented.

[b]Why would I have to play [activity rewarding untradeable shard] for the RC? I don't like it.[/b] Nobody's forcing you to get the cape, but if you feel forced to get it by its superior stats (as with the current cc), then note that most of the shards have multiple sources of obtaining them, it's likely that you will find at least one of the alternatives less objectionable. The activity or boss was included because it's a major combat activity and therefore should be represented.

[b]Why would I have to play [any activity rewarding shards] for the RC? I don't like any of them![/b] If you don't like bosses, Slayer monsters and combat minigames, then you don't sound like you really enjoy combat much. Or at least that you like to stick to killing regular monsters - this is fine of course, but then you don't really have a need of the [i]best[/i] combat cape, either. If you still want the cape but don't like the majority of activities that award its components, then I can only say that these activities represent a large variety of combat encounters the game has to offer and therefore make sense to require some participation in order to get the cape. Perhaps you'll discover you like some after all if you try them out!

[b]Wouldn't the RC have the same problem of developers' being limited by how difficult they can make new combat content?[/b] Good question. [b]Thanks![/b] The major difference is that the requirements for the RC (i.e. the collection of shards) are static, whereas the requirements for a cc are added to every few weeks. [b]Ah, I see. But then no new combat content would be represented.[/b] That is the lesser evil in this case, yes. The alternative would be to add a new shard [i]every time[/i] a notable combat activity or boss or whatever is released, thereby depriving RC owners of their cape and creating pretty much the same problems as with the current cc. The requirements already represent pretty much the entire spectrum of RuneScape combat as is, so not adding new combat updates as requirement is definitely the better option here. In some cases, it could be mended; e.g. if a new Raids boss is released it would become a new drop source for the Shard of Chantli. So new content could be incorporated into the cape without adding any new requirements, but in general having the current list as is should be the best way forward. [b]Why are you talking to yourself?[/b] You try writing up this suggestion, mate. It's quite lengthy.

[b]What would the relation between the RC and the reworked cc be?[/b] Not much, other than the former's being a replacement for the latter as best cape in terms of stats. It'd also inherit some of the cc's former effects, such as compatibility with Ava's devices and spirit capes. Additionally, it's possible to have ownership of the RC be a requirement for the cc(t) (note that this is the converse of the current situation, wherein one has to complete all the completionist accomplishments in order to have the best combat cape), but that's up to debate. Probably better off as an emblem.

[b]Why the mysterious old man?[/b] Why not? A much better question is what he's planning with those shards...

Credits[edit | edit source]

Written by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, Regent of the Sanguine Fields, Prince of Blood, Lord of Vampyrium, Monarch of Morytania, Despoiler of Hallowvale, Bane of Icyene, 5 times winner of the Official Sharpest Teeth Award (© Varrock Tourist Office 5.163, 5.165-7, 5.169) aka Fswe1.

Thanks to Rikornak for suggestions.

Menaphos quests[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

As pretty much everyone who has said anything on the matter in my presence agrees, the three quests released with Menaphos (ignoring The Jack of Spades) are extremely lacklustre compared to how far the series is, in particular quests like Do No Evil and Dealing with Scabaras. However, most if not all of these people (i.e. "everyone" Lol) also agree that they have a good skeleton to support a fully fledged quest, so to speak, and that the narrative and dialogue are in general excellent. Excepting a few possible anachronisms with the cursing of Apmeken and the Al Kharid - Menaphos war fifty years ago, I very much concur. The story's definitely there, but the gameplay, difficulty and length need a significant expansion.

Hence this suggestion. While I'm well aware that a 'rework' of these quests is astronomically unlikely, I figured I'd write down my ideas nonetheless. The good news is that effectively nothing of the current quests has to be scrapped or changed, it's really just additions. The exception is 'Phite Club, which admittedly I haven't done myself (hence the lack of suggestions for it here), but again Lebesgue-almost everyone agrees that it's - no offence - awful. So presumably a rework from scratch is needed for that. But Crocodile Tears and Our Man in the North have a solid basis whence to start, so let's go ahead.

Thanks to Helring for help on OMITN. Would highly recommend reading Rondstat's thoughts on the forums. It also has a suggestion for a The Jack of Spades rework (I couldn't do better), and alternative ideas for the other three quests.

Crocodile Tears[edit | edit source]

The major issue with this quest is that's it's rather short, the gameplay mostly consists of walking and fetching stuff, and thereby the quest is also rather easy. Fortunately its story is brilliant, and it works very nicely as a parallel to Do No Evil. Here are my suggestions to enhance the gameplay, to make it a proper quest. In short, add a puzzle and make one of the fetching tasks a real desert adventure.

  • When the Spirits of the Elid enchant the dowsing rod for you, you'd first have to complete a puzzle (probably interface-based, so nothing too difficult) to help them.
  • The dowsing rod currently leads you to Portmaster Kags rather than the actual pyramid of Crondis, which makes zero sense. It'd be changed to point to the actual pyramid; when you approach (either from the Menaphite docks or from the plover hunting grounds), your character remarks "Hm, I can see an island with a pyramid in the distance. I wonder if someone here would be willing to take me to it..." or something along those lines, which would be the hint to go to Kags, who'll agree to take you there after a brief conversation.
  • The order of fetching stuff for Crondis would have to change a bit to accommodate for the next section; first she'd require a beltfish, then plovers for 'toothpicks', then pyramid tops, then an acadia log (see below) and then the croc-ices. Seeing how Crocodile Tears focusses heavily on Menaphos, however, the beltfish section could also feature some interaction with down-on-their-luck citizens from the ports district, telling you about how Crondis used to bless them with a bountiful harvest and catches, and they fed the crocodiles some of their haul in return; and about how the overindulgent Imperials have recently been taking what meagre resources they could muster, which has forced many into slavery in the Workers district, which has fallen into utter disrepair, especially since the slave rebellion.

Instead of regular logs, Crondis would demand a very special log from the Pharaoh's famous acadia tree in the royal palace gardens. Tamsah remarks that he has no idea how you would get it but begs you to consult the High Priest of Icthlarin in Sophanem, with whom he used to speak a lot when he was younger, as he's knowledgeable on Kharidian botany, for both your lives' sakes. The High Priest tells you something about how the tree is very old and the gardens can only be accessed from the depths of the Royal Palace, and only the Pharaoh's kin, slaves and Menaphite guards are allowed in there. Although he is rather disgruntled by your plan to break in, he knows you well enough to know he cannot stop you and advises that you enter the palace from underground as storming it's too well guarded otherwise. He recalls Maisa told him about her escape using the tunnels beneath the city and recommends that you seek the aid of the High Priest of Scabaras. He also suggests disguising yourself as a Menaphite citizen using the purple Rogue Trader clothes to blend in more.

The Scabarite High Priest remarks that he cannot prevent the Scabarites in the tunnels from attacking you as you're still invading their territory, but, on the grounds that you will help restore his god's sibling, he agrees to give you a small bit of his faeces, which emit powerful pheromones that would coerce the Scabarites into helping you, but only once. If you bring him a pot with an airtight lid, he will supply you with the gracious gift and send you off. After you travel through the maze and tunnels beneath Sophanem, you may open the pot and spread the pheromones by the chasm where you first met Maisa. A Scabarite lancer will appear and allow you to jump the chasm on the back of his steed (a giant locust).

After entering the cave, you emerge in a side tunnel of the Shifting Tombs, leading towards a wall with a badly concealed hole. Crawling through it, you find yourself in the palace kitchen basement and can ascend the stairs into the palace (you will need to wear your Menaphite gear). Once upstairs, you have to stealthily make your way through the corridors and rooms to the next floor, avoiding guards (not super difficult, a bit like the trolls in Eadgar's Ruse or the wights in Dishonour among Thieves). If you're spotted, you automatically run back to the kitchen (off-screen) and have to restart. On the first floor, you have to do the same until you reach the royal gardens on a balcony overlooking the ocean. There, you may remove some branches from the acadia tree using secateurs.

As you are about to head back, however, you are spotted and apprehended by guards and thrown into a small holding cell while they get their superiors. The cell only contains an rough stone bed, but when searching it you discover a small pebble with the symbol of Het crudely engraved, and a trapdoor beneath the bed. Climbing down, you notice that the deeper parts of the tunnel you're in will be very dark and you - silly! - forgot your light source (or you didn't, good for you) but spot some crates near the wall that contain an oil lantern and a tinderbox. Your character remarks how convenient this is, and proceeds through the tunnel. As usual, the tunnel is riddled with very poisonous wall and floor traps, a few alcoves in the wall where spitting cobras nest that will poison you if you move too close, as well as randomly spawning scarab swarms. Make it through the end in one piece and you emerge just outside the northern wall of Menaphos - where Captain Coenus is waiting for you, angrily arresting you for trespassing.

As you're rooted to the ground for fear that your diplomatic mission has been compromised, however, Coenus is suddenly blackjacked unconscious from behind by none other than Simon Templeton. He remarks that his anonymous employer paid him handsomely to wait around this spot and make sure you are safe. You ask how this person knew that you would be here, to which Templeton reiterates that one should not ask questions like that and notes that you are in his debt, before flying off by carpet. Now bring the acadia logs to Crondis - the quest proceeds as it is currently. Only thing is more dialogue is added to Crondis describing how she was cursed by the Devourer, who first went after her crocodiles, thereby luring Crondis into a trap.

Our Man in the North[edit | edit source]

I haven't quite figured out a fully fledged expansion for this quest, but briefly speaking, here are some ideas:

  • When defeating the thugs threatening Aristarchus, an image of a corrupted Het appears, bewailing the disruption in Pollnivneach and the corrupted minds of those who serve the Devourer.
  • Apart from that, the quest remains as it is right till the end where you fight Jabari. Instead of Het's appearing to stop him, Jabari simply teleports away and another corrupted Het image appears, lamenting how the arena once used by his warriors, the Mekhmets, now saw a fight against a malicious sycophant and murderer. You return to the Emir, who sends Osman into exile.
  • Following the Jabari incident, you return to Senliten to relate what happened with Jabari and the visions of Het. Senliten remarks that she needs some time to discuss the events with Leela, and again implores you to find out why the desert people have been losing their will, i.e. what happened to Het.
  • This is where I have yet to come up with some solid ideas. In my mind, you'd travel to various desert people/places to figure out what happened to Het, e.g. to the Three Wise Monkeys, who remember the desert before the Devourer afflicted the lesser gods, but only speak in cryptic riddles and nonsense (a corrupted version of Het would appear again, remarking how relentless slavery has afflicted Sophanem and Menaphos, and the Desert Mining Camp); to Chancellor Hassan, who remarks that the Pollnivnian gang war and various scams and hustles orchestrated by Ali M and his kin have sapped the people's will and integrity (at this point there'd also be a cutscene of Ali the Operator reporting to Sumona that Aristarchus has been safely returned to Menaphos, at which point she'd angrily dismiss him); to Neite in Sophanem, who tells you about the corruption within the Menaphite military and rebellion among their slaves (another corrupted version of Het would appear, bemoaning the plague of Sophanem and the deep corruption among the elite of Menaphos).
  • Eventually you restore Het and he appears to you as he currently does in the quest. With the eviction of Jabari and the leader of the Menaphite Gang in Pollnivneach, the beginning of a cure for the plague (this'd happen during the quest), the beginning of a slave rebellion in Captain Siad's mining camp (another suggestion for something to happen during the quest) and the returned vigour of the desert people, Het exclaims his gratitude for restoring him. He is still weak, however, and mentions he cannot return to full strength as long as the reign of the Pharaoh persists. He also briefly describes how Amascut corrupted him through a slow, tormenting process: as more people fell into her service, the gang of thugs took over Pollnivneach, the plague afflicted Sophanem, Jabari poisoned the Pharaoh with his counsel...
  • The hitherto anonymous client of Simon Templeton's would probably be pivotal in Het's restoration, as he's (related to) who(m)ever helped you back in Crocodile Tears by showing you the way out of the cell (Toralis??), having in advance prepared the lantern and the Het pebble. If done well, the Templeton subarc could be naturally advanced or even finished in this quest, and Ali M and his cronies could have a major role as well, as Het is very much tied to Al Kharid after all. The significance of the lock mechanism for the Kharid-ib in the Al Kharid Palace would also be explained, as Mod Srowley hinted this was somehow directly related to Het in 2012. Perhaps feather of Ma'at could be involved, too.
  • As you return to Senliten to report that Het is mostly back to normal, you find Osman arguing with a furious I-told-you-so Leela. Osman decides it would be best for him to leave them with Senliten for the time being and heads off to an unknown location, but not before asking you to make sure Jabari is punished for his crimes. The quest then ends with the Pharaoh cutscene, and then one showing both Het and Apmeken conversing with Crondis in her pyramid, discussing the whereabouts of Scabaras.