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Live Everyday Like It's Friday (Fun but Still Legal)[edit | edit source]

Hey everyone. I am Friday Epicday! (Cuase it is an epic day :]) (You can call me Fri or Ezzy) I have two runescape accounts; Friday213 whose combat level is 84 and Esmeire who is my range pure and her combat level is 13.

I guess I am a pretty good player for and F2P. I am trying to 70 attack and defenc before I become a member for the first time!

My main account name has been questioned and I have often been mistaken as a guy...O_o I mean there are weirder usernames like Zezima? Come on...:p Well I named Friday after the date which the account was made Friday 2 (For Febuary) the 13th. I planned that out for months. :)

If you want to know more or just talk you can find me somewhere in worlds 3, 85 (usually this one) , 87. Or you can talk to me in the clan chats "Friday213" "Esmeire" "Goldnecklace" (My best bud) or "Otterslayer2" However my private chat is on friends so I will have to add you first.

O_o :x :[- I use smilies constantly (way tooo much) but im proud. :p (Theres another!)

Boxes of User :o[edit | edit source]

(All the info here is for my main accout)

Misc.[edit | edit source]

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Religion[edit | edit source]

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Skills[edit | edit source]

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