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Name: Jungle Shadows

Description: The Kharazi tribe needs your help again as Ungadulu foresees evil. Could it be the illustrous vacu, evil demon-serving priests? And how does Rashiliyia tie into all of this? Discover the histories and intentions of old and new nemeses - but beware, for not everything is as simple as it seems...

Difficulty: Master

Length: Longish


  • Jungle Whispers
  • Shadow of the Storm
  • Temple of Ikov
  • 72 Magic (to learn Dissolve Undead)
  • 65 Prayer (to erect a barrier)
  • 60 Dungeoneering (to enter a crevice)
  • Must be on Standard Spellbook
  • Must have completed the They like Me! They Really Like Me! task in the Karamja set.
  • Must have visited the Herblore Habitat before.

Thingies to kill:

  • Broodoo victim (level 86)
  • Several undead priests (level 150)
  • Black demon (level 140)
  • Lesarkus (level 190)

Items needed

  • Bone key
  • Lockpick(s)
  • Runes for any charge orb spell and the unpowered orb(s)
  • A bowl
  • Any pickaxe
  • Any axe
  • Any machete
  • Ice gloves
  • Darklight (must be collected during quest)
  • 875 coins or Karamja Gloves 3
  • Recommended: Anti-dragon shield
  • Recommended: Death and chaos runes to fight undead in a 2:2 ratio
  • Recommended: Lotsa food'n'armour

Starting point: Enter Kharazi Jungle. Gujuo will approach you.

Strange Developments[edit | edit source]

As you enter Kharazi Jungle, your old friend from the Legends' Quest pops up next to you.

  • Gujuo: Hello, Bwana! Welcome back!
  • Player: Whaa!
  • Player: Oh, it's you. Will you not sneak up on me like that?
  • Gujuo: Sorry, I did not mean to scare you.
  • Player: No problem, Gujuo. Anyway, hello. Is something wrong? You look nervous.
  • Gujuo: There is one thing, actually. But I have the feeling that it is not as simple as it looks, it may even become dangerous.

  • 1 Player: I have no time for that, sorry.
  • Gujuo: All right, Bwana. Come back later, but don't make it too long...

  • 2 Player: Can I help? [starts quest]
  • Gujuo: Well, you see, strange things have been happening in the jungle recently.
  • Player: Strange? Like what?

An oomlie bird approaches. Normally, they are cute, gigantic chickens, but this one has red glowing eyes. It will start BWUK-ing insanely then attack Gujuo. He swiftly jumps aside and stabs it with his spear. The oomlie falls dead. Instead of leaving bones, it crumbles to dust, leaving ashes and no meat behind.

  • Gujuo: Like that.
  • Player: ...!
  • Gujuo: That's why I was waiting for you, Bwana. You have helped us before so we know we can trust you.
  • Player: Oh I see. Wait, did you say 'we'?
  • Gujuo: It is time for you to meet the Kharazi tribe. Come.

The screen fades and then you appear nearby the holy pool in a cutscene, surrounded by trees. Gujuo is there, with a dozen other tribesmen in similar clothes. One of them, Tarawo, also has a crown made from teak leaves and oomlie feathers on his head. He appears to be well connected to the jungle as he's the leader of the tribe.

  • Player: Uhm. Hello.
  • Gujuo: This is Player, he who defeated the demon of darkness.
  • Tarawo: Welcome, Bwana. We are the Kharazi, named in honour of Kharazi, the god of wild nature.
  • Player: Nice to meet you.
  • Gujuo: I was just attacked by another oomlie bird gone doogle. This is getting out of hand...
  • Tarawo: Yes, Gujuo, we have a problem. And Ungadulu's prediction...
  • Player: Could you catch me up please?
  • Tarawo: Of course, Bwana. A few weeks ago, one of the wolves entered our village and started attacking us. We lost two of our men before we managed to deal with it. This has never happened before, we respect the wildlife here and live in peace with the animals.
  • Player: That does sound strange.
  • Tarawo: Even stranger were its eyes, glowing red with evil.
  • Gujuo: Horrifying.
  • Tarawo: Yes. Attacks became more frequent, and then our shaman, Ungadulu, came to us. The last time he did that was before his possession by the evil demon of darkness, Nezikchened.
  • Tarawo: He started rambling incoherently, and only the last thing he said made some sort of sense.
  • Player: What did he say?
  • Gujuo: "They have returned, They are coming for us. There is no escape from Them and their lords."
  • Player: How awfully creepy!
  • Tarawo: Indeed. We dare not leave the Sacred Pool of Kharazi, it seems to repel the, well, evil animals. You have already done so much for us, Bwana, but could we ask you for another favour?
  • Player: Always.
  • Tarawo: Could you please visit Ungadulu in his cave and try to find out what's going on? Investigate a little, if you will.

  • 1 Player: When did the attacks start?
  • Tarawo: Five or six weeks ago, I think. After the wolf incident, others soon followed. Not only wolves, the oomlies and bugs too. The bugs mostly come at night.
  • Tarawo: ...mostly...
  • Player: Did it coincide with anything else that happened?
  • Tarawo: Not that I know, but I'll give it a thought.

  • 2 Player: I noticed when we slayed the possessed oomlie just now, its body incinerated and turned to ashes.
  • Tarawo: Oh dear, that is not good, Bwana. Whatever curse rests here, it's getting stronger. May Kharazi preserve us.

  • 3 Player: Who is this Kharazi you speak of?
  • Tarawo: You don't know sacred Kharazi?
  • Gujuo: He's not from around here, Tara.
  • Tarawo: Fair enough. Kharazi is one of the gods of this island. This piece of jungle and our tribe are named after him. He is the essence of the island's nature. Without him, this would be but a dead wasteland. He has given the life to Karamja and brought the first humans here.
  • Player: One of the gods? Are there more?
  • Tarawo: There... were other gods... Three of them, but they strained from their path. Kharazi dealt with them. I do not wish to talk about it, if you don't mind.
  • Player: I understand. Could you tell me their names?
  • Tarawo: Bwana, those names are cursed and carry power. I do not wish to know what would happen if I said them out loud...

  • 4 Player: Could you please repeat what Ungadulu said?
  • Tarawo: Of course, he said: "They have returned, They are coming for us. There is no escape form Them and their lords."

  • 5 Player: All right, I'll be off now.
  • Tarawo: Good luck Bwana. And thank you.
  • Gujuo: If you ever need us, we will be here.

Into the Depths[edit | edit source]

Make your way to the entrance to Kharazi Dungeon (real name = Viyeldi Tunnels, but Kharazi Dungeon is more widely used, so I'll refer to it as that). All jungle savages (members of the tribe) will be gone from the jungle and most oomlies and jungle wolves will attack you. Enter the dungeon. Your prayer gets drained to 0, a message in your chatbox stating: "Your faith vanishes. Something very very evil is here." Enter the fire octagon (which seems firier than normal) and speak to Ungadulu. His hair is full of dirt and his beard looks dishevelled.

  • Ungadulu: ...
  • Player: Uh, Ungadulu?
  • Ungadulu: ...
  • Player: Hello...?
  • Ungadulu: ...
  • Player: Are you there?
  • Player: Uh, your tribe sent me.
  • Ungadulu: ...
  • Player: The Kharazi...
  • Chatbox: Ungadulu stops staring vacantly into the depths and directs his attention at you.
  • Ungadulu: ...what?
  • Player: Ah, you're home. Tarawo sent me to, uhm, help you. With the crazy animals and all that, and what you told them...
  • Ungadulu: Told them? Me? What did I tell them?
  • 1 Player: The tide has turned, it is blooming with fish. There is no carp for men outside ports.
  • Ungadulu: ...
  • Player: Oh great, you're back to ignoring me.
  • Ungadulu: No Bwana. I am simply flabbergasted.
  • Player: Now that I think of it, I might have interpreted it wrongly...

  • 2 Player: They have returned, They are coming for us...
  • Ungadulu: ...!
  • Player: ...There is no carp for men outside ports.
  • Ungadulu: I think I felt something there.
  • Player: Like, an itch?
  • Ungadulu: Sort of. Still, I think you're mumbling nonsense.

  • 3 Player: They have returned, They are coming for us. There is no escape from Them and their lords.
  • Chatbox: The phrase seems to have triggered something inside the shaman. You decide to take a step back. He starts to speak again, but it does not seem to be his own voice.
  • Ungadulu: They are waiting in the depths, They are beneath us. All will be lost, They will wreak havoc.
  • Player: Ungadulu..?

Ungadulu whacks you with his staff and you are thrown out of his octagon. The flames suddenly rise very high and you can't access him any more. He continues staring into nothing.

  • Player: WHOA! I had better tell the tribe this - speedily!

Exit Kharazi Dungeon. As you approach the holy water pool, you appear in an instanced area. Speak to Tarawo.

  • Tarawo: Bwana, you are back.
  • Tarawo: What news do you bring?
  • Player: I went... and Ungadulu! Oh, and he said...
  • Player: Wait... trouble... breathing...
  • Tarawo: Why don't you rest--
  • Player: And the flames, and Ungadulu, and fish and--
  • Gujuo: Player...
  • Player: And I, and I...
  • Player: What?
  • Gujuo: Slow down. Start at the beginning please.
  • Player: Right right, sorry...
  • Player: Tarawo, Tarawo, we were attacked by a crazy oomlie!
  • Gujuo: Not that far back!
  • Player: Oh, right.
  • Tarawo: Calm down, Bwana. I asked you to go to our shaman, Ungadulu. What happened?
  • Player: Well, he didn't really say anything. In fact, he didn't move at all. Until I mentioned you and said 'Kharazi'.
  • Tarawo: Hm. Go on.
  • Player: He did not seem to remember his, uh, prediction so I reminded him.
  • Tarawo: And?
  • Player: He didn't take it well.
  • Tarawo: What do you mean?
  • Player: His voice changed, just like when he was possessed by Nezikchened. He said something similar to the first time.
  • Gujuo: What did he say?
  • Player: He said: "They are waiting in the depths, They are beneath us. All will be lost, They will wreak havoc." Then he knocked me back and returned to his state of staring into nothingness.
  • Gujuo: ...!
  • Tarawo: That does not sound good. That doesn't sound good at all.
  • 1 Player: So what do we do now?
  • Tarawo: These 'they' do not sound friendly. I suspect that, whoever - or whatever - they are, they are causing this.
  • Player: You want me to find out who they are and stop them?
  • Tarawo: I know we can't offer you much in return, but will you help us?
  • Player: Well, sure, I suppose. But where do I start?
  • Tarawo: Didn't Ungadulu say that "they are beneath us"?
  • Gujuo: Do you think that...?
  • Tarawo: What if they are literally beneath us?

  • 2 Player: The dungeon! It did feel somehow different when I entered it. Eviller.
  • Gujuo: You've been there before, haven't you?
  • Player: Yes. I remember it was constructed in strange way, with obstacles to test my skill along the way. But I made it to the end.
  • Tarawo: Would you go back and see if you find something?
  • Player: Of course.
  • Tarawo: I give you Kharazi's blessing, Bwana. But be careful. You have no idea what is going on there. I suggest you take preparations.
  • Player: Right. I'll gear up and I'll be on my way then.

  • 3 Player: Anything else you wish to say?
  • Tarawo: Actually, I think I may have found something which happened at the same time the attacks started, but I doubt it's relevant.
  • Player: Tell me anyway, it may be important.
  • Tarawo: Some time ago, we heard loud roars of a ferocious beast on the island. We knew we were safe, the entrance to this jungle being almost inpenetrable, but it scared us still.
  • Player: Blimey! The attacks of the Shaikahan!
  • Tarawo: The Shaikahan? Our legends speak briefly of him. It is a magical two-tailed lion living on the island. Surely, that wasn't him?
  • Player: No, you don't understand! I was attacked by the Shaikahan! He was all green and his eyes glowed and he was able to speak! I managed to find a way to defeat him and it turned out that he was no average lion, but a powerful jungle demon bound into that body, tasked to guard the tomb of a woman, although I don't know why yet.
  • Tarawo: Sudden aggressiveness, glowing eyes, extreme power? That sounds awfully similar to..
  • Player: The events surely are related. And 'they' returned at the same time...
  • Tarawo: Something is very very wrong here...

  • 4 Player: I'll be off then.
  • Tarawo: Be very careful when traversing those tunnels again. You don't know what's down there... And honestly I don't think you want to.

Okay then. Enter the dungeon again and make it to the end. In case you forgot how, enter the crevice behind one of Ungadulu's bookcases, open the door of Thieving with a lockpick, smash the three boulders with a pickaxe, open the door of strength, go past the death wings and into the crevice, cast any Charge Orb spell on the door, descend the winch and attempt to jump over the first stones. Viyeldi's hat will come to "life".

  • Viyeldi: You have arrived.
  • Player: Who said that?
  • Player: Oh it's you again. Uh, Viyeldi, right?
  • Viyeldi: Do you know why you're here?
  • 1 Player: Do you know why I'm here?
  • Viyeldi: Yes, I do.
  • Player: Well that's odd.
  • 2 Player: The shaman kept saying that "they" have returned and that "they" will wreak havoc. All very creepy. I was asked by the Kharazi tribe to investigate. Strange things are going on up there.
  • Viyeldi: The Kharazi tribe then. What kind of... strange things?
  • Player: Animals have lost their minds and started attacking the tribe, their eyes are glowing too. But the tribe is safe by the pool of Kharazi's holy water. Oh, Kharazi is a god of nat--
  • Viyeldi: Their minds...
  • Player: Also, a while ago, something similar happened to The Shaikahan and it turned out that it was a huge jungle demon--
  • Viyeldi: Did you just say that the animals have lost their minds?
  • Player: That's just a figure of speech.
  • Viyeldi: No... No it isn't...
  • Player: Riiight... Anyway, this jungle demon had somehow been imprisoned into a lion's body and tasked to guard the tomb of the zombie queen, Rashiliyia.
  • Viyeldi: Rashiliyia? Is that what they call her now? The Zombie Queen?
  • Player: You know Rashiliyia?
  • Viyeldi: All will be explained shortly.
  • Player: Wait, what?

Viyeldi returns to lying around as a hat. Climb down the ledge of agility. Approach the middle of the room. San Tojalon, Irvig Senay and Ranalph Devere will teleport right next to you.

  • Player: Uhm...
  • San: Greetings. You have returned.
  • Ranalph: We knew you'd come.
  • Irvig: And here you are.
  • Player: Uh yes. You see, the Kharazi shaman--
  • San: We know that.
  • Player: Ah, okay then. So uh, may I continue my search now?
  • Irvig: The answers you seek lie not ahead of you.
  • Player: ...
  • 1 Player: Who are you?
  • San: You do not remember us?
  • Irvig: We seek the holy source of Kharazi's water. Our master, Viyeldi, constructed these tunnels on our search.
  • Player: You said that last time, but--
  • Irvig: However, this is a lie.
  • Player: ...
  • 2 Player: Where do they lie then?
  • San: We will tell you, but not now.
  • Player: You say you understand the situation, but considering how dangerous it is, I don't have time for--
  • Chatbox: You are magically silenced by some power.
  • Ranalph: Let us explain first.
  • 3 Player: Go on...
  • Ranalph: Allow me to pose you a question. How much do you know of the gods of Karamja?
  • Player: Well, there's Kharazi, the god of wild nature, as the tribe told me.
  • Irvig: That's all?
  • Player: The chieftain told me there are three other gods too, but that they're evil and must not be named. Oh, and they are long gone.
  • San: They-who-must-not-be-named then? How interesting.
  • Player: Well, now that I am talking to you anyway and given that you know what the shaman has said, any idea who "they" are?
  • Player: Not the evil gods I hope?
  • San: Speak no more of them, it is not safe. And no, they are imprisoned still. But they had a following.
  • Irvig: And these followers are back. We sense it.
  • Player: Their following? Is all that rumble above their doing? Where are they, I'll bash their heads in!
  • Ranalph: So ignorant...

The Holy Five[edit | edit source]

The three spirits cast a spell on you. You suddenly appear in an entirely grey place, with nothing around you, initiating a cutscene. The three warriors are standing in front of you. Viyeldi then appears.

  • Player: What's this? Where am I!
  • Viyeldi: It is time you learn of our history.
  • Player: Your history? What...
  • Irvig: Would you just listen, silly mortal.
  • Player: Okay, but please make it quick. I have a tribe to save.
  • Ranalph: A task you will fail at miserably given your amount of knowledge about it. Now pay attention.
  • Player: Fine. Fire away.

Viyeldi raises his hands and the view changes. You see a lively jungle, specifically what is now Tai Bwo Wannai Village. People are living their lives.

  • Viyeldi: Eons ago, our powerful god Kharazi created the island with an unknown power. He gave life to the jungle and it flourished.
  • Viyeldi: But not too long afterwards, things changed. Three beings arrived from another realm and caused havoc.

The camera zooms in on two tribesmen standing by a fire. Suddenly, one of them falls to the ground. His skin colour changes to green and his body is covered with strange marks and spots. He starts to attack his friend. Next to him, a skeleton rises from the tribe's burial ground and begins to attack the village. Finally, a number of villagers grab their heads and suddenly go crazy. They endeavour an a ravaging tour, sparing nothing in their path.

  • Viyeldi: These evil beings were a danger to Kharazi's creation and he took the battle to them.

You see spells being flung from both sides, but the gods themselves aren't seen.

  • Viyeldi: Kharazi was on the winning hand, but his opponents called on their minions, who called themselves the "Vacu".
  • Viyeldi: They originated from the Pandemonium Realm, where they were priests that served powerful demon lords. These they summoned to the world to aid the foul gods.

A large black demon (Nezikchened) and an even larger red demon with spikes sticking form his body everywhere are seen walking towards Kharazi's side.

  • Viyeldi: Realising that he could not win this battle, Kharazi created us. We five became the Holy Fellowship of Kharazi. It was our task to defeat the Vacu and their demons while Kharazi would seal the evil gods deep down.

Four men and a woman drive the demons back to the centre of the screen, initiating combat.

  • Viyeldi: He succeeded.

The view changes to the site where the Herblore Habitat is located today. A gaping abyss is just seen closing itself, angry cries coming from within.

  • Viyeldi: The gods were banished and balance restored. The Vacu were sealed with them. However, their demonic lords remained.
  • Viyeldi: Kharazi, worn from battle, departed and tasked us with defeating the demons.
  • Viyeldi: We drove them into a series of tunnels under the island, what you call this dungeon today.

The cutscene ends and you are presented with five options (still there if you accidentally walk away). I recommend asking each of them because they contain interesting lore, but only the last one is required for the option that will allow you to progress to appear.

  • 1 Player: Tarawo spoke of the gods.
  • Viyeldi: The chieftain of the Kharazi tribe.
  • Player: Yes, he mentioned them as three evil beings whom Kharazi defeated and imprisoned, just as you said. He wouldn't reveal their names though.
  • Viyeldi: And it is best not to speak of them any more. Given the current situation, we must not try to empower them.
  • Player: Where have they sealed?
  • Viyeldi: All three of them have been sealed. However, their barrier is much stronger than the Vacu's, which will have allowed them to escape by now. But the evil gods are trapped - and it is best that you do not know where.

  • 2 Player: Vacu... that sounds familiar. Ah yes, I remember. Nezikchened called me a vacu through the shaman.
  • Viyeldi: Nezikchened thought he was superior to all and called all whom he considered weaker his Vacu.
  • Player: So the vacu are weak?
  • Viyeldi: Not at all, they are powerful magician-priests. Half human, half brimming with demonic energy.
  • Player: I think I may have encountered one... but I am not sure.
  • Viyeldi: My suspicions are confirmed then. The Vacu have managed to escape. But how...
  • Player: What about the demons?
  • Viyeldi: After the gods' imprisonment, we were tasked with defeating the released demons. We banished most of them, but two were particularly strong. They were Chronozon, the demon of blood and Nezikchened, the demon of darkness. Chronozon we severely weakened but he managed to escape. I do not know what happened to him, but he was still very powerful and likely a threat. We could then focus on Nezikchened. He was too strong for us to kill, so we only imprisoned him within these tunnels. However, it makes sense that, if the Vacu indeed recently returned, he was freed. We could not do anything, because, just before we sealed Nezikchened all that time ago, he cursed us to this state. We became but undead, doomed to immortality. Not even Kharazi himself could break the curse and it had severely weakened us, limiting our combat abilities. It also took most of Nezikchened powers, however.
  • Player: Chronozon! But I have defeated him! He carried a piece of a family crest and I killed him for it.
  • Viyeldi: Good to hear. The ages appear to have sapped him of his power, for it does not sound like you had much trouble with him. Why he would take a family crest I don't understand. But who grasps the way of the demon?
  • Viyeldi: Anyway, we, realising that we could no longer serve Kharazi as warriors due to the horrid curse, constructed this dungeon, as you call it. You will have noticed that you were tested in your skills before you could reach the bottom. This was to ensure only the most powerful of adventurers could proceed some day and defeat the imprisoned Nezikchened. That turned out to be you. Of course, we had not anticipated that he would escape from his prison and we couldn't stop him when he did. Fortunately, you defeated him before he could cause more trouble.

  • 3 Player: Wait, did you say five?
  • Viyeldi: Yes, why?
  • Player: Who would that be?
  • Viyeldi: Me, San, Irvig, Ranalph and Rashiliyia.
  • Player: Rashiliyia?!
  • Viyeldi: I understand your surprise for she is not here. But she... definitely used to be one of us. However, whilst we were constructing the tests of this dungeon, Rashiliyia left us. She was seduced by someone who promised to break the curse of Nezikchened. We couldn't be fooled, but she was easily corrupted by him and she abandoned her cause.
  • Player: That was Zamorak, the god of chaos. I learnt of Rashiliyia's fate by visiting a number of temples and tombs under the island. Zamorak betrayed her and in her anger she, well, took up necromancy and attacked Shilo Village. I found her tomb though and managed to lay her remains to rest.
  • Viyeldi: Interesting. Was this tomb of hers by any chance guarded by a being known as Nazastarool?
  • Player: Yes! It was pure undead, changing from skeleton to zombie to ghost before finally dying.
  • Viyeldi: That was Kharazi's creation. He "infested" her tomb with it to punish her for straining from her purpose. I suppose he too has weakened over the years.

  • 4 Player: So... you do not seek the source?
  • Viyeldi: What we told you when you came here earlier was a lie. It was necessary, however. Your purpose was to defeat Nezikchened and nothing more at that time.
  • Player: That's why you spoke in such a funny way?
  • Viyeldi: "Thou art correct." Your skills in combat had to be tested before we could allow you to access the holy water, as such we pretended to be hunting for the water ourselves to make you fight us. It was true, however, that I built these tunnels, albeit with the Fellowship. I do hope you don't mind.
  • Player: Well, I got the water and killed Nezikchened, I suppose.

  • 5 Player: There is something you should know...
  • Viyeldi: Yes?
  • Player: I tried telling you this earlier; a while ago, a magical lion native to Karamja known as "The Shaikahan" started acting strangely, being very aggressive and green-skinned and all that and his eyes glowed.
  • Viyeldi: So?
  • Player: I found a way to defeat him by venturing deeper into Rashiliyia's tomb, past her dolmen. There I found a very powerful man, "Abaru", whom I narrowly defeated. I learned that it was him who imprisoned Shaikahan, a huge jungle demon, into a lion's body to guard Rashiliyia's tomb.
  • Viyeldi: Abaru? Player, you have encountered one of the Vacu and defeated him? An admirable feat, if I say so myself, you may count yourself lucky to be alive.
  • Player: He was a real pain. Still, I have defeated stronger foes...
  • Viyeldi: He was alone. You wouldn't last a minute against multiple Vacu together. Let's just hope that the ones that have returned now aren't too numerous.
  • Player: I did have a hard time defeating the Shaikahan.
  • Viyeldi: You did not have the proper weapons. Shaikahan must have been at full strength, unlike Chronozon and Nezikchened, and as such immune to most weapons.
  • Player: I was able to kill the Shaikahan with a specially fashioned spear. Impervious to anything else, really.
  • Viyeldi: A spear? How odd. Don't you have any other demon-slaying weapons?
  • Player: I do actually, a magical sword called Darklight, but it's not exceptionally powerful.
  • Viyeldi: Bring it with you. You might very well need it later. Remember that demons are also susceptible to Kharazi's holy water - it may be wise to create some more vials.

The following option appears once you have had the fifth conversation of the above. The other options are still available even if you continue in the quest, until the you complete the next step.

  • 6 Player: What do I do now?
  • Viyeldi: There is no denying that several Vacu have somehow escaped from their prison. With Nezikchened's demise, all of their demonic masters have been defeated in this world, so there is good chance that they will summon different ones.
  • Player: Do you think they want to free the gods from prison?
  • Viyeldi: Don't be ridiculous, that is not possible.
  • Viyeldi: You did say the animals lost their minds...
  • Player: Again, that wasn't literally--
  • Viyeldi: ...which got me thinking...
  • Viyeldi: But never mind. The Vacu are the main threat here.
  • Player: You want me to go ahead and kill those Vacu?
  • Viyeldi: Of course I want you to. However, you would be incinerated momentarily. As hilarious as that would be, you're the one we're relying on now, so you had better stay alive.
  • Player: Come again.
  • Viyeldi: You will not be able to defeat the Vacu. Not many of them exist, but with their powers combined, they are almost unstoppable. I just said that, are you even paying attention?
  • Viyeldi: But anyway, you could trap and seal them.
  • Player: Why don't you do it?
  • Viyeldi: The curse has severely sapped our combat abilities. You should take notes, insolent human.
  • Player: Okay, so I have to get to the Vacu, weaken them and seal them behind a magical barrier?
  • Viyeldi: That's about it, you seem adept for that. However, as I said before, given that their last masters were defeated by you, they will definitely attempt to summon another one, so prepare for combat, it's going to get hot, wherever they are.
  • Player: What--
  • Viyeldi: Speak to my fellow warriors to find out what to bring.
  • Player: Is reading minds part of that curse?
  • Viyeldi: No - mortals are simply so predictable.

You are presented with two options: leave and punch Viyeldi. Pick the latter for a comic relief.

  • Chatbox: You try punch Viyeldi. Before you even raise your arm, he vanishes and appears behind you.
  • Player: Huh?
  • Viyeldi: Nice try. Actually, a horribly predictable try.
  • Viyeldi: Enough games. Collect the items you need to create that barrier!

Sealing the Vacu[edit | edit source]

The screen will fade you appear back in the Dungeon. Speak to San, Irvig or Ranalph. (I'll use San, his name being the shortest :P)

  • San: You return.
  • Player: Uh, hi again.
  • San: How can I help?
  • Player: I'm going to seal the Vacu, what do I need?
  • San: Pay close attention, this is important:
  • San: First, you need the holy essence of the Fellowship. You can get ours, but Rashiliyia's will be a bit tough. Return to her final resting place.
  • Player: So I just need to bring her skull or something?
  • San: No, of course not. Bring the magical orb she used in battle, that will serve. I hope you remember where her tomb is.
  • San: Next, you need essence of what may not pass the barrier. That is, Vacu and demons. As for the Vacu, you claim that this Abaru was one and it certainly sounds like it. Return to where you defeated him and bring some of his ashes. Also collect a demon's tail, one of the most powerful demon of the island.
  • Player: How convenient, I defeated Abaru inside Rashiliyia's tomb. Also, I think I may have seen some powerful demons while slaying dragons.
  • San: Finally, you need the blessings of Kharazi and of yourself. You have enough faith to do it, despite this evil force here. There is a pool of holy water above the dungeon. Collect some of it in a bowl.
  • Player: That's all?
  • San: Yes. Please return when you have all the items and don't forget your "Darklight", whatever it may be.
  • Player: Well, okay, but I'm a bit scared. The tombs on this island tend to contain powerful undead...
  • San: For the love of Kharazi... Speak to Viyeldi on your way out, he might teach you something.

Climb the agility ledge and speak to Viyeldi.

  • Viyeldi: You need to ward off undead creatures?
  • Player: Uh, yes please. Could you--
  • Chatbox: Kharazi touches your forehead with his skeletal finger. You are suddenly imbued with the knowledge of a new spell.
  • Viyeldi: That should do, be on your way.

Congratulations! You now have permanent access to a new level 72 spell, Dissolve Undead! It is essentially a stronger version of Crumble Undead and may be used on the same creatures, requiring two death and two chaos runes per cast. It is in the standard spellbook and has a max hit of 300 on undead stuffsies. So, stock up on runes and be on your way!

The Demon's Tail[edit | edit source]

Arguably the easiest task. Enter Brimhaven Dungeon and locate the room with wild dogs, black demons and a bronze dragon. Kill a black demon to receive its tail. No other demon will suffice.

Abaru's Ashes[edit | edit source]

Not very hard too. Return to where you fought Abaru and collect his ashes somewhere from the cave.

Rashiliyia's Orb[edit | edit source]

Now that you're in her tomb anyway, why not pay Rashiliyia a visit? Locate her dolmen (where you fought Nazastarool) and search it. She will suddenly appear.

  • Rashiliyia: Who dares disturb my rest!
  • Player: Eek! It's me!
  • Rashiliyia: You are the one that laid my remains here. Speak, why do you disturb them now?
  • Player: I'm on a mission for the Kharazi Tribe and Viye--, uh the Fellowship.
  • Rashiliyia: ...
  • Player: The Vacu have returned and I am assembling items to create a seal.
  • Rash: The Fellowship... Irvig... I...
  • Player: Sorry to interrupt your sentimentality, but this is not particularly a holiday assignment.
  • Rash: I... I understand. You will be seeking my magical weapons. They are not here, Zadimus stole them when I, uh, threatened to, erm, kill him. I do not know where they are.
  • Player: Oh, that's great. Simply marvellous. Well, thanks anyway.
  • Rash: Wait! Please tell them that I'm sorry. I... I didn't mean to... Irvig...
  • Player: They'll understand.
  • Rash: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Rahiliyia's ghost disappears again. If you all remember, Zadimus was a Zamorakian priest whom Rashiliyia fell in love with after having got over her crush on Irvig Senay. When he rejected her love, she hanged him. So then, go to his destroyed Temple of Ah Za Rhoon, the entrance to which is along the river south. Search the earth mound and enter. Just west of where the water starts is a crevice, enter it. Go North-East and reach the gallows. Search them and you will pull the rope, revealing a flight of stairs; descend.

You appear in a dark cave filled with aggressive level 150 Undead priests. They attack with strong magic attacks in a singleway combat area and have reasonable defences against all styles except for Crumble or Dissolve Undead (the latter working MUCH better of course - especially considering Crumble Undead has been removed :P). Make it to the end of the tunnel to find a chest, but beware of tripwires that poison if you trigger them along the way! Open the chest; it requires a key. Kill priests until you get one (they have other drops too, including precious runes). They are rather enduring, having 5000 HP, but the key is rather common. Open the chest once you get Zadimus' key. From the selection of items you will retrieve Rashiliyia's magical orb and an ancient scroll. Read the scroll, then leave the dungeon. The scroll reads:

"Rashiliyia is becoming a threat now. I fear she may intend to kill me, even more so now that I have "relocated" her magic orb. I will hide it carefully in my secret chest and the bodies of those Saradominist cretins that dared look for me will guard it, hahaha!

Rashiliyia sure has an interesting persona. Why did she have to fall in love with me. We serve the same god (hail Zamorak!) but I have nothing in common with her. Then I discovered that she is immortal and cursed. Why does she even... Bah.

I should look out. Better not encounter her any more. That fury in her eyes... haunting. Stupid Arckyl. He said writing about one's problems would help relieve them. How ridiculous. This is not going to repel that crazy woman. I might as well practise my magic. Last batch of skeletons didn't fare awfully well. Brittle as charcoal."

Go to a bank, Shilo Village being the closest, and collect Darklight and your bowl, if you didn't have it. Return to Kharazi Jungle and go the sacred pool. The cutscene will not start if you haven't brought the bowl, the sword, the tail, the ashes and the orb.

  • Tarawo: Hello Bwana. You have returned!
  • Player: Hi again Tarawo.
  • Player: Yes, I made it to the bottom of the dungeon and I learnt of the history of this jungle and the Fellowship of Kharazi.
  • Tarawo: Oh, they are just a myth. Don't believe every jungle legend you hear.
  • Player: Not quite. The Fellowship is very real and I have met all members. I also discovered who "they" are.
  • Gujuo: Who??
  • Tarawo: The Five are real... What a revelation!
  • Player: The Vacu!

Several members do the Panic emote and even Tarawo looks frightened.

  • Tarawo: The v-v-vacu? Are you sure? Are you SURE?
  • Player: Yes. In fact, the Shaikahan incident was also caused by one. They have indeed returned.
  • Tarawo: Oh no no no no. This cannot be true...
  • Player: But don't worry! I have received instructions on how to seal them and I have nearly all items necessary to do so.
  • Tarawo: Oh good. May you have Kharazi's blessing.
  • Player: Yes about that, I actually need them. Could you fill this bowl with holy water for me?
  • Tarawo: Of course, Bwana.

Tarawo takes your bowl and fills it with water before giving it back.

  • Tarawo: So, what exactly did you need?
  • Player: Items relating to what the barrier should repel, a demon's tail and a vacu's ashes, and the essence of all the Five. Oh, and, there will probably be demons involved so I brought Darklight, a demon-slaying sword.
  • Gujuo: I am interested in weapons, may I see it?
  • Chatbox: You take out Darklight and show it to Gujuo. His eyes gain the size of coconuts as he and Tarawo look at each other then back at the sword.
  • Gujuo: ...!
  • Tarawo: Bwana, you carry Demonbane!
  • Player: Uh, what?
  • Gujuo: Where did you get that!?
  • Player: Uh, after defeated the demon Agrith Naar the magical sword Silverlight became stained with his ichor, increasing its powers.
  • Tarawo: Silverlight?

Tarawo takes the sword from your hands and dips the blade into the pool. It turns blood red and shines for a moment. He then gives it back.

  • Player: What did you--?
  • Tarawo: Bwana, that is Demonbane!
  • Player: What?

An elderly tribesman steps forward.

  • Bingo: I remember it...
  • Player: Excuse me? Could somebody tell me what's going on!
  • Bingo: You are the third outsider to visit us, Bwana. A small group of adventurers came before us, about twenty years ago. I remember one name, their leader, Radimus.
  • Player: That must be the mission Radimus mentioned! With Xenia, Achietties and Dionysius.
  • Bingo: But much longer ago, some hundred and fifty years ago, when my grandfather was chief of the tribe, a young man came to us. he said he hailed from the city of 'Varrock'.
  • Bingo: He begged us for help, saying that he had a vision that he should come to us. His city would be attacked by a demon and he needed something to slay it.
  • Bingo: My grandfather entrusted him Demonbane, a magical sword that is exceptionally powerful against demons and blessed by Kharazi.
  • Player: Wally!
  • Bingo: Yes, that was his name, I believe. Kharazi's blessings will have worn off but now they have been renewed.
  • Player: So Wally came here on his quest to slay Delrith?
  • Tarawo: Take it, Bwana, you are going to need it.
  • Player: Thank you!
  • Bingo: May it aid you in battle, Bwana. Honour my brave grandfather.
  • Player: I will. I must go now.
  • Tarawo: I am going with you. If the Fellowship are real, I need to meet them. And I could help in battle.
  • Gujuo: No, Tarawo. You are the chief, you cannot abandon the tribe in these dire times.
  • Tarawo: But--
  • Gujuo: I will go. Bwana, will you take me to the vacu?
  • Player: It's going to be very dangerous.
  • Gujuo: I understand that.
  • Player: Well okay then. I could use some help.
  • Tarawo: You possess more courage than me, Gujuo. Be off now. And good luck.

With all the ingredients, Demonbane and ice gloves (and Gujuo as your loyal pet), enter the dungeon once more. Attempt to enter the crevice.

  • Ungadulu: Beware, ye, who enters here!
  • Gujuo: Ungadulu?
  • Ungadulu:!
  • Player: Is this normal?
  • Gujuo: Surprisingly...

Enter the crevice and pass all tests. Gujuo will follow you. Eventually, climb down the Test of Courage to appear next to Ungadulu.

  • Viyeldi: Who is this?
  • Gujuo: Greetings. My name is Gujuo, I am one of the Kharazi tribe.
  • Viyeldi: Were you able to pass all of our tests, Gujuo?
  • GUjuo: Our? You must be one of the Fellowship! So it's true! Wow, it's an honour to meet you, uh, sir.
  • Player: No, Viyeldi. He closely followed me.
  • Viyeldi: Return to the surface, Gujuo. This is too dangerous for you, hence the tests. Only the worthy can survive.
  • Gujuo: It is for the honour of my tribe, I cannot leave.
  • Gujuo: The vacu have attacked my village and me directly.
  • Viyeldi: As you wish. Do not expect to get out alive.
  • Player: Gujuo, are you sure?
  • Gujuo: Yes. Let's go.

Help Gujuo over the rocks and speak to any of the warriors.

  • San: You should leave, Gujuo.
  • Gujuo: I have discussed it with the skeleton, I am staying.
  • San: Suit yourself. Only the foolish go ahead.
  • Player: And me.
  • San: My statement speaks for itself.
  • Player: Wait... what? Hey!
  • San: Have you got all the items?
  • Player: Yes, I've got them here.
  • San: Then proceed. Here, I have collected all that you need.
  • Chatbox: The spirit gives you Viyeldi's wand, Irvig's helm, Ranalph's amulet and San's dagger.
  • Player: Thank you.
  • San: I can sense the source of the evil power. It is radiating from Orisha.
  • Player: Orwhatta?
  • San: Oh, dear. To keep it short, Orisha is... used to be a great, prosperous city, many millennia ago. Its location was where Kharazi created the first jungle tribe, who expanded their settlement to a large city over the course of several years. Once the evil gods arrived, however, they destroyed the city, causing massive destruction. They jinxed the other tribes, keeping them primitive and rendering them unable to construct another such magnificent work.
  • Player: That's sad to hear, but where ir this city? Or what's left of it...
  • San: Its ruins are deep underground by now, in a separate location from this cave. An unusually large, ancient palm tree marks the spot. Touch its roots and it will reveal the entrance.
  • Player: Large tree, roots, got it.
  • San: Be careful, young one.
  • Player: I will. Oh, and I have spoken to Rashiliyia. She asked me to pass on her apologies.
  • San: Thank you. That is noble of her.

With all the items, exit the dungeon and head west. At some point, you will see a rather huge mangrove-resembling tree. Touch its roots for them to reveal a hole. Enter the hole. You appear at the top of a very large construction of steps going down. The "ceiling is extremely high", as if all levels of the White Knights' Castle were on one level. Several light beams are coming through holes and roots of trees are hanging down. Downstairs are several walls and remains of houses. Choking ivy and other plants have completely covered all walls, ruins, even the ground. Look around if you wish, in the far end of the city is a crevice. Go through. You appear in a small side-cave. At the other end is a wall with a circle on it, exactly the same as the one in Rashiliyia's Tomb you found during Jungle Whispers. This time, nothing is invisible, however, and you can enter press the circle to reveal a cave opening.

  • Player: I should probably set up the barrier in this room, the vacu are probably through here.

There is a spot on the ground to set up the barrier. Click on it to put the orb, helm, wand, dagger and amulet on the ground. They disappear in a green flash. You scatter the ashes and throw the demonic tail into the air; both disappear. You take a step back and cast a spell. Suddenly, a large green barrier is erected. It emits positive energy.

  • Gujuo: Excellent! Let's go!
  • Player: This is it. Are you absolutely sure, Gujuo?
  • Gujuo: Come on.

If you are ready, go through the cave opening. You appear back in Orisha! The cave opening seems to have lead you under the large stairs and you emerge next to them. A cutscene starts.

  • Player: What the...
  • Gujuo: How's that possible?
  • Player: Look!

The Demon of Fire[edit | edit source]

The camera shifts to a rather large pulsating portal, which wasn't there before. Three Vacu with glowing eyes are then shown standing next to it, on top of a strange symbol. They are moving their hands. One, Ubrua, has decorated green robes and green glowing eyes with a drawing of a broodoo tribal mask on his robe top. The other, Miaro, has brown robes with a drawing of two crossed bones on his chest (and a brown glow of his eyes) and the middle one - Rabudu - has grey robes with a drawing of a human head on his chest.

  • Ubrua: It is nearly complete, brethren.
  • Miaro: Our master calls us.
  • Rabudu: And he shall burn this island.
  • Ubrua: We will summon Our Mistress.
  • Miaro: She who controls the mind.
  • Rabudu: And she will free her fallen brothers!

You and Gujuo run towards them, weapons drawn.

  • Player: You, Vacu, don't move! Tell me, what are you doing here!
  • Miaro: The human has come, my brethren. It thought its puny barrier would stop us.
  • Ubrua: We're not that stupid, you fool. And who's this cretin?
  • Gujuo: You're dead!
  • Player: Gujuo, no, wait!

Gujuo charges Miaro with his spear. Miaro simply casts a spell, turning Gujuo into a skeleton that collapses to bones (much like the Wise Old Man's spell during the bank robbery).

  • Player: GUJUO! NO!
  • Ubrua: You brought one of the surface tribe?
  • Miaro: I thought you to be smarter, human.
  • Player: You will pay for this! You infested the jungle creatures! People have died!
  • Ubrua: You killed our brother, Abaru. Shouldn't suffer for that?
  • Miaro: Do not make empty threats, human. We are the vacu, we stand above you. Besides, your accusations are false.
  • Player: What? What are you talking about!
  • Ubrua: Foolish mortal, it was not us who is having fun with the tribe of the jungle.
  • Miaro: We merely set her free. Our Mistress.
  • Player: Set free? Whom? Don't lie to me.
  • Rabudu: SILENCE!
  • Rabudu: I have got enough of you. Our plans have advanced too far for you to interfere. You should have stayed out of this.
  • Rabudu: My brethren, it is time. Start the chant!

The vacu make more movements and chant in some strange language. The camera shifts to the portal again, which starts pulsating more heavily. The screen begins to shake as well. Then, a huge, orange claw comes out and grabs the edge of the portal to pull itself out.

  • Player: What in the world--!

The other arm comes through and now the entire demon comes out. It's huge and dark orange, surrounded by flames. He is also wielding dual warhammers. His name... is Lesarkus! (Temple of Ikov memories anyone?)

  • Rabudu: Master, you have returned. I am sure you remember this filthy "city"?
  • Lesarkus: Well done, Vacu. Who is this worm?
  • Ubrua: A human meddler, master.
  • Miaro: Why don't you crush him, master?

The vacu walk away and spread out around the ruins of Orisha. You take the fight to the level 190 demon of fire; Lesarkus. Remember that you CANNOT use any prayers/curses, nor restore your prayer points. He attacks with melee, hitting a maximum of 750 and also casts fire surge, hitting 750 as well. His protective flames make him impervious to all weapons, except (in order of effectiveness):

  • Melee: Demonbane (which has the stats of approx. a dragon shortsword, if that existed, against demons)
  • Magic: Water wave/surge and Ice blitz/barrage (freezing effect does not apply)
  • Ranged: Holy water and ice arrows

Abilities only work if those weapons are used. The last hit must be dealt with Demonbane or he will heal 10% of his health. He has 25,000 HP. He has a special attack, indicated by his raised arms, during which fireballs will randomly fall on the ground. Avoid them; getting hit results in 500 damage. Sometimes, he will take a moment to load his spell before firing it. When he does, run away. It's twice as large as fire surge and occupies 2x2 game squares, coming at you at running speed. It is Area of Effect, however, so running to the side will omit damage. Stand in its way and get hit for 1000 damage. He also has a defensive ability; the flames surrounding him will start to rise and spin, massively increasing his defence. This can be countered by using Demonbane's special attack (which is activated when you use Dismember or Sever) WITH ice gloves equipped. He will say "Graah" and the flames will become normal again. Defeat him - he explodes in a fiery yet amusing poof.

  • Player: There we go.
  • Player: I'd better take Gujuo's remains with me... Tarawo will want to bring him to rest.

Pick up Gujuo's bones. At that moment, another cutscene starts. You are hit by a powerful spell and knocked back. The three vacu, now holding a bag, approach you.

  • Ubrua: You think you have defeated us now?
  • Miaro: It is so oblivious.
  • Player: Oh yeah? Well, your demon master is dead!
  • Ubrua: How unfortunate.
  • Miaro: We didn't care much for him anyway. So hot-tempered.
  • Player: But--!
  • Rabudu: Did you really think we were that stupid? Don't you realise that we might be AWARE that you have defeated all our masters we have brought to this world?
  • Player: Then why did you even summon him?
  • Rabudu: Your speedy arrival was of a rather interruptive nature, but we now have what we were looking for.
  • Player: You are DONE for!
  • Rabudu: Do you really wish to make that mistake after what happened to your friend?
  • Player: I won't let you escape.
  • Rabudu: That is not up to you to decide.
  • Ubrua: Let's go, brethren, this place stinks.
  • Miaro: We have what we were tasked to retrieve. You are doomed, mortal.
  • Player: Tasked by whom?
  • Rabudu: If you have not yet met Our Mistress, you soon will.
  • Rabudu: It is time for us to go. As for you, puny creature, I trust you know better than meddle with us again. I will let you live. This time. See it as a thank you for dispatching the hothead.
  • Rabudu: Brother Abaru decided that he could try to stop you by himself and he has failed. Do not think you can stop us.
  • Player: Wait, Abaru split from you? So that he could kill me? The Shaikahan hurt my friends and the island so that he could kill ME?
  • Rabudu: You're not very bright, are you?

You prepare to attack the vacu, but they disappear in a cloud of the colour of their robes (similar texture to chaotic clouds in the RuneSpan). A laughter is heard as they vanish. Go up the stairs again. Viyeldi will be standing at the top, for a change.

  • Player: Viyeldi? How...
  • Viyeldi: You return, but without your friend. Did the inevitable happen?
  • Player: They killed him! Gujuo tried to attack and they killed him right away!
  • Viyeldi: A sad tale, but he had been warned.
  • Player: How can you be so indifferent?
  • Viyeldi: I have been a skeleton, bound to live forever for the past few millenia. Why do you think.
  • Player: I... He...
  • Viyeldi: I suggest you calm down and tell me what happened.
  • Player: Okay, okay. I erected a barrier and we approached the Vacu, but they had foreseen it all along so the barrier was useless!
  • Viyeldi: So it is true after all.
  • Player: Oh yes. Very true. The Vacu spoke of some mistress of theirs, then a fire demon came through a portal and attacked me. Evidently, I defeated it.
  • Viyeldi: Good, good. The less demons on this world, the better.
  • Player: The vacu had been running around during the fight, apparently searching for something. And they've found it.
  • Viyeldi: That's impossible... if...
  • Player: Well, it happened. Then they made threats to me and left with the item they need for some ritual.
  • Viyeldi: Animals have lost their minds...
  • Viyeldi: The vacu return... a ritual...
  • Viyeldi: Their mistress...
  • Viyeldi: That's it. It's all coming together!
  • Player: What? What are you talking about?
  • Viyeldi: The vacu must have released her! And they are planning to release her brothers!
  • Player: Whom? What do you mean?
  • Viyeldi: She must have given them extra power! This is horrible!
  • Viyeldi: I must consult the others. Go, Player, go and warn them.
  • Player: Warn them for what?
  • Viyeldi: Tell them that she has returned. That's all you need to know for now.
  • Viyeldi: Player, darkness is approaching. The jungle is no longer safe.
  • Viyeldi: Go, NOW!

Viyeldi disappears. Exit Orisha and report to Tarawo.

Calm Before the Storm[edit | edit source]

  • Tarawo: Back so soon, Bwana? You have defeated the demon, I assume?
  • Tarawo: Wait.. where's Gujuo?
  • Player: Tarawo, I... There was nothing I... The Vacu...
  • Tarawo: No...

You hand Tarawo Gujuo's remains.

  • Tarawo: Gujuo... my brother...
  • Player: I'm sorry, Tarawo... Your brother?
  • Tarawo: He will be mourned. Thank you for returning his...
  • Tarawo *crying*: corpse...
  • Tarawo: I.. I do not blame you anything.
  • Player: Tarawo, I understand you are not in a state for talking, but you have to listen to me. This is imporgtant.
  • Tarawo: Speak, Bwana...
  • Player: The vacu were down there, three of them. They summoned a fire demon, but it turned out they needed to distract me. They broke the barrier I had created to seal them and they teleported away with an item they had been asked to find for some ritual.
  • Player: Viyeldi, one of the cursed men of the Fellowshop of Kharazi, sent me here to warn you all. He thinks the vacu have released their mistress and that she is planning to "free the others".
  • Tarawo: ...!
  • Tarawo: That's...! No!
  • Player: I suspect that he means the three--
  • Tarawo: Yes, Bwana. There is no other explanation...
  • Player: What do we do?
  • Tarawo: I... I don't know.
  • Player: You need help!
  • Tarawo: From whom?
  • Player: The villages of the island! If one of the gods has already returned, you will all be doomed of you don't stand together!
  • Tarawo: We cannot leave the jungle. Even if we tried, the wolves would tear us apart.
  • Player: I could escort you. I'll protect you from all attacks.
  • Tarawo: You can't take all of us and one by one takes too much time. One of us should go.
  • Player: What about you?
  • Tarawo: I can't leave my tribe behind here. If we die here, I must die with them.
  • Dingo: I'll do it.
  • Bingo: That's my boy! I always knew you had your grandfather's courage, son!
  • Tarawo: Are you sure, Dingo? It's dangerous and I don't want to lose another man.
  • Dingo: I trust Player to not get us killed. I will inform the other chieftains of the island. Please, Tarawo, you have to let me go.
  • Player: I'll vouch for him. And I swear I will protect him with my life.
  • Tarawo: Okay then. Kharazi be with you.
  • Dingo: Thank you, Tarawo. Are you ready to go now, Player?

  • 1 Player: Sorry, I have something else to do first. I'll be right back, stay here.
  • Dingo: ...I will...

  • 2 Player: Let's go.
  • Dingo: Great. Better not let the animals see us or we're dead.

You appear in an instanced jungle, which is much harder to traverse. There is one path to the exit, but oomlie birds are on your route, in set patrol routes. With Dingo directly behind you (running), you have to hide behind trees and run past when the oomlies are not looking to reach the end, in a similar way to Sorceress' Garden except the path isn't so straightforward, oomlies have a large viewing distance and it takes longer (you don't go straight to the exit because a stationary oomlie will always spot you, you have to go around instead). If you are spotted by an oomlie bird, it will start clucking really loudly, which attracts several jungle wolves, who proceed to attack you and Dingo, who falls down immediately. Should this happen, you reappear at the holy pool and can try again. Once you reach the end, cut and chop your way through and exit the instanced area.

  • Dingo: We did it!
  • Player: Phew. I won't have chicken again for weeks.
  • Dingo: Okay, let's go to one of the villages now.
  • Player: Best start at Tai Bwo Wannai, they suffered most under the Shaikahan attacks.

Make your way to Tai Bwo Wannai. If Dingo gets stuck somewhere or you teleport, he will return and you can collect him at the entrance to Kharazi again. Once in the village, the camera zooms in on the tribal statue. There is a huge crack in the middle.

  • Player: This is not good.

Go to Timfraku.

  • Timfraku: Hello again, Bwana. What brings you here in these dangerous times?
  • Player: Hi Timfraku. I'd like to introduce you to Dingo.
  • Dingo: Many greetings, chief Timfraku.
  • Timfraku: Welcome, Dingo.
  • Timfraku: Wait, those tattoos... You must be from the Kharazi tribe!
  • Dingo: That is correct.
  • Timfraku: It's been years since one of your people left the peaceful Kharazi Jungle. Is something wrong?
  • Player: The Kharazi Jungle isn't quite as peaceful any more. The wildlife is possessed in a frustratingly similar way to the Shaikahan. Oh, and their shama nUngadulu! And the vacu were there, and they found an item for a ritual and--
  • Timfraku: Slow down, bwana! The vacu were there?
  • Dingo: I'll explain it to the chieftain, Player, don't worry.
  • Player: All right. I shall leave you here then.
  • Dingo: Chieftain, I have come to seek your help. Something horrible is to happen shortly and the jungle tribes must unite.
  • Timfraku: You are welcome to stay here, Dingo. I will discuss these matters with you.
  • Dingo: That's wonderful. Thank you for bringing me here, Player.

Karaday will storm up the ladder.

  • Karaday: Player, you are here!
  • Timfraku: What's this, Karaday?
  • Karaday: Player, you've helped the village before. Please, come! We are under attack!

Climb down the ladder. A broodoo victim is attacking the villagers. Attack it. For some reason, using food, antipoisoon or relicym's balm on yields no results. Kill it anyway. A jadinko will now come out the bushes and look at you.

  • Player: A jadinko?
  • Player: What are you doing here?

Suddenly, it disappears.

  • Player: Whoa! I'd better ask Papa Mambo why his animals are escaping.

Go to the Herblore Habitat and speak to Papa Mambo.

  • Mambo: Heehee, hello there.
  • Player: Hello, Papa. Uh, Mambo. I mean..
  • Player: Never mind. Are you all right?
  • Mambo: Couldn't be better, why?
  • Player: One of your jadinkoes seems to have escaped. I found it in the middle of the island and it strangely disappeared when it saw me.

Papa Mambo stops dancing.

  • Mambo: ...
  • Player: Are you okay?
  • Mambo: I will look into this, thank you for telling me.
  • Player: Uh, okay. Happy to help.
  • Mambo: Leave now please.
  • Player: Hey, what are you--!

Papa Mambo teleports you somewhere in the middle of the jungle.

  • Player: That was weird, even for him.

Return to Tai Bwo Wannai and speak to Timfraku.

  • Timfraku: Ah, you're back.
  • Player: Yep. Just another one of those weird guys with tribal masks. I dealt with it.
  • Timfraku: Good, good. Anything else?
  • Player: Uh... nope. That's all.
  • Timfraku: Well, good. Thank you!
  • Timfraku: Can I rely on you if anything else happens?
  • Player: Of course, Timfraku, of course.
  • Timfraku: Great. Well, thank you for bringing Dingo here, Player.
  • Player: No problem. So, I'll be off now then.
  • Timfraku: Goodbye for now.
  • Player: Bye!

Congratulations, Quest Complete! (but for how long...)


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 40k Prayer xp
  • 25k Dungeoneering xp
  • Demonbane
  • Ability to cast Dissolve Undead
  • Access to Zadimus's treasury