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Battle of Lumbridge:

  • Sided with Saradomin

The Bird and the Beast:

  • Sided with Armadyl

Birthright of the Dwarves:

  • Exiled Vigr
  • Exiled Klaas (regret)
  • Exiled Grundt
  • Executed Brendt
  • Spared Ikadia
  • Spared Grunsh
  • Saved Veldaban
  • Let the Consortium rule

The Blood Pact:

  • Spared Kayle
  • Spared Caitlin
  • Attempted to spare Reese

Blood Runs Deep:

  • Tried to marry Astrid but it was bugged so I didn't :(

Broken Home (1st playthrough):

  • Told Senecianus to give Ormod forgiveness as Lenian

Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza:

  • Sided with Brassica Prime

The Chosen Commander:

  • Urged Zanik to do as she pleased with Sigmund

The Death of Chivalry:

  • Called Saradomin a snow imp
  • Spared Lt. Graves
  • Sacrificed my own blood
  • Attempted to destroy the wand

Dimension of Disaster (1st playthrough):

  • Got a cute eggling for the Phoenix Gang
  • Spared Sharathteerk

Dishonour among Thieves:

  • Did not reveal my plans to Sliske
  • Stopped Nomad
  • Helped neither Sliske nor Zamorak

Fate of the Gods:

  • Told Azzanadra about Sliske's treachery
  • Wove a dark simulacrum
  • Was content with returning Zaros

The Firemaker's Curse:

  • No firemakers died

The Giant Dwarf:

  • Joined the Purple Pewter

Hazeel Cult:

  • Sided with the Carnilleans

Heart of Stone:

  • Made Kipple Nano cute and sensitive

Legends' Quest:

  • Did not kill Viyeldi and got the holy force from Ungadulu

The Mighty Fall:

  • Killed no innocent goblins
  • Spared Yelps
  • Spared Lol
  • Saved Zanik

Missing, Presumed Death:

  • Accused the Zamorakian Order of Paterdomus
  • Sided with Icthlarin

One of a Kind:

  • Sent Hannibus home with Sharrigan

One Piercing Note:

  • Attempted to save Anna
  • Told Benita Anna had been possessed

Plague's End:

  • Spared Essyllt
  • Spared King Lathas (regretted until being informed that the Dark Lord ate him)

Rune Mysteries:

  • Became a Grey Wizard

Shield of Arrav:

  • Joined the Phoenix Gang

Temple of Ikov:

  • Sided with the Guardians of Armadyl

Tower of Life:

  • I don't remember for the life of me whether I chose logic or magic

A Void Dance:

  • Told the bartender the truth
  • Spared the doorkeeper
  • Spared the slaves
  • Spared the leech

The Void Stares Back:

  • Saved Korasi
  • Had Grayzag interrogated and be disposed of by the Temple Knights

Within the Light:

  • Had the gnome inventor released

The World Wakes:

  • Placed all the Guthixians correctly
  • Sided with the Zarosians
  • Promised Guthix to protect the world