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Fritos[edit | edit source]

Hello, wikia-goers, I am known as Fritos to several people; though my Runescapian name is Freolin, someone thought to derive "Fritos" from this. This has spread somewhat, so when I finally decided to make a Profile on the Wiki that I know and love, I used the nickname. I've been playing Runescape since early 2005, around February or March (could also be January or April actually...), and since I discovered the Wiki, I've found it extremely helpful in my endeavours. I now hope that I can help it with my own contributions.

I am a lore addict, and consequently I frequent the Future Updates Forum, as it is also a combination of lore discussions and "Runescapeology". Of course, I love questing, but I haven't done all the quests, nor even the vast majority of them, and thus there is still much for me to learn, which I see as something to look forward to. Naturally, even getting a Quest Cape will not ensure you learn all Runescape's lore, as you will need to complete Achievement Diaries, talk to random NPC's, and do some Dungeoneering for the journals. It's nice to know there's so much to learn.

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