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Varrock keeps its eyes open for Valrot and his posse, but never has the Misthalanian capital dealt with a more elusive foe. It is time that Captain Rovin seek help: and that help is you. Aid in the investigation and uncover Valrot's latest plans as well as his motives. But is he the ultimate villain? Has he managed to not leave a single trace of evidence?

[b]Name:[/b] A Message from the Dead

[b]Difficulty:[/b] Experienced

[b]Length:[/b] Medium


  • Our Mutual Friend
  • Rune Memories
  • Chaos Tunnels: The Hunt for Surok
  • Abyss miniquest
  • 20 Dungeoneering
  • 43 Slayer
  • 54 Runecrafting
  • Must've earnt kudos by bringing the Dagon'hai history book to Varrock Museum.

[b]Starting point:[/b] Speak to Captain Rovin in the north-western tower of Varrock Palace.

[b]Enemies to defeat:[/b]

  • Blarg (level 120)

Speak to Rovin and pick the quest option.

  • Rovin: Player! Good to see you.
  • Player: Hello again, captain.
  • R: I'm glad you've come, perhaps you'll be able to help in the investigation...
  • 1 P: Sorry, I'm busy now.
  • R: Ah, uh, well, come back as soon as you can.
  • 2 P: I have a gut feeling I'm not going to like this - go ahead.
  • R: You've got that right, unfortunately. We've been investigating Valrot's lair you uncovered, patrolling the city walls, neighbourhood watch schemes... Nothing, Player, nothing! At this point I'd rather have a full-on invasion. At least you see that coming.
  • P: Hm... we knew he was good as staying hidden, but if he and his clan are able to evade the entire Varrock guard...
  • R: That is exactly what worries me. First these rumours of Guthix being dead, and now we have to deal with this...
  • R: A few days ago, the rune store of Layte Aubury in east Varrock was robbed at night. Took hundreds of combat runes. Zaff's Superior Staves a night later - stole the entire battlestaff supply from Zaff's apprentice, that kid.
  • P: Not the battlestaves!
  • R: Er, yes. Considering Zaff's position in the VPSG, the robbers must have been highly skilled. Given the fact that they were chanting Zamorakian nonsense just a week or two ago, Valrot will have trained them...
  • P: I can see how this is a problem. So, where do I come in?
  • R: I don't normally do this, but we're desparate and we must ensure the King remains aware of the threat Valrot poses. I'm asking you to help my men in investigating the laie south of Varrock - perhaps your adventurer eyes will be able to find some new clues that could bring us closer to apprehending Valrot.
  • P: Of course, I'll head there right away.
  • R: Excellent! The entrance to the lair is south of the dark wizards' circle, just where you left it. My colleague Bartleby is in charge of the investigation, you should head to him first. Tell him I've sent you.
  • P: Will do.
  • R: Good luck, Player. Report to me if you find something, okay?

Go to the entrance of Valrot's lair south of Varrock. A detective and two Varrock guards will be standing there. The hole is no longer magically sealed, but a hole has been dug to give access. If you attempt to go down, Bartleby will stop you.

  • Detective: Hi there. What can I do fer ya?
  • P: Uhm, hi. Are you Bartleby?
  • D: Bartleby? What kind of name would that be? No, I'm Loritz, pleased to meet ya, son. I'm leadin' this here investigation and I don't think ya've got any business here.
  • P: That's odd, Captain Rovin said his colleague Bartleby was in charge.
  • D: Rovin? Oh, I see, lad. Ol' Milo's pulled a fast one on ya. Haha, I'll make sure to get 'im for that. You must be Player then, I presume?
  • P: Aye-- I mean, yes, sir.
  • D: Good, good. Milo told me he'd send ya over. Well, no time to lose, I always say. Meet me downstairs and we'll discuss matters.
  • P: Won't I need an earth spell to get it?
  • D: Oh, no, we've worked around that with some good ol' digging. Muscles and a shovel, lad. Now, come on.

Go downstairs and speak to Loritz.

  • Loritz: Okay, so we've searched every room o' this complex thoroughly, but haven't found any clues as to where Valrot could've gone. Ya could walk around a bit, see what'cha can find, okay? I'll be roundin' up here. Ya should go to Milo if you find summat, he'll know what to do more than I do.
  • P: All right. Goodbye!
  • L: See ya later, lad.

Investigate all the rooms you explored during Our Mutual Friend. You may find some red herrings, such as rubble, a chaos rune and wood splinters. There are two items that matter here; Dark hood and Fabric. Once you take both, you will automatically say "There's nothing more to look for, I think I've covered everything.". Take these items to Rovin.

  • R: Ah, you return. Have you spoken to Loritz?
  • P: Who? No, Bartleby.
  • R: ...what?
  • P: I found a shady guy in a hood who said he was Bartleby. I found some items in the cave and gave them to him. He said he would bring them back to you?
  • R: Oh, no no no no! Player, what have you done!
  • P: Bazinga. That'll teach you to have me make a fool out of myself. Yes, I spoke to Loritz. Got some interesting items too.
  • R: You really scared me, Player! Don't ever do that again.
  • R: Anyway, what have you found?
  • Chatbox: You show the captain the hood and fabric.
  • P: I've found this hood.
  • R: Hm... I have never seen anything like it before. Look like something a dark wizard would wear. Any idea what it could be?
  • P: Well, it does look familiar.
  • P: ...! That's it! This is the hood Elijah wore!
  • R: That dark wizard who summoned a rock monster to kill you?
  • P: Yeah, him. I wonder why it's no longer with him.
  • R: Perhaps he's got something new? Anyway, it seems like we can deal with him if he shows up again, so that's no problem.
  • P: I've also found this fabric.
  • R: Let's see. Zamorakian colours; red and black. Good quality too. I don't think this came from a random piece of cloth, this was torn from a very decent robe. I can't place where it came from though.
  • P: I think I know where this is from... but I can't seem to place it either.
  • R: Well, perhaps you could ask a friend of mine, he's an expert in history. Seth Minas, works in Varrock Museum. I think he oversees the exhibition on the first floor. He might help us further along.
  • P: Okay, I'll ask him.
  • R: Good. If you find anything interesting, go ahead and investigate. I'll keep an eye on things in the city.

Go to Historian Minas right by the stairs on the museum's first floor. Pick the quest option.

  • P: I was wondering if you could identify something for me.
  • Historian Minas: Interesting - another addition to our exhibition?
  • P: Not quite. I'd like to know where this piece of fabric is from and Captain Rovin said you might be able to help.
  • HM: Milo sent you? Good lad, he is. Known him since he was a toddler. Anyway, show me your sample and I'll see what I can do - I've written a thesis on wizards' robes, you know? It's in Varrock Palace library.
  • P: Here it is.
  • HM: Hm...
  • HM: Ah yes...
  • HM: Clearly Zamorakian colours, but...
  • HM: Eh, I think I've seen this before...
  • P: Yes, I had that same feeling.
  • HM: Mind following me, lad/lass, I'm sure there was a thing on this somewhere...

A cutscene begins. Minas and you begin walking past some exhibits.

  • HM: Infinity robes, no, that's not it.
  • HM: A Kinshra knight. No...
  • HM: Let's go upstairs.
  • HM: This book, you brought in, I believe it contains an illustration of...

Minas takes the History of the Dagon'hai out of its case and begins reading it.

  • HM: Ah, here we go! This fabric is absolutely a part of the Dagon'hai mages' traditional robe bottoms.
  • P: Are you sure?
  • HM: Why, of course I'm sure! This is Dagon'hai apparel, definitely.
  • P: You're right, that's why I recognised it. Thank you!
  • HM: Only fair for what you've added to our collection. Now, let me put this book back and go down again, unless you need anything else.
  • P: That's all right, thanks.

Minas leaves.

  • P: If the Dagon'hai are involved, this could get nasty. I had better pay them a visit in the Tunnel of Chaos...

And thus enss the cutscene. Leave the museum (bring the fabric!) and go to the Tunnel of Chaos. If you lose the fabric, Minas will have found it.

Speak to Dakh'thoulan Aegis and pick the quest option.

  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis: Hello again.
  • P: Drop the façade. What has Surok planned now?
  • DA: Surok? Hah. I'll have you know the Dagon'hai are no longer loyal to the Magises.
  • P: Don't g-- wait, what?
  • DA: He never returned after you chased him down the Chaos Tunnels. Then, he put on some ridiculous disguise and simply left us!

[If completed While Guthix Sleeps:]

  • DA: I hear he was hired by a mysterious figure known as Lucien. I don't know, but Surok left to Asgarnia and we haven't heard of him since.
  • P: Well, some allies and myself have imprisoned him.
  • DA: Hah, Zamorak be praised! Serves him right, that traitor. Where is he now?
  • P 1: Oh, uh, I don't know. He was taken away.
  • DA: A pity. I could've paid him a "visit", haha!

  • P 2: He's in the White Knights' Castle in Falador.
  • DA: Falador? No chance I'm getting inside that Saradominist hole... Oh well.

[If not completed WGS/after above dialogue:]

  • P: I see. Well, anyway, who's the new leader?
  • DA: You're standing in front of him. In fact, more people have joined us since Surok left.
  • P: Good. Now, I've found this piece of Dagon'hai robe at, uhm, a crime scene so you're going to tell me what's going on.
  • DA: Mind your attitude, adventurer! Now, what are you talking about?
  • P: Don't pretend you don't know! Come on, spill the beans - what's your deal with Valrot? If you tell me I'll try to persuade Varrock not to invade you right away.
  • DA: What's a valrot? By Zamorak's flaming nostrils, what are you babbling about? The Dagon'hai haven't done a thing weeks.
  • P: What if I asked your men?
  • DA: Go ahead. Nothing happens here without me finding out!

You are now to question all the Dagon'hai monks. In addition to Mishkal'un Dorn and Sil'as Dahcsnu, several more monks are walking around now. These are Pratt'sul DaHaglu, Hact'kel Frotneh, Arl'brath Brighnos and Qu'bra Draclor.

  • Mishkal'un Dorn: What are you talking about?
  • P: What do you know about Val--
  • MD: No.
  • P: Argh, will you stop doing that!
  • MD: I have been practising my precognitive powers and haven't left the tunnel in days.
  • P: What have you been doi--
  • P: I see.
  • MD: Yes, mr. inspector.
  • P: Does that mean you haven't been to Var--
  • P: I'll get back to you since you've given me a headache now.
  • P: Have you worked with Valrot lately?
  • Sil'as Dahcsnu: ...who?
  • P: Don't play oblivious with me. I have evidence - you've been in Valrot's lair east of Varrock!
  • SD: ...
  • P: What were you doing with him?
  • SD: Listen, dog, Dakh'thoulan may tolerate you, but I certainly don't. I have no idea what you're talking about and, even if I had, I wouldn't be inclined to tell you. I'm tired because I've been writing a book on the development of surge spells by the Red Wizards for the past couple of days, but otherwise you'd have a real problem. Now leave!
  • P: Err... you'll hear back from me.
  • P: Excuse me...
  • Pratt'sul DaHaglu: What? I'm trying to concentrate!
  • P: On what your next move will be to aid Valrot, perhaps?
  • PD: Come again?
  • P: Tell me - what have you been doing lately?
  • PD: Uh, nothing much. Just general training of my magical skills. I specialise in telekinesis, would you like a demonstration.
  • P: I don't think--
  • PD: Splendid. *ahum*

Pratt'sul casts telegrab on you and you land inside a wall.

  • P: ...!
  • PD: ...oh.

He does it again and you appear in front of him.

  • PD: That didn't go quite as planned.
  • P: No, not quite!
  • PD: Anyway, I need some more practising on the trasportation of living beings. They're harder to do, you know.
  • P: Yeah, whatever. If I find out it was you working with Valrot, you're going to have a problem!
  • Qu'bra Draclor: Leave me alone.
  • P: I need to ask something.
  • QD: It had better be important, I'm reading.
  • P: Oh, it is. You're going to tell me what you've been plotting with Valrot and his posse.
  • QD: Uh, what?
  • P: Come on now, spill the beans. Did he come here to recruit you? Or did you fall into his lair near Varrock?
  • QD: Look, I don't know whom you're talking about, but I can tell you I haven't been to Varrock for a long while. I've been reading up on the history of the city though. It's required to pass the test on the history of the Dagon'hai for initiates.
  • QD: I'm currently at the chapter where the grandfather of King Claudius, King Adolphus, decided to build a large port in Draynor Village to welcome his family from the sea. Nobody really knew what it meant, but he died in 1898 of the Fourth Age due to some weird illness that had turned his skin yellow and made him rather zombie-like. The port was never built.
  • P: How is this related to the Dagon'hai?
  • QD: I have no idea. Now, leave me to study.
  • P: I'll be back later...
  • P: Hold it!
  • Hact'kel Frotneh: Who are you?
  • P: No, who are YOU? And what is your involvement with Valrot?
  • HF: Wha...?
  • P: Don't pretend you don't know. I've found a piece of your robes in his base east of Varrock. What were you doing there?
  • HF: East of Varrock? I've only been outside to go the Wilderness for a walk - I find the eeriness calms me.
  • P: You and I have different ideas of relaxful walks. So you haven't worked with Valrot?
  • HF: No, I haven't, whoever that may be.
  • P: Hm, very well.

If you've talked to all five:

  • P: I've spoken to all the monks now - I should go back to Dakh'thoulan to tell him who I think did it.

Do so.

  • DA: You return.
  • P: Yes - and I've interrogated all of your monks.
  • DA: You actually did that. Blast, I swear...
  • P: As expected, they all denied my claims.
  • DA: Since I want you to get out of our base now, speak quickly - what are you still doing here?
  • P 1: I thought I'd ask you some questions.
  • DA: You dare insinuate that...!
  • DA: Get lost!
  • P 2: Where did these new monks come from?
  • DA: The order of the Dagon'hai hasn't quite been in the good charity list of Varrock since our founding, let alone our exile exactly hundred years ago. Additionally, Surok didn't accept any new recruits, claiming them all too lowly and weak and ordering them to all to go back to whatever it is they were doing in the Dark Wizards' Tower. However, my opinion is that our organisation should indeed be expanded and thus new monks slowly keep coming in.
  • P 3: Since you're so convinced your men are loyal...
  • P: surely wouldn't mind to check if their stories are correct?
  • DA: I have no idea what I'm doing...
  • DA: Fine. Make it quick. And don't falsely accuse anyone, or you won't like the consequences. I recommend that you go back and note my monks' names and "stories", as you call it, for I don't think you should rely on that memory of yours.

Remember which monk did what correctly, then tell Dakh'thoulan you're ready. He will summon all the monks and ask you to connect each monk to an action. If you do it correctly, the monk will say "Yes, that's what happened." If not, they will become angry and Dakh'thoulan will teleport you to a random place (outside the Wilderness and other dangerous areas of course - you will appear in Kandarin, gnome lands, a desert settlement or Asgarnia), forcing you to return and restart. After you have done all five monks correctly, Dakh'thoulan will dismiss them.

  • DA: Perhaps your adventurer's mind wasn't as feeble after all.
  • P: How so?
  • DA: Hact'kel... he can't have gone on a walk to the Wilderness, I forbade that.
  • DA: Hact'kel!

Hact'kel teleports into the room.

  • HF: Yeah?
  • DA: You said you have been taking walks in the Wilderness.
  • DA: Now, I don't know what this young (wo)man's story about that Valrot person is, but you were clearly instructed to remain in the Tunnel of Chaos when you joined the Dagon'hai.
  • HF: I--
  • DA: You have disobeyed my orders, Hact'kel! If you value your health, tell me right now what's been going on lest you be smitten by the power of Lord Zamorak.
  • HF: I...I was studying the chaos altar when a cloaked man emerged from behind a pillar. Naturally, I was about to abscond, but he addressed me by my name and...
  • P: Valrot!
  • HF: ...well, he didn't say who he was but he offered to teach me arcane secrets if I supplied him with chaos runes. So I... I kind of stole a few sacks from the Dagon'hai's supply and...
  • DA: You did what?!
  • HF: I'm sorry! He promised to lift me to great heights and only for some runes. So I stole the runes, travelled to the location he had given me gave them to him.
  • DA: I don't know how to respond to this betrayal.
  • P: So, do you have a skillcape in magic now?
  • HF: Not quite. He required another small favour from me--
  • P: ...I've heard that one before...
  • HF: He needed this artefact to be imbued with the power of teleportation so that it could be used.
  • P: "Imblued with the power of teleportation?"
  • HF: That's what he said. I suspect he wants to use the artefact to serve as an anchor for teleportation spells. It could be used to teleport anywhere.
  • P: And where is this artefact?
  • HF: That's the favour, I suppose. I haven't actually got it. I was meant to retrieve it from--
  • DA: I have had enough of this. Hact'kel, as your superior wizard I must dismiss you from the Dagon'hai for disobeying my orders.
  • P 1: You can't just send him away like that!
  • DA: Actually, I can, and I suggest that you hold your tongue.
  • P 2: Agreed, you helped Valrot and disobeyed his orders.
  • DA: can stay out of this, thanks very much.
  • HF: I guess I deserve it.
  • P: Wait, what about this artefact?
  • DA: Speak no more of it. Hact'kel, I advise you to collect your belongings and leave now. Speak to nobody, else I will be less... civil.
  • HF: Y-yes, master Aegis.

Hact'kel will leave the room and be too afraid to talk to you from now on. Speak to Dakh'thoulan.

  • P: Hey! I need this information to save Varrock from Valrot!
  • DA: Good for you. Why would I help save the city that exiled my organisation?
  • P 1: Because Zamorak would want you to?
  • DA: You aren't Zamorak, how dare you speak for him!
  • DA: Leave. Now.
  • P 2: Because you're nice?
  • DA: How kind of you to say that.
  • P: So you'll help me?
  • DA: No, get lost. But kind of you to say it nonetheless.
  • P 3: Because I unveiled a traitor in your organisation?
  • DA: Thanks, but I think I can cope with some missing runes.
  • P: Imagine Hact'kel supplied Valrot with the artefact and his cult would have invaded the Tunnel of Chaos and slaughtered all of you?
  • DA: Slaughtered all of us? Hah! We're the Dagon'hai, not a bunch of apprentices.
  • P: You haven't seen them though. No doubt you would put up a fair fight, but they are too numerous to be defeated so easily.
  • P: And Valrot knows the location of your base now. If he is not stopped, I have no doubt he will attack this rivalling organisation after he takes over Misthalin.
  • DA: ...
  • DA: Very well then, Player. You make a fair point.
  • DA: I know of this artefact Valrot requires. I also know of its location.
  • P: Great, tell me!
  • DA: However, I need you to do something for me before I reveal it. For all I know, you are working with Valrot to destroy the Dagon'hai.
  • P: I'm not!
  • DA: Prove it.
  • P: Uhm...
  • P: Fine, go on.
  • DA: Exactly. At any rate, I need you to find Elder Dag'eth. Do you know who that is?
  • P 1: Yes.
  • P: He warded off the Varrockian guard with the other Elders while the Dagon'hai fled here, in the year 70.
  • DA: Very good.
  • P 2: No.
  • DA: Illiteracy...
  • DA: In short, the Dagon'hai were persecuted by the Saradominist filth of Varrock when the Wizards' Tower was burnt down a century ago. While we fled the guard, the Elders La'nou, Kree'nag and Dag'eth defended us from the incoming Saradominists. La'nou and Kree'nag fell in battle.
  • DA: But do you know what happened to Dag'eth?
  • P: No, I don't. I presume he's dead though.
  • DA: Allow me to educate you. As the Dagon'hai, under Hyeraph Sin'keth, fled to the Tunnel of Chaos, Dag'eth lured the guard away. They followed him into the sewers and so he retreated to the cave system underneath Edgeville, or Ghost Town if you prefer. According to their logs, the Varrackians did not proceed to chase him down due to "dangerous and aggressive monsters of tremendous size".
  • DA: Since none of us can leave this place without being flocked by guards, I need you to retrieve Dag'eth's body for me, so that he can have a proper burial. I also want you to find out what happened to him.
  • DA: If you do that, I'll trade you the knowledge about the artefact. Do you agree to this?
  • P 1: I'll think about it.
  • DA: Very well. Do mind that I can wait a while, but I doubt your Valrot will.
  • P 2: Fine, I'll do it.
  • DA: Excellent choice. Go to the caverns beneath Edgeville and search for those dangerous monsters of tremendous size.
  • DA: Strength through chaos!
  • P: Yeah, whatever.

Go to the hill giants in Edgeville Dungeon. You will find a very old piece of cloth near the entrance to the resource dungeon. Pick it up.

  • P: Wow, this must be very old! It looks similar to the current Dagon'hai robes though; it must be Dag'eth's.

Enter the resource dungeon. After you kill one or two hill giants, an especially large one will appear next to you with a skull necklace. Speak with him.

  • Blarg: Wut you doin', 'ooman?
  • P: Uhm... I'm looking for a dead man, have you seen him?
  • B: You's dead if not laef... leaf... lahv... go away now!
  • P 1: Who are you?
  • B: I Blarg! I strongest giant of hill!
  • P: This looks like a cave to me.
  • B: Shut up 'ooman! You's people drove us giant away from place above and now we live in stoopid cave. What point of looking like hill in cave?
  • P 2: How do hill giant differ from other giants?
  • B: Hill giants look like hill. Other giants look like... uhm... other.
  • P: Did you know there are moss giants outside this cave?
  • B: Moss giants? Moss scares Blarg. Moss green.
  • P: ...
  • B: Green looks like hill. Moss give Blarg nightmares with hill eating Blarg!
  • P: ...okay then. Try not to look in a mirror.
  • P 3: Are hill giants followers of Bandos?
  • B: What Bandos? Can you eat it?
  • P: I'll take that as a no.
  • B: Blarg hungry.
  • P 4: What's that hanging around your neck?
  • B: You like? Is head bone of 'ooman.
  • P: Which 'ooman? I mean human...
  • B: Big time ago, 'ooman come here. Blarg was little giant then, size of 'ooman maybe. My dad ask 'ooman why he here and 'ooman shoots lights from hands! Lights make daddy's clothes go fire. Dad angry so dad smash 'ooman with club.
  • P: And then?
  • B: Then 'ooman dead. Dad open him and make rope thingy from man's guts. When other giants done eating, dad take head bone and put on rope. He give to me as gift.
  • P: I think I'm turning green...
  • B: No, no green! Green bad!

Once you've asked the fourth option, another one appears.

  • P: I need that necklace, Blarg.
  • B: Why? Nek-luss mine! You go away now.
  • P 1: Okay, I'll leave.
  • P 2: Give it to me or I will take it by force.
  • B: Raaargh, you make Blarg angry! Blarg smash you!
  • P: Uh-oh...

You now have to fight Blarg. He is level 160, has 30,000 HP (or 3000 in Legacy) and fights with his club (max hit around 600, or 150 in Legacy) and can also throw stones at you (max hit 400/100). If you use magic, you will deal high damage to him, but he will become enraged and use his ranged attacks with double accuracy and speed. If you use ranged, you will hit little but he will attack normally. If you use melee up close, he will hit very accurately with his club. Additionally, he has some special attacks. When he yells "Raaargh!" he will stop attacking and charge at you after five ticks. If you do not move away, he will grab you and throw you against a wall, hitting for 1000 (250 in Legacy) damage. Simply running away will do it. If he does this special attack with less than 10k HP remaining, he will charge at you twice in a row if the first attempt is unsuccessful. He will sometimes swing his club around him in a dervish, which deals rapid damage and stuns you if you are caught in the attacks. Simply running away will avoid this. When you defeat him, he will stop attacking.

  • B: Stop, stop!
  • B: You can haz head bone, please no hit Blarg.
  • P: Just give me the necklace and I'll leave.

Blarg gives you the necklace with Dag'eth's skull.

  • P: This is absolutely disgusting...

Return to Dakh'thoulan. (you will notice Hact'kel is absent)

  • DA: You return.
  • P: Yes, I have what you are looking for.
  • Chatbox: You hand Dakh'thoulan the necklace (and wipe off your hands on his robe while he is distracted).
  • P: There was a hill giant colony living in the dungeon. Their leader killed Dag'eth when he attacked them.
  • DA: This is just a skull...
  • P: Yes... after he died, the giants, uhm... ate... him.
  • DA: Zamorak's horns! The atrocity!
  • P: The leader made a necklace of his... intestine... and... hung the skull around it.
  • P: I had to defeat the new leader, Blarg, in combat to obtain it.
  • DA: That is utterly disgusting. I'll make sure to avenge Dag'eth next time I see a hill giant...
  • P: I brought you Dag'eth - or what's left of him. It's your turn.
  • DA: Indeed, now Dag'eth can have a proper burial. I am grateful for what you have done and will keep my word.
  • DA: The artefact Valrot seeks is a very powerful one indeed. It is a piece of the rune essence mine in the north.
  • P:'s rune essence?
  • DA: No. Rune essence is obtained by chipping bits off the mine. This artefact, the Stone of the Elements, if you will, is a chunk of the very core of the mine. In my younger years, before I saw the wisdom of Zamorak and joined the Dagon'hai, I travelled to the home of the Moonclan once. They spoke of a very powerful stone which had, so it is said, imbued the mine with the energy it has now. In other words, this stone can be seen as the source of magic. The Moonclan's founder supposedly found the stone back in the Second Age and discovered rune essence.
  • DA: All legends and fairy tales of course.
  • P: ...yeah, probably...
  • DA: However, wherever the magical properties of the essence mine came from, the source left a trace. The inner core of the mine is not simply rune or even pure essence, it isn't a template ready to be imbued with runic energy. It is filled with such a concentration of raw magical energy, that it can make even those incapable of casting Wind Strike proficient magicians. Consider it an omni-rune with nearly infinite energy, if you will. If, as Hact'kel suggested, the Stone of the Elements were to be attuned to teleportation specifically, it could serve as an anchor for teleportation spells.
  • P: Like the beam in the Wizards' Tower?
  • DA: Exactly. But only its user would know how to use it. Their teleportation would be untraceable and could be used to travel to nearly any place.
  • P: ...including Varrock Palace.
  • DA: Yes, but there are much more dangerous things they could do. If Valrot is indeed as much of a threat as you suggest, I would advise you to make sure the stone is kept away from him at all costs.
  • P: You haven't told me where the stone is.
  • DA: I have not. For I do not know where it is. By Zamorak, I've been studying it for years! However...
  • P: Yes?
  • DA: There is a book in Varrock Library, which Surok discovered some three years ago. It speaks of the Stone of the Elements and may hint towards its location, but I have never been able to decypher it. Perhaps you'll be more lucky.
  • P 1: What if I manage to find the stone?
  • DA: I suppose that's up to you. Remember it's a very powerful artefact. Whatever would happen to it would be your responsibility.
  • P: Wouldn't you want the stone for yourself?
  • DA: A temptation I have often considered, but no. I shall stay true to Zamorak's teachings and work towards mastery of magic myself. If I fail, that will be my fault and mine alone.
  • P 2: How is the stone used as teleportation anchor?
  • DA: It has to be imbued with teleportational energy. One way to do it would be to attune it to the law runecrafting altar, but I can't see that happening, what with Saradomin's protection over Entrana. Another way to do it would be... oh no.
  • P: What?
  • DA: The chaos runes Hact'kel has stolen. I don't think they're intended for combat spells. Valrot is planning to use them to load the stone with chaos energy and magically invert it.
  • P: That means that he only needs to obtain the stone, and Varrock will be doomed.
  • DA: Varrock's demise is something I look forward to... but it shall be at the hands of the Dagon'hai. Valrot must be stopped.
  • P: ...that's one way to put it.
  • P 3: Why have I never heard of the stone?
  • DA: Because few know of it, of course! Knowledge of the stone was less rare before the Wizards' Tower fell, but most records of it were destroyed in the fire and those who know of the stone have discarded it as a fairy tale since.
  • P: How do you know it's real then?
  • DA: The Moonclan showed me part of the rune essence mine when I visited--
  • P: I thought Zamorakians weren't allowed to know its location?
  • DA: Mind your words, insolent one! We are not just Zamorakians - we are the Dagon'hai! Besides, I had not joined the organisation yet back then and their oneiromancer teleported us right into the mine. I have no idea where it is.
  • DA: But going on, I saw the mine. It was exactly as their history described and I could feel the magical essence of its core. Even if the Stone of the Elements wouldn't exist - and remember that even fairy tales have a root of truth - it could be made by a person skilled enough to do it. The stone is as real as you and I.
  • P 4: Thanks for the help.
  • DA: Favour returned. Make good use of the knowledge I gave you and may I not see you playing inspector around here again.
  • DA: Strength through chaos!

Go to Varrock Library. Captain Rovin will be in the doorway. Speak to him.

  • P: Hello, captain.
  • R: Player! You've been away for while, I thought something might have happened. Also, there is something you need to know.
  • P: A lot happened, but I have no time to explain.
  • P: Valrot is looking for an artefact known as the 'Stone of the Elements' and this item will not only exponentially increase the magical abilities of him and his followers, but also allow him to teleport to any location without trace.
  • R: I've never heard of this stone. But wait, teleport anywhere? Does that mean--
  • P: Yes, that's exactly what it means. He could get here, kill the king and go on his merry way while you are blinking.
  • R: We must stop him from obtaining the stone at all costs!
  • P: Yes, and there is a book in here which supposedly tells us the location of the stone. We must acquire it before him.
  • P: You said you there was something I needed to know?
  • R: Ah, yes. The dark hood you got earlier contained a magically shrunk item. Zaff managed to enlarge it. It's the diary of the wizard Elijah, you should take a look, but better find this book first.
  • Chatbox: Rovin hands you Elijah's diary.
  • P: Thanks. I'll make sure to find the stone.
  • R: Good luck, Player.

Advisable to search for the book Dakh'thoulan mentioned first. It is in one of the bookcases.

  • Chatbox: You find a book about powerful artefacts. A note falls out as you read through it.

Read the note; it says:


Stone unfindable. Will continue preparations for the operation. Guards suspect nothing yet. Hope this book reaches you in time. Note chapter 21 [woo, Harry Potter reference]; may provide clues to location of Stone. Transcribed:

"The Stone of the Elements is part of The Key. Find its Keeper and prove your worth."

Could not deduct location. Strength through chaos.


Next, read Elijah's diary.

"40 Ire of Phyrrys First entry in my new diary! Old one was stolen by one of the brawlers I made for that dwarf. Should practise on their obedience more.

13 Novtumber Blast! All of my creations have been destroyed! Can't find any of them - who would do such a thing?

4 Wintumber Been practising my summoning skills; today, I created a more powerful living rock creature. It exploded after five seconds, but still more powerful. Should put more effort in the stability of the magical bonds holding the rocks together...

30 Wintumber Got a magic staff for christmas. Now I can make even better monsters to kill people, yay!

17 Rintra I'm getting better and better!

3 Moevyng Happy birthday, self. I am now thirty-nine!

4 Moevyng I dropped my staff and the orb has shattered. Summoning has stagnated...

3 Bennath Saw a group of goblins fighting each other with axes today. I nearly got hit with a throwing axe! Created a brawler in revenge, but it didn't do a lot of damage... Scared them away though. I wish I had my staff.

16 Raktuber I was approached by a scary-looking man today. Not as scary as myself, of course, but he had a rather unsettling outfit with all kinds of skulls. He said his employer required my services! I feel honoured! Supposed to meet him near Lumbridge next week. At night. Scary! I'll make sure to have mastered the art of livingrockology by that time.

22 Raktuber What a night! This employer, some scary masked man calling himself "Valrot", wanted me to summon a living rock creature as a test and provided me with a beautiful staff to do so. I created the most splendid living rock ever! Valrot was impressed and said I will hear more soon. Exciting!

20 Pentember Heard nothing, and a month has passed. If this was all a ruse, I'll send Carruthers, Landbottom and Og after him!

6 Fentuary Finally, I was contacted again. Valrot said some operation in Lumbridge had been completed and now was my time. Exciting! I am expected to be south of Varrock tomorrow...

8 Fentuary I've settled in with this... cult of Valrot's. Created a massive living rock marauder to defend the base. But from whom? Been practising my one-liners too. I think I have something catchy now. Meanwhile, Valrot himself is becoming... more hostile towards me.

9 Fentuary Valrot has ordered me to stand guard in one of the deeper rooms... He told me I had better not fail. He knows something I don't...

Afternoon: I am fearing for my life. An adventurer came in and defeated the marauder. Maverick advised me to avoid Valrot. He is going to kill me. I know it. Maybe I can redeem myself? He kept talking about a demon... a demon and a key of sorts. And a stone. Which stone? Which key? The demon needed something...blood? Yes, blood, an imbuement with magic... I will hide my diary in one of my spare hoods... May someone who understands these ramblings find it... and avenge me."

You now have to figure out that you need to speak to Azacorax, Keeper to the Key of the Abyss. Speak to him on the first floor of the Wizards' Tower and pick the quest option.

  • P: I seek the Stone of the Elements.
  • Azacorax: So the human has learnt of my true purpose.
  • A: Then the human must know what I require.
  • P: You need blood.
  • A: Hahaha, clever. Do we have a pact?
  • P: I don't have time for this! I need to have the stone now, before disaster strikes!
  • A: All the more reason to hurry then. Blood is required to access the stone, whether you like it or not.
  • P: I suppose I have no choice then. What do you want me to do.
  • A: Step through this accursed barrier around me.
  • P: Why?
  • A: You'll see.
  • A: Don't you trust me, human? Hahaha!

You can now choose to pass through the barrier, in which case Grayzag/Taloram calls you insane and suicidal, refuse, or decide to do nothing and leave (to bank or whatever). Either way, the demon teleports the two of you to the Abyss.

  • P: What's this?
  • A: We are in the Abyss, human. Now, offer your blood.
  • Chatbox: You do as the demon instructs you.

Suddenly, energy from all of the altar rifts in the abyss converges into a single point, which then forms a small, grey rock that falls into the demon's hands.

  • A: Interesting - you have been deemed worthy.
  • P: This is it?
  • A: Indeed I am holding the Stone of the Elements, as you call it.
  • P: Great, so can you take me back?
  • A: I could also leave you in here at the Old Masters' mercy.
  • P: But--
  • A: You have found the stone - more you neglected to ask.
  • A: As its keeper, I set you this challenge. Make it out alive and you shall walk free. Perish, and, well, you'll see what happens.

Azacorax teleports you to a different part of the Abyss, shaped like a maze. You have to make it to the end, evading the normal abyss obstacles (vines you have to chop, eyes to distract, etc.) before time runs out and you are entangled in vines. If you manage to reach Azacorax at the end, he will teleport you back to the Wizards' Tower and hand over the Stone. If you fail and the vines engulf you, the screen becomes black and you reawaken in the Wizards' Tower, with Azacorax offering you another shot at the maze.

  • P: Great, now I just need to imbue it with law energy directly form the source.

Travel to Entrana and enter the law altar. Use your stone on the altar and it becomes blue. A cutscene begins.

  • P: That should do it. I should report to Rovin now. Perhaps I could use this Stone the teleport to him. Now, how...

You automatically teleport to the eastern entrance of Varrock Palace and head inside. As you do, two dark wizards spot you and run westward from the southern entrance. You have to follow them through an instanced Varrock. During the chase, they will occasionally fire binding spells such as Entangle or Bind at you. If you get hit, you have to restart again, but you can evade them by stepping aside, seeing that, unlike normal spells, these follow a straight line instead of following you. They run through the Grand Exchange to the south, past the west bank, over Varrock Square and into the sewers through the manhole. Continue the chase until they climb the ladder leading to the bear cage in the palace. As you go upstairs, however, they will have gone.

  • P: Huh, where'd they go? That was strange, I had better see the captain!

Go to Captain Rovin in his tower.

  • P: Hello, captain.
  • R: Player, finally! Have you learnt anything? Did you get that stone?
  • P: I did, and Elijah's diary was indispensable, so thank you for that. I have the Stone of the Elements right here.
  • R: The gods be praised, not all is lost.
  • P: Perhaps, but I just saw two of Valrot's wizards inside the palace.
  • R: What! How'd they get in here?
  • P: I don't know. I gave chase but somehow lost them in the sewers. I have no idea where they went, but they seemed intent on shaking me off.
  • R: This is a worrying matter, if Valrot has access to the palace...
  • R: But he doesn't have the Stone, no, we still have the upper hand. I'll alert the Secret Guard at once - nobody is going in or out of the palace without thorough checks.
  • R: As for the stone, I must ask you to hand it over to me. We cannot risk you carrying it around and being abducted by Valrot.
  • P: I can hold my own.
  • R: No doubt, but you of all people should know that no risk should be taken - Valrot is cruel, merciless and cunning. He would find a way.
  • P: I suppose you're right. Here you go.
  • Chatbox: You pass Rovin the stone.
  • R: I know exactly where this should go: the old crypts underneath the city. There is only one entrance and Valrot most likely doesn't know it. And even if he does, I'll have guards placed there and by the time he will have searched all coffins the entire city's militia will be there. I'll have Zaff apply a teleportation block as well. No Stone of the Elements can bypass that!
  • P: Sounds great.
  • R: You have done the kingdom yet another great service, Player, which cannot go unrewarded.
  • R: I trust we will be able to count on you when we end Valrot once and for all.
  • P: What are you going to do?
  • R: First we need to find his new base. I shall contact you once that is done - that scoundrel shall feel the full force of Misthalin!

At this point, a soldier appears.

  • Soldier: Captain Rovin, sir!
  • R: Yes?
  • S: We have arrested Valrot!
  • R & P: What?!
  • S: He invaded the palace with half a score dark wizards, shouting something about a stone. Our archers took the wizards down and the Guard apprehended Valrot. He's being detained in the holding cell beneath the staircase until further orders.
  • R: This is...excellent!
  • P: Don't you think this was too easy? The criminal we've been trying to catch for months suddenly appears with only ten wizards by his side, not very inconspicuously storming a heavily fortified palace?
  • R: You are right, it is suspicious. Nevertheless, it cannot be bad that we actually have him, right?
  • P: I suppose that's true.
  • R: We'll have him transported to the VPSG's secret cells tomorrow. For now--
  • S: One more thing, sir.
  • R: Yes, lad?
  • S: He wanted to speak with Player.
  • P: What?
  • R: Did he? Player, would you mind hearing what he has to say?
  • P: If it helps, I suppose...

The two of you appear by the large staircase on the ground floor of the palace. The Monk of Zamorak has been replaced by Valrot.

  • P: Valrot!
  • Valrot: Ah, Player, how nice of you to come, yes...
  • R: Remove the mask first - then we can talk.
  • V: If you so wish...

Valrot removes his mask and hood and - dun dun dun - it's Arnold!

  • R: C-corporal Arnold?!
  • P: You were dead! I saw you being shot!
  • V: Eyes can be deceptive, my friend. It wasn't hard to fool that Evereth. What some crushed red spiders' eggs can't do!
  • P: What do you want?
  • V: You know what I want, don't you?
  • P: The stone is being safekept and you'll never know where it is. And even if you did, you'd not be able to use it for teleportation anyway.
  • V: Really now? You won't tell me where it is? Such a shame. I have come here in vain then.
  • P: You're planning something.
  • V: Am I?
  • R: Enough! Guards, don't let this man out of sight! You will be transported to a maximum security penitentiary at daybreak tomorrow. Player, let's go.

The two of you leave the scene and the cutscene ends.

Congratulations, quest complete!!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1000 Dungeoneering xp
  • 10,000 Runecrafting xp
  • "of the Elements" title
  • You may return to Blarg once a week to fight him like you did in the quest. Each time you defeat him you gain Slayer xp equal to (25^(L/70)*L)+500 where L is your Slayer level (this is 810 xp at level 43 and 9891 xp at level 99). It's exponential so that higher levels will also find it appropriately useful.
  • You may speak to the Oneiromancer after Lunar Diplomacy to ask about Dakh'thoulan. She reveals he was his love interest briefly and gives you 100 law runes as a reward for telling her how he is (she will be disappointed that he came to follow Zamorak).

As always, an epilogue cutscene ensues. You see Arnold in his cell; it's night. A Varrock Guard approaches him. He removes his helm and it's Maverick.

  • Maverick: And?
  • Arnold: Tell Valrot (s)he has the stone. I bet (s)he has enchanted it too, since (s)he said I, I mean Valrot, wouldn't be able to use it.
  • M: Do you know where it is?
  • A: They wouldn't tell me, of course, but isn't that your job to find out?
  • M: Don't worry about me, Arnold.
  • A: They are transporting me to another holding location in a few hours.
  • M: Good, I'll have someone trail you. We'll have got you out before the operation.
  • A: Someone's coming.

Maverick puts on his helmet and walks away.