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Simple Runescape player since 2007. I edit wiki occasionally when I see that something is missing or can be improved.

I mostly enjoy skilling and collecting in the game.

Currently working on: Treasure Seeker X achievement

May 22nd, 2021: Archaeology 200m XP
November 23rd, 2020: Farming 200m XP
November 11th, 2020: Summoning master cape Summoning master cape.png
October 21st, 2020: Archaeology master cape Archaeology master cape.png
May 24th, 2020: Archaeology cape Archaeology cape.png
March 1st, 2020: Herblore master cape Herblore master cape.png
2019: first trimmed completionist cape Completionist cape (t).png
2019: first master quest cape Master quest cape.png
2018: first completionist cape Completionist cape.png

Total level: 2898 (3172)
Attack 104Constitution 116Mining 108
Strength 104Agility 107Smithing 108
Defence 119Herblore 121Fishing 115
Ranged 107Thieving 115Cooking 110
Prayer 108Crafting 106Firemaking 111
Magic 119Fletching 104Woodcutting 104
Runecrafting 106Slayer 124Farming 126
Construction 116Hunter 110Summoning 120
Dungeoneering 123Divination 108Invention 127
Archaeology 126Combat 138Quests 418
Music 1,321Tasks 2,553RuneScore 25,760
As of 23 June 2021
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