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Forumer V2 is an avid player of Runescape. While unknown to the community, Forumer has made strides in the direction of progessing his character. His most notable achievements include his moderately high cooking level, the landmark of reaching the Combat Level of 60, and his founding of a clan (See: Forumer Lurkers).

Activity/ Locations

Most commonly found on World 73 - United States, Forumer can be found wandering throughout Canadian, Netherlandic, and United States servers alike. His native time zone consists of EDT -5:00 Hours, making his most active time about 17:00 Game Time. Forumer V2 has been known to "Pop-In unexpectedly", resulting in an unclear time-frame of activity other than the notable rise of log-ins during the weekends.

Among many of his friends, Forumer is known to enjoy meeting at Lumbridge Castle or the Grand Exchange. He is known to recruit members for his clan around the Clan Camp on occasion, but primarily sticks to Varrak as his base of operations. Players can expect him to arrive alone, as he does not travel with more than one or two players at a time.

Forumer V2 is a non-member, so he is unable to travel beyond free-to-play territories.


Seen most bearing a rune scimitar, Forumer tends to be seen wearing nothing more than his default clothing. With the Clans update, he has been seen sporting his clan's cape around Runescape. Forumer has been seen only wearing one hat in particular, the Mask of Dragith Nurn which gives +1 to all attributes. He has also been seen using the Explorer's Ring 3 when on any trip accross town. There has also been speculation onto what Forumer V2 calls a "Spectacular use of [his] time", due to sightings of him shooting ducks with a crossbow in Lumbridge.

He can be seen sporting the Saftey Gloves and the Fighting shoes when in combat, as well as Rune Platelegs, Platebody, and Kiteshield when using melee, and a Blue or Black Skirt with a Mage's Top when using magic.

Clan Participation

Forumer is the founder of Forum Lurkers, a forum-based clan. The clan itself is relatively small, consisting of an average of 30 people, and headed by 2 co-founders (Domenator 70 and chil151), and 2 admins (Hawke8 and InsaneKane). The clan is reported to be open to all with no requirements, but is reported to interview some members upon entry. Forumer is also known to avidly support players leaving the Forum Lurkers to found their own, giving assistance to ex-members who need help. There have been common reports of Forumer giving financial aid to players, in return for their membership. Members of the Forum Lurkers also claim to have been given money upon request by other members out of generosity.