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I am Hunter-icon.png Foxwith noname Woodcutting-icon.png (Level - 112) and welcome to my page

90+ 99 99 99 90

80+ 85 84 82

70+ 71 76 70

60+ 60 61 69 66

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Tale of a Fox's tail[edit | edit source]

Well it all began when two adventurers were getting along quite poorly in the world of RuneScape and decided to expand. As they went on Foxwitnoname quickly out powered his ally Crv Rocket and he was hungry for power. He met a man named Knightgf, who they had many adventurs together. Questing, searching and killing, they were great friends. Foxwitnoname was always danger prone and got into alot of messes as Knightgf did... whatever he did I don't know.

They much resembled themselves in the real world... Crv was a noob, and although he was in the world of RS longer than both Knight and Fox, He was much weaker, and much less intellegent. He had no special abilities or anything. He speaks of doing great things, but Fox still doughts him as an apprentice. Knight a powerful mage, was cunning, and a great adventurer. He found the Holy 3rd age platebody and made a very impressive house. He has quested quite a bit and still continues to prove his power. Fox a powerful warrior is a master of the melee arts, and a skilled fighter he was a survivor of many battles. He has horrible luck and was prone to get into messes which he'd have to prove himself once again. But he lacked in many other skills, like magic and alot of noncombat skills, which is what makes fox and knight a great team. He mastered the skill of woodcutting and soon will master the skill of hunting.

Foxwitnoname was cursed by the RuneScape mods and was prone to being hacked by other players (claimed to be impossible but I don't know about that!) His luck continues to decrease but he keeps going. Foxwitnoname quickly became a peaceful man after his many encounters with death, where he would outsmart or out power his enemies barely surviving.

Sure Fox was a strong warrior and merchant, but he made alot of misstakes and continues to rival Knightgf because of his use in magic and hatred of Range. Knight and Fox have always been friendly rivals, and still continue to be even to this day. Despite this they make an amazing team, but Fox isn't much a fighter anymore. But he always talks about how he will return with more power than before and stuff, but alot of people think Fox is just an idiot now days and his former glory as a warrior is gone.

He spends his time Hunting, trying for another skill mastery and the money. After he acquires a GodSword of Bandos he plans on going on a killing rampage. Sick of skilling Fox will dust off his Guthan's helmet and return to the battle field, hungry for the souls of those who dare to fight him, claiming their heads with his godsword.

Has he returned for good? Who knows. Many fear he has...

More about teh Foxeh[edit | edit source]

I'm Ichigo, i'm an artist and musician i'm also a furry.

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Woodcutting 100%
0 levels

Hunter 100%
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Fishing 100%
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Attack 41%
90  99 
9 levels

Defence 76%
82  85 
3 levels

Strength 91%
84  85 
1 level