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This is my entry for the Quest Writing Competition of this year. Although I plan to expand this into a larger quest series based on an evil conspiracy and this serves and as introductory quest, I feel it has a closed off storyline of its own. The theme was crapp-- err, creepiness but, seeing that it's novice, I couldn't really come up with large scale dungeon invasions, massive ripper demons and stealthy assassins appearing from nothing. Instead, I decided to use a slightly political theme that's more mysterious than Sliske-creepy but I hope you will still enjoy it. In addition, no combat was allowed in the quest, so I'm sorry if you were expecting some. I've also tried giving some minor characters, like the Lumbridge shopkeeper, a personality through accent and their way of speaking. First, some ads of other quests I wrote, then we can begin!

Night of the Kinshra - 185-186-282-63922143 - Large scale grandmaster Temple Knight mission with massive battles and evil villains.

Jungle quest series - TBA - Discover the mysteries of Karamja when evil strikes but be careful - dangers lurk everywhere... Cowritten with Amascut.

Name: Grateful Expectations

Difficulty: Novice

Length: Short


  • The Blood Pact
  • The Restless Ghost
  • Stolen Hearts
  • 10 Strength
  • 12 Thieving
  • 15 Agility

Starting point: Speak to Victoria in her house next to Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge.

=Tax Evasion=[edit | edit source]

Talk to Victoria. She is standing next to a number of crates and boxes, containing clothes, etc.

  • Victoria: *crying*

The chatbox now gives two options; leave and offer your help. The latter obviously starts the quest, if you meet all requirements.

  • Player: Excuse me?
  • Victoria: *sob* what?
  • Player: Err, are you all right?
  • Victoria: Can't you see I'm not?
  • Player: Calm down - what's wrong?
  • Victoria: It's my half-arse brother Lachtopher!
  • Victoria: I finally got him to get a job and we agreed to split the taxes between us since the recent raise. Yesterday, when we were supposed to pay, Lachtopher didn't turn up! He's nowhere to be found and now I've lost the house!
  • Player: Lost the house?
  • Victoria: The duke won't allow me to live here on the grounds that I can never pay the taxes by myself. Which is true! He's given me a day to move out...
  • Player: So, where are you going?
  • Victoria: I don't know! The closest thing I've got to a house is Lachtopher's destroyed place across the river. But I'd be bludgeoned by goblins overnight.
  • Player: What if I talked to the duke for you?
  • Victoria: Would you do that?
  • Player: Sure. I'll try to convince him to let you stay. I'll even find out where Lachtopher is for you so that you can deal with him.
  • Victoria: Thanks so much! Please, hurry to the duke now! He's on the first floor of the castle.
  • Player: All right then.

Go to Duke Horacio on the first floor.

  • Duke: Greetings, welcome to Lumbridge! How can I help you?
  • Player: I heard you're forcing Victoria to move out of her house?
  • Duke: Ah yes, she couldn't pay the taxes. I had to raise them a while back due to economical reasons and she simply can't afford it.
  • Player: But you don't understand! She would pay along with her lazy brother Lachtopher, but he never showed up with his part of the money!
  • Duke: Look, I've discussed this with my advisor Sigmund/given it plenty of thought [depending on whether you've done The Lost Tribe or not] and I've come to the conclusion that this is the best!
  • Player: Isn't there anything I could do?
  • Duke: Well...
  • Duke: I suppose I am in your debt, as you stopped that Zamorakian cult/uncovered the runecrafting mystery/prevented a war against the Dorgeshuun/saved everyone from the Culinaromancer/slew Elvarg [depending on which quests you've done]...
  • Duke: Okay, here's the deal. If you can find this Lachtopher chap and get him to pay his half, I'll let Victoria stay. How does that sound?
  • Player: Brilliant, thank you!
  • Duke: No problem, but be quick. I can't wait forever.
  • Player: Hm, I'd better ask Victoria where to start looking...

Return to Victoria.

  • Victoria: You're back! And?
  • Player: Excellent news. The duke has agreed to allow you to stay if Lachtopher returns and pays the tax.
  • Victoria: That's great, but I have no idea where he is? It's as if he's disappeared.
  • Player: Where is he normally, so that I know where to look?
  • Victoria: He usually hangs around near the general store to the east, pretending to work... It's ridiculous.
  • Victoria: You could try asking some people around there? Ask for a bald, middle-aged man with a red shirt and dark trousers.
  • Player: Okay, I will.

Go to the place Lachtopher usually is. You have to talk to several people and ask whether they've seen him. The doomsayer will eventually give the correct response, but only after all others have been asked. If you speak with him too early, he will only ramble doom-gibberish. You have to talk to Roddeck, the Shopkeeper, Mikasi/Nemarti/Harlan, Barfy Bill and the Lumbridge Sage.

  • Player: Excuse me, have you seen Lachtopher? Bald, in his forties, red shirt?
  • Roddeck: Not recently, no. Usually walks around my house.
  • Player: When was the last time you saw him?
  • Roddeck: A few days ago, I figure. Now then, do you need any advice, young lad?
  • Player: Excuse me, have you seen Lachtopher? Bald, in his forties, red shirt?
  • Sage: Sorry, never seen him before.
  • Player: Okay, thanks.
  • Player: Excuse me, have you seen Lachtopher? Bald, in his forties, red shirt?
  • Harlan: Haha, yeah. Came in a few weeks ago, wanted to train up. Couldn't even hold a sword, the poor lad.
  • Player: I mean recently. He's missing, see.
  • Harlan: Ah, how unfortunate. I can't be of help then, sorry.
  • Player: Thanks anyway.
  • Player: Excuse me, have you seen Lachtopher? Bald, in his forties, red shirt?
  • Shopkeeper: Deffo seen 'im. Always wanderin' round me shop. Probably plannin' some great bread robbery. Well, he ain't gettin' anything without some money!
  • Player: So, you haven't see him?
  • Shopkeeper: Not in the last couple o' days. Wonder what 'appened to him. Glad he's gone, anyway.
  • Player: He's gone missing, you know!
  • Shopkeeper: Well, I sure as Zamorak ain't involved in that business! I dun like the guy, but I'd never commit no crime!
  • Player: Right... I'll come back to you, thanks.
  • Shopkeeper: Now then, care to see me stock?
  • Player: Excuse me, have you seen Lachtopher? Bald, in his forties, red shirt?
  • Bill: Not recently, why?
  • Player: He's missing. His sister is looking for him.
  • Bill: I'll notify you if I see anything. He's not left by canoe, that's for sure.
  • Player: Great, thanks.

As you speak to the last person, the doomsayer will call you.

  • Doomsayer: Hey, over here.
  • Player: Hello?
  • Doomsayer: DOOM!
  • Player: Err...
  • Doomsayer: I saw it! All of it! I knew it'd happen! Doom has stricken!
  • Player: What?
  • Doomsayer: The bald guy you're looking for.
  • Player: You saw what happened? Where is he?
  • Doomsayer: I was sleeping and I heard a voice outside. It sounded DOOMFUL. So went to look...

A cutscene starts.

You see Lachtopher at night, lying on the ground, with some sheep's wool on a tree stump as a pillow and some more as blanket. A sound is heard, and Lachtopher wakes up.

  • Lachtopher: Hello?

A raven flies out of a tree and lands next to him.

  • Lachtopher: Oh, it's just a bird... Phew.

Suddenly, a lasso is thrown from behind the general store, which wraps itself around Lachtopher.

  • Lachtopher: What the--!
  • Lachtopher: HELP!!

Lachopther is dragged away, the cutscene ends.

  • Doomsayer: DOOOOOM!
  • Player: By the gods, he has been kidnapped! The duke must hear this!
=In Broad Daylight=[edit | edit source]

Make your way to Duke Horacio. Speak to him and pick the quest option. A cutscene starts.

  • Player: Duke, I must speak to you, it's urgent!
  • Duke: What's wrong, boy? Have you found that lazy person?
  • Player: Worse! I've asked around and the doomsayer saw Lachtopher being kidnapped at night!
  • Duke: What?
  • Player: He woke up on the street when he heard something, and then he was taken by someone from behind the general store!
  • Duke: WHAT!
  • Duke: People are supposed to be safe in Lumbridge! Kidnapped? Not on MY watch! Not even that lazybones!
  • Duke: EVERETH! You are summoned!

One of the Lumbridge Guardsmen comes walking in. His armour is of a higher tier, however, and he carries a halberd.

  • Captain Evereth: Attending, sir.
  • Duke: Player, this is Evereth, Captain of the Guardsmen.
  • Evereth: Pleasure to meet you.
  • Player: Likewise, captain.
  • Duke: Evereth, a citizen of Lumbridge.
  • Player: Erm...
  • Duke: Don't take "citizen" too literally...
  • Duke: A man has been kidnapped this night. I appoint you to conduct the investigation with Player here.
  • Evereth: Yes sir!
  • Duke: You two find out who did this and why, and most importantly stop them! Report to me when you find something.
  • Evereth: Understood. Who is the man in question?
  • Player: His name is Lachtopher. He is a lazy, bald man. At the time of disappearance, he was wearing a red shirt and dark trousers.
  • Evereth: All right, lad. Let's do this.

The cutscene ends.

  • Player: I think we should return to Victoria first and tell her her brother has been kidnapped.
  • Evereth: Fine by me, let's go.

Go back to Victoria's house. She will be sitting in front of her house in anguish.

  • Player: Victoria! What's wrong!
  • Victoria: His laugh! Oh no!
  • Player: What happened?
  • Victoria: Oh, the poor father! He was taken right in front of me, just five minutes ago, in broad daylight!
  • Player: Another kidnapping?
  • Victoria: It was horrible! The blade of that scimitar... and the skull!
  • Player: Skull?
  • Victoria: He wore a cape with a terrifying, red skull on it!
  • Player: Hm... where have I seen that before?
  • Victoria: Wait, you said "another kidnapping". Do you mean Lachtopher...?
  • Player: Yes, Victoria. I'm sorry.
  • Victoria: He's a bastard but I still love him! Oh please, rescue my brother and father Aereck!
  • Evereth: Don't worry ma'am, we will do anything in our power to find them. I advise you to go inside now and stay there. I'll have my men patrol the streets as an extra safety measure.
  • Victoria: Yes, officer.
  • Evereth: Come on, Player, let's examine the crime scene.

Victoria runs into her house. Enter the chapel with Evereth. Several pews have been moved, one window has been smashed and the cloth has been thrown off the altar. There is a note on it, with a dagger stabbed through it. Examine it.

  • Evereth: Hm, smashed window, no signs of a struggle. Looks like our criminal distracted Aereck by breaking the glass, then quickly entered, took him and left a message on the altar.
  • Player: Could be a ransom message.
  • Evereth: What does it say?
  • Chatbox: You quickly read the contents of the note.
  • Player: I, uh, think the duke should hear this...

The screen fades and you appear in a cutscene in the duke's room.

  • Duke: Another kidnapping?! While we were talking up here?
  • Evereth: Yes, Duke.
  • Duke: Bah, this guy is good. We have to apprehend him at all costs.
  • Player: Duke Horacio, the kidnapper left a message on the altar. It's addressed to you.
  • Duke: Give it here then.
  • Duke: "Hello, Horry. Are you a fan of chess? I am. Currently, it's check for you. I've got that wimpy priest of yours and I won't stop until you surrender. Misthalin has been ruled by incompetent nitwits enough. Now it's MY time to take over business. I start in Lumbridge and I'll work my way up to the Remanis family with or without your cooperation. But you'd better help me, if you value your life. Give up your position and hand it to me. I'll be there when you are ready. Stand in my way and it won't end well for you. Give in, and your valued citizens will live. For now. Your. Choice."
  • Duke: ...!
  • Player: What does this mean?
  • Evereth: It means that someone is planning to overthrow the throne of Misthalin, starting with the duchy of Lumbridge. The royal family of Varrock is in danger, they must be warned immediately.
  • Player: But why? And what's with the kidnappings?
  • Evereth: According to the letter, he thinks the Duke will surrender upon seeing Lumbridge's civilians be kidnapped... and killed. But you will remain in position, won't you?
  • Duke: Well, he's wrong there! Of course I will! We have taken the matter too lightly. Evereth, get all your forces to protect Lumbridge. I shall immediately send word to Varrock. This man must be stopped, today!
  • Evereth: At once, sir!
  • Player: What are we going to do now?
  • Duke: Look over the cases again. Surely, we've missed something. Here, take the note. Something must reveal this man's identity...
  • Player: All right.
  • Duke: Good luck!

The cutscene ends.

When you exit the castle, Lumbridge Guardsmen and Varrock guard are patrolling the streets. Speak to Evereth.

  • Player: So where do we start?
  • Evereth: I'm not sure. Let's visit Arnold first.
  • Player: Who's Arnold?
  • Evereth: An old friend of mine, commander of a Varrockian guard division. He's overseeing the protection of Lumbridge at the moment. He's my source of information for what's going on in Varrock, and vice versa for Lumbridge. He said he needed to speak to me.
  • Player: Okay, where is he?
  • Evereth: By Hank's fishing shop, I believe.
=The Chase=[edit | edit source]

Go to Hank's fishing shop. By the entrance is a man in Varrockian uniform with an extra large helmet plume. Speak to him, and a cutscene starts.

  • Evereth: Arnie!
  • Arnold: Evereth, glad you could make it, friend. Who's this?
  • Player: Player, nice to meet you. I'm part of the investigation.
  • Arnold: Good, good. Listen, I called you because of an important matter.
  • Evereth: What is it, Arnold?
  • Arnold: I've been doing some research of my own... I believe I know who--
  • Arnold: LOOK OUT!

Arnold jumps in front of you, taking an arrow to the chest.

  • Evereth: What the--! ARNOLD!!
  • Player: Someone is trying to kill us! Look, there is a note attached to the arrow!
  • Evereth: "Moving knights when the king is to fall? Capture - chess again."
  • Player: How can he know the duke refused to meet his demand?
  • Evereth: No idea, not important. He's here! The arrow came from that tree.

The camera zooms in on the forest leading to Draynor. A man is running away.

  • Player: There he is! Stay here with Arnold, I'll get him!

You run into the forest, ending the cutscene. You are now in a special situation, somewhat similar to Head-to-Head from the Gielinor Games. Except now, you're running continuously and you can't adjust the camera view (you're seeing what your character sees, i.e. the back of the shooter and the path). You are five squares behind the shooter and both of you run at the same speed. At the top of your screen is a run energy bar, going from 0 to 100%. It slowly decreases as you run. You will always stay on the path, but there are several obstacles. There are four keys on a side panel - arrow keys - which can be used to evade them. You must keep up for about 2 minutes until you reach Draynor. Should you fail, the shooter will outrun you and you must start over by reviewing the cutscene by Hank's shop. You lose when you are either out of run energy (see below how to lose run energy - at the normal running rate, you will never run out of energy (pun intended), unless you choose to evade obstacles only by jumping), are hit by an obstacle (i.e. fail to evade it (see below how), for example, trip over a tree stub, and fall - this doesn't apply to tree roots though) or if your deficit becomes 10 squares or more.

  • If a tree stub appears in front of you, you may click the up-arrow to jump over it when near the stub. This will cost quite some run energy however, approx. 15%. Alternatively, you may click the left or right arrow keys to go around it. This will cost no extra run energy, but you will lose one square against your opponent (making your deficit first 6 squares, then 7, etc.)
  • If you see a long branch on your path, you may press the down-arrow to duck when near it. This doesn't cost you anything. You can also run around it, which will add another square to your deficit.
  • Occasionally, a goblin will cross your path. You can either run around it (for two squares deficit) or click on it to hit it knock-out. This will, however, decrease your run energy quite a lot as well as add to your deficit, albeit only one square.
  • There are also tree roots along the path which are hard to see. You must jump over them, losing 5% run energy. If you fail to notice them and trip, you do not lose the game, although you do gain a square of deficit.

If you manage to keep up with your shooter all the way to Draynor, the chase will cease and he'll stop to do a quick version of the assassin home teleport (Solomon's Store), disappearing in a cloud of smoke. At that point, Evereth will also emerge out of the forest.

  • Evereth: Are you okay?
  • Player: Dang, he's gone. I've tracked him here though.
  • Evereth: More bad news... Unfortunately, Arnold has passed. The arrow pierced his lung.
  • Player: I'm sorry, Evereth.
  • Evereth: We will catch this damn criminal, I swear to all the gods.
  • Player: I have no idea where to look further though.
  • Evereth: Remember Victoria told us he had a skull on his cape?
  • Player: Of course. I've been looking at it constantly while chasing him.
  • Evereth: There was a red skull emblem on the back of the note stuck to the arrow. Here, take a look.
  • Player: That's it!
  • Evereth: What is?
  • Player: Now I know where it's from! There is a gang called "The Skulls" here in Draynor and that's their logo!
  • Evereth: Well, where are they?
  • Player: I investigated them some time ago. They were involved in a kidnapping business too, but that was a specific case to put it that way. Their leader, Khnum, is locked in jail.
  • Evereth: I bet my boots he's got something to do with it. Come on, let's interrogate him!
  • Player: Okay, let's go. Oh, if he doesn't want to talk, threaten to deprive him of food.
  • Evereth: ...what?
  • Player: You'll see what I mean by his... posture. He's particularly fond of coffee.
  • Evereth: Err, if you say so.
=Stalemate=[edit | edit source]

Optional dialogue with Evereth:

  • Player: Hey, Evereth.
  • Evereth: Yeah?
  • 1 Player: Who do you think is behind this?
  • Evereth: I... have no idea, to be honest. But don't worry, we'll get that crazy chess-addicted megalomaniac.
  • Player: It's rather scary. It's as if he knows our next move before we do.
  • Evereth: I know, it's worrying. But now that we've got a lead, we'll catch him!
  • 2 Player: I still don't get one thing, you know?
  • Evereth: Perhaps I can help.
  • Player: I don't understand why our evil friend is making such a fuss out of this. If he wants to take over Misthalin, can't he just take King Roald hostage? He seems stealthy enough to do it. Why the kidnappings? Why force the duke to abdicate? Why someone as unimportant as Lachtopher?
  • Evereth: You call that one thing? Hehe, well, I see the problem. He's overconfident. He thinks he's already won the twisted game he's playing. Maybe he's even testing us. And that's his weak spot. We'll catch him when he'll be celebrating his victory.
  • Player: I see.
  • Evereth: I suppose the kidnappings are his way of forcing the duke to step down. He's committed one murder already, since the duke rightfully doesn't bow for this madman. More are to follow if you ask me, so we need to get on.
  • Player: You're right, come on.
  • 3 Player: Tell me something about yourself.
  • Evereth: Not much to tell really, what do you want to know?
  • Player: Just a little. How did you become captain of the Guardsmen, for example?
  • Evereth: Let's see.. I was born here in Lumbridge in 134. My mum died when I was young and my dad has since moved to Taverley. As a young lad, I used to play around the town often, until I was almost killed by a goblin. I was saved by one of the Guardsmen.
  • Player: You're lucky he was there.
  • Evereth: Not that lucky, as it was the year of the Goblin Extermination of 142. Another goblin colony had just settled just north of the town and Duke Edward ordered to rid us of them. Anyway, as I was saved by the guard, I knew I wanted to do that myself someday. And so, when I was old enough, I joined the Guardsmen's ranks. Personally appointed by the duke, dare I say. Great man he was, boosted the agriculture and all that...
  • Player: What happened to him?
  • Evereth: An old man he was too. Died of age. His son Horacio took over and promoted me to captain a few years ago.
  • Evereth: Well, that's enough, I think. Any other questions?

Anyway, visit Khnum in his cell in Draynor Jail. Pick the quest option.

  • Khnum: What do you want now?
  • Evereth: Khnum, I presume?
  • Khnum: And who might you be?
  • Evereth: Evereth, Captain of the Lumbridge Guardsmen.
  • Khnum: Guard? Pah, get out of here.
  • Player: Khnum, I need to ask you a few questions.
  • Khnum: About what? I'm not saying anything!
  • Evereth: Your, err, coffee!
  • Khnum: My coffee?
  • Evereth: We'll take away your coffee!
  • Khnum: But I've done nothing wrong since you put me in here!
  • Player: Let me handle this. Khnum, we know what you're doing.
  • Khnum: That's great, 'cause I don't. Care to explain, big boy?
  • Player: The kidnappings, Lumbridge, the Duke!
  • Evereth: The shooting of my friend!
  • Khnum: ...?
  • Player: Don't deny it, Khnum! We saw a Skull run away from the crime scene! He belongs to YOUR gang! I don't care you weren't able to do anything from here, I bet you're secretly commanding your men anyway. How? Bribed a guard? Dug a tunnel?
  • Khnum: What in the scalding hot desert are you talking about?
  • Evereth: Don't pretend you don't know! Answer before I have to come in and beat it out of you!
  • Khnum: Keep your hands home, "captain"! Look, my men haven't done anything since that business with Keli. Whatever's going on, you've got the wrong man!
  • Player: You're saying you've got nothing to do with this?
  • Evereth: Even if that's so, your gang certainly has been busy lately. Aspirations to become king of Misthalin, hm?
  • Khnum: I have no idea what you mean. King of Misthalin? Kidnappings in Lumbridge? I. Haven't. Done. ANYTHING!
  • Player: What if he's telling the truth?
  • Khnum: I AM!
  • Evereth: If he's the leader of the gang, someone must've gone rogue.
  • Khnum: I get one visit to the Skullery a week, under escort of those pompous pumpkins outside, and the entire crew is there, all loyal to me.
  • Player: No new recruits lately?
  • Khnum: Not unless you count yourself and your "wit".
  • Evereth: The skull was unmistakably your emblem though.
  • Player: Wait a minute... Khnum, where did you get your uniforms?
  • Khnum: What's that got to do with anything?!
  • Player: Just tell me!
  • Khnum: Fine. I... wove them.
  • Player: WOVE them?
  • Khnum: A man has hobbies, you know!
  • Player: Right. Is that all?
  • Khnum: It's simple, really. Weave the undergarments. The armour pieces are just coloured leather and some iron. Then you just paint a skull on it.
  • Player: So it's really easy to make?
  • Khnum: Yes, but I don't see--
  • Evereth: You think that...?
  • Player: Yes. An imposter is pretending to be one of the Skulls to mislead us. He's made the armour himself and leaves skull marks at crime scenes to make us think it's Khnum's gang.
  • Evereth: That's very plausible.
  • Khnum: WHAT! An imposter! By Sultan Mehmed's not-flying carpet, if I get my hands on this guy, I'll... I'll!
  • Player: We have to find him. If he's a convincing Skull, he'll have access to all their locations. Khnum, do you, aside from this HQ and the Skullery, own any places?
  • Khnum: Over my dead body will I tell you--
  • Evereth: Coffee, Khnum, coffee!
  • Khnum: Shut up about that coffee!
  • Player: Will you two cut it out? Khnum, just tell me! Don't you want to catch this guy? Who tried to frame you and your men for what he's done?
  • Khnum: ...
  • Khnum: There is... a tunnel. Under the spooky house north.
  • Evereth: Draynor Manor.
  • Khnum: The trapdoor's in the courtyard. It's locked, but knowing you, you'll fumble it open anyway. He might be there.
  • Player: Thank you, Khnum. Come, Evereth, let's go!
  • Khnum: Wait, don't leave me here!
  • Khnum: At least give me some coffee!

Make your way to the courtyard of the mansion. Find the trapdoor, it's covered with rocks. Remove the rocks then pick the lock and go down. You are in a long tunnel. There are Skull banners hanging from the side and there is a small pillar with a bust of Count V.D. Drakan on it. At soem point, you will find Lachtopher and Father Aereck in a small cell, both with bruises and cuts. Speak to any of them to initiate a cutscene.

  • Player: Lachtopher, Aereck! Are you all right?
  • Lachtopher: You found us!
  • Aereck: Player, Captain. Saradomin bless you, how did you get in here?
  • Player: Opened the trapdoor and followed the tunnel.
  • Aereck: Trapdoor? But...
  • Aereck: Quickly, get out of here, it's a trap!

You see the Skulls imposter standing outside, closing then locking the trapdoor. The camera returns to you - it's completely dark.

  • Lachtopher: No, not again...
  • Evereth: Hang on... my tool belt should have... bingo!

Evereth lights a bullseye lantern.

  • Player: Brilliant. Let's get you out of here.

You picklock the door and Father Aereck and Lachtopher walk out.

  • Evereth: Gentlemen, can you identify the kidnapper for me? Is he part of a gang?
  • Aereck: Gang? No, he operates alone. He has a scary, deep voice, but I couldn't see the rest of his face as he's wearing a mask and a hood. He kept making references to chess, and the last thing he said to us before he left is that his pawns would come soon.
  • Player: I think that may refer to us.
  • Aereck: How did you find us?
  • Player: It's a treasonous plot, father. This guy wants to overthrow Misthalin and starts by forcing Duke Horacio to abdicate by kidnapping and killing citizens of Lumbridge.
  • Aereck: That's horrible, we have to find him!
  • Player: We will have to get out of here first.
  • Aereck: Let's follow the tunnel and see where it ends.

The four of you head further into the tunnel and the screen fades. You emerge just outside the small tower west of Lumbridge Castle (cutscene ends).

  • Evereth: What the--
  • Player: This is how he must have got past security so easily.
  • Evereth: This tunnel must be sealed immediately.
  • Player: No time now.
  • Evereth: Player, I'll bring Father Aereck and Lachtopher to Duke Horacio and inform him of the situation. You have to find our criminal by yourself.
  • Player: Why can't you come with me?
  • Evereth: It's not the time for discussions, man. We have no lead as to where he might be. Return to where you saw him last and track him from there. You have to bring him here - dead or alive.
  • Player: Uh, all right.
  • Evereth: Good luck to you.

Return to the spot where the Skulls imposter disappeared last. Your screen will direct your attention to footsteps on the ground. Examine them.

  • Player: Aha, I knew he couldn't have just disappeared. I'd better follow these.

Follow the direction of the footsteps (examine them if you are not sure). After you pass the trapdoor, the footsteps head east, away from Draynor. Head east until you reach the barn where Love Story is started. The footsteps end by a haybale. Click it to push it aside to reveal... a trapdoor.

  • Player: A trapdoor. How original.

Climb down. A cutscene starts. You appear in a small room, with tables and sketches of Lumbridge Castle and Varrock Palace hanging on the walls, as well as a spare Skulls uniform on a rack. The Skulls imposter is standing in the middle of the room, facing away from you.

  • Imposter: You appear to have found me. Applause.
  • Player: Checkmate, buddy.
  • Player: Your plan has failed. We've rescued Father Aereck and Lachtopher and the Duke is still in position.
  • Imposter: On the contrary, my plan has succeeded.
  • Player: What are you talking about!
  • Imposter: Oh, foolish boy/girl, never mind. You think my king has fallen but the game has just begun.
  • Imposter: To business. You "have" me - what are you going to do now?
  • Player: I'm going to arrest you and hand you over to the authorities.

He turns around.

  • Imposter: The authorities, eh? Yes, that sounds reasonable. Well, stop fiddling around then. Take me, if that's what you want.
  • Player: ...?
  • Player: Come with me. You're mad as a hatter...

The cutscene ends and a time card says: "Several hours later." You are standing in the duke's room.

  • Duke: Congratulations, Player! A mission successful as ever!
  • Player: Little trouble, Duke. Where is the big bad wolf?
  • Duke: Locked up in jail. Not a prison more secure than Port Sarim.
  • Player: Good. Let's hope we've rid us of him forever.
  • Duke: Indeed.
  • Player: Where's Evereth?
  • Duke: Back on duty. Filing administration. Don't worry, you'll see him soon enough.
  • Player: Hey, I have one concern...
  • Duke: Spill, Player.
  • Player: When I tracked him, he was waiting in his hideout for me. He didn't even pull a muscle when I tied a rope to his hands.
  • Duke: What do you think about it?
  • Player: I'm not sure. I'm just saying something was fishy.
  • Duke: Ah well, he's psycho, we can't understand him. At least he's safely locked away now.
  • Player: I suppose.
  • Duke: Now, let me reward you for your hard work. I have got you a fine blade, fine indeed, from our arsenal. If you have enough experience to use it, it is a formidable weapon indeed. An alloy of iron and mithril. Oh, and Father Aereck has spoken his blessing on you. You should find Lumbridge Cemetery a good place to learn, he said. Ah well, it's the honour that matters, isn't it?
  • Player: Thanks, Duke!

The screen fades and you see Port Sarim Jail - it is night. A cloaked figure enters the jail and walks past the thief, Cap'n Hand and Wormbrain to the cell in the corner, where the Skulls imposter is.

  • Cloaked figure: You've done a good job today.
  • Imposter: Finally, I thought you'd never come. It's bloody cold in here.
  • Cloaked figure: Hehe, everything has its time. Are they convinced?
  • Imposter: Ssh, it's not safe to talk in here!
  • Guard: Noo... not my doughnuts... take me instead...
  • Imposter: Or perhaps it is. Anyway, yes, they are wholly convinced that I'm defeated, hehe. Not suspecting anything.
  • Cloaked figure: Excellent. What about Player?
  • Imposter: He's a nasty one. I think (s)he suspects something.
  • Cloaked figure: We'll deal with him/her later. Time to execute phase two...
  • Imposter: Finally. Is your man in Varrock ready?
  • Cloaked figure: Ready as ever. Let's go.

The cloaked figure pulls a key from his pocket and unlocks the cell. He and his lackey leave.

CONGRATULATIONS, quest complete!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 250 Strength xp
  • 250 Thieving xp
  • 500 Agility xp
  • Lumbridge sword (stats between steel and mithril sword - requires 15 Attack to use)
  • Double xp when burying bones in Lumbridge Cemetery
  • After the quest, you can return to Victoria who will thank you for rescuing Lachtopher, who has found a job in Al Kharid and has since moved in with is sister, paying the taxes together. As a thank you, he will give you a delicious potato.