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This is a log of all the quests I've completed. Well, most...

EDIT: Out of date since around 2012.

Quests I've completed[edit | edit source]

All Fired Up - I lit up some beacons.

Animal Magnetism - I helped Ava with some magnetism of animals.

Another Slice of H.A.M. - I foiled H.A.M plans again.

As a First Resort... - I helped a businesswoman in distress trying to set up a new spa in Oo'glog.

Between a Rock... - I found a gold mine of Arzinia.

Big Chompy Bird Hunting - I hunted some chompies for Rantz.

Biohazard - I discovered the real truth behind the plague of West Ardougne.

Black Knights' Fortress - I found a fortress for the White Knights, and foiled the Black Knights' plans with a cabbage.

The Blood Pact - I broke a blood pact.

Buyers and Cellars - Darren Lightfinger gave me a job to steal a chalice for him. I did so, and he rewarded me.

Cabin Fever - I became a pirate sailing aboard The Adventurous!

Carnillean Rising - I was tasked with making Ceril Carnillean, a wimp, a brave adventurer. I was well rewarded for my efforts.

Catapult Construction - The Tyras guard near the Tyras Camp had a lot of difficulty with a catapult. I managed to fix it for him and were rewarded with more skill with Castle Wars catapults.

The Chosen Commander - TL; DW - Too long, didn't write.

Clock Tower - I fixed a clock in a tower.

Cold War - I infiltrated a penguin base for Larry, where I found out that the penguins were in fact planning to take over the whole of Gielinor!

Cook's Assistant - I helped the cook of Lumbridge bake a cake for the duke.

Creature of Fenkenstrain - I made a creature for professor Fenkenstrain, which it later feared.

Contact! - In progress. So far, I have contacted the high priest of Sophanem about Menaphos. I was not permitted access. I should now speak to Osman.

Darkness of Hallowvale - I got a mission from Veliaf to make contact with the Myreque in Sanguinesti Region. I fixed a nearby boat and went there. The place was a blood-farming ghetto. The locals told me to follow the symbols. I did so and eventually found the base. I talked to a fella called Vertida. He said it's nice to meet me and gave me a letter to take back to the Burgh. I spoke with Veliaf. He sent me over to Drezel. He sent me to check the church, and I was stunned by an unknown party. I went to Roald, whose advisor said it would break the edicts of Guthix and all Roald did was make up a protocol. I went back, told the news, and was sent back to Sanguinesti. I did so, and I was then supposed to find "Safalaan". I found him along the wall, and he put me to sketch the castle. Unfortunately, an old friend called Vanstrom Klause wasn't too pleased with that. We started fighting until that stupid Sarius Guile stopped us. I made the sketches, went back to base and later found a message. It referred to a blood lab, which I discovered, and found a book about Haemalchemy. I was rewarded handsomely.

Death Plateau - met a dwarf, his wife, and made some climbing boots. Was awarded access to Death Plateau.

Death to the Dorgeshuun - H.A.M. were plotting to kill Dorgeshuun. I stopped their plans.

Demon Slayer - killed a demon, Delrith. Like ol' Wally. Was awarded the sword Silverlight.

Desert Treasure - that hard quest of a bitch. I've so far retrieved the blood diamond for the archeologist, but nothing else.

The Dig Site - the Varrock dig site had discovered something strange. I helped them uncover it.

Doric's Quest - Helped Doric get ore. Shortest quest ever.

Dragon Slayer - killed a dragon of Crandor, Elvarg. Also, was awarded a rune platebody as a reward.

Druidic Ritual - an ancient ritual was performed.

Dwarf Cannon - helped Captain Lawgof with a broken fence to repel goblins. Fixed his cannon, and got a cannon of my own as a reward.

Eadgar's Ruse - The mad hermit Eadgar had a ruse against the trolls. I took a herb to Sanfew.

Eagles' Peak - Eagles. Eagles never change.

Elemental Workshop I - found a workshop in Seers' Village.

Elemental Workshop II - fixed downstairs of the workshop.

Elemental Workshop III - continued the saga, solving a complex puzzle.

Elemental Workshop IV - continued the saga, unlocking body and chaos equipment.

Enakhra's Lament - Enakhra had a lament. Oh, I helped a guy.

Enlightened Journey - travelled with a hot air balloon.

Ernest the Chicken - Ernest was a chicken.

The Eyes of Glouphrie - helped a gnome mage called Brimstail. Also, the cute creatures were evil.

Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains - cured some growing pains. And killed a Tanglefoot.

Family Crest - recovered a family crest.

The Feud - beat some guys in the desert and resolved a feud.

Fight Arena - beat a Mahjarrat in battle.

Fishing Contest - won a fishing contest.

Forgettable Tale... - *hic* what happened there? There was this drunk fellow of mine. Nevermind.

The Fremennik Isles - helped a king with his problem, became a jester, and killed a troll.

The Fremennik Trials - passed some trials and became a Fremennik.

Fur n' Seek - Sought furs.

Garden of Tranquillity - made a garden for Queen Ellamaria.

Gertrude's Cat - helped a lady find her cat.

Ghosts Ahoy - found a ghost town.

The Giant Dwarf - crashed on a statue. Rebuilt it.

Goblin Diplomacy - helped some goblins that were arguing about mails. I gave them a brown one and picked the non-violent resolution.

The Golem - found the ancient city of Uzer, and helped a golem.

The Grand Tree - The Grand Tree was dying. I helped it come back to life, killing a demon in the process.

The Great Brain Robbery - helped a monk, entering a place, killing some beings, and finally killing their boss Barrelchest.

Gunnar's Ground - helped a dwarf.

The Hand in the Sand - found a severed hand. Was rewarded.

Hazeel Cult - banished a fellow called Hazeel from Gielinor.

Heroes' Quest - became a member of the Heroes' Guild.

Holy Grail - found a realm and discovered an artefact.

Horror From the Deep - was nearly killed by a dagannoth, and fixed a lighthouse.

Icthlarin's Little Helper - helped Amascut the devourer.

Imp Catcher - caught imps for a mad wizard.

In Aid of the Myreque - I patched the town of Burgh de Rott and made it a base of operations for the Myreque.

In Search of the Myreque - I helped a band of mercenaries in need of arms.

Jungle Potion - gathered ingredients for a jungle potion.

Kennith's Concerns - helped a boy called Kennith.

King's Ransom - the Camelot knights had been taken hostage! I freed them, and found out some background details at the same time. I unlocked the activity Court Cases.

The Knight's Sword - helped a knight restore his squire sword.

Land of the Goblins - found out that goblins once lived in a land called Yu'biusk, until Bandos enslaved them.

Legacy of Seergaze - discovered an ancient flail and found out that people are breaking the edicts.

Let Them Eat Pie - helped a fellow make food free for Burthorpe refugees in Taverley.

Lost City - found a lost city.

The Lost Tribe - found a tribe.

Making History - Made history.

Meeting History - Met history, and found out that Guthix made runes with the Stone of Jas.

Merlin's Crystal - Helped free a wizard called Merlin from a crystal.

Missing My Mummy - Helped a girl from Draynor Village called Leela with some pyramid restoring.

Monk's Friend - Helped a monk restore a blanket.

Monkey Madness - found a squad, an island, monkeys, an amulet to speak with them, and a talisman that transforms me to a monkey.

Mountain Daughter - the Mountain Tribe had been fooled all along! A man had disguised himself as a bear, and I was rewarded for discovering this.

Mourning's Ends Part I - The first part of Mourning, a novel by Frozen Jese (co-written with King Lathas).

Murder Mystery - I solved a murder mystery, which was focused around Lord Sinclair's murder. I found out the killer, who was Anna.

My Arm's Big Adventure - I found this troll who's called My Arm. He trolls pplz. Anyway, he was a farmer and his bawss was boiling a guy. The guy had precious d st00f but I couldn't get that. He said the goatweed could be grown, but Burntmeat, another troll, didn't believe him. We went with My Arm and farmed some, and I had to kill a bird. I was rewarded burnt meat.

Myths of the White Lands - Explorer Jack had told me that I should go get riches from the land o' snow. I did so, found snow imps, and slided on ice. I was honest and told him what the riches really were - yeti dung.

Nature Spirit - Drezel sent me to find Filliman Tarlock, his old nature spirit classmate.

Observatory Quest - I navigated some tunnels to find an observatory.

Olaf's Quest - Olaf had a quest for me. I don't remember much of it though, other than killing a draugr in some damp cave. He apparently had crashed his ship full of valuables?

One Piercing Note - A so-called "monster" was murdering the people of the abbey of St. Elspeth.

To be continued...